Penne with cream, speck and saffron: the recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Penne with cream, speck and saffron: the recipe

The penne with cream, speck and saffron they are a first course that is very easy and quick to prepare but with an incredible burst of flavour. In just a few minutes you will be able to bring to the table a creamy, pleasant pasta dish and above all with all the wonderful aroma of saffron. And if you like this recipe we also recommend them spring penne with spinach and green pea pesto.

Penne cream, speck and saffron

To prepare the delicious ones penne cream, speck and saffron let’s start by cutting a slice of speck into cubes and browning it in a pan for five minutes, obtaining a crunchy consistency, in another pan we melt some butter, then we add the cream and let it thicken, at this point we add the saffron, 3 tablespoons of water and a pinch of salt. Finally, drain the pasta and add it to the sauce. Here are all the details.

Gerry Scotti is hunting for an ice cream thief – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Gerry Scotti became a detective out of greed: he is the protagonist of a web series again in which he has the task of unmasking an ice cream thief. To be precise, the guest who, after a dinner at his house, takes away the last remaining one. Who will be among Lorella Cuccarini, Giovanni Muciaccia, Rovazzi, Shamzy, UfoZero2 and Anna Folzi? They are the other protagonists of “Who stole Grandpa’s last Cup?”, which will be broadcast on the Instagram profile @coppadelnonno_official. The host had a lot of fun, he tells us about it in this interview:

Interview with Gerry Scotti

How did this new adventure go?
«Adventures are always beautiful and when they are unexpected they are even more welcome. You do them with a smile of amazement on your lips and this adventure is no different, it was very stimulating.”

Why do you think he was chosen as the main character of this ironic “mystery”?
«The Grandfather’s Cup was the protagonist of my childhood, it is one of the most loved and appreciated symbols of my afternoons. It reminds me of being with family, going to the dairy with my mother. I remember that it gave us kids a sense of maturity and emancipation, because it was the first taste as adults that we were given at a young age: a cup of coffee, the drink of adults. Probably this sense of amazement mixed with gratification has never left me and I was a perfect protagonist for this part.”

If I say “ice cream” what comes to mind? Is he greedy for it? Is this his sin of gluttony?
«It’s not my indulgence par excellence, but I must admit that I have always been a fan of ice cream, ever since I was a boy. When, due to logistics problems and the lack of distribution of refrigerators, ice cream was a product linked to spring/summer, I was convinced that it was instead suitable for every season. And I probably wasn’t the only one who thought this because then the market adapted to consumer demand, so much so that now it is not uncommon to consume it even in winter. We can say that ice cream has finally taken the place it deserved.”

We often see her walking with her grandchildren: is eating ice cream a ritual for you too?
«For me ice cream was a ritual, a gratification. The new generations are so surrounded by stimuli and proposals that perhaps they get a little confused. But I’m telling you as a grandfather: seeing my granddaughter’s face and shirt all dirty with ice cream is priceless.”

Gypsy spaghetti – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Gypsy spaghetti

Here is another recipe that is really simple to prepare and quick to prepare. The flavor is enhanced by the presence of anchovies.

Under the guise of a rich and very nutritious dish, there is hidden – and not that much – a list of ingredients that are very healthy for your body. You could start with the tomato puree, then move on to tuna, garlic or extra virgin olive oil. And they also have their say on the subject of beneficial effects black olives. Rich in ironpotassium, magnesium and calcium, energetic and important to keep our immune system efficient.

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