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Valentine's Day, in the kitchen there is (also) chilli – Italian Cuisine


Prepare a special dinner for your partner, winking at traditionally aphrodisiac ingredients but without exaggerating, because in addition to feeling, play and complicity count


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Valentine's Day is approaching and we start thinking about a special dinner for someone special. Cooking for Valentine's Day is a great way to save time, avoid the stress of booking – and eating out, during this period – but above all to make the day super special because it is personal. Let's not forget that in addition to food,atmosphere contributes to mood of the evening.

Making food for someone you love, whether it's a new friend or long-time partner, adds an intimate touch to a party that otherwise risks falling into the commercial. After all, loving through food has always been part of Italian culture. Through the dishes, you can communicate emotions, feelings and, why not, put people in the right mood for an all-round romantic evening. Let's see if we can insert some "help" in our menu …

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Chilli and that feeling of heat
It will be no coincidence that the menus suggested for the day dedicated to Love often wink at those who define themselves aphrodisiac foods, suggested by tradition more than by science in most cases, but the “you never know” is valid. The term derives from the Greek goddess Aphrodite, patroness of love, beauty and all pleasures: it is said that foods such as molluscs and crustaceans, some fruits, root vegetables, spices, seeds, chillies all enjoyed her favor. It is true that some musts of the romantic cuisine they are supported by scientific principles, such as the chili. Red and tantalizing, it contains capsaicin, the substance responsible for the spiciness and subsequent flushing (with relative increase in heart rate) that spicy food causes. A dish with spices and chilli can thus turn out to be spicy in more than one sense.

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Chocolate and butterflies in the stomach
Although geographically and historically distant from Aphrodite, the chocolate (the dark one) legitimately boasts the term aphrodisiac because it contains substances known to increase the feeling of well-being, neurotransmitters that positively influence mood – such as serotonin and endorphin – and phenylethylamine, which released in the brain causes a set of sensations such as euphoria, butterflies in the stomach, shaking. The darker the better, the higher amounts of serotonin are found in 85% chocolate.
We all know the antidepressant effect of the food of the Gods: various studies have shown that the craving for chocolate (call craving) is not a way of saying and does not derive only from appreciating its taste, aroma and texture, but also from the release of these substances. Cocoa also contains theobromine and caffeine, which raise the attention level of the brain and remove the feeling of fatigue. Bernal Díaz del Castillo, who accompanied the conquistador Hernán Cortéz to Mexico, in 1632 wrote in his Historia verdadera de la conquest de la Nueva España, that the Aztec emperor Montezuma drank 50 cups of a cocoa and chilli-based drink every day called cacahuatl before visiting his concubines!

Some spices such as turmeric and the cayenne pepper they can awaken the senses by tingling the mouth and stimulating salivation while ginseng And ginger they are known for their energizing and vasodilating power. Celery And pumpkin they stimulate the sense of smell, while it seems that the aphrodisiac properties attributed to oysters, crustaceans and truffles mainly reside in their exclusivity. But it seems they still work …

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Some advice
Avoid excessively heavy foods or difficult to digest; alcohol is fine (excellent Red wine), without exaggerating. No garlic, for the obvious reasons, unless you're two aficionados. Better to leave out the spinach, which can remain between the teeth. Yes to dishes to share, because they stimulate complicity.

We suggest some ideas for your dinner, such as croquettes on a stick, to be accompanied with a delicious but delicious geleia de pimenta; you can continue with elegant black spaghetti with prawns and peppers or spectacular pepper ingots with tortellini with truffles; to divide a splendid tagliata with spicy fruit salad served with chili tomatoes and avocado.

Grand finale is the dessert, naturally chocolaty: the Devil's Food cake, to be nibbled together during the evening.

And remember that if in the end you decide to cook your partner's favorite dish (you have all the recipes of Sale & Pepe available), maybe doing it together, the evening will go just as well.

Francesca Tagliabue

Posted on 09/02/2022


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7 tips to avoid wasting in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

7 tips to avoid wasting in the kitchen

Cooking without waste is one of the goals of each of us, but many times it happens that what could have been eaten ends up in the garbage. On the National Food Waste Prevention Day, here are some tips to help prevent this from happening

You know how much food is thrown away each year? According to the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, we Italians throw in the trash about 65 kg of food every year, especially fruit, vegetables, bread and other fresh foods. Established in 2014, the National Food Waste Prevention Day it is intended to remind everyone that they must try to improve the situation. A good way is to start with the small things, the ones that are within the reach of all of us.

Here are our tips in 7 helpful tips:

1) Think and observe before buying: try to imagine a sort of menu of the week and take a good look at what you have in the fridge, freezer and pantry (yes, even in the second row, on the last shelf). In this way the shopping list will be shorter and only of necessary things.

