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Homemade ice cream with ice cream maker – Italian Cuisine

How to make ice cream with the ice cream maker? Here are a few simple rules to get an excellent homemade ice cream

Welcome summer!
And welcome ice cream season!
What is better than a nice ice cream made in home to cool off for a snack or after dinner? The ideal is to have an ice cream maker and if you have not read this article you will surely want to buy it, because making ice cream at home with the ice cream maker is very easy and gives a lot of satisfaction!
And above all you can prepare ice cream at home with any ingredient available: just a lemon for example and you can easily prepare a lemon ice cream, with a little milk a milk ice cream, and these are just the simplest preparations because they really , with each ingredient, you can indulge your imagination and enjoy a fresh ice cream.

How the ice cream maker works

On the market there are two types of ice cream makers: those that require the pre-cooling of the container in the freezer and those "self-cooling", equipped with an integrated freezing mechanism.
How do they work?
The non-self-chilling they are ice cream parlors made up of a compressor, the engine for refrigeration and a refrigerating body, in practice a container with a double wall, where the coolant is located, which is kept in the freezer for at least 24 hours before being used. The ideal in this season is to keep it always ready in the freezer. At the time of use, put the ingredients in the basket, the content is mixed and the mixture must be transferred to the freezer to turn into ice cream.
Normally these ice cream makers have a low price and will allow you to experiment without large investments.
The self-chilling instead they have an integrated freezing system that, not requiring the pre-cooling of the container, significantly reduces the preparation time. It is sufficient to attach the plug to the socket, insert the ingredients and the machine will do everything by itself, from freezing to refrigeration. In about half an hour you will have your ice cream ready to taste.

Mixing … fundamental!

Very important when mixing all the ingredients is that the mixture is very homogeneous.
Having a homogeneous mixture will allow correct freezing – with the ice cream maker – and you will not find ice or sugar crystals in the final ice cream. To help you at this stage of preperation, use an immersion blender, this will help you melt the sugar and mix all the elements well.

Recipes with the ice cream maker: coffee ice cream, fruit ice cream, lemon sorbet

Ice cream maker and other accessories: here's what to buy to make ice cream at home

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Homemade ice cream the main ingredients

Milk, cream, sugar. Here are the main ingredients for homemade ice cream.
The best milk for homemade ice cream is fresh, whole milk; the cream to be used is the fresh, liquid one, in practice the one that is normally used to be mounted; normally we use sucrose sugar, the normal cooking sugar, but you can also experiment with others like glucose or fructose. The proportions are not simple to calculate but with the experience you will be able to look out for yourself. Here is the recipe for the base of the fiordilatte ice cream that can be useful for you to try other flavors.

White base


  • 1 l of fresh whole milk
  • 2 dl of cream
  • 250 g of sugar

The proportions for fruit ice cream

Fruit ice cream is without milk and without cream. It is prepared starting from a single base, called "fruit base" consisting of 50% water and 50% sugars, and to this is added the desired fruit, establishing the percentage you want and balancing it based on the amount of sugar already present naturally in the fruit itself.

The best packaged ice cream to eat this summer – Italian Cuisine

The best packaged ice cream to eat this summer

News, classics that return after long absences and gluttonies not to be missed: here are the best packed ice creams of 2019

When the temperatures rise on the beach and you run away to the bar to cool off, or when the afternoon is sultry and you don't feel like setting foot outside. Here he comes to take us to safety: the packaged ice cream.

There are many, of every type, shape and taste. It is an indispensable pleasure of summer and not only: how to choose?
Here the best packaged ice creams to taste this summer, among novelties, unmissable goodies and great returns.

Dive into the past

The packaged ice creams are iconic, so much so that some have remained in the collective imagination even after having disappeared from bars and supermarkets.

These days, vintage is always in fashion: directly from the 90's come back the magnificent Algida, ice cream cone required by the most nostalgic people.
From 80s instead returns the Rainbow Icicle, thanks to the appeal of the actor Stefano Fresi, who eats it in the recent film "C'è Tempo".

The most delicious packaged ice creams: the novelties

For the summer of 2019 many new flavors, combinations and unusual ingredients await us. For example: salted caramel and Macadamia nuts Australian for the new Motta ice cream, or ice cream a almond milk and berries, enclosed between two biscuits gluten free with cereals for the Amando Sammontana biscuit.

