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Eat mushrooms, shelter from dementia – Italian Cuisine


From mushrooms to shitake, the mushroom is at the same time a timeless and trendy ingredient. The diatribe fungus friend versus enemy fungus it is old and does not seem closed. But now to get into the debate and add weight on the scale on the fungus side are the scientists National University of Singapore. According to the latest research, eating mushrooms at least twice a week would help to prevent the problems of cognitive decline in which they risk encountering over-sixties.

Eat mushrooms: all health!

However, the mushrooms have many underestimated beneficial properties: allies of ours immune system, are an excellent source of minerals, of B vitamins and are rich in substances antioxidants. And it would be one of these antioxidants, ergotionein, present in fungi and unique, the brain protector identified by scientists.

The six-year study in Singapore showed that people who eat mushrooms at least a couple of times the week (more than 300 gr) break down the risks of developing problems memory and language with advancing age. More mushrooms ate the study participants better responded to the cognitive assessment tests. Though the same scholars raise the doubt and promise to confirm in the future the direct correlation between mushroom consumption and reduction of the risk of moderate cognitive decline.

A little caution
165248The fungus is therefore increasingly rehabilitated on a nutritional level. (typically it was advised not to eat them more than once a week). That said, the mushrooms still have a dose, albeit minimal, of toxicity. It is better not to make a feast because they could cause intolerance reactions, which vary greatly from one person to another. But above all our beloved fungi can result not easy to digest, because their cell membrane contains chitin, one woody substance similar to that of the carapace of crustaceans: gastric juices have difficulty attacking it and digestion is slowed down.

64515From this point of view, it is advisable consume cooked mushrooms. "I'm very few varieties that you can eat raw, always in small quantities and very fresh: porcini, field mushrooms, ovoli says Gianfranco Visentin, national secretary of the Breslaola mycological association. Not only. Some toxins I'm heat sensitive and certain fungi, the most common is the so-called tack (Armillaria mellea), are edible from cooked, while raw are toxic. «In fact they contain thermolabile toxins, which are dispersed for 90% with heat: they go blanched at 100 ° for at least 5 minutes before the actual cooking, so that the temperature reaches the inside, or dried. It is not enough to cook them in the oven, on the grill or fry them. The nail should be blanched for 10-15 minutes and then cooked (or frozen), throwing away the water continues Visentin.

Collection, purchase, cleaning and storage

If the recommendations to the experts' preamble rightly begin to diminish due to the consumption of mushrooms, they certainly remain valid with respect to the collection. In Italy there is a boom in crops, but if you buy sylvans, pay attention: you should always contact a safe retailers and do not improvise and discard badly preserved, old, damaged, moldy or watery mushrooms. «In the markets, it must be verified that the package contains the tag, which attests the control aside ASL. While traders must own theauthorization for the sale of fresh wild mushrooms, issued by the Municipality says the expert.

As for cleaning, it is generally advisable not to wash them but to clean them carefully to remove soil residues with a brush or a damp cloth; if they are very dirty, you can quickly pass under a jet of water or immerse for a few seconds in water.

The is also very important storage because the mushrooms are very delicate and perishable: if they begin to break down, they produce toxins. They should therefore be kept in rigid and aerated containers (wicker baskets are good for collection, never plastic bags) and stored in cool place, even in the fridge; they are not maintained more than 2-3 days and it is therefore advisable to eat them (or preserve them) as soon as possible.

In case of problems
If, despite precautions, one feels ill after eating the mushrooms, the risk generally varies according to symptoms. "Those immediate, from a few minutes to six hours (short latency), are i less riskyExplains Visentin. "Symptoms more dangerous they are the ones that appear after a few hours (long latency), during which the body had time to absorb harmful substances. The mushrooms purchased are controlled and safe but those collected by yourself could be toxic, poisonous (about 30 species cause damage to the liver and non-lethal kidneys) o deadly poisonous (5-6 species including theAmanita phalloides). In these cases the rapidity of the intervention is very important: you must contact the emergency room or a poison control center immediately, taking with you the leftovers from the meal and the mushrooms he concludes.

Marina Cella,
6 September 2016
updated September 2019
by Carola Traverso Saibante


6 good reasons to eat aubergines – Italian Cuisine


Already 4000 years ago malanzana was widespread in China and India. We arrived at the end of the 15th century, but did not receive a very warm welcome immediately because of the epithet that Linnaeus had attributed to her that she had the audacity to classify her as "bad apple". Fortunately it was later redeemed by a French botanist who named it the nickname of a love apple. Today it is one of the most appreciated vegetables for its nutritional properties and also for its extreme versatility in the kitchen. Not to mention that the aubergine, summer icon by definition, it is beautiful and has a striking color Last but not least eggplant is an elixir of eternal youth, for body and mind, and the secret lies in a substance that is called Nasunin which is typical of this vegetable.

