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Once upon a time there was an egg with a slice of bread around it – Italian Cuisine

Here is the special recipe by Paolo Parisi to revolutionize a simple slice of sliced ​​bread on the plate, turning it into a luscious salty snack

The most delicious fable of the summer could start like this: «Once upon a time there was a egg with a slice of bread around". Or at least this is the beginning of the curious recipe suggested by Paolo Parisi eclectic chef, scrupulous producer, but above all creative at 360 degrees – who using his own eggs Leghorn chickens, reared on the farm Spots of Usigliano di Lari, in the province of Pisa, he decided to give a simple slice of bread in a box a destiny far from the usual toast. "It is an absolutely simple recipe, but one that can give satisfactions", the chef smiles, while he revives the fire of his Ofyr brazier and it is armed with a faithful stainless steel scoop.

«Let's take a slice of bread in a not too thick box, preferably naturally leavened, and remove the central part of the crumb before placing it on the brazier plate , he explains. The next step is to open the egg, separating egg white and yolk. «With the little fingers we are going to press well on the bread, so that it adheres completely to the plate. At this point we pour the albumen into the hole and wait a few seconds: very little will be enough for it to coagulate sufficiently so as not to overflow below the bread .

At this point we can immediately season our egg white, from the upper surface still liquid, going to add salt, pepper and above all grated cheese. «We complete everything with small strips of salami, maybe bacon, browned properly on the plate. The egg can be combined with any ingredient you want, but it is advisable to add some vegetables, to make everything fresher . Once the desired egg white is reached, we add on the surface also the yolk, and leave it all on the Ofyr brazier for another minute or so.

«Take the scoop, well sharpened, and remove our toast from the plate, to place it gently on the plate. It is really a very easy snack to prepare, which can be declined as you prefer, with a little imagination. For an optimal result what matters is the quality of the ingredients: of course, it is advisable to use the brazier plate, which is the ideal surface, but alternatively you could also try with a non-stick pan . All that remains is to revive the fire and prepare for our egg with the bread around.

Once upon a time there was beer – Italian Cuisine

A new unfiltered beer, signed by the Angelo Poretti Brewery, pays tribute to the ancient crafts and glorious history of the drink, which began 7,000 years ago

The history of beer has its roots far back in time: just think that the first written recipe dates back to 3900 years ago, but chemical tests carried out on ancient pitchers have revealed that probably in Mesopotamia was brewing already 7 thousand years ago.

The golden age of beer comes during the Middle Ages, when it was consumed daily in all those countries where the cultivation of vines was more difficult. However, it is necessary to wait until the 19th century for the drink to become as we know it today and because the first breweries are born in Italy. Among these, that of Angelo Poretti, founded in Valganna, just outside Varese, in 1877.

Once upon a time

To retrace the glories of its history and to rediscover the traditional taste of beer as it once did, the Angelo Poretti Brewery has just launched a new clear on the market: it is about 3 unfiltered hops, characterized by a bouquet in which stands the balanced and fragrant taste of hops, among which the zeus predominates. With only 4.9 degrees alcohol, it is the right beer to accompany the dishes of Mediterranean tradition, characterized by few ingredients and fast cooking. Try it with rice salad, stuffed tomatoes, chicken skewers, baked fish and omelettes with vegetables.

Ancient crafts, pride of the made in Italy

To support the market launch of the 3 unfiltered hops, there is the project #Back to the origins, which gives space to traditional knowledge: some crafts, which are still carried out as in the past by highly experienced artisans, are enhanced through a story in images and videos made by seven Instagramers and disseminated through the social channels of the Angelo Poretti Brewery and the influencer.

In addition to the art of Brewers Angelo Poretti Brewery, will be represented those of theAntica Barberia Peppino, historic workshop in the heart of Rome, that of Meda Orafiof Milan, of the Mian Furnaceof Murano, of theAntica Cappelleria Malaguti of Bologna, of the Violin Making Trabucchi of Cremona and of Sweater Umbrellas, family company, which produces splendid custom-made handmade umbrellas.



Photo by Claudia Calegari

Beef Medallions with Fresh Horseradish Cream – Perfect for the Middle of Fallmer

This time of year can be a little schizophrenic for a cook.
We’ve not quite let go of summer and its fast, fresh food; but at the same
time, the cooler weather has us craving hearty, more comforting fall fare. This
beef medallions with fresh horseradish cream recipe is delicious nod to that
kind of seasonal culinary dilemma.

The combination of the sweet, juicy tomato salad base,
along with the seared beef, and aromatic sauce works whether you’re enjoying it on
a warm autumn day, or cold, rainy night. My only regret is I didn’t have any
crusty bread around to soak up all those incredible juices. That’s a rookie
mistake any time of year!

Like I said in the video, horseradish is easy
to find these days, especially in the higher-end grocery chains. It’s usually
sold by the pound, so don’t be afraid to ask the produce person to cut you off
a smaller piece, as the roots can get pretty big. If you’ve never used fresh
horseradish before, I hope you check it out soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 2 portions:
2 tbsp vegetable oil for frying
4 pieces (about 3-oz each) beef top sirloin, pounded into
1/4-inch thick medallions
salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste
flour as needed
2 cups cherry tomatoes, quartered
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp sugar
freshly ground black pepper to taste
For the horseradish cream:
1/3 cup crème fraiche
2 tbsp freshly, finely grated horseradish root
pinch of salt

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