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Simple recipes for New Year's Eve – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Some dishes can be prepared in advance, others are quick and easy to make: here is an easy menu for New Year

If you do not have much time to cook or are tired of too elaborate dishes that you have already had to "face" for the Christmas Eve dinner, choose for your New Year's menu simple and quick recipes to make.
The dish par excellence of the New Year is the zampone or cotechino with lentils: an important course that is prepared with ease.

Wine soup
Wine soup.

* You might be interested: the version of cotechino with lentils by Davide Oldani

But there are several simple dishes that will make your rich New Year's table without too much effort in the kitchen. A quick pasta with artichokes, which should not be missing on the December table, a velouté and stewed cod, both prepared the day before, some delicious, but simple appetizer. Here are our choices for a simple menu for New Year's dinner.

Pasta with turnip tops: all recipes – Italian Cuisine

Paccheri, tortiglioni, linguine, ziti and penne. All the magic of pasta with turnip tops as well as the classic Pugliese orecchiette dish

It was the 1986 when we published this beautiful image of a traditional Pugliese dish: le orecchiette with turnip tops.

A great timeless classic that has crossed the borders of its homeland to be widely appreciated and consumed throughout the boot. The pasta with turnip tops is indeed one of the most famous pasta dishes of our kitchen which owes its success to an authentic and decisive taste.

To prepare it according to tradition, turnip greens are washed and dipped in boiling salted water together with fresh orecchiette. Once cooked and drained al dente, they are stirred in a pan where hot oil flavored with garlic and chilli has been prepared. There are those who also fried anchovies, taking care to melt them and mix them well with the dressing. Others, on the other hand, love complete the recipe with a sprinkling of sheep's cheese, ricotta salata or aged cow's cheeses.
All these variations open the doors to one infinite series of versions of pasta with turnip tops, perfect to enjoy one of the most interesting ingredients of this season.

Our recipes

In the gallery you will find a collection of simple and tasty recipes to discover pasta with turnip tops!

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