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4 alternative ideas to serve ham and melon (+ many other recipes) – Italian Cuisine

Served in slices, it is a classic that never hurts. But the consistency of ham and melon and their intense flavors invite us to play with variations rich in color and fantasy

Some dishes seem to have been created for save all our summer lunches. And between Caprese and Pantes salads, check him: ham and melon. A cold recipe that everyone likes and that only requires ten minutes of preparation. It will be for this reason that this summer have we prepared it so many times already?
If you are thinking that the time has come to change and you are afraid of boring your guests, stop by and see how it is easy to reinvent a dish too perfect to be abandoned.

The skewers

Among the variations that we propose, this is the simplest. In this case the classic ham and melon remains such, but it is even easier to eat. The diners will appreciate thefunny reach effect that you will have mounted by cutting the melon slices into squares and placing them on the wooden skewer alternating with a rolled raw slice.

Cold pasta

To make this simple recipe, reduce the melon into balls with the appropriate tool and cut the raw ham into cubes. You will season the farfalle that you will have boiling adding also chopped parsley, pepper, salt and a drizzle of oil. If you like strong flavors, mix the raw cubes with speck cut in the same way.

Salmorejo inspiration

To prepare this recipe inspired by one of the most interesting dishes of Andalusian cuisine, you will have to start from the melon. Remove the seeds and blend the pulp taking care to achieve a creamy, but not liquid consistency. Add cow's milk ricotta and black pepper until you get a cream to eat by the spoon. At this point garnish the plate by adding some diced ham.


This solution is perfect to satisfy the sweet tooth. Prepare an open sandwich with wholemeal bread, goat-like cheese, very thin and well-dried slices of melon and ham. The extra touch is given by a round of balsamic reduction and some basil leaves.

Our recipes with melon

Basil sorbet: how to prepare and serve it – Italian Cuisine

Basil sorbet: how to prepare and serve it

Basil sorbet is a fresh and light idea to surprise your guests

Basil sorbet is the green alternative to the classic lemon sorbet. It can be served at the end of a meal or even halfway to switch from one course to another and is ideal for cleaning the mouth and stimulating digestion.

The basil sorbet

The sorbet has a different consistency, is more dense and similar to an ice cream and less watery, but the ingredients are the same. The process only changes a little because everything is blended with an immersion blender instead of mixed. If you want to make the sorbet softer you can add a whipped egg white and the result will be very similar to a fruit ice cream.

The recipe for granita

Basil granita is made with fresh basil leaves. Choose small and soft (a bunch will suffice) and cook them in a saucepan with 100 gr of sugar and a little water. When the sugar is completely dissolved, remove the pan from the heat and add 250 ml of white wine. Let the mixture cool for 12 hours and then remove the leaves and add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a few finely chopped basil leaves.
Pour everything into a freezer container and leave to cool for about three hours, stirring every 30 minutes with a spoon to keep the mixture creamy.

Basil granita can be served alone or as an accompaniment to sweet and savory dishes.

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Integrators are booming. But do they really serve? – Italian Cuisine

Curly kale
Brown rice
Horse meat
Dark chocolate

High temperatures cause a feeling of exhaustion and with the arrival of heat the legs and ankles tend to swell. Travel can also negatively affect the functionality of the intestine. To solve these seasonal annoyances, as many as 65% of Italians, in the last year, have resorted to food supplements (Federsalus data): the market for these products is constantly growing, and the rising trend strengthens during the summer. Especially from June to the end of September, a wide range of supplements is offered on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets, which promise to offer valuable help.

The best sellers in the summer

The four best sellers of the summer are mineral salt supplements, those for exposure to the sun, lactic ferments for those who travel long distances and products to relieve leg swelling. Altroconsumo he analyzed them, but the results are not so promising. "The examination of the existing studies showed that mineral salt supplements should reduce the sense of exhaustion, but there are not enough data to prove it; tanning supplements promise protection from UV rays and a homogeneous and long-lasting color, but the supporting studies supported by the manufacturers have many limitations, "writes the association. And, again: "The lactic ferments proposed to those who travel to prevent or treat unpleasant intestinal disorders, do not actually have sufficient evidence to recommend its use. Finally also the products for swollen and heavy legs have weak evidence of effectiveness and potential side effects that should not be underestimated ".

Possible side effects

Altroconsumo wishes to point out that it does not have "a preconceived position against supplements", which "can be useful in the event of proven deficiencies, can be useful in particular situations". But he wants to warn the consumer because he could spend his money unnecessarily: «Supplements are food and not drugs, cannot boast therapeutic properties ", explains Franca Braga, head of nutrition and health for Altroconsumo. «The market success they are experiencing goes far beyond scientific evidence. These products must not prove their efficacy and safety on the basis of sound studies before being placed on the market. And let us always remember that not everything that is natural is automatically safe ".

Think of the recent case of gods turmeric products: 21 people who had consumed them were affected by acute cholestatic hepatitis. The Health Ministry, after health investigations, established that hepatitis was caused by contaminants or substances added to these products, but also by three factors: particular conditions of individual susceptibility, alterations of hepato-biliary function or interaction with drugs. Proving that in a small percentage of predisposed subjects, supplements can cause diseases adverse reactions, it is always better to hear the doctor's opinion before taking it.

The advice is to focus instead on what you eat: add a glass of water, a banana for potassium, a piece of grit and some almonds is enough to have an extra dose of magnesium.

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