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Carrot cake with cheese icing, an irresistible harmony of flavours – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Carrot cake with cheese icing, an irresistible harmony of flavours

There carrot cake with cheese frosting it is not linked to a specific season, but its moist consistency and enveloping flavor transform this dessert into an attractive choice to accompany the colder months, offering an ideal comfort food for winter evenings. However, its versatility makes it equally suitable for the warmer months, as it offers the palate an experience of freshness and lightness. Although carrot cake with cheese frosting has widespread origins and is not strictly associated with a specific region, its popularity has grown worldwide, as it is a delicious dessert, which adapts to modern dietary needs. In fact, it is one quick and easy recipeavailable in many variations, including one for vegetarians or vegans.

In this case, cruelty-free ingredients are used, but without compromising its irresistible taste. It mixes crunchiness, sweetness and delicacy, thanks to the variety of ingredients which, at the same time, offer a mix of health and well-being. Carrots provide a rich source of vitamine A, which contributes to the health of the skin and muscles. The cheese frosting, in addition to providing a distinctive flavor, adds a moderate dose of fats and proteins to the overall dish. Do not hesitate! Bake with us and you’ll make an irresistible carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Cake recipe with pears and dark chocolate – Italian Cuisine

Cake recipe with pears and dark chocolate

There is a saying: “Don’t let the farmer know how good the cheese is with pears”, but also how good the pears are pears with chocolate, we would say! A successful combination for many sweetsgood from breakfast to snack to dessert, as in the case of this one cake that we present to you today, easy to make.

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Heart cake with mirror glaze – Italian Cuisine

»Heart cake with mirror glaze

Whip the egg yolks with the sugar until light and fluffy, then add baking soda, sifted flour and starch and vanilla.

Separately, whip the egg whites until stiff peaks, then incorporate them into the other mixture, stirring gently with a spatula to keep them from disassembling.

Pour the mixture onto the baking sheet lined with parchment paper (trying not to exceed the mold too much), level the surface and cook for about 10 minutes at 180 ° C in a preheated convection oven.
Place the edges of the mold on the base and cut out the shape internally.

Soak the isinglass in cold water (for at least 10 minutes).
Meanwhile, cut the dark chocolate into small pieces and melt it (in the microwave or in a bain-marie).

Whip the cold cream from the fridge.

Bring the milk and sugar to a boil in a saucepan, then add the lightly squeezed isinglass and stir to dissolve.
Incorporate the milk into the chocolate, stirring to obtain a uniform mixture, then also add the cream in the now lukewarm mixture (if you have a thermometer for cakes, it must be at a temperature of about 35-36 ° C) and mix gently with a movement from the bottom to top.

Transfer the mixture into the heart mold, level the surface, then place the previously cut base on top.
Press lightly with your hands to make the base adhere to the mousse, then let it rest in the freezer for at least 4 hours.

Prepare the mirror glaze (prepare the syrup of water, sugar and glucose by bringing them to full boil, then pour it over the chopped white chocolate, add the soaked and squeezed isinglass and blend for a long time with the blender at low speed and with a slightly inclined container. ; finally add the dye).
After 4 hours you can take the cake back, remove the mold, turn the cake upside down and proceed with the icing.

The heart cake with mirror glaze is ready, decorate and let it dry for a couple of hours before serving.

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