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Citrus Chicken – 's Citrus Chicken Recipe – Italian Cuisine

»Citrus Salmon - Misya's Citrus Salmon Recipe

First wash the citrus fruits very well under running water, then cut a couple of citrus slices, grate all the remaining peel and squeeze half of each citrus fruit.

Brown the thighs, with all the skin, in a non-stick pan on both sides.
Deglaze with the rum, add salt and add the citrus juice, sugar, honey and 1 tablespoon of water, continuing to simmer: as soon as the sugar is well dissolved and bubbles start to form, turn off.

Arrange the citrus slices on the bottom of a baking dish, place the chicken legs on top and sprinkle with the cooking juices, then cook for about 20 minutes in a preheated convection oven at 180 ° C, turning the legs halfway through cooking and sprinkling them occasionally. with the cooking juices.

The citrus chicken is ready, serve it immediately.

Lemon Chicken Breast: The Easiest Recipe – Italian Cuisine

Lemon Chicken Breast: The Easiest Recipe

Chicken is a must-have ingredient at home because it is versatile and easy to prepare. Have you ever tried it with lemon sauce? Here's how to do it

Never take for granted the recipes considered more banal: the lemon chicken breast is one of them. Because? Because it is based on ingredients that we all have in the fridge or freezer and because chicken meat is very versatile, and can become tasty if cooked in the right way.
With this lemon cream, for example, it is irresistible. You want to try the recipe, very fast and easy? You can find it below, while in our gallery, a thousand other ways to cook lemon chicken.

How to make lemon chicken breast: the easiest recipe


600 g of chicken breast
1 lemon (zest + juice)
200 g of water
10 g of sugar
10 g of soy sauce
20 g of cornstarch
salt up to taste
extra virgin olive oil to taste
00 flour to taste
oregano to taste


Take the lemon, grate the zest and squeeze the juice, filtering it.
Now, take the chicken breast, remove the fat, cut it into strips and then a chunks. Sauté the chicken nuts in the Flour, in the meantime, heat extra virgin olive oil in a pan.
Now place the floured cubes and brown them well, gilding the surface. Turn off the heat and prepare the sauce.

Take a bowl, pour in the cornstarch, water, sugar, soy sauce and lemon juice. Remove the chicken from the pan and place it in a separate bowl. In that same bowl pour the mixture and over low heat, let it set, stirring with a whisk.

United i chicken nuggets golden brown, making them brown for a few minutes. Serve, sprinkling with grated lemon zest and oregano.

Browse the gallery to discover many other useful tips!

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Recipe Chicken Cacciatore – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Chicken Cacciatore

  • a whole chicken already boned and with the skin on
  • 300 g potatoes
  • 150 g peeled tomatoes
  • 100 g porcini mushrooms
  • 50 g baby spinach
  • a clove of garlic
  • a fresh chilli
  • pitted Taggiasca olives
  • Rosemary
  • salt
  • pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil

For the chicken cacciatore recipe, close the chicken between two sheets of cling film and beat it lightly with a meat grinder on the pulp side.
Remove the film and season with salt, pepper and the chopped needles of a sprig of rosemary.
Wash the baby spinach and distribute the leaves on the chicken pulp, then roll it up, leaving the skin on the outside; close it by fixing the final flap with toothpicks. Salt the roll and brown it in a pan with a drizzle of oil, turning it for 3 minutes to make it take on a nice golden color.
For the dressing: Peel the potatoes, cut them into cubes and cook them in boiling salted water for 4-5 minutes. Clean the porcini mushrooms and cut them into small pieces. Combine the peeled tomatoes in a saucepan, a drizzle of oil, the crushed garlic clove with the peel, the red pepper cut in half, a spoonful of Taggiasca olives, the porcini mushrooms and a ladle of water; cook for a couple of minutes, then remove the chilli, place the roll in the sauce with 2-3 sprigs of rosemary and continue cooking for another 15 minutes in a covered saucepan. Finally, add the diced potatoes, mix them with the sauce and continue cooking for another 5 minutes, always in a covered saucepan. Serve the chicken with the sauce, decorating as desired with watercress leaves.

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