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Fruits and vegetables for children: 8 tricks – Italian Cuisine

Preschool and school children are the most physically vulnerable and exposed to the potential risks of improper nutrition in terms of quantity and quality. To eat well means to grow well. Here's how to make your children love fruit and vegetables.


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You can try putting them in the sandwich or in the cocktail, but often they come back home. You can opt for juices – at least for fruit – but it's not the same thing at all. You know that fruits and vegetables are essential for feeling good – more: they lengthen your life – but you can not convince your little ones to taste them.

Here are some tips to stimulate children to eat fruits and vegetables.

1. A good habit is to start a meal with vegetables. When they have more hungry, are more predisposed to appreciate new and plant foods.

2. Science has shown that demonstrated that the time dedicated to the meal is directly proportional to the quality and success of the meal itself. It is fundesirable that the children have sufficient time to appreciate food and to take an interest in those dishes that often feel less appealing: fruits and vegetables.

3. To get them used to new tastes you need to hold on. We need to 10-15 attempts within a short time for the child to get used to new flavors. Rejection of the first taste is more than normal.

4. The good example of parents encourages children to emulate. If mum and dad usually consume vegetables, it will be easier for them to come back into their children's eating habits.

5. Involve in preparing dishes, it makes them feel important, involved and more curious about the result.

6. Playing with i colors fruit and vegetables exploit them to create a nice presentation of the dish, stimulates the fantasy and it makes everything more appetizing.

7. Serve a single plate with vegetables next to something that children love a lot, like potatoes, pasta or rice, it invites you to taste again.

8. It is not necessary to exhaust children because they face plateaus of hateful spinach or disturbing salads. Just a few samples and small amounts.

Francesca Santambrogio
October 20th 2015
updated by Carola Traverso Saibante
December 2018


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You knew that they existed beyond 20 thousand apple variety? And that in one hypermarket find one around twenty of different types? Not to mention the markets and the farmer's market. From the classic ones (like the renetta and the Braeburn) to the younger ones (like the Rubens and the Kanzi), passing through the traditional ones (like theAnnurca and the pink apple of the Sibillini) and for those with surprising colors (the Pink Lady and Yellow) there is a world of flavors, aromas and consistencies to be discovered. And not just for the pleasure of doing it. As the famous saying "Una apple a day takes away the doctor of return ", or at least contributes to take it off, because it brings a nice mix of nutrients (sugars, vitamins, mineral salts, organic acids and fiber) and different antioxidants which, however, are absorbed quickly and then the more should be introduced often possible. Use the apple also in the kitchen and in table, trying to exploit every possible chance of consumption, is a smart and tasty way to eat more. Besides this fruit is really versatile, both raw and cooked, and is a ingredient that goes well with many alimony, give her meat to vegetables. As long as you choose the apple right. Gerhard Dichgans, director of the consortium South Tyrol VOG that produces apples Marlene, known for their quality and variety, helps us to identify the apple perfect, for every moment e typology of consumption, from snack to cakes.

166830 SALAD
Lettuce, dried fruit, oil extra virgin of olive and apples: here is composed, in four and four, one dish from ten and praise, which agrees palate and line, light but complete and with an effect protective on the system cardiovascular. Because it is delicious too is a must to choose a variety of apples Crisp and juicy, like the Fuji or as the Jonagold, which oxidizes little and therefore does not darkens immediately. If you love the notes sour focus on the green Granny Smith. If they come in the salad too cured meat or cheeses tip on Royal Gala. Looking for a recipe for a salad gourmet? Try Chinese cabbage, caprine, speck and apple Pink Lady cut into slices.

There is a good one reason to eat the apple at the end meal: does not cause fermentations intestinal, even if consumed after food rich in starch, like pasta or le potatoes. So it is also suitable for those suffering from colon irritable or of swelling abs. The ideal is to consume one apple alone or in one fruit salad simple, with grapes or fruits red. The most suitable varieties are the Golden Delicious, juicy and crunchy (and which oxidizes slightly), the sweet Rubens, the sweet and sour Stayman is the Annurca, fragrant and acidulous.

166881 SNACK
The apple is the snack perfect (especially when you are on a diet) because satiated a lot, and therefore helps keep you in check the appetite. So you do not get to the table hungry and we eat less and more slowly. Enough to increase the satiety effect to choose a substantial apple e Crisp, which latches under the teeth and that commitments chewing, like the Rubens, the Pinova, Modì or Royal Gala. A study conducted in the USA awarded the green apple, the Granny Smith, because, being the richest in non-compounds digestible, is the one with the greatest effect Anti-hunger. Children will certainly like it Red Delicious, which with its color red intense and characteristic shape elongated (but also the sweet and floury pulp) is the apple par excellence, that of snow-white.

166884 BAKED
There Fuji, with a consistent pulp e sweet, it adapts well to all cooking and is the most used to accompany roasts. The Emperor apple,sweet-sour and aromatic, it is delicious cooked al oven and prolonged cooking is also good. Also there Braeburn and it is good cooked as well as the Stark Delicious, also recommended in cooking pan. The pastry based on is worthy of mention apples. If the classic renetta is unsurpassed when you want to cook one strudel (but also for the pancakes and bundles of apple) also the Kanzi, Pinova, Red Delicius and la Morgenduft they are a great choice. For the tarts the best is the Fuji, for a not too sweet apple pie try it Stayman.

The way more speedy to taste cooked apples? Cook them al microwave, choosing one Granny Smith, to be cooked whole and with the peel. Alternatively, one can be used Red Delicious (excellent also cooked under vacuum) or a Stark Delicious. Choosing the option grill of the microwave, the advice is to focus on Golden Delicious or on the Delicious Stark, cut into slicesbecause they caramelize naturally.

166893 JAMS
There Queen jams and compotes of apples is the Elstar, from the thick skin and from the pulp crunchy, slightly sour. But the Golden Delicious and the Gala, ideal for compound.

Manuela Soressi
December 2018


Codfish salad – salt cod salad recipe – Italian Cuisine

Clean and cook the peppers, peel them, then cut them into fillets.

Add the fish and rinse it, then blanch for at least 5 minutes without salting the water.
Drain and let cool, then cut into cubes.
Season the salad

Put the fish on a serving dish and season with oil, juice of half a lemon, a little salt, olives, well desalted capers, sliced ​​garlic, peppers and the remaining lemon cut into slices.

Your cod salad is ready.

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