10 tips for a friendly shopping on Earth according to Greenpeace – Italian Cuisine

10 tips for a friendly shopping on Earth according to Greenpeace

Buy organic fruits and vegetables, reduce meat consumption, choose bulk products: even when we fill the trolley we can make choices in favor of the environment. that's how

Today talk about food it also means talking about climate changes is environmental sustainability. This link can be demonstrated through a simple example: one is likely slice of meat purchased at the supermarket comes from a intensive breeding where the animals are fed with soy-based feed cultivated on the other side of the world on land that was for this reason deforested.

Still talking about intensive farming, not everyone knows that they are the second cause of training for fine powders in Italy, more than light transport and industry, and that the livestock sector contributes to the production of climate-changing gases as the entire transport sector.

An expense that respects the environment

The choices regarding how we do the expense and what we put on the plate, how we store food and how much we waste it, can make the difference for the future of the Earth. Just think of the struggle started for fight plastic starting from the products we put in the cart, including the food ones. For this greenpeace thought to draw up a Ecomenu, a list of ten concrete tips that we can put into practice to make a spending friend of the climate and the planet, but also to send a message to the agri-food system in favor of small producers and small businesses.

The Greenpeace Ecomenu and the Harvard dish

Fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products: Greenpeace offers tips on the main foods we eat and warns of "fashionable" foods, but unsustainable, come on products below cost, from ultra-processed foods, without forgetting the emergence of the"Plastic pollution when it comes to shopping bags and product packaging.

In addition to a friendly expense on the planet, Greenpeace finally recalls the rules for healthy eating contained in healthy eating plate created by the nutrition experts of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The guide to creating balanced and healthy dishes explains to use healthy oils like that of olive and to avoid trans fats, to include in the diet numerous and different vegetables Besides fruit of all colors, to drink water, tea and coffee with little or no sugar, to limit dairy products, cheeses and fruit juices and to avoid sugary drinks, to prefer different varieties of whole grains to refined ones, to include oil seeds, to reduce consumption instead of Red meat and to avoid that of processed red meats like cold cuts.

Browse the gallery to read all 10 Ecomenu tips!

Nickel-free pans: which pans to use? – Italian Cuisine

Nickel-free pans: which pans to use?

Nickel allergy also passes from the pots: here is a small guide for a safe purchase, to navigate between materials and symbols

THE'nickel allergy it is increasingly common, and sufferers know how complicated it is to manage. In fact, to reduce the absorption of this metal, it is not enough to be careful about feeding, avoiding many ingredients. It is also necessary to rewrite some habits: so often the allergist himself advises to replace all the pots. The nickel contained in the most common types of pots can in fact pass to foods and from there reach those who are allergic. But what are the suitable pans?

Pans without nickel: safe materials

Shard, aluminum, glass, terracotta, porcelain they definitely do not contain nickel. Enamel is safe when applied to aluminum. Things get complicated when it comes to stainless steel, but the quality manager Tescoma, who explains: «L’18/0 and 18 / C steel they are nickel-free and therefore have no problems; on the contrary, 18/10 and 18/8 steel, which are the most common, contain Nickel . To distinguish steel when not marked, on the net we often speak of a "magnet test"But, as often happens with information retrieved from the web, it is not completely reliable:" It is no hoax. With the magnet test in fact it can be deduced with certainty if a pot contains Nickel, in this case in fact the magnet will not stick. Unfortunately, however, we cannot be 100% certain that if the magnet sticks, the pot is completely nickel-free . In short, the only thing we can be sure of is that, if the magnet does not stick to the old pots we have in the pantry, these contain nickel: if we are allergic, we better get rid of it.

Finally the pans nonstick, who often doubt who is allergic: suitable or not? «They are all suitable for those who are allergic to nickel – explains the quality manager Tescoma – but only with regards to food allergy. Unfortunately, however, they are not fully safe for those who have contact allergy problems: handles, screws and rivets many times contain Nickel .