From the famous eggplant parmigiana with aubergines preserved in oil, from super light grilled aubergine slices to tasty sauces with diced aubergines to dress pasta. In short, there is nothing to say, cooked in the oven, on the grill, in a pan like in a pressure cooker, or eggplant they are a tasty and versatile vegetable that lends itself to making thousands of recipes. So here are six good reasons to eat them, with a single foresight: use oil sparingly because aubergines absorb more than a sponge.

1622211) A tasteful diet.
The protagonist of tasty and light menus that women like, aubergines find ample space in the slimming diet menu in a healthy daily diet, because they are low in carbohydrates and calories – 18 Kcal per 100 g – and do not contain fat. Obviously, if you want to lose weight, it is better to forget to prepare them fried or to use recipes prepared with many condiments that eggplants are able to absorb in large quantities, better to focus on grilling, certainly more light but tasty.

2) Fresh mind.
Among the many beneficial substances found in eggplant – it is rich in vitamins and mineral salts – there are two particularly important ones: nasunin and chlorogenic acid. These are two antioxidants that are particularly active against free radicals that threaten the health of body cells. Research has shown that Nasunin in particular is active in protecting the degeneration of brain cells. But eggplants are a great resource for those who want to keep the active brain and the fresh mind, the mix of phytonutrients in fact acts as a booster for mental health, improving blood circulation and oxygenation. This characteristic combined with the large amounts of potassium, which acts as a vasodilator and booster, ensures that the eggplant can be considered one of the best natural food brain.

1622193) The color that gives well-being.
Eggplant is a mine of very powerful antioxidants against aging and free radicals and minerals. It is particularly rich in potassium and is therefore suitable for summer menus, when strong perspiration favors an abundant loss. But it is in the black purple color that the great strength of the aubergines is hidden. A color due to anthocyanins, precious substances for the blood circulation. With their antioxidant and antiradical activity, these typical aubergine pigments are beneficial in case of fragile capillaries, and inhibit enzymes that cause tissue aging and destroy collagen and elastin. A real blessing to improve the circulation and well-being of the legs

4) Light and purified.
Like other vegetables, aubergines also provide large amounts of fiber, necessary for those who want to follow a balanced diet and for those who want to lose weight. Necessary for gastrointestinal well-being, they promote digestion and stimulate peristaltic movement, which is the contraction of the intestinal muscles necessary to get rid of toxins and to fight constipation. Moreover, the large amount of fiber in aubergines quickly induces a sense of satiety, to the satisfaction of those who want to remain light without doing too much effort.

1622235) Down cholesterol and pressure.
Eggplants are able to lower LDL cholesterol levels and stimulate the increase of HDL good cholesterol. Reducing bad cholesterol is important for preventing heart and circulatory diseases such as atherosclerosis. And in aubergines there is a large quantity of bitter substances similar to artichoke cynarin which balance the liver function. This means that the liver can work to lower LDL cholesterol. But that's not all: the large amount of bioflavonids that are very active in lowering blood pressure is a guarantee for those who want to ensure a healthy heart and perfect circulation.

6) Health snacks for expectant mothers.
Expectant mothers know this well: for the health of their future child they must not be missed folic acid. Eggplants are an excellent source of this substance, which is so precious for the formation and healthy development of the unborn child, and are probably the most tasty and light source of folic acid that a mother can indulge even in large quantities, without fear of gaining too much weight .

Giovanna Siani
June 2018


What to do, where to eat, where to drink to make Milanese in Milan – Italian Cuisine

Milan is the most visited city in Italy and in the top ten of Europe. Its charm? Live like a Milanese. Here's where and how, including breakfasts from Instagram, cocktails with a view (passing through the best chops), and the latest 2019

Milan is not a city at first sight, overwhelming. It is a city that you fall in love with slowly, as you explore it below the surface of things. but yet Milan is the most visited Italian city and is the only one in the Top 20 of the most visited in the world (precisely in sixteenth place) of the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index. In the first ten European cities, in addition to the Lombard capital, there are only Rome and Venice, but in Milan one does not come only for history, art, beauty: one comes to live "as a Milanese".

Economic capital of Italy, of fashion and design, Milan is now also the country's capital of catering. The widest concentration of Michelin stars, up-and-coming chefs, trendy and international-style locals rise up in the shadow of the Madonnina. The new openings follow each other, without stopping, and going out for breakfast at lunchtime for a business lunch is the real lifestyle in the city. Needless to look for the "traditional" cuisine, however, the Old Milan survives only in architecture, and even the risotto with ossobuco serves you young bearded hipster. "Autentico" in Milan means rooftop with a view, brioche to post on Instagram, cocktails and trattorias run by adopted Milanese. We eat well, much better than the times when they cooked grandmothers.

