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Panettone World Cup Summer Edition: the winner – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Panettone World Cup Summer Edition: the winner

As per tradition, panetùn triumphs in the Milanese area. The winner of the Panettone Summer Edition World Cup, the summer competition that combines the fragrance of panettone with the creaminess of ice cream, is in fact a pastry shop in the province of Milan.

The evening took place on Saturday 18 May in the suggestive setting of the Porto Antico of Genoa and saw the presence of the Maestro Giuseppe Piffaretticreator of the Panettone World Cup, with the collaboration of the master Eugenio Morrone champion of the “Gelato World Cup” 2020 edition. There was also an insight into the city’s traditional dessert, Pandolce Genovese, which for the occasion also became an ice cream flavor that was offered free of charge to the public together with the flavors proposed by the candidates.

The ice cream pastry chefs presented two panettones, either of their own production or in collaboration with a pastry chef: one filled with ice cream, sorbet and semifreddo, the other decorated with a sports theme.

Who won the Panettone World Cup Summer Edition 2024?

The winner of the second edition of the Panettone World Cup Summer Edition was Gian Paolo Porrino from the The art of dessert pastry shop in Vittuone (Milan). The master ice cream maker took the first step of the podium by convincing the prestigious jury invited to evaluate the aesthetics of the product, the correct tasting temperature combined with the panettone and the filling, the cleanliness of the cut and the internal structure as well as the taste.

The winner of the Summer Edition will once again be the protagonist during the world final of the Panettone World Cup which will take place in Milan from 8 to 10 November 2024 where the best panettone in the world will compete.

The other winners

Runner up Emanuele Alvaro of the “I Dolci di Emanuele” ice cream shop in Rome, a young but already award-winning ice cream maker who has his own excellent ice cream shop in Campo de’ Fiori.

Third place Salvatore Ravese from Gioia Tauro (Reggio Calabria) who manages the ice cream shop together with his family and his qualified staff in the heart of Calabria.

The public award for the best themed decorated panettone “Genoa, European capital of sport 2024” was the duo Giovanni Cancelliere from Cancelliere – Bar Pasticceria Gelateria and Simone Monaco from Mamò Lab, the artisanal ice cream parlor in Rome.

The jury

The best “summer edition” panettone was decreed by a prestigious jury, composed of Onorio Vitti, ambassador of “Italian artisanal ice cream in the world”; Angelo Grasso, master ice cream maker and Bravo spa technician; Giuseppe Zerbato, winner of the 2023 edition; Luciana Poliotti, ice cream historian and founder of the “Ice Cream World Cup” event; Paola Bordilli the councilor for Commerce and Crafts of the Municipality of Genoa; Filippo Tagliafico, president of the Fipe-Confcommercio Genoa pastry shop association, Massimiliano Spigno, president of Confesercenti Genoa ice cream makers, Francesco Mastroianni APEI master ice cream maker.

Carbonara recipe with tuna and bottarga – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Carbonara recipe with tuna and bottarga

We allowed ourselves some variations on the carbonara theme together with the Roman chef Ruben Bondì, who, among the various recipes, created a seafood one for us. There double tuna carbonara It resembles the traditional Roman pasta dish in appearance, but in reality, instead of bacon, the chef used fresh tuna cut into chunks and browned in a pan.

Eggs and pecorino of the original recipe are maintained, while the extra touch is given by the bottarga, tuna and mullet, to complete the dish together with ground pepper. A perfect recipe for pescatarians who don’t want to give up the idea of ​​carbonara.

But who is the author of the recipe? Ruben Bondì began his career as a chef in prestigious restaurants around the world and as a personal chef. He has racked up 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 2.4 million on TikTok, all in just one year of activity. He was recently awarded best influencer at the Inda Awards. He is the author of the book: Cook with Ruben and has recently started its first TV format: Cooking on the balcony with Ruben. In 2023 he entered the Forbes under 30s ranking.

Cold pasta timbale with tuna, olives and dried tomatoes: surprising summer flavours – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Cold pasta timbale with tuna, olives and dried tomatoes: surprising summer flavours

The time is coming cold pastas, the ones that you often leave in the fridge to eat for lunch, but then end up making an encore for dinner too, because they are irresistible. This recipe is perfect for an outdoor summer lunch or as a single dish for a light and tasty dinner. Let’s see together how to prepare this delight, enriched by the intense flavor of tunathe aroma of olives and the sweetness of dry tomatoesfor a true feast of flavors on your table.

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