Small guide to buying pots without nickel

There are no registered or official symbols or words or abbreviations that are used by the entire market: «every company is creating its own symbols. We too at Tescoma on our online sales site insert one, a circle with the writing inside nickel free. Clear and immediate. Searching for the symbols or the wording "without nickel" is therefore the first directive of a safe purchase. But that's not enough. The advice is to buy «aluminum cookware with non-stick coating and plastic handles. One of our lines that meets these needs is SmartCLICK: it has a non-stick coating and the bottom is often suitable for induction cooking; also you can detach the handle (in plastic) to put it back reducing its bulk and to use it even in the oven .

Oysters & Co: where to find the fruits of the sea (more good) – Italian Cuisine

Oysters & Co: where to find the fruits of the sea (more good)

Scent of the sea in Turin. For an evening of coquillages, oysters & champagne

Turin has a selection of Bistros and bars à Huitres to be the envy of Paris, Cannes or Nice. We have chosen for you 4 places where you can taste the wonderful fruits of the sea among oysters, coquillages and crustaceans. You will be spoiled for choice.

La Cabane via della Rocca 10 / C
Patron Gigi Megliola, 100% Apulian who loves the sea, has opened a small oasis that smells of iodine in that of Via della Rocca a few steps from Piazza Vittorio. A real bistro-Bar à Huitres La Cabane, serving Plateau Royal, a small express formula with tasting of 9 oysters, two glasses of still white wine or bubbles at € 25, can be a fun idea for an aperitif that turns into dinner. After the oysters (Marénnes de Olèron or Cancale Normandie) you can choose between prawns, prawns, crab, Bigorneaux snails. A plate of smoked salmon Balik or raw Loch-Fine. To you the choice.

Breakfast at Tiffany's via Pertinace 19
A small and secluded place with downtown addresses, which is actually not a restaurant but a bar. In fact, it opens for breakfast to serve customers in the morning, including coffee, cappuccino and brioche and continues towards the aperitif time, which for most turns into lunch. Once inside, you will discover a true paradise for lovers of raw fish, oysters and seafood. In addition to succulent appetizers, always based on fish (don't miss the crust of warm bread with burrata, turnip tops and crispy anchovies) and first courses. You can always find evolving menus, raw and oysters.
Reservations required if you don't want to stay dry.

The Royal Plateau, Oysters and Shellfish via Piave 8
A super selection of oysters from Brittany, Normandy, Mediterranean Sea and Ireland to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Among the selected oysters, the Tsarskaya, also known as the Tsar's oyster, is refined only in Cancale, an area that gives it a unique taste and a fleshy pulp. Or the Tia Maraa (Poitou –Charentes), its flavor is reminiscent of hazelnut with a slight sugary note: it is meaty with a marked iodine taste.
But not only oysters live man, so after a taste of these iodine delicacies you can order Percebes, Red prawns of Mazara del Vallo, Chele of Granciporro, Fasolari and Sea snails. From the kitchen tartare of rock octopus, swordfish tartare, red prawns, Paella Plateau Royal. Leave a place for dessert, because here you will find a nice overview: from Tarte Tropezienne to tarte renversée des demoiselles Tatin, to l'Ile Flottant. W La France!

Red Oyster, the first company in Italy with home delivery service, specializing in opening fresh oysters for private or corporate parties, events, catering. An innovative idea that was missing, a service tailored to the customer who is looking for an exclusive product. Have you ever thought about organizing an Oyster party at your home? If you don't want to think about anything, trust the Sommeliers of the Oysters. You can select products from the site, request a quote based on your needs.

French oysters (Simini Brasserie de la mer) corso Racconigi 30
A selection of unique products for Michael Le Coeur, who personally chooses the oysters and all the seafood you find on the menu: Belon flat oysters of different calibers, Pearl of Normandy, Oysters Marénnes de Oleròn (Fines de Claire Verte, Special de Claire Verte and Millenium), hedgehogs, sea almonds, sea snails of different sizes, King Crab, Snow Crab, Scottish scampi, to name a few. A very rich Plateau what Michael prepares for his customers every day. You can go to the bistro for dinner or order your Plateau for a take away that smells of sea and salt.
Seasonal opening from September to the end of April and beginning of May. Reservations required.

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