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How to make the Nicoise salad. Recipe and variants – Italian Cuisine

Rich salads to eat during lunch break. We offer you the Nizzarda

The Nicoise salad, also known as salade niçoise it's a typical dish of the Côte d'Azur, but also very famous on the coast of Liguria. This is what we would call a "saladona" too trivially because of one lettuce base we add many other ingredients including the tuna, eggs, potatoes, olives and some vegetables.
It is a single dish easy and quick to prepare. Let's see how.

The classic recipe of Nicoise salad

The original recipe for this salad includes one lettuce base (or mixed salad) enriched with boiled potatoes cut into rounds, steamed green beans, hard-boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, a few fillets of anchovy and tuna in oil, a handful of black olives and a yellow pepper. Everything is seasoned with oil, salt, vinegar and pepper. The salad should be served with all the ingredients in sight and arranged in an elegant way, so better to use the comfortable single-serving bowls so that everyone can season it at will.

Discover now in the tutorial how to make some variations of the Nice.

Winter salad – Italian cuisine – Italian Cuisine

The winter salad is a delicacy that can envy that of the beautiful season. Here are 5 to do now!

Think of thesalad like a spring or summer dish. Nothing could be more wrong. The aromas of the garden are inebriate in every season! Naturally with different characteristics. If the spring salad surprises us with its tenderness, the leaves in winter contain an intense flavor, sometimes pungent and spicy, which allows us to play in the kitchen with numerous recipes. Radicchio, turnips, misticanze and indivie are indeed delicious both raw and cooked. And they explode in the mouth if accompanied by mustards, savory cheeses and dried fruit. We have therefore collected five recipes to invite you to enjoy the salad in the best winter, combining it with fruit, mushrooms, fish and salami, without ever forgetting a touch of sour and sweet!

Herring and beetroot salad
Herring and beetroot salad.

Here are our 5 recipes to enjoy salad in winter

Baccalà, we do it in a salad with vegetables – Italian Cuisine

Our recipe for preparing a lukewarm salad of cod, borlotti beans and cannellini beans, green beans and potatoes in just 15 minutes

Vicentina, creamed, fried, stewed. When we talk about cod, we immediately think of long, elaborate and traditional cooking, but as shown in the video above It is the perfect ingredient to make a complete and fast dish like a warm salad enriched with a quick pesto, beans, string beans and potatoes.
IS speed in the kitchen is increasingly important. To save us from the dinners to be prepared in the half-hour cut out of late returns from work, sports engagements and appointments. But also to allow yourself the pleasure of a healthy and light dish that is prepared at the same time as a hamburger. Here are all the simple steps to prepare the cod salad.

The recipe for the salad of cod and legumes

To prepare thesalad with cod, legumes, rocket pesto and almonds15 minutes are enough. Let's start with the preparation of the ingredients for 4 people: a pack of Legumissimi Findus with borlotti beans, green beans, cannellini beans and potatoes, 100 g of rocket, 30 g of almonds, 40 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 250 g of filleted cod and peeled, salt and pepper.
To start, let's boil the water in the pot. When it has reached the boil, let's pour the slices of cod and Legumissimi in the pot. Cook for 8 minutes, drain and let cool. At this point frulliamo in a glass a little 'ice, rocket and almonds, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, creating a pesto of thick consistency. We mix the salad of legumes and cod with rocket pesto. Finally we serve and sprinkle with some almond flakes.

Fish and vegetables, winning combination

Protein is important for our body, but it is preferable not to exceed the consumption of meat. Fish and legumes are alternative sources on which to bet and a complete dish like this salad based on fish, beans, green beans and potatoes is what you need to put in our weekly menu a plate rich in protein, balanced by the presence of legumes, dried fruit and potatoes. And it is precisely here that we find carbohydrates, the last element that was missing in this appeal rich, balanced and low-fat dish.

Because in 15 minutes

To make this quick preparation possible, the ready availability of some products we have chosen for the recipe. The cannellini beans, borlotti beans, green beans and potatoes that we have poured still frozen in the cooking pot of the cod were already clean and ready for quick cooking in the Legumissimi Findus package. Ready in 6 minutes in the pot, 8 in the pan or 10 in the microwave oven, they are ideal for transforming any salad, soup, soup or main course into a dish rich in taste and colors, but they are also perfect to be eaten alone as a side dish to accompany the main course.