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How to make the scallops: 3 tips and 3 variations – Italian Cuisine

It is not true that they are synonymous with fast slices. With the exact cut of meat, precise measurements and careful cooking are an elegant, light and tasty dish. The scallops like the whole family in the classic version and in the variations of each house.

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3 variations on the scallops

3 Tips for perfect scallops

1. Use cornstarch instead of flour
The cornstarch makes the sauce finer and smoother than the 00 flour, which will still be good to flour the scallops.

2. The cuts of meat
The most suitable is the walnut or the veal rump.

3. For more rustic preparations
You can choose a cheaper cut like the veal or beef veal for more rustic preparations with rich sauce.

How to make classic veal escalopes

Follow the tutorial step by step to cook the perfect veal escalopes. You will need
480 g of veal or veal, butter, dry white wine, sage, meat stock, corn starch, extra virgin olive oil and salt.