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Extra virgin olive oil, because it is the best dressing for your salad – Italian Cuisine

Extra virgin olive oil, because it is the best dressing for your salad

Used raw for seasoning, it is an excellent ally for the body's health. Find out why with the help of a nutritionist

THE'extra virgin olive oil is the main food of the Mediterranean diet. It has always been considered the healthiest condiment. That's why it should be one of the most used ingredients in the kitchen to season raw, second and side dishes raw. It has a fruity taste that is excellent for giving a special flavor even to salads. Alone, or together with vinegar or lemon juice, it is the ideal dressing to flavor without the need to use other types of condiments, such as sauces, butter or yogurt. Plus, it's a real natural supplement. "It ensures good fats, vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your health and prevent many diseases. From cardio-circulatory to cancer ones , explains nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino. To get the maximum of its benefits the ideal is to choose the one cold pressed. "It is more rich in nutritional and organoleptic properties", adds the expert. To preserve them at their best, it is always necessary to keep them in the dark-colored glass bottle sealed and kept in cool places. "Heat can cause oxidation and therefore rancidity of the product," suggests nutritionist Bocchino. Another suggestion is to pay attention to the quantities that are consumed. «To benefit from all its virtues it is better to limit yourself to 2-3 tablespoons a day. Extra virgin olive oil has a high caloric intake: a spoon contains about 90 calories, "warns the expert.

Keeps heart and arteries healthy

Extra virgin olive oil helps reduce the risk of experiencing cardiovascular disease. "It is rich in valuable antioxidants, including polyphenols that help reduce the accumulation of triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood, responsible for heart attacks and strokes. They also favor the "good" levels, "explains the expert. It also contains many "beneficial" fats for the health of the heart and arteries. «It ensures good quantities of Omega 3 and Omega 6, which have an anti-inflammatory action. They regulate blood pressure and promote the proper functioning of the circulation, "says nutritionist Bocchino.

Protects the brain

The essential fatty acids of which extra virgin olive oil is particularly rich are also good for the brain. "They act like real" anti-rust "substances on neurons, brain cells. They prevent degeneration and promote cognitive functions ", explains the expert.

Fights aging

Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent anti-aging oil. «It brings a great variety of antioxidants that block the harmful action of free radicals, responsible for the aging of tissues. It is rich, in particular, in vitamin E and polyphenols. These substances have a real protective action on the organism ", concludes the expert.

The 10 best salad recipes – Italian Cuisine

The 10 best salad recipes

Fresh, wholesome and nutritious: le salads in summer they can be an excellent dish for a hot and sultry day, when the idea of ​​lighting the oven throws you into despair and you look for a single dish full, especially for lunch or a light dinner. Colorful and full of taste salads they give you great satisfaction and can surprise you with traditional and completely unusual ingredients and combinations and turn into amazing ones "Buddha bowl", a mix of healthy ingredients contained in a bowl, an increasingly popular dish that today almost becomes the healthy meal par excellence

Vegetarians, vegans or for the diehard traditionalists who eat meat or fish salads are easy to prepare and you can have fun preparing them in a thousand different ways, according to your personal tastes, the ingredients you have available in your fridge or the seasonal ones you find on the market: they are always perfect for your company dinners or your lunches at the office

To prepare a tasty one big salad rich in flavor there are no strict rules! Served on a plate or in a bowl, imagination knows no bounds! The ingredients they should be simply healthy, colored is nutrients and, together, create a genuine and / or substantial meal if, in your menu, there are no other dishes

But what are the fundamental ingredients for a rich salad salad? Usually the recipes for acomplete and substantial salad expected a vegetable base: green leafy vegetables, carrots, celery, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes or seasonal vegetables; enriched with whole carbohydrates (such as pasta, quinoa, soy, spelled or other cereals or sweet potatoes), and / or a percentage of protein (meat, fish or cheese but also nuts or seeds); all seasoned at will: oil and salt, with one vinaigrette or with sauces scented o based on yogur. In general to prepare a big salad hypocaloric or gourmet, vegan or Vegetarian, Stick to the following scheme: about 25% of carbohydrates, 15% of proteins, 35% of vegetables, 10% of sauce and 15% of extra ingredients like nuts, seeds or sprouts

Is it a hot day today? Do you want a light meal? Are you looking for a salad that can amaze not only for its flavors but also for its appearance? Then you are on the right link: that of Salt and pepper which collects in one top ten many ideas e recipes for preparing a salad that will amaze your guests from the first taste: well balanced in terms of taste, well-being and nourishment

Salt and pepper has selected for you 10 best salad recipes for the summer or for an unconventional dish to prepare all year round! 10 recipes to prepare a perfect salad; 10 ways to amaze your guests at the table pleasantly, 10 Salt & Pepper recipes to try to find out which one big salad it's your favorite! All easy to do!

Chicken salad: lots of ideas for a lunch break when it's hot – Italian Cuisine

Chicken salad: lots of ideas for a lunch break when it's hot

For a healthy and light lunch break, a chicken salad is what it takes when summer comes. Here are some ideas to prepare it

There White meat it's good, doctors and nutritionists say it too.
Make protein and many other nutrients without weighing it down and fatigue the digestion and is therefore one energy source ideal during the summer season when you have less appetite and the temperatures reach very high peaks. Two, three servings of white meat a week are the ideal within a balanced diet.

The light and complete chicken salad

A'mixed vegetable salad with the addition of chicken it is the ideal choice for a lunch break. You can prepare the meat the night before and then assemble all the ingredients in the morning. It would be preferable to add the seasoning only at meal time, but if you do not have the opportunity to bring it from home and do not find it at work, then immediately add salt and oil and keep your meal cool.

Chicken salad in a jar

Speaking of seasoning, we give you a very useful idea to bring the seasoning with you without taking up too much space and above all without risking dirtying anything. Just compose the salad inside a large glass jar depositing the sauce on the bottom of the jar.
It will suffice then only shake the jar a little to mix the contents together with the seasoning and you're done.

How to cook chicken

If the chicken breast looks like a sad dish, add it in strips inside a mixed salad and will become a cheerful, fresh and colorful mouth watering dish.
Cook the chicken as you like. We suggest the simplest method with the grill or non-stick pan.
Marinate it before cooking with a little lemon and aromatic herbs, or with some spices like paprika and chilli, in this way it will be more tasty.
Then use one very hot plate to make it crunchy on the outside and soft on the heart. Add salt only at the end of cooking with coarse salt.
Then cut it into strips and when cold add it to the salad.

Dare with pairings

The chicken looks good with everything, so why not try combining it with many types of vegetables and even fruit?
Unleash your imagination and choose the seasonal vegetables that you like best to turn a classic salad into something extraordinary.

In the gallery some ideas for a good chicken salad

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