Here is what to do to feel like a Milanese Doc, between unmissable places and new openings.

Breakfast at the bakery

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even on Instagram. Breakfast in Milan is instagrammabile, handcrafted and strictly done outside the home. There are glories of the past like Marchesi in corso Magenta, Cucchi Pastry, Cova Montenapoleone or Gattullo, where you can breathe the charm of Old Milan. The Pavè pastry shop was born a few years ago and is still one of the most loved, awarded and unquestionably good in the city. A few steps away is a new entry, Gelsomina, beloved by bloggers for her husband (who is Roman, but is now in fashion even in Milan).

Natural wines and urban wines

For aperitif or after dinner, drink natural, macerated, orange or refermented in the bottle. From Enoteca Naturale and Vinor a step away from the Navigli, from Champagne Socialist in the Porta Venezia area. In the Porta Romana area there is wine, and in a glass there is also something to eat from Mater Bistrot. Do you want to try a wine made in Milan, made right in the city? There is Cantina Urbana, which presses, bottles and serves Doc wines from Milan.

Pizza and cocktails

You can't eat pizza in Milan! Dry in via Solferino years ago launched the fashion and since then the cocktails have entered fully into the menus of pizzerias. Dry is always a guarantee, but from Giolina, a new opening, you can eat an excellent pizza from the super cornice, drink the drinks signed by MAG Cafè, and natural wines.

Trattorias (modern)

The old trattorias of typical specialties in Milan are disappointing. Better to choose the new generation offering quality, excellent products and professional cooks. For years the Ratanà has remained one of the valid addresses where to find mondeghili, nervetti and risotto with ossobuco. To sit at the Trattoria Trippa table, which has become an international phenomenon, you need to book in advance, weeks. But to taste something of them, there is the new Fratelli Torcinelli spin-off: fast food dedicated to bomblets and typical Apulian dishes.

Chinese bao and ravioli

The Chinese community in Milan is one of the oldest in Europe and the Milanese chinatown boasts a number of excellent new generation Chinese restaurants. Along via Paolo Sarpi you can stop for ravioli on the go at the Ravioleria Sarpi, in the northern district of Nolo there is the convivial restaurant Le Nove Scodelle or you can go where the Chinese go when they want to eat Chinese well: Mu Dim Sum, Central Station area.

The rib

The cutlet in Milan is a myth in part to be debunked, because it is not so easy to eat it good: high with bone and cooked in clarified butter. The best ones in the center can be found at the Daniel Restaurant in Brera or at the Osteria del Brunello in Corso Garibaldi. To spend little, Da Martino in via Farini, a pizzeria with the cut that made the cutlet its strong point. Far from the center, the cutlets of the Antica Trattoria Il Ronchettino or the Trattoria del Nuovo Macello are highly recommended.

Chef's bistro

Starred experience at a reasonable price? From Cracco in Galleria you can eat a pizza (the one that outraged the social networks) or other classic dishes, cooked by the judge of MasterChef. There is the bistro of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Milan, curated by the 2 Michelin stars Antonio Guida. Giancarlo Perbellini, 2 Michelin stars in Verona, also arrived in Milan, with his Locanda offering excellent value for money, award-winning and rightly so.

Rooftop bar

No doubt, the Ceresio 7 is the most beautiful rooftop bar in Milan. Restaurant and pool bar on the terrace of the historic building of Enel and home of the Dsquared2 group. At the stove, chef Elio Sironi and his contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, at the bar the barman Guglielmo Miriello. News, the small terrace of Clotilde, Brera area, where you can sip cocktails of the world-famous Filippo Sisti and eat the dishes of chef Domenico De La Salandra.

Aperitif on the canals

A must, but the happy hour with tons of buffet pizzas and cheap cocktails is certainly not out of fashion. Here, fortunately, they are also concentrated among the best cocktail bars in Milan: MAG, Rita and Pinch. The Rita's Tiki Room is new, with tiki cocktails and pan-Asian inspired dishes.

The 2019 novelty

Moebius by chef Enrico Croatti is a new, huge 700 square meter tapas bar between Central Station and Republic, spectacular and beautiful. In 2019 also Cracco and Camilla in Duomo was inaugurated, in the spaces of the former Cracco restaurant, with the cocktail format and small kitchen that makes people smile with menus like the Milanese Imbruttito, Influencer and Mammone.

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