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10 foods to never freeze. If you care about health and taste buds – Italian Cuisine

10 foods to never freeze. If you care about health and taste buds

Thanks to the freezing of foods, we save time and avoid waste. But not everything can be frozen!

Freezing food is a very convenient method for keep longer foods or dishes that otherwise should be consumed in a short time. Across the freezing process so we have the opportunity to savor our favorite products even out of season, organize dishes to bring to the table even when there is no time to cook, preserve pre-cooked or cooked dishes to avoid deterioration or even waste.

But the practice of freezing food is not so obvious and it is necessary to follow very specific rules so as not to make gross mistakes and even compromise one's health.

First rule: freezing is not the same as freezing

Still many fall into the trap of thinking that these two practices are the same thing. It is not so, they are two different procedures and let's see why.
The freezing of a food is obtained through the home freezer, while the freezing can be done only with professional tools and therefore concerns only industrial foods.
Freezing means reaching a temperature close to -15 ° in a long time (about 24 hours). During this period of time, large ice crystals form and subsequently the breakdown of the cellular structures of frozen food occurs. Hence, once thawed, the product will have a softer and less compact consistency. While with deep freezing, cooling to very low temperatures (even -80 °) takes place in very short times and the ice crystals that are formed are tiny, so much so that once thawed the food maintains the same consistency as the fresh one.

Clarified this important difference, let's see together what are the 10 foods that should not be frozen and why.

Green leafy vegetables

In general, what influences the shelf life of a food is the quantity of water and fat content: the more these two elements are present, the less well preserved a food is.

That's why among the foods that would be better not to freeze we find green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce. The reason? Being rich in water once frozen they lose many of their characteristics and when thawed they are less tasty and above all less fragrant.

Cucumbers, onions and tomatoes

Ditto as for green leafy vegetables. Cucumbers, onions and tomatoes are water-rich vegetables that can't stand freezing. If you need to keep them in the freezer then it is better to cook them first and then store them in special containers.


Keeping them in the freezer does not make much sense since they are a vegetable that, fresh, can be kept for a long time without the need for special precautions. Freezing potatoes, whether raw or cooked, has the disadvantage of making them very pasty once thawed. Always remembering the difference between freezing and freezing, if we really want to have a stock in the freezer then let's buy them directly frozen.

Watermelon, pineapple and melon

As with the vegetables we just mentioned, this type of fruit is particularly rich in water and freezing does not help its taste. And to our palate!


Here the problem is objective, raw eggs put in the freezer burst. It is therefore impossible to think of freezing them. If, on the other hand, we want to keep boiled eggs in the freezer, it is good to know that once thawed their consistency will be particularly chewy. Better to eat them fresh, don't you think?

Egg-based sauces

The advice not to keep the sauces in the freezer is valid for any type, in particular for those based on eggs. To lose is the consistency, and unfortunately also the taste.

Only fresh fish!

Fish can be frozen as long as it is fresh. Being a very delicate food there is a risk that, while waiting to be frozen, it will be contaminated with bacteria and parasites. In addition, before freezing any type of fish it is good to clean it carefully, removing the bowels and possibly also the scales.

Fried foods

Any fried food, if not consumed immediately after cooking, loses crispness and assumes a soft texture. This happens at room temperature but the same happens if we decide to freeze it and then thaw it. The fried must be eaten immediately, any preservation of it alters its flavor and quality.

Milk and cream

As for eggs, these are also two foods that should be eaten fresh, indeed very fresh, to fully enjoy their flavor and goodness. By freezing them the result will be a product with a grainy consistency, decidedly not very inviting.


The meats processed and stuffed through the freezing process lose flavor and consistency. To better preserve them the practice of vacuum.

Finally, the last trick to never forget: thawed foods can no longer be refrozen. Here it really affects your health.

Rainbow biscuits: bake, draw and taste … # will go all! – Italian Cuisine

Rainbow biscuits: bake, draw and taste ... # will go all!

How can i be reassured? children in this period, in the midst of the emergency Coronavirus? For example by having them draw a rainbow with the inscription # andràtuttobene to hang outside the window for a message of hope like the many that we have seen springing up in our cities.

# will go well: a rainbow to eat

And that same rainbow we can imagine painting it also on gods cookies, to spend a few hours at home doing something fun together and to have something good to enjoy at breakfast or at snack. It is the idea that came to Matteo Cunsolo, baker of La Panetteria di Parabiago and president of the Bakery Association of Milan and its province. Matteo prepared them for his daughters, but then he thought of sharing the recipe with everyone to bring some joy and sweetness to the homes.

How to make rainbow biscuits

Ingredients for the pastry

500 g of flour
230 g of butter
170 g of icing sugar
90 g of yolks

Ingredients for the ice
450 g of icing sugar
90 g of egg white
A few drops of lemon juice
Food coloring


For the pastry
Sand the butter with the flour, then add the icing sugar and finally the yolks. Knead by pinching the dough and the butter in order to mix it with the flour and sugar but making sure that it does not melt with the heat of the hands. Then, knead until a smooth and homogeneous dough is obtained. Let the pastry rest 2-3 hours in the fridge before using it. After the time, roll out the dough with a thickness of 4-5 mm and make the biscuits with the help of a round pasta bowl. Bake at 165-170 degrees for 15 minutes.

For the ice
Mix egg white, icing sugar and 2-3 drops of lemon juice in a bowl (with a whisk, or by hand) until a thick mixture is obtained.

How to decorate

Divide the ice into 8 parts and colored with gel food colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. Leave a part of white ice to draw the rainbow clouds. Once the colors are prepared, transfer the ice cream to a pastry bag and decorate the biscuits. For the #will go, use dark tempered chocolate or advanced colored ice.


The ice must be used immediately otherwise in contact with the air it tends to dry out; to gain some time, cover it with plastic wrap or with a wet and wrung out paper towel that will keep it of the right consistency to be used.

Cilento anchovies: stuffed and fried for a unique taste – Italian Cuisine

You will no longer be able to resist anchovies prepared in this way: with a tasty filling and crispy frying they can be enjoyed from the aperitif to the table

The anchovies are among the more versatile fish to cook, in fact, lend themselves to many preparations and the result is always very tasty. If there is one recipe, however, that enhances the taste and makes them practically "unforgettable" is that of the "mbuttunate" anchovies, typical of Cilento.

Campania is known to be rich in dishes from intense flavor and the anchovies stuffed with Cilento fully respect this culinary tradition. Prepared like this, stuffed with mozzarella and fried, they are perfect for a starter, for a second or for an aperitif.

The recipe of anchovies alla cilentana


To prepare the stuffed anchovies alla cilentana at home you will need: 600 g of anchovies, 3 eggs, 200 g of grated pecorino cheese, breadcrumbs, parsley, minced garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

The preparation

The first thing to do to prepare the anchovies alla cilentana is clean the fish in depth, removing the head and all the bones, and then opening them in the classic shape of book.

anchovies ready to be fried

Get ready now the stuffing: with a kitchen whisk or fork beat the eggs, add salt, pepper, pecorino cheese, parsley, garlic then add the breadcrumbs and mix well until the mixture is well blended and soft.

Fill the anchovies with the filling and close them. Then pass them in the flour and fry them in the oil until they are golden brown. Before serving, let them dry on absorbent paper sheets to remove excess oil and bring them to the table even more fragrant.

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