2) At the supermarket with a full stomach: if you are hungry when you go shopping, it could happen that different products appear mysteriously in your cart that perhaps were not essential. And that maybe they will stay for months at the bottom of the pantry. Give them as a gift, someone who will appreciate them will be there for sure.

3) Dates are important: always check the deadlines, remembering that "to be consumed preferably by" does not mean to be thrown away. Make foods close to date X more prominent.

4) Out to dinner: it is now almost a consolidated practice and no one will be surprised if you ask to take away what you have not finished. Far from it. And this also applies to the wine bottle.

5) Long live the schiscetta: if you do not finish everything you have prepared, divide it into small airtight containers and use them for the lunch break in the office, or freeze them to eat them again. If, on the other hand, there are small quantities left over, try transforming them into a new recipe: omelettes, filled with savory pies, vegetable cream, pasta sauce

6) Don't pay attention to aesthetics: never choose a fruit for its beauty, you might be disappointed. In the same way, do not throw away trusting only your eyes, if the apples are bruised, they will be perfect to enrich a cake or to become a compote to be served with cheeses.

7) Gastronomic reuse: at first it takes a bit of imagination and the desire to experiment, then it will become a habit to imagine a second destination for peels, peels & C.

Speaking of the latter, here are some our recipes against waste in the kitchen:

Horoscope in the kitchen: the signs of Air – Italian Cuisine

Horoscope in the kitchen: the signs of Air

We asked the astrologer to indicate the ideal recipes for the zodiac signs following the 4 elements. Today we are in the air with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Here we are talking again about the elements in astrology. As I have already told, classical Western astrology divides the twelve zodiac signs also on the basis of the element they belong to. Each of the 4 elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water, collects in itself 3 zodiac signs which have in common some characteristics, some basic values. Then, each of the three zodiac signs will decline these characteristics differently depending on the planets that define their personality.

Today I speak to you of the three signs of the third element, Air, which are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air is a symbol of sociality, sharing, and these are the signs that most of all make the group, the other, an important element of their life. The air is ethereal therefore creative, mental and communication is essential here. For this reason, even when it comes to cooking, the signs of Air have at heart the values ​​linked to conviviality and sharing around the table. Food for air signs is not only a source of nourishment but also of relationships: every friendship, love and business is born around a banquet. Air signs prefer i creative foods, not necessarily elaborate and often light but colorful, also lively in appearance.

In 2022 it will be precisely the signs of air to have Saturn in favor given that it will pass through Aquarius: this planet will make them determined and determined to take on new and healthy habits, including food, without losing the pleasure of sharing and taste.

Let's see how each of the three air signs develops these characteristics of the element in the kitchen: it's up to you, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius!

The air marks in the kitchen


Geminis hardly like to spend a lot of time behind the stove because they prefer to set a table with many appetizers, cold dishes, finger food of all kinds and origins and then enjoy long dinners full of chat with many friends. Here the food is colorful, fresh, fun to enjoy. Also because, as a good sign of Air, Gemini are also very active physically and do not like to stay with their legs under the table for longer than necessary. Indeed, the label is shunned as well as situations that are too formal. Green light therefore to all creative combinations, also visually, of pinzimonio with colorful and fresh sauces but also a citron tartare and scampi, to the home made sushi and at breaded vegetable croquettes of all kinds and combinations. Here a contrasting flavor like that of an aromatic herb is always appreciated to break up any monotony that tries to arrive: try with coriander!


Libra is the sign of the measure par excellence, here everything that is good must also be beautiful and for this reason the eye has at least a 50% say in deciding how much a food is appreciated. Libra is the sign of etiquette and aesthetics par excellence, your dinners will always be perfect first of all from a stylistic point of view. For Libra, the other also comes before the self, so the desire to share, especially with two, is very strong. The perfect dishes for Libra are traditional but not particularly elaborate: the balance between simplicity and care, between taste and lightness is always appreciated. I think of a plate of pumpkin tortelloni or to the traditional ones tortellini in broth, but also at salty vegetable quiche and the traditional ones Sunday appetizers on the grandmothers table.

fish tank

Aquarius is it experimentalist of the zodiac and, here too, as with all the signs of Air, food is often used as a glue for convivial and fun evenings. Indeed, let's say that the Aquarium is the king of the aperitif, wherever it is. All the strangest combination experiments attract the culinary curiosity of this zodiac sign including the new cooking techniques such as vacuum, air or magnetic induction. It will be the abstruse combinations, however, most of all to attract him because if there is one thing that Aquarius shuns, it is tradition that is always the same as itself. He wants to throw himself into new combinations: from dough with yogurt to the risotto with seafood and raspberries until'salad with pineapple and Spritz ice cream. Everything he does not know immediately makes his mouth water.

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