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how to make this globetrotter recipe – Italian Cuisine


Middle Eastern specialty contested by many countries overlooking the Mediterranean, it is a tantalizing variant for a fresh summer aperitif


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Origins of hummus? Better not to talk about it. The last time someone tried to tie their country to this sauce broke out "the war of hummus"Of a diplomatic nature, of course, but no less fierce: it began in 2006, with an Israeli company that attempted to enter the Guinness Book of Records as a hummus producer, unleashed the antagonism of Lebanon and it is not yet over. that it is a Middle Eastern preparation which agrees the papillae of the Arab countries and those of the Israelis and which Turkey and Greece also rightly consider their "traditional dish".

Make hummus, don't make war
The basic recipe is simple: chickpeas blended with garlic, oil, lemon, salt and above all with tahina, a delicious cream of toasted sesame seeds spread throughout the Middle East, which today also in our country is sold in supermarkets and in the shops of ethnic specialties. Obviously, like any globetrotter recipe, hummus also knows more versions than they can list.

The variants
In the southern Mediterranean countries it is completed with a copious dusting of cumin, but there is no shortage of very spicy, rich versions of chili pepper. The hummus with the olives in pieces it adapts to the palate of children, the one with parsley is basil can give up garlic while with it yogurt, becomes creamy and light.

182555 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/05/hummus-fave-aglio.jpg "width =" 258 "height =" 343So many uses
Served on simple croutons, hummus will be a quick, tasty and healthy aperitif; same with carasau and sliced ​​Arabic bread, wedges of piadina or breadsticks. With raw vegetables it becomes an antidote against the heat to fill up on water is vitamins. But its savory taste can also give flavor to vegetarian sandwiches, chicken or potato salad and cold pasta. Furthermore, it can also be prepared with other legumes and vegetables: this is always good and, served at the center of the table, it can stimulate conviviality and sharing, certainly not war.

by Daniela Falsitta
photo by Felice Scoccimarro
from Sale & Pepe Magazine April 2020


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Pea cake with peas and … Foodstylelovers – Italian Cuisine


The kitchen is creativity and exchange of ideas. That's why we love to browse through our readers' Instagram photos and then we talk about it here, sharing the shots of the month


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BROWSE, PHOTOGRAPH AND SHARE: when you cook or find ingredients and details in the Sale & Pepe style, post your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #foodstylelovers and quoting and tagging @salepepe_it
So we can see your creations!

Every month on Sale & Pepe we publish the shots that the editorial staff has chosen, shared on social networks and … published in the magazine!

182570 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/05/plum.png "width =" 149 "height =" 192The plum cake with peas … by Giovanna

"Leafing through the May issue, I saw that delicious cake with peas and it reminded me of one of my favorite recipes from a few years ago.

I felt like doing it again, with some variations "Giovanna, known on social networks as @lacuocaeclettica, he used scamorza and basil yogurt. He shared the recipe on Instagram and on his website lacuocaeclettica.it.

Its profiles are worth a visit, because they are rich in stories and appetizing dishes.

182571 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/05/succo.png "width =" 97 "height =" 116The Salt & Pepper repost

Smoothie of raspberry and light and greedy oats interpreted by @ silvia_aivlis_77.
Do you recognize it? It was in the April service of Sale & Pepe, entirely dedicated to breakfast.
[Tomakethesmoothieyouneed:[Perfareilfrullatooccorrono:3 tablespoons of oat flakes 300 g of raspberries 3 tablespoons of liquid honey 6 tablespoons of natural white yogurt]

182573 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/05/ravioli.png "width =" 81 "height =" 100Success stories

Over 5000 views

Fresh pasta

What happened to our ravioli with goat cheese and courgettes cooked by Martina and Gabriele of @spignattandoblog!
On their site they look like this: Martina in the kitchen, Gabriele on the keyboard. Fall in love with food, from our country cuisine, to our Milan, to travel all over the world.

182572 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2020/05/pani.png "width =" 293 "height =" 102Cooked by you

Fragrant, fragrant and even decorated breads. Our readers have made bread with extraordinary creativity.
On Instagram we delighted in browsing the gallery of readers and readers, discovering truly extraordinary loaves. And not only that: there are always interesting stories behind your profiles, all to be discovered.

In the photo, you can see the beautiful loaves of Nicoletta @nicolettapalmas, Jessica @madewithsourdough, Eleonora @eleonoratiso and Marta @inbaitaealtrestorie.

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#OggiDelivery: the Apulian orecchiette in Milan – Italian Cuisine

The legendary orecchiette of the Torcinelli Brothers are ready to cheer the Milanese. The touch of class? The meat of the sauce comes from the Premiata Macelleria Santoro di Cisternino!

"We opened Fratelli Torcinelli less than a year ago and the takeaway was only one of the methods of administration contemplated; a fundamental element on which we focused our offer was (and will be) the welcome and the smile. With the advent of the health emergency, we ran into the need to necessarily change our work, looking for ways that would allow us to get customers not only products, but also our warmth. We could not improvise the takeaway and home deliveries, not without first having planned everything and this is the reason why we did not start immediately, but we waited weeks and remodeled the offer, in a way enriching it. As usual
choice of meats (already cooked for takeaway or to finish cooking at home for those delivered under vacuum) the specialties were added, which at the moment are Le orecchiette with meat sauce and Le frize, dishes that will increase and change, with the succession of days and the seasonal offer "tell us the three founding members Pietro Caroli, Vincenzo Critelli and Sebastiano Corno.

«We also added a selection of wines made by Pietro to the dishes, which will often vary to allow regular customers to order different labels. With the Orecchiette we suggest you to sip Tenute Rubino's Negroamaro. We want to stay deliberately in the Apulian territory, for a wine with soft hints of red fruit and distinctly spicy, characteristic of the grape .

#Oggidelivery: Apulian orecchiette with meat sauce

The difference in this proposal is the absolute attention to raw materials, without compromise. The orecchiette are produced by Ligorio pasta factory in San Vito dei Normanni in the province of Brindisi, a family business from the Alto Salento that uses flours from Italian and specifically Apulian wheat. The sauce that accompanies them, delivered under vacuum as shown in the photo, is prepared by Sebastiano in the Fratelli Torcinelli kitchens with a tomato grown organically in Campania and a beef pulp and capocollo of black Nebrodi pig from the Sicilian farm Fattoria San Pio, where the pigs are raised and slaughtered in compliance with a very short and controlled supply chain.
This splendid dish of Apulian orecchiette with meat sauce is ready in just 5 minutes!

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