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Summer recipes for vegetarian second courses – Italian Cuisine

Summer recipes for vegetarian second courses

From the spaghetti omelette to the zucchini cutlet, through the chickpea burger and the white parmigiana: here are some tasty ideas without meat

For vegetarians, in summer, salads and Capri are the most popular. But why not surprise and amaze your guests even with others unusual meat-free dishes, easy to prepare and good even when eaten cold? Here are five vegetarian seconds to give your holiday a new taste.

Vegetarian zucchini cutlet

Easy and fast, the zucchini cutlet will make your light lunch or your picnic or sandwich on the beach unique. To prepare it just grate the courgettes and the scamorza (or another cheese with a similar consistency, such as provola) and join breadcrumbs, Parmesan, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Give the mixture thus created the shape of a cutlet, bread it by dipping it first in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs and finally pass it in the pan until a crispy crust has formed on the surface.

Spaghetti Frittata

Did you not manage to finish all the spaghetti prepared the day before for your spaghetti with relatives and friends? Not bad, they immediately become the main ingredient for lunch or dinner the next day. To the spaghetti already seasoned just add a few eggs, salt, pepper and then put everything in a pan with chopped onion and oil. If, on the other hand, the spaghetti are still plain you can enrich them with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella before adding the eggs and frying in a pan.

Chickpea vegetarian burger

This is only one of the versions of vegetarian burgers. Instead of chickpeas, in fact, you can use any type of vegetable, from carrots, aubergines, to courgettes. First of all blend the chickpeas to create a sort of cream. Then add the chopped onion, salt, pepper and two egg whites to the mixture to mix everything (if you also want the paprika if you like it). Now just add a little flour and if you want a tasty cheese of your choice and the game is almost finished. All that remains is to give the shape of the burger to your mixture and cook in the pan for a few minutes.

The white parmigiana

The white parmigiana is nothing but the tomato-free version of the classic parmigiana with sauce. Layers of fried aubergines alternate with layers of smoked provola (for a stronger flavor) or mozzarella (for a more delicate taste). Finally a nice sprinkling of Parmesan and go into the oven. It is a good dish also eaten cold and the aubergines can also be preliminarily grilled or replaced with zucchini.

Fennel pie

Flans or savory pies are perfect for the summer period because they are prepared quickly when you have some time available and are consumed later when you have an appetite. A nice second course to find ready when you need it, in short. An easy and tasty pie is fennel and potato. It is prepared by placing in an ovenproof dish alternate layers of boiled and cut into slices and fennel sautéed in a pan with a knob of butter. Each layer must be separated with bechamel sauce. In the end, just cover everything with the remaining béchamel and Parmesan or pecorino before baking in the oven.

Ideas for a summer centerpiece – Italian Cuisine

Ideas for a summer centerpiece. Here's how to make DIY the centerpiece and the tips to decorate the house with taste

-centerpieces summer

A touch of refined beauty: the centerpiece represents your unique style. An element that is impossible to forget on the occasion of an important dinner, it is perfect every day because it manages to transform everyday life and add one note of good humor at the table. During the summer it is easy to use fresh flowers and candles for a creative centerpiece, able to illuminate the long summer evenings and give life to aspecial atmosphere.

How to make a DIY centerpiece

If you've never created a DIY centerpiece decoration it's time to try it. Getting started is very simple, because i materials you have at home, perhaps forgotten in the bottom of a wardrobe: glasses, glass or colored ceramic vases, old tea cups will turn into original containers of retro taste to be used for a whimsical centerpiece.

The idea of terrarium that turns into decoration for the table. Insert inside a mint seedling or many succulent plants: you will be able to preserve your achievement even during the winter. THE'cake stand, to be decorated with bouquets of fresh flowers and succulents, it becomes a perfect centerpiece for a good day every time special. In the cups many small bouquets to be packed together with the little ones.

Decorate with lights

What do you say about combining the idea of ​​the centerpiece with the light? You will be able to create a lamp that can light up summer evenings with lively imagination. There soft light of candles, which gently illuminate, tells the style of those who love to live the house with a touch of romance. Use an old lantern, to be placed in the center of the table: inside you can insert candles or a string of led lights, or solar energy.

If you have a low and large container you can use it as a base for floating candles. Add in water rosemary and lavender branches, or pour a few drops of essential oil to delicately perfume. Jars and old jars? Cover with a colored ribbon or raffia and insert a small bouquet of roses, here is a floral centerpiece simple and delicious for your summer table.

Put a geranium on the table … and the summer goes to party! – Italian Cuisine


Eating flowers is definitely fashionable, but it is not on the dish that today we offer geraniums. It is on the table, as a simple summer effect decoration. If you think that among the many flowers the geraniums are banal and basically not so decorative … think again!

Here's how to turn geraniums into beautiful table decorations. Not to mention that the geraniums, like and even more of the aromatic lavender, help keep away the unbearable summer zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzies!

Fruit as a vase

177616Just a few cut geranium flowers and as many fruits to transform into pots. We suggest apples, more resistant, but don't stop your imagination! You can choose the monochrome version (all red, white or yellow geraniums etc) or color the table with flowers of different colors. What you have to get for sure are test tubes for water. The glass ones are ideal, but they are also good in plastic (and those found in any florist). Remove the cores of apples, using a special cutter for the fruit. Place the glass tubes in each apple and add water until they are half full. Place the cut geraniums in the tubes, then distribute the creations on the table: here and there, for a more moved effect, or close together in a central strip for an even more striking effect. If you want to "overdo" the decorations, you can paint the apples, for example with paint golden spray.

Personalized placeholders

177619A custom elegantly démodé, that of the placeholders, which always gives a touch glamorous at the table. Floral decorations with the names of the guests they are a wonderful alternative to the usual placeholders. Wrap a geranium flower in a paper cone and attach a name tag with string, tying it to the center. Or use colored decorated paper and ribbon. Then place it on a saucer. The final effect will be that of a small bouquet. The cut geraniums will stay fresh longer if inserted in the famous test tubes filled with water.

Plant them on the table!

177613Do you prefer cut flowers? Well, put the geranium plants on the table! In a row in the center of the mess, they are an ornament simple but appealing. Certainly the vase must be compatible with the table itself. One idea is to plant upstream geranium seedlings in original pots made by you. For example, reusing the empty cans or in any other recycling container, to decorate pleasure with bows, ribbons, or other. Attention: better to practice some holes in the bottom of the can or container and provide one drainage layer with clay pebbles, so that excess water can flow out. A saucer, even for breakfast, can serve as a saucer.

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