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Chocolate, pear and hazelnut cake – Italian Cuisine

Pears and chocolate: you can't go wrong with this combination! Here is the easy recipe for the cake with pears, dark chocolate and hazelnuts

When autumn approaches, the colors begin to change and with them the flavors we want to bring to the table. Our stylist Beatrice Prada gave us a perfect cake for moments like these, using ingredients that together make our mouth water in no time at all: pears and the chocolate, enriched by the intense taste of hazelnut flour.

Above all, it is one quick and easy recipe: to prepare it you will need a few utensils, you can decorate it as you wish and in 45 minutes you will have created an effect cake, soft inside and delicious.

How to prepare the chocolate, pear and hazelnut cake


200 g Hazelnut flour
150 g Dark chocolate
100 g Butter
80 g Sugar
4 eggs
6 small pears


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and grease a low mold about 28 cm in diameter.
Wash and cut the pears into thin slices lengthwise and remove the stalk.
Melt the chocolate and butter in a bain marie or in the microwave and allow to cool. In the bowl of the mixer, beat the eggs with the sugar, gently add the hazelnut flour and the warmed mixture of butter and chocolate.
Pour into the mold and decorate with the pear slices.
Bake for about 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

Figs and Chocolate Recipe – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Figs and Chocolate Recipe - Italian Cuisine

  • 6 figs
  • 40 g dark chocolate
  • 40 g milk chocolate
  • chopped pistachios
  • coconut powder
  • chili pepper

To prepare figs and chocolate, cut the figs into slices. Arrange them on a plate and place them in the freezer for 30 minutes.
Melt on a boiling bain-marie (but on the fire off) the chocolate (a mixture of dark and milk) removing it when there are still solid pieces.
Jumbled up to melt it completely and dip the cold fig slices half into them. Put them in the fridge. Before serving, sprinkle them with chopped pistachios, coconut powder and chilli.

Plumcake with chocolate and zucchini – Italian Cuisine

»Plumcake with chocolate and zucchini

First of all wash the courgettes, peel them and grate them julienne with a grater with large holes.

Whip the eggs with the sugar and a pinch of salt until the mixture is puffy and fluffy, then add the flour, baking powder, cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla and mix.
Finally, add the chopped chocolate and courgettes.

Pour the mixture thus obtained into the mold lined with parchment paper and cook for about 45 minutes in a preheated convection oven at 180 ° C.

The chocolate and zucchini plumcake is ready: let it cool down at least before cutting it into slices and serving it.

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