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Why is Ferragosto celebrated? – The Italian kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Mid-August has changed over time, passing from pagan to Catholic feast. Here is how it was born and where it is celebrated

Among trips, barbecues and company lunches, you have ever wondered because we celebrate Ferragosto? August 15 is a day of celebration that dates back to the Roman period, but from party pagan it then turned into one Catholic celebration.

Mid-August is charged

The name Ferragosto comes from the Latin feriae Augusti, or rest of Augustus. It was indeed a festival in honor of the first Roman emperor, Octavian Augustus, which also gave its name to the month of August.
During that time it was celebrated first Conso, god of the earth and fertility in the Roman religion, and consequently the end of harvests and work in the fields, giving the people the deserved rest: the peasants wished the landowners good wishes and received tips as gifts.
It was the emperor Augustus who established this feast in 18 BC: the celebration itself of Ferragosto was held on 1 August, organizing horse races, floral decorations and parties that lasted until the 15th of the month.

The Catholic Mid-August

In VII century the Catholic Church moved the festivities from August 1st to 15th, converting it into a religious celebration dedicated to theAssumption of Mary: that day marked the death and rebirth of Virgin, which was received into heaven, both with the soul and with the body.
In addition to the classics excursions and ai fireworks on the beach, Ferragosto is still celebrated today in Italy also with religious ceremonies traditional.

Mid-August in the world

Despite being typically Italian, Ferragosto also exists in some European countries.
With its strong Catholic tradition, the Spain is one of the countries where the festival is most felt and is celebrated with processions dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
In Ireland the Assumption is called in Gaelic Féile Mhuire "sa bhFomhar: despite the temperatures are not so high, it is traditional to swim in the sea on August 15th to have good luck and health throughout the year.

The Virgin Mary is celebrated on August 15th also in Canada during Arcadian Day, as present in the flag of Arcadia, the first French colony.
The actual Assumption is also celebrated in some South American countries, such as the Costa Rica, the Colombia and the Chile.

Now that you know why we are celebrating Ferragosto, look below at ours gastronomic advice.

Grilled zucchini. 10 ideas to use in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Grilled zucchini. 10 ideas to use in the kitchen

When a simple summer side dish like grilled zucchini can turn into a rich and original dish

Grilled courgettes are the perfect side dish for the summer, but not only. Here's how to turn them into one extraordinary single dish.

Summer with zucchini

In this season the courgettes are tender and sweet and bringing them to the table is always a pleasure.
They are very versatile vegetables and can be prepared in many ways. Do you know that they are also very good to eat raw? If you are curious, read the article A menu based on raw zucchini.

How to grill courgettes

The easiest way to prepare zucchini is to grill them and the secret of a good grilled zucchini, in addition to the quality of the raw material, is the cut. The slices must indeed be cut in length with a mandolin or with a very sharp knife. The perfect thickness? About half a centimeter. If you use round zucchini, remove the two ends and then cut into slices.
Then heat one grill or a plate which must be hot at the time of cooking. You can also use one no stick pan always hot. In this case it is not necessary to add oil or other seasonings. If you have a barbecue even better, but be careful not to toast them too much.
Courgettes should be cooked for 3-4 minutes per side: remember not to turn them continuously on the plate.
The characteristic of grilled courgettes are the cooking lines and must be well defined on both sides.

The perfect seasoning

Grilled courgettes are also good simply seasoned with oil and salt, but we explain how to make this emulsion very tasty and fragrant for an even tastier side dish.
In a small bowl put extra virgin olive oil, salt, ground pepper, garlic crushed or cut into small pieces, vinegar or lemon juice and leaflets of parsley or mint.
Let the mixture rest for a few minutes and then pour it over the zucchini.
If you prefer a thicker seasoning add to this emulsion also light yogurt.

Recipes with grilled zucchini

Grilled courgettes are not just a side dish, but can turn into more complete recipes.
We offer you in the tutorial some ideas very simple and fast, perfect for the summer.

Nesquik All Natural #DaAssaggia! – The Italian kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Nesquik All Natural #DaAssaggia! - The Italian kitchen

Start the day well, not just with one healthy breakfast, but with a breakfast that is good for the planet. He arrived in Italy Nesquik All Natural, the new nesquik more natural in the recipe and packaging materials, for combat pollution of the planet.

New ingredients

This new formula has only 5 ingredients, 100% natural: sustainable cocoa from West Africa, UTZ certified, sugar cane raw, soy leticine emulsifier, natural flavors and cinnamon. Nesquik All Natural provides one higher percentage of cocoa is less sugar compared to the classic product, also using raw cane sugar instead of white sugar.

New packaging

Nestlé stated that between 2020 and 2025 will eliminate all plastics used in their packages, starting from those cannot be recycled up to those more complex to treat. Meanwhile, the new Nesquik All Natural pack is completely recyclable: it is made of coated paper, which guarantees optimal conditions for the product, from packaging to storage, and is obtained from sustainable sources, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Respect for the environment and beyond

Attention to the environment is not just about the pack and the ingredients. born There Nesquik Forest All Natural, project that will see planted 900 trees in Africa and 200 in Sicily, thanks to the collaboration with Treedom, a web platform that allows you to plant a tree at a distance and that supports the farmers involved.

Not only: the Nestlé Cocoa Plan aims to improve the living conditions of the workers in the main producing countries in several ways: cocoa farmers will be able to participate in activities of training and the entire local communities will be supported thanks to reconstruction of 40 schools. Finally, the objectives are also to make the supply chain completely transparent through certifications and preserve the local ecosystem, abolishing deforestation practices.

A balanced breakfast: our recommendations

First of all, breakfast should not be skipped or underestimate, consuming it too quickly and without criteria. Whether it's sweet or savory, it's important balanced, providing ingredients such as fresh milk or low-fat yogurt, cereals low in sugar and fat, and fruit. The ideal breakfast must be able to provide 20-25% of the daily calorie requirement.

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