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How to prepare a very quick tomato sauce without skins – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare a very quick tomato sauce without skins

Typical condiment of the Italian summer, the tomato it’s a summer vegetable and incredibly versatile.

Tradition dictates that the tomato sauce be prepared in the summer, with a consolidated technique and long production times. First the tomatoes are washed and cooked in large pots so that they soften and the skin can be easily removed; then it’s time for the food mill, to reduce the vegetable to pulp and remove the larger pieces, direct it into the pan for further cooking; finally the bottling phase, the most delicate. In fact, it will be necessary to sterilize each container with boiling water, fill them with tomato sauce, close them hermetically and ensure that all the air inside comes out, to avoid the creation of potentially harmful bubbles. For this it will be enough to immerse each bottle in a large pot of boiling water, wrapped and separated from the others thanks to the classic kitchen rags.

Although this is the longest and most recommended method when it comes to creating real preserves to dispose of during the winter, there are more fast to prepare a tomato sauce equally good and perfect to be prepared immediately

To obtain very quick tomato pulp without skins, cut the tomatoes in half and grate them on a grater with large holes. You can prepare a sauce with it or freeze the pulp to always have it on hand!

here’s grandma’s quick snack – Italian Cuisine

here's grandma's quick snack

With irresistible meltability, i crostini with sausage and stracchino I’m a homemade snack delicious, rich in flavor and soft enough to make every bite an experience.

To prepare it you only need 20 minutes, the cooking time in the oven.

The sausage must first be removed from the casing and only then mixed with the stracchino, so that it becomes in effect a spreadable cream with a strong flavor made even tastier and more delicate by the presence of fresh cheese.

The choice of bread is fundamental: with such a tasty condiment it is best to opt for a homemade loaf without salt, like the typical Umbrian breadwhich was created precisely to accompany platters of the best local cured meats and cheeses.

Prepared by grandmothers as a substantial snack, sausage and stracchino crostini are perfect for enriching rustic appetizers.

Ready in 5 minutes, the Grandma’s snack it requires a passage in the oven so that the sausage cooks thoroughly and creates a crunchy and delicious crust.

Cut nice, fairly steep slices of bread, remove the skin of the sausage and add it to the stracchino with a fork, finally spread the mixture on the bread and bake at 180°C for 20 minutes until a crust is created!

Super soft and quick chocolate nougat of the dead – Italian Cuisine

Super soft and quick chocolate nougat of the dead

Very soft inside and crunchy outside, the Nougat Of The Dead it is the perfect idea to surprise friends and relatives on the autumn days dedicated to the holidays All Saints.

Although this chocolate and hazelnut briquette is typical of winter period Christmas, it is a quick and easy dessert that can be prepared and consumed at any time of the year.

On the palate it appears melting and soft, thanks to the presence of dark chocolate melted together with white chocolate, in similar but not entirely equal proportions. What contributes to making this nougat incredibly good is the hazelnut cream, which can be made at home beforehand or purchased. Better if organic, however, so that the flavor of the hazelnuts is authentic and its properties are preserved.
Finally, the toasted hazelnuts are the pastry chef’s touch that is needed to make the tile complete in its presentation. A crunchy note in a sea of ​​delicacies.

Double chocolate because of this halloween nougat with an irresistible meltability and a crunchy shell.

In this preparation which takes place in just a few minutes, the role of the freezer and fridge is essential to guarantee the compactness of the cake.

Melt 100 g of dark chocolate in a bain-marie and line a 9×21 cm plumcake mold. Place in the freezer for a few minutes, the time needed for the chocolate to solidify. Melt another 100 g of dark chocolate in a bain-marie, leave to cool slightly and pour into the mold to create a second layer of chocolate. Place in the freezer for at least 20 minutes.
Melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie and add the hazelnut cream and toasted hazelnuts. Leave to cool before pouring into the mold coated with dark chocolate.
Place in the fridge for at least 8 hours. Melt 50 g of dark chocolate in a bain-marie and pour over the nougat. Leave to cool in the fridge for a few hours. Turn upside down onto a sheet of baking paper, turn out and cut.
Before cutting it, it is preferable to leave it out of the fridge for an hour.

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