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Foods that raise blood pressure: here are the unsuspected ones – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Sedentary lifestyle, stress, smoking, alcohol, but also a shopping cart with too many foods that raise blood pressure and therefore very careless about the health of our body. These are the main causes of high pressureor the increase in blood pressure, a problem which according to the National Congress of the Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension involves approximately 17 million people throughout Italy. Here are the foods that raise blood pressure, the consumption of which should not be exaggerated for the good of our heart and our arteries.

Label and sodium

Certainly among the foods that raise blood pressure there are those that contain excessive quantities of sodium. In products such as cured meats, sausages, raw ham and hamburgers, this element is used both as preservative and to prevent contamination. A similar argument applies to the frozen chicken and for those industrially derived foods, such as nuggets breaded, which can contain approximately 600 mg of sodium per 100 grams. Before buying them at the refrigerated counter, therefore, it is important to read the label carefully, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Watch out for the soup

According to research from a few years ago byAmerican Heart Associationeven the unsuspected ones soups based on vegetables can contribute to worryingly raising blood pressure levels. But in this case a clarification is necessary: ​​the reference from the AHA, a US non-profit organization that works to reduce deaths caused by heart problems and strokes, founded in 1915 and based in Dallas, is aimed in particular at soups already ready sold in the supermarket, often rich in sodium. You need to be decidedly more relaxed about those prepared at home. The advice, also in this case, is to check the nutritional values ​​of the package or jar before purchasing.

Soy is better

To be consumed in moderation for the sake of our balance, furthermore, there are also the coffeealthough a very recent Italian study claims that coffee does not raise blood pressure, sugar, chocolate, honey and licorice: all foods that raise blood pressure if ingested in large quantities. To improve circulation, remembering to constantly keep blood pressure levels under control, the American Heart Association finally recommends replacing some carbohydrates refined with foods rich in soy or milk proteins.

7 (unsuspected) food characters of 2020 – Italian Cuisine

7 (unsuspected) food characters of 2020

Hollywood actresses who went to the stove in flannel and pajamas. Starred chefs who have connected from their home kitchen. Singers who literally sank their hands in the dough: in this very special 2020, we have seen truly unsuspected people extricating themselves from rolling pins and pans. With more or less convincing results that have won us over

The undisputed queen of "social" stoves, during this very particular pandemic year, was certainly the actress Jennifer Garner, which, with his #PRETENDCOOKINGSHOW (= pretend to cook show), it has brightened our days at home and not. In fact, the former protagonist of Alias – and ex-wife of Ben Affleck – had launched his funny format of "video recipes" well before 2020, but in these months of forced domiciliation he has obviously intensified his activity, with sometimes commendable results, sometimes less, but still very funny.

Like her, colleagues (and friends) tried to extricate themselves in the kitchen Eva Longoria is Reese Witherspoon: the former has often engaged in hilarious #SANTIPRETENDCOKINGSHOW (Santi is the name of her child); the second preferred instead to launch into beverage, with results that are nothing short of "explosive" …

In addition, there was no lack of the vegan actress struggling with the lentil salad, the pop star who started making pasta, the starred chef connected by the home kitchen and the singer who literally sank her hands in pasta: in this 2020 we have seen really unsuspected people with rolling pins and pans in hand.

Find out who in the gallery above

Foods that contain lactose: 10 unsuspected foods – Italian Cuisine

Foods that contain lactose: 10 unsuspected foods

Who knew lactose was hiding in so many foods? Shopping for intolerant people can be difficult: this is why always pay attention to labels

Milk, fresh cheeses, yogurt: those who are intolerant to lactose he knows he must avoid them. How do you know that butter is an ingredient in biscuits and pies and that most of ice creams and creams are milk-based. But that too cold cuts or snacks salty can be a problem is less obvious. In fact, lactose is often present as an additive, capable of thickening and softening various preparations. This is why it is always important to read the labels, and choose, when possible, simple raw materials, to be cooked at home: preparations and ready bases are in fact among the greatest dangers.

A small list of foods that contain lactose beyond all expectations it can prove useful.

Lactose: foods to avoid

1. Cooked ham
It is added as an additive during processing. However, some producers certify that their ham is lactose-free.

2. Würstel
The same goes for ham, which can also be extended to some types of salami, especially those not protected by DOP or IGP brands.

3. Sauces and ready-made gravies
Some brands contain small amounts. Just enough to make those with a particularly aggressive form of intolerance feel bad.

4. Bread
If it is taken for granted that biscuits and brioches may contain milk and butter, the presence of these ingredients in bread is less intuitive. Pay particular attention to the processed bread, to the sandwich bread and to the one for burgers.

5. Nut
Nut and especially prepared for granular broth. Those entirely vegetable, certified vegan or lactose-free are preferred.

6. Prepare for soups and soups
They may contain milk powder or lactose as an additive.

7. Instant coffee
In some brands of coffee, lactose is present precisely because it promotes solubility.

8. French fries
Those in bags, and more precisely those flavored, not only with cheese, but also with other "unsuspected" flavors can be at risk.

9. Sorbets
Here, too, lactose can appear as an additive, as well as in some fruit juices or jams.

10. Medicines
Many medicines contain lactose. Those who know they are intolerant often have to discuss with their doctor to find the best alternative.

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