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100 quick recipes for dinner. To always be ready – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

It’s not always easy to find ideas to bring to the table quick recipes for dinner. During the week between work, home and family, preparing elaborate dishes or dishes that require long cooking is unthinkable. Yet it is precisely when the “going gets tough” that we deserve a peaceful, tasty, but above all healthy meal, perhaps inspired by our beloved Mediterranean diet. In short, one balanced dinner. Prepare it in a short time it seems impossible? Absolutely not. This is why we want to support you with a practical guide to consult based on the time you have. We have selected well 100 quick recipes for dinner, suitable for all tastes and divided according to preparation time, so you can be on the safe side depending on your available time.

What to eat for dinner?

Eating light at dinner ensures simple digestion and peaceful sleep. For this reason it would be ideal to consume fish, white meat, eggs and legumesaccompanied by vegetables and greens Seasonal. Even carbohydrates, in the right proportions and with due care, are allowed with an eye on condiments, which obviously must not be heavy.

What to prepare for a quick dinner with guests?

Even if we work or are busy all week, we don’t necessarily have to relegate dinner invitations exclusively to the weekend. A couple of friends invited at the last moment or relatives who come from far away and stop at your house, for any situation there is time to create a tasty menu with quick recipes for dinner.

We have made a selection of recipes based on time, so you will find 4 selections of recipes from 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 40 minutes for a total of 100 recipes to choose from.

Recipes ready in 15 minutes

Light and tasty dinner

Quick recipes for dinner ready in 15 minutes

Recipes ready in 20 minutes

Quick recipes for dinner ready in 20 minutes

Recipes ready in 30 minutes

Quick recipes for dinner ready in 30 minutes

Recipes ready in 40 minutes

Quick recipes for dinner ready in 40 minutes

The ranking of the best Italian dishes according to foreigners – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

In the ranking of the best Italian dishes according to foreigners there are all the great classics, and at the top there is exactly the one we would all have bet on. Which, if not the Pizza? This is confirmed by new research, launched by I Love Italian Fooda company that promotes Italian gastronomy around the world, which involved 5800 Italian chefs, pizza makers and restaurateurs across Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia.

The ranking of the best Italian dishes according to foreigners

A new confirmation, as well as the other dishes on the podium. In second place in the ranking there is in fact another great classic, and that is the carbonara, now a must in every part of the world. To follow the tagliatelle Bolognese (or with ragù) which – curiosity – according to the catering professionals interviewed by I Love Italian Food, remain much loved in particular by expats (evidently they find the flavors of home in this dish).

The top ten

After the podium comes tiramisu, the only dessert in the ranking, and one of the dishes with which Italian chefs abroad also love to experiment: «In addition to the classic version, we also offer the “Babamosud”, a variant without coffee, with babà instead of ladyfingers”, for example, says Pasquale Cozzolino, chef at Ribalta in New York and also known for being among the favorite chefs of the stars (among other things, he was chef for the former mayor of the Big Apple Bill De Blasio). Fifth place for risotto, sixth for ravioli, seventh for parmigiana, ninth for spaghetti or linguine with clams. Pasta with pesto closes the top ten.

Foreigners’ favorite pasta

Another curiosity? Spaghetti and paccheri are among the pasta shapes preferred by foreigners. Giuseppe Errichello, owner of “Peppe Napoli sta’ ca” in Tokyo, tells I Love Italian Food: «The Linguine allo scoglio in particular are among the most popular first courses. But also lots of gnocchi. The ones we make follow my grandmother Gina’s recipe: water and flour without adding potatoes.” Fresh pasta is also very popular: . «Fresh pasta such as homemade tonnarelli is particularly appreciated, echoes Cozzolino. «We communicate the value of home made pasta through detailed menus and by interacting directly with customers, explaining the origin of the ingredients and the preparation process. Examples include the Piennolo tomato, which garnishes the chef’s iconic spaghetti.

The culinary extravagances of foreigners

The survey also tells other things: foreigners not only love classical, but also extravagant interpretations of Italian cuisine which often make Italian restaurateurs uncomfortable, or cause unexpected reactions. «The most requested pizzas remain the great classics, namely Margherita and Marinara, says Pasquale Cozzolino. «However, we have noticed a growing interest in more creative fillings, such as spicy sausage or burrata. Until we get to the most unusual claims, like pizza with marshmallows. Faced with requests like these I try to accommodate customers, but I also take the opportunity to educate them about Italian cuisine, telling stories and curiosities about authentic dishes”, adds the chef. «We are very traditionalists and if they make special requests we 99% don’t accept them”, continues Errichello. «In fact, if some customer asks for spicy oil and I see that he pours it on a pizza or a dish that I don’t like, I tell him that he is ruining the taste. Along the same lines, Enzo Oliveri, celebrity chef and president of the Association of Italian Chefs in the UK: «It depends on the customer, if you know it’s a losing battle you let it go, otherwise you try to educate them about taste. In fact, not infrequently there are those who exaggerate, as Massimo Mori, chef patron of the Armani Restaurant (1 Michelin star) and the Mori Venice Bar restaurant, in Paris, says: «It happened that a customer ordered linguine with clams with truffle and lots of Parmesan.”

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Spoon desserts: 25 very creamy recipes – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

A special meal cooked for friends, family or for those who make our heart beat can only end with a dessert. Why not choose between spoon desserts, which prove to be a choice of simple preparation and sure effect? The advice is always to serve it in individually portioned cups or in small shapes in the case of cheesecake in order to fully exploit the aesthetic potential of spoon desserts, which lend themselves to being decorated with chocolate flakes, fresh, dehydrated and dried fruit and flowers. To ensure that the desired effect does not turn into a disaster, however, remember to decorate the dessert just before serving itin order to prevent the decorations from sinking into creams that are still to firm up or from changing color while resting in the refrigerator.

What are spoon desserts?

The desserts that we offer can be divided into the following types.

The great classics

The classics are a must crème caramel, Portuguese milk, Marsala ricotta mousse, Glacé soufflé and cold chocolate zabaglione.

Between tradition and innovation

Novelty and tradition come together in the recipes: raspberry and vanilla panna cotta with rhubarb, ricotta and black cherry soufflé glacé, cherry mousse and banana cream with olive oil, black bomb, tricolor pudding with raspberries and strawberries, blackberry cup, fresh goat cheese and rose jam, cream with forest sauce and pine nuts, chocolate glasses with cappuccino mousse, strawberries with empress, trio of mousse with wild berries, sweet and bitter almond pudding with raspberry coulis and raspberry mousse hearts.

The semifreddos

A classic of spoon desserts are semifreddos, very tasty both fruit and chocolate based, the most suitable first courses after a substantial meal, while the chocolate ones are also perfect as a snack or to end a light aperitif. Among the recipes collected: honey semifreddo on quinoa wafer with strawberry sauce, cinnamon semifreddo with spicy mango sauce, peach semifreddo poached in amaretto, blackberry and yogurt semifreddo with brittle and three chocolate semifreddo.

With an exotic touch

For those looking for an exotic touch, the recipes are perfect mini lime cheesecake, brown bread and cream cheese dessert and coconut blancmange with mango carpaccio.

Can’t you wait for dessert too?

Here are our 25 dessert recipes

Spoon desserts: 25 recipes

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