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Quick lemon meringue pie

Quick week recipes – Italian Cuisine

A vegetarian menu, one based on fish and one for those who love meat. If you have 40 minutes available, these quick recipes are for you!

It takes 40 minutes to serve a full menu. Would you ever have said that?

During the week we are absorbed by commitments, movements, joint schedules and often there is no time to cook. But if you think about it, sometimes even the time to defrost something and pass it in the microwave can become longer than expected. So why not dedicate a little over half an hour to creating a complete, genuine and delicious menu?

Salad, quail eggs and green sauce
Salad, quail eggs and green sauce.

The trick is always the same: try to organize the pantry at the beginning of the week as much as possible and prepare the dishes in the right sequence (starting from the one that requires more time). The result will surprise you: three dishes on the table in just 40 minutes! The spring menus we offer are light and balanced, perfect for lunches and dinners in the spirit of simplicity and taste. The the first menu is vegetarian and includes a first course with couscous, radicchio and quartirolo, a second course consisting of omelette with cheese and pepper and finally, a cream with toffee. The second menu instead is a fish base and opens with a herring tartare with pears followed by gilthead with pine nuts and lemon and a "pudding" of bread and raisins. Lovers of meat instead they will appreciate the third menu that consists of asalad with quail eggs and green sauce, pancotto with peas with ham and thinly sliced ​​fresh pork. So turn on the fires and … enjoy your meal!

Quick vegetarian menu

Quick fish menu

Quick meat menu

Cooking chicken thighs: 10 quick recipes – Italian Cuisine

The thighs of chicken They are a classic dish among the most loved in the kitchen as it is easy to cook and perfect to serve in every occasion. The thigh is one of the most popular parts of the chicken, grown up and grown up, which they often playfully play in order to grab and eat them.
The term leg normally includes the whole leg of the animal (excluding the claw with the claws), and therefore consists of overcast and melted, the underlying part with fibula and tibia. In some parts of Italy, however, with the thigh and the molten one means the same cut.

In the oven, steamed, in the pan, the chicken legs are always a tasty and appetizing second course. For eliminate any residual feathers, it is advisable to flame the thighs and then wash and dry them by dabbing with absorbent kitchen paper.

If you are looking for some new idea to bring to the table tasty and quick recipes to make with chicken legs do not miss the Sale & Pepe selection.

To prepare the baked aromatic chicken thighs you just need very few ingredients and minimum effort: in addition to meat, garlic and rosemary and the classic seasonings. Then put in the oven for 45 minutes and you're done!

The chicken thighs with lemon and capers they also have the scent of sherry and thyme: a light and fancy second course. From perfume to perfume, spiced chicken legs they know about paprika, cumin, ginger and pepper, le chicken legs marinated in spices instead of saffron. For an exotic touch, try them sesame chicken thighs: a second dish with an oriental flavor, to be served with marinating oil, pepper, garlic, Marsala, soy sauce, honey and sesame seeds.

A great classic here in a fanciful version: le chicken thighs with olives in a pan, flavored with a sprinkling of curry. It takes 40 minutes to bring them to the table: they will be a sure success.

Not only oven or pan, chicken thighs are also delicious fried. Try them breaded and fried chicken thighs or le chicken legs fried with mustard, a second simple and tasty dish to bring to the table in a few minutes.
For those who love strong flavors, here are the chicken fries with peppers and spicy roasted chicken legs, drenched in a ketchup sauce, vinegar, mustard, paprika and chilli and served with fries or mashed potatoes.

Scroll through the recipes and … try them all!