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The 10 best easy and quick recipes – Italian Cuisine

The 10 best easy and quick recipes

Eating and knowing prepare a tasty dish without losing too much in the kitchen, is the dream of all those who return home tired after a day of work or those who take care of preparing lunch or dinner for their family or a lunch for unexpected friends every day. But having little time does not mean giving up the pleasure of cooking or enjoying delicious and original dishes! Organizing in time and choosing the right recipe that can give you the maximum satisfaction is the solution to bring always different and appetizing dishes to the table!

If you don't know what to prepare for lunch or dinner in a short time, don't panic! There are so many quick and easy recipes to realize, of Italian and non-Italian tradition, which can even help you prepare an entire menu from appetizers to desserts in just a few minutes, even without turning on the stove! Click here: The best Salt & Pepper recipes to prepare 10 desserts without oven!

Just think how quick it is to prepare one pasta carbonara or that cheese and pepper or the classic and much loved recipe of pasta garlic, oil and hot pepper or that with tuna! Quick first courses but delicious! But not only that, if your favorite dishes are the fast and tasty second courses of meat, le recipes with chicken breast of Salt and pepper or the many recipes to prepare delicious dishes scallops ready in less than 30 minutes, these are the ones for you!

The quick and easy recipes they are no less good than a recipe for making one thetraditional asagna or a roast with potatoes, are only practical, simple, ready in a few minutes, made with ingredients, possibly of quality, easily available or already in your cupboard. It's jolly recipes of Salt and pepper to be exploited at the moment and for the right occasion, able to tickle your imagination and the palate of your guests, leaving the memory of a lunch or a dinner; a feeling of well-being and contentment

To be fast in the kitchen, it is essential to be well organized! And, if you have them at hand quick and easy Sale & Pepper recipes, everything will be easier for you! An advice? Make sure that your kitchen does not lack the utensils, pots and appliances necessary to speed up the steps of the recipe you have chosen. Organize the work plan by placing tools and all the ingredients needed to make your recipe on top of hand. This will save you from wasting time going back and forth between the refrigerator, the pantry, the stove or the drawers to find the right spoon or pot!

If you are looking for ideas and quick and easy recipes but also originals, read this top ten of Salt & Pepper recipes: 10 best quick and easy recipes waiting to be tried by you in less than 30 minutes, including dessert! Try them all: success is guaranteed!

Fresh salmon in 10 recipes – Italian Cuisine

Fresh salmon in 10 recipes

Scallops, stuffed salmon, foam and much more. Here is a selection of dishes to love salmon and … dare a menu

Good grilled, baked, steamed and even raw. When it comes to fresh salmon, there are many ideas and a high rate of gluttony. Delicate meats, softness and simplicity in the preparations: the salmon is a fish that also appeals to those who make the difficult with other fish products since its slices are almost without thorns and has a balanced taste that also appeals to those who do not like strong flavors. The recent sushi mania then, did nothing but increase its gastronomic value. After appreciating it on small nighiri, uramaki on the edge of the foodporn and reading tartare, we never abandoned it. But it is good, very good indeed, even Italian. Before discovering the perfect recipes to enhance it and cook it at its best, let's review some rules.

Where it comes from

The salmon we consume generally comes from the northern seas and the rivers that flow into it. To make sure you buy a good product, check that it is traced, ask if it is a fresh or defrosted, farmed or wild product.

How to choose fresh salmon

If bred, the salmon has a uniform color and soft flesh, a little fatter and therefore more tasty than the wild one. The best specimens are those bred extensively, in conditions that simulate natural ones and in full respect of the environment. Most of the farmed salmon sold in Italy comes from Norway, at the forefront of sustainable farming systems. To check its freshness, check that the skin is free of dents and damaged parts and covered with a damp and gelatinous patina. The eyes must be bright, the flesh well attached to the bone.

Eye to the raw

Anyone wishing to eat it raw must know that the bred Norwegian salmon is the only one that can be eaten raw and not cut down. In all other cases it should instead be brought to very low temperatures, to eliminate the risk of food contamination.

In the gallery above, 10 perfect recipes to taste fresh salmon.

Quick snacks: 10 recipes with puff pastry – Italian Cuisine

Quick snacks: 10 recipes with puff pastry

The snacks of Salt & Pepper they are greedy savory and rustic delicious and fragrant; small savory bites of puff pastry, which have the task of stimulating the appetite while waiting for the main courses of the party menu commanded. I'm a little puff pastry appetizer, light, which can also be consumed as an aperitif; chic mini finger food, for a buffet or to accompany a glass of wine or a homemade cocktail but, if they advance, they are also perfect for making a snack, just warm them up under the oven grill and return irresistible

Prepare at home puff pastry snacks, it is not difficult! If you have time and like to take care of every detail of your preparation, personalize it and make it unique, then choose to prepare yours appetizers with the homemade puff pastry from you: click here for the Salt & Pepper recipe! In this case, you must have manual and practical skills to spread the puff pastry and obtain a disc or rectangle a few millimeters thick

For those who are not practical or do not have time to prepare the dough, it is easy and fast, prepare the appetizers with a ready-made puff pastry roll: the result is equally excellent! Simply spread it cold on the work surface and cut it so as to obtain shaped snacks a croissant, sticks, classic Small pizzas, candies , bundles, placket or delicious pithiver

From a roll of puff pastry you can get pretty snacks of different shapes, which gathered in a tray in the middle of a laid table, give color and fill the gaps

Inside the fragrant puff pastry coating, the appetizers can contain a stringy heart, a cream of meat, fish or vegetables: the filling of the rustic can vary depending on your tastes or those of your guests. The fillings based on olives, anchovies, capers and delicious seeds such as sesame, paprika or sunflower seeds, but also of cured meats, cheeses and vegetables are always appreciated. They are interesting on the palate snacks with a smoky taste or those that reveal contrasting flavors in the mouth, sweet agro with cheese or sour cream with vegetables

In any way you decide to stuff or flavor your own puff pastry snacks, to make them brittle there is a secret! Just put them in a very cold oven, the cold-hot shock allows you to have a more fragrant pastry that perfectly maintains the shape

Are appetizers your passion? Then you are on the right link! In this special session, the best Salt & Pepper recipes and many ideas to prepare quick snacks with puff pastry, really inviting and original. I'm Salt & Pepper recipes very simple, fast, that can really meet everyone's tastes. Try them now!

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