When the snack becomes ice cream

Among the best packaged ice creams there are also those that were originally not ice cream. We're talking about cookies Oreo, already on the market for some time, snacks Kinder Bueno, among the most eagerly awaited novelties of this year, but also of real pastry desserts, like i brownie. Discover them all in the gallery above.

The semi-artisan to try

If you are on vacation in Amalfi Coast, you cannot not taste the Ice Cream Kiss, a cone with surprise, famous since the 60s and produced by the Esagel family company. You will find it in selected places in the province of Salerno.

Choose your favorite ice cream in the gallery above!

When the ice cream gets nice. The enchanting shots of 11 photographers – Italian Cuisine

Cold, nutritious, tasty and colorful, ice cream is undoubtedly the most desired, loved and consumed food of the summer. We have chosen 11 great photographers who have told it by immortalizing it in the hands of great stars of fashion, cinema, music and entertainment

It's hot. The meteorological summer began on June 1st and the astronomical summer will arrive on the 21st. To be really precise, it will arrive with the summer solstice which in 2019 will fall at 15.54 on June 20th.

Summer: when it comes to food, many come to mind. Often fresh, such as salads to take to the beach, or watermelon to eat on the fly in a city kiosk or, again, a tasty ham and melon to be enjoyed comfortably in the restaurant, perhaps on a balcony overlooking the sea. Certainly fish cannot be missed. But if we are greedy, then our imagination immediately materializes ice cream. Cold, nutritious, tasty, colorful. In short: a feast for the palate that is renewed every day. And not infrequently even several times a day.

It occurred to us to go and look around the creative imagination of some artists of the photography to find out how, through their clicks, they told us about ice cream over the years.

Lily Cole, British Vogue, by Arthur Elgort (from web).
Lily Cole, British Vogue, by Arthur Elgort (from web).

Ice cream in art

With a shot dated 1953, strictly in black and white, the Romanian photographer André de Dienes shows us a beautiful (and how could it be otherwise!) Marilyn Monroe who smiles while enjoying an ice cream cup.
Equally splendid and very very hot is the supermodel Heidi Klum, immortalized for the Pirelli Calendar 2003 from Bruce Weber, photographer who has accustomed us to always very sensual images.
One way, that of sensuality, often followed also Ellen von Unwerth which we have included in our gallery with a portrait of the Polish model Monika Jagaciak.
Always the impact of the photographic work of Terry Richardson: next to the ice cream, the New York photographer put Miley Cyrus, actress and singer already known as Hannah Montana in the homonymous Disney Channel sitcom and later turned into a real sex symbol, and the models Natasha Poly and Lindsey Wixson.
An ice cream that turns into an improper weapon sees two photo-generals as its protagonists: Giacomo Alexis, author of the shot, e Rino Barillari, that he gets a cone in his face from a nervous Sonia Romanoff, evidently tired of being paparazzata, in that of Rome, way back in 1970.
From the 90s the image of comes instead Patrick Demarchelier, a giant of fashion photography that has left its mark on the most prestigious fashion magazines.
You cross the threshold of oniric and magic, as is its style, with the clicks of Tim Walker. Here, for a 2012 advertising campaign, we see it in a more colorful and festive version of how we are used to. His sets usually prefer atmospheres reminiscent of another Tim: director Burton. The two, not by chance, in October 2009 signed together a photo shoot inspired by Halloween.
Ipercolorato and immaginifico is also the imaginary of David LaChapelle, surreal and often caricature artist. His works are on display in major museums around the world.
With Miles Aldridge we enter a photograph that has something metaphysical: its shots, characterized by eccentric colors and static and cold figures like mannequins, make us think, with due differences, of the painting of Giorgio de Chirico. Aldridge's handles, however, have a face, and he is often frowning, severe and of a woman: a luxurious and exasperated feminine universe.
With that eternal little doll face, the model and actress Lily Cole looks at us, and enchants us, through the goal of Arthur Elgort: sitting on a stool, with a small crown around her head, she holds a cup of ice cream in her hand as if it were a scepter. Of the same artist, the almost Disney-like shots of the supermodel Coco Rocha.
To close, Steven Meisel. He is the biggest and certainly the most influential fashion photographer (and not only). For over 20 years he has signed all the covers of "Vogue Italia" and immortalized the most important models and stars of the planet. And just a shot for "Vogue Italia" we chose for our gallery: it portrays the superlative Linda Evangelista. Of course with an ice cream cup. The other image, still signed by Meisel, comes instead from an advertising campaign of 2012.

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