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Beef burger and paprika mayonnaise – Italian Cuisine

The great American classic that has conquered Italy, accompanied this time by a sauce with an extra quid!

Delicious to taste alone or perfect to be contained in two fragrant slices of bread, in both cases do not forget to prepare a tasty sauce that gives it that extra aroma!

Today's recipe has the flavor of American tradition but with a reinterpretation that does not leave indifferent. But before discovering how to bring this succulent plate to your table in a few minutes, let's review some golden rules to prepare the hamburger perfect!

The perfect burger? This is done

Of course junk food, the hamburger becomes a gourmet dish if prepared following some important precautions.

First thing: only meat choice of high quality! We choose a cut that is very unnerved and slightly fat, let's rely on the advice of the butcher.

Second advice: attention to cooking, which changes depending on the variety of meat chosen. The beef should be kept slightly pink inside while the other meat should be cooked very well for food safety reasons. The hamburgers should be turned only once, and only when they are perfectly browned otherwise the risk is to break them.

Third suggestion: Serve it with an accompanying sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise are a great classic but can be trivial. Try to give them a twist by adding spices and flavors or to replace them with sweet and sour sauces and BBQ sauces. We tried to add paprika to mayonnaise and the result is really super!

And now we come to the beef burger recipe with paprika mayonnaise, good preparation!

People: 4
Difficulty: medium
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes


250g ground beef
30 slices of lardo di colonnata
30 ml apple vinegar
150 ml sunflower seed oil
20 g paprika
2 eggs
extra virgin olive oil
Worcester sauce


Clean the shallots and chop finely.
Mince the lardo di colonnata.
Prepare the minced meat and add the shallot and lard.
Pour the Worcester sauce, add a pinch of salt, oil and pepper. Mix all the ingredients and make the hamburgers.

To prepare paprika mayonnaise

Then add an egg and a yolk, pour the vinegar, add the salt and whip all the ingredients. Pour a little oil, add the paprika.

Finally prepare a little oil in a pan, add the burgers and cook 3 minutes per side. Serve the meat with paprika mayonnaise.

The mistakes not to be done at breakfast – Italian Cuisine

"Who starts well is half the work." It is a saying that also applies to the table!
They say so nutritional experts when they say that the Breakfast it's the most important meal of the day.


As soon as you wake up it is important to start the organism, making full of energy and thus being able to better face the activities of the body day. The fuel must however be the right one and therefore, rich of the nutrients needed.

And not everyone always knows what they are and how they are matched.

For example, according to the Doxa-AIDEPI "I begin well" survey of 2016, it emerged that even mothers, who on the one hand know the importance of breakfast and the influence it has on the children's academic performance, on the other hand they are prepared on the right mix of nutrients.

In short, everyone talks about it, but very few really know the basic rules of breakfast and clichés and urban legends continue to circulate mercilessly, reaping victims who continue not to have breakfast or to do it badly.

THE'2018 edition of the same survey registered Doxa-Aidepi «I start well (the campaign desired and supported by the Association of Italian sweet and pasta industries that promotes the value of breakfast and lives on the blog iocominciobene) highlights in particular some gross errors and dispels popular beliefs, adding to the list of recent years some denials and considerations.

Silvia Migliaccio, nutritionist and lecturer at the "Foro Italico" University of Rome, offers some tips and recommendations, including three breakfast ideas based on three different calories needs. And, hear, hear, in one of the three even sdogana the snacks. In other words, est modus in rebus (there is a measure in all things). But like other theses supported in this research, there are nutritionists who would cringe (unless they meant very healthy.

First of all, know that if you want to get fat, a good strategy is skip breakfast and know also that i superfood they do not in any way maintain the promises that are often disclosed (not that they hurt, however …).

Absolutely wrong according to the research the idea of ​​the Breakfast only protein, that to the anglo-saxon to be understood, since it is essential that the first meal of the day contains all the nutrients instead. And so it goes without saying that even the breakfast only fruit does not respond to the ideal nutritional needs and much less coffee on the fly.

According to the survey yes al cow milk instead, described as a real panacea, being rich in water, vitamins, proteins, fats and minerals: strongly hydrates (intense need in the early morning) and is sufficiently complete. But the issue is debated and many nutritionists have been advising against the consumption of milk in adulthood.

As for i old and wise advice from grandma it must be said instead that there is no scientific evidence to credit them, but at the same time most of these sayings (like drinking hot water and lemon to fasting) do no harm. And indeed, we add, if there is a placebo effect why not? Last but not least the sweet at breakfast is welcome, indeed recommended. Precisely because the consolation is needed and the right time is that, breakfast.

Ornella Guess
September 2016
aggionato by Emanuela Di Pasqua
October 2018

How to prepare the perfect Pound Cake? Here is the recipe – Italian Cuisine

Buttery and soft, the Pound Cake is a cake of ancient origins that looks like a plumcake … delicious! Try our recipe

Soft, soft and rich: it is the Pound Cake, a very simple cake to prepare and definitely greedy. It is said that even goes back to the eighteenth century, when it was served ai English banquets. The name takes up precisely the doses of the recipe: pound in fact it is the unit of measurement used to weigh the ingredients that compose it, butter, sugar, flour and eggs. A pound corresponds to 450 grams. A mammoth cake, you say!

Ten cakes for breakfast

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More buttery than plumcake

In fact, to prepare a homemade Pound Cake the weight will be reduced, so as to use then a typical mold of the plum cake to bake the cake. Or, alternatively, the donut. The consistency of the Pound Cake is actually very similar to that of a plumcake, although more moist and buttery. You can serve it for a snack, accompanied by a tea, or for breakfast.

The Pound Cake recipe

220 grams of butter, 250 grams of 00 flour, 200 grams of white sugar, 4 eggs, 7 grams of baking powder, grated lemon peel (choose natural lemons with edible skin), icing sugar to decorate the cake.

Soften the butter by keeping it half an hour out of the fridge before starting. Work it with sugar, helping with a kneader. Slowly add the eggs and the sifted flour. Complete with lemon zest and, if you like, with squeezed lemon juice. Mix everything and move into the dough from plumcake, buttered and floured. Put in a hot oven at 180 ° C for 60 minutes.

pound cake

How to decorate the Pound Cake?

The original recipe can be modified and enriched with the addition of fillings or decorations. Some idea? A lemon icing for example, to give a touch of freshness and acidity in contrast with the sweetness of butter. But lemon or orange can also be squeezed and added to the dough. Or delicious in accompaniment is also a spoonful of fresh whipped cream, together with fresh fruit, such as berries, or a dusting of cinnamon. Or again, they can be added to the mixture chocolate chips or one pumpkin puree (made from pumpkin cooked in the oven and then crushed with a knife, in this case reduce the amount of 50 grams or the mixture will be too wet).