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Busiate Trapani (for the last remnants of summer) – Italian Cuisine

Tomato, basil, almonds and ricotta: an unusual pesto to dress an unusual pasta!

They are made with only durum wheat semolina and water, they are just short of a span and have a characteristic spiral shape: busiate them Trapani are one of the most characteristic handmade pasta of Sicily western, and are obtained by shaping the dough on an iron, called buso. In the past to give this shape so characteristic was instead the stem of a plant, laughter, a grass that was used to tie bundles of ears, around which the pieces of dough were wrapped.


Trapanese pesto, the perfect sauce for busiate

Forget the pine nuts and think instead of a pesto made of tomatoes and almonds: the Trapani version of the most typical sauce of Liguria is in fact a bright red. A mix of Mediterranean flavors, almonds, ripe tomatoes and the intense aroma of basil are the perfect combination for this pasta with an unforgettable consistency. A fresh condiment, with an intense taste, which is preferably prepared with Pizzutelli tomatoes, firm, compact and with a strong taste.

The recipe for Trapani busiate

It seems to us the ideal dish to greet the summer that is about to end. Here's how to prepare it.

Ingredients: 400 g durum wheat semolina, 300 g of tomatoes, a sprig of basil, 2 cloves of garlic, 60 g of peeled almonds, 100 g of salted ricotta or Sicilian pecorino, extra virgin olive oil, 250 ml water, a pinch of salt .

Method: place the semolina on the table, add the salt and then the water, a little at a time, and start to knead. When you have obtained a smooth and homogeneous dough, let it rest wrapped in film, for at least 30 minutes. Then remove a small ball of dough from the dough, roll it out on the floured surface and make about 12 cm sticks that you will wrap one by one around a thin knitting needle or a wooden skewer, forming the typical spiral shape. Take off the busiata and leave it to dry on a floured tray. Finish the whole mixture and then let the busiate rest for about 1 hour.

For the sauce: scald the tomatoes in boiling water, drain them, remove the peel and cut them into pieces. Peel the garlic cloves and crush them in the mortar with the basil leaves. Add a few grains of salt and almonds and continue to chop until you have obtained a homogeneous mixture. Add the pieces of tomato and work them until they are incorporated into the other ingredients. Finish with a little oil. At this point put a pot with water on the fire and when it reaches boiling, add salt and gently toss the busiate. Let them cook for 6-8 minutes and then drain in a bowl, keeping two tablespoons of cooking water that you will need to mix the sauce with which you will season the pasta. Serve with a sprinkling of salted ricotta and a few leaves of fresh basil.

In the tutorial some tips for an even more delicious dish!

5 recipes to cook before the summer ends – Italian Cuisine

5 recipes to cook before the summer ends

Still for a few days we can enjoy seasonal fruits. Here's how to bring them to the table!

Unfortunately with a little melancholy we must greet thesummer because with the arrival of September the season that we all love the most closes, the season of the longest holidays, of the heat, of bathing in the sea and walks in the mountains, of icicles, ice creams, grilled meats and iced toasts sunset. But do not despair because for a few more days we can enjoy the more good products of this period.

Summer in a jar

Meanwhile, if we want to put all the summer flavors in a jar, this is the right time.
In this period you can prepare excellent ones fig and berry jams, but also of peaches, plums and apricots which are still sweet and tasty.
But you can also pot vegetables, like aubergines, onions, courgettes and green beans.
If you want to know more about how to prepare preserves and jams, read our tutorial Preserves and jams: what you need.

Juices and centrifuges

Another very easy, fast and healthy way to enjoy the last seasonal fruits is to prepare juices.
If you have an extractor or a centrifuge cut the fruit into pieces and mix whatever you like, adding aromatic herbs or spices.
If you simply have a mixer, prepare thicker juices, perhaps adding a few cubes of ice or milk to dilute them a little. No need to add sugar or other sweeteners because the fruit is already sweet.
If you want you can also use vegetables. In this season we recommend i cucumbers, refreshing and very moisturizing.

5 recipes for late summer

Before the redest tomatoes, the juiciest melons, the most fragrant watermelons and the tastiest aubergines go on vacation for a while, we take the opportunity to prepare some quick, fresh and light recipe.
We recommend 5 of them: browse the tutorial!

Crepes tagliatelle, the fresh recipe of late summer – Italian Cuisine

Crepes tagliatelle, the fresh recipe of late summer

An amazing cold pasta, which conquers even if pasta really isn't. Soft and tasty crepe noodles, a dish to prepare in several steps, also if you want the day before and serve fresh

And after trying them never again without the crepe noodles! Get ready for field invasions by friends and relatives because once the word is spread you will be the boss of cold pasta, get to work immediately.

Crepes tagliatelle recipe

Ingredients for 6 people

For the crepes
1/2 l milk, 200 g flour, 5 eggs, salt and pepper

For the seasoning
10 zucchini, 1 yellow pepper, 1 red pepper, 100 g ricotta cheese

For the rocket pesto
100 g rocket, 1/2 clove garlic. 1 spoon almonds, 2 tablespoons Parmesan, extra virgin olive oil


Sift the flour into a bowl, add the eggs and start mixing with a fork. Add the milk slowly, season with salt and pepper and continue to mix, helping with a whisk, also electric, to obtain a smooth and homogeneous batter. Let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, this step is essential and should not be underestimated. Grease a non-stick pan with a drizzle of oil and spread the absorbent paper evenly, removing the excess oil. Heat the pot, pour about a ladle of batter, which covers the walls without being too thick, cook on one side and on the other and once cooled cut into 4 cm noodles.

Wash the i pepperoni and without drying them, place them whole on a baking sheet with parchment paper, cook at 160 ° C for half an hour, turn them and after 30 minutes turn off the oven and leave them in the oven for another hour. Once warm, open them, remove the seeds inside and peel them, the peel will come off easily. Cut them into strips and let them cool completely.

Clean the rocket salad removing it from the harder stems, transfer it to the mixer with half a clove of garlic, the madorle, the parmesan and the oil, blend to create a creamy pesto.

Clean them zucchini and cut them lengthwise, if you are a knife, or use the mandolin. Dry them on absorbent kitchen paper and grill them on both sides. Never salt them in cooking otherwise they lose water and are not properly grilled. Let them cool and then brush them with the rocket pesto and cut them into strips.

In a large bowl, or in the serving dish, mix two tablespoons of pesto with a generous drop of oil, then transfer the crepes and mixed tagliatelle, the pesto should lightly soil the pancakes without weighing them down. Add the peppers and the courgettes and in the end let it rain an abundant grated ricotta cheese. Enjoy them in company and if they advance they are also very good the next day.

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