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Triumph of stuffed pasta in 16 recipes – Italian Cuisine

There stuffed pasta is one of the greatest expressions of theskills and of creativity in the kitchen. Ravioli, tortelli, tortellini, plin, cappelletti, casoncelli: the embarrassment of the choice doesn't concern only the various types of pasta, but also the stuffed which can provide the most disparate ingredients. The cold evenings that await us with the arrival of autumn and then winter are an opportunity to stay at home and prepare with all the time necessary, perhaps all together in the family, the recipes you prefer. Some of the ones we offer now use seasonal ingredients like mushrooms and pumpkin, others include the preparation of a broth, others a particular ingredient like cocoa and mustard. So get ready, apron and go!

stuffed pasta16


Chicken and sausage plin in vegetable soup


Borage, mushroom and ricotta tortelli


Ricotta ravioli and monkfish


Tortelli with Ligurian pesto, quarantine potatoes and green beans


Tortellini with butter and hazelnuts


San pietro grass ravioli


Carbonara ravioli


Ravioli with pumpkin, amaretti and mustard

The cooking of poor recipes – Italian Cuisine

Many of our best recipes are born almost by chance, in very distant times, from daring experiments, done in home kitchens to avoid wasting food

Before tradition, cooking is experimentation. This does not mean that a great many recipes are today considered by us to be representative of our history and considered an integral part of our tradition (Italian and / or regional). But we must not forget that there was a time when what is tradition for us today was then a novelty. This is why there are no taboos in the kitchen (see the recent and ridiculous controversy over the sovranista tortellino): the kitchen is always in flux.

Tradition is the daughter of experimentation

The great chefs experiment as experimentally, as a conscious choice, as a study of individual ingredients, searching for new combinations and flavors. But there is also a "poor" experimentation, made by necessity. And many dishes and recipes that today we consider "tradition" are sons of the Latin saying: "Facis de necessitate virtutem". In short, in times when food was scarce and recycling was not a habit, but the only possible solution to fill the bellies of a whole family, and often numerous, in the kitchen bold combinations were made, strongly linked to the season and the territory .
We do not know how many of these culinary experiments have been lost over time and therefore we do not know how many good dishes have not reached us. We can only imagine (and hope) that many of these lost recipes were unsuccessful experiments and therefore not handed down. We know, instead, which dishes have come down to us, sometimes maintaining the original characteristics of a poor but exquisite recipe; other times undergoing local variations; still others turning into important dishes to be ordered not only in the trattoria, but even in starred restaurants, where they may have undergone some "modernization" or some mixing with foreign cuisines.

Special: poor dishes, but good. The recipes of the origins
New vaccinara tail.

If we went to see the individual stories of these "origins" recipes, we would discover beautiful narratives, full of joy, sadness, effort; but always full of that human doing that comes from below, made up of women and men who fight for survival and often win. And these dishes are their legacy, their legacy, their teaching: having respect for food, which should not be wasted. Never!

Our poor recipes

More suggestions

Bresaola rolls: 5 recipes – Italian Cuisine

Bresaola rolls: 5 recipes

Bresaola rolls are a delicious and easy to prepare appetizer. And not just with the cheese filling. Look at that wonderful alternatives!

The bresaola rolls they are a delicious and easy to prepare appetizer. Do you know that you can make them in so many ways?
We offer you 5 ideas.

Bresaola is good to consume naturally, raw, without too many seasonings, if not a drizzle of oil, parmesan flakes or a few drops of lemon or balsamic vinegar. Just cooked does not make and not even added to particular seasonings.
There is also a way to bring to the table this delicious sliced ​​typical of the Valtellina in its simplicity, enriched however by a soft filling: the rolls.
To prepare them, just wrap a slice of bresaola after spreading a creamy filling in the center.
The bresaola rolls always conquer everyone and are also very popular with children.

Rolls or bundles

You can wrap the bresaola forming rolls or use it to prepare dumplings, just as nice to serve.
To close them always use chive strands that, in addition to giving color, can also be eaten and have a fresh taste.
Whether it's dumplings or rolls, we recommend choosing a nice bresaola cut. That it is freshly sliced ​​and not too subtly otherwise it risks darkening quickly.

Salad yes or no?

A few green leaves look good on it, both inside the roll and in the serving dish to be used as a bed. Adds color and freshness.
You can choose the more tender ones like valerian, songino or spinach, or you can opt for something more crunchy like endive and radicchio, provided they are finely sliced.

Five recipes of roulades with bresaola

Bresaola rolls with goat cheese and pistachios

The slightly acid taste of goat cheese goes perfectly with the sweetness of bresaola.
Then a pinch of salt and pepper and the mixture is ready.
Just add even coarsely chopped pistachios in the filling to give a little crunchiness.

Bresaola and ricotta rolls

If you don't like the taste of goat cheese, replace it with ricotta, which is lighter and more delicate.
Remember to sift it a little to soften it and season it with salt, pepper and lemon peel to add a touch of freshness.

Bresaola rolls with spreadable cheese

Another perfect cheese paired with bresaola is the classic fresh spread.
You can use it alone or add it to goat cheese or ricotta. He is also very good with robiola.
Always to add a little crunchiness, add some dried fruit. Nuts, for example.

Bresaola and guacamole rolls

Who said that the filling must always be made with cheese?
We suggest the classic Mexican sauce made with avocado, cherry tomatoes, onion, lemon and Tabasco.
An unusual combination that will win you over.

Bresaola and chickpea rolls

Another delicious filling as unusual: this time made with chickpeas.
Not a real hummus, but a cream prepared with cooked and well drained chickpeas blended with oil and lemon juice.
Lemon juice must be very present because it counteracts the flavor of bresaola and enhances the delicacy of the legume filling.

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