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Bolzano, Armin Loacker, the "king of the wafers", has died – Italian Cuisine

He was 78 years old. It was he who transformed the pastry shop opened by his father Alfons in the big player of international level that he is today. While continuing to research the quality of the origins

If Napolitaner, Cremkakao, vanilla or milk wafers, carried on the shoulders of gnomes, have become famous all over the world, the merit is Armin Loacker. Son of Alfons, founder of the historic manufacturing company, he died today at age 78.

From the small confectioner's in Bolzano to the industrial evolution

It was he who transformed the bakery opened in 1925, in the historic center of Bolzano, by his father Alfons, a native of the Austrian town of Gotzis, in big player which is today worldwide. In the workshop of piazza Domenicani they prepared, in addition to the classic pastry products, the wafers, with natural and genuine ingredients. In 1974, the production site had become too small to meet the ever-increasing demand for Loacker specialties. Armin, together with his sister Christine, decided to move to the Renon plateau, in the midst of the Dolomites, and not to the industrial area of ​​Bolzano, because he was convinced that, despite the industrial evolution of his patisserie, «a natural product is produced in a natural environment. We therefore need healthy air, clean water and mountains ".


For this reason the mascots of its products are gnomes, which characterize the brand as the design of Mount Sciliar, present on most of the packs. "Their world represents a symbol of simple, pure and natural lifestyle all over the world ", writes the company. «Gnomes want to establish a sympathetic bond with women, men and children all over the world, offering and guaranteeing the goodness of all Loacker products.

The company today

Today the company has a thousand employees. In 2017 it achieved a turnover of 335 million euros, producing 876 million pieces for a total of 36159 tons (these are the latest data released by the company). 30% sold in Italy, 70% in the rest of the world. Loacker also operates seven Loacker Stores, consisting of Loacker Café-Pastry and Loacker Brandstore. At the Heinfels site in East Tyrol (Austria), there is the Mondo Bontà Loacker, with an interactive exhibition and an interactive pastry shop. The management is entrusted to the sons of Armin, Andreas and Martin, and to the nephew Ulrich Zuenelli.

Italy is the country where the wafers are most consumed, followed by Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Israel, China, United States, United Arab Emirates and Australia. In Europe, after Italy, it is Germany, at the tenth place in the world ranking, to consume more wafers.

Stewed white cabbage – stewed white cabbage recipe – Italian Cuisine

Peel the carrot and onion. Then cut them into cubes along with the celery stalk. Then chop everything in a mixer
Clean the white cabbage by removing the outer leaves of the cabbage, then cut it into thin slices, thus obtaining a julienne
Sauté the carrot, onion and fry the pan, then add the cabbage and cook for a couple of minutes.

Then add a couple of ladles of boiling water, salt, cover with a lid and cook for about ten minutes. Remove the lid and add the pitted black olives and pine nuts and stir.

Serve the stewed white cabbage.

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6 original ways to prepare the eggs – Italian Cuisine

At La Scuola de la Cucina Italiana the course dedicated to eggs is back, with some special dates out of the calendar

Why stop at omelettes or scrambled eggs? The eggs are not just the salvacena par excellence, there are many different ways to cook an egg and many ingredients to match it.

Cooking methods, combinations and consistencies will therefore be at the center of the course "The eggs", Who returns to our program with a new educational plan, only for some selected dates.

Here are the you are recipes that you can prepare together with our chefs, to make the most of the potential of the eggs:

1. Quail eggs with root salad

Smaller and more delicate, quail eggs will surely amaze diners. We will prepare them with a bull's eye, in an intersection of consistencies between soft and crunchy vegetables.

2. Egg-egg with bottarga, candied lime and chilli pepper

Salty, sweet and spicy: three flavors will meet in the famous "egg with eggs" by Gualtiero Marchesi.

3. Egg cooked at 68 ° C with salad of vegetables and legumes

You will learn how to best perform temperature-controlled cooking. An alternative method to prepare a poached egg different from usual.

4. Poached egg, salmon and hollandaise sauce

A classic suitable for a savory breakfast or a brunch buffet.

5. Egg in shape with cream of celeriac and crispy bacon

Have you ever tried to cook an egg in shape in the food film? Look at the result in the video by clicking here.

6. Egg soufflé, spinach and pecorino

The proof that with a simple egg you can make a surprising dish: we will prepare an egg-only soufflé with steaming.

Consult the dates by clicking here and select the edition best suited to you in the box on the right.