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The wine of the week: Oltrepo Pavese Pinot Nero Giorgio Odero 2015 Frecciarossa – Italian Cuisine

The wine of the week: Oltrepo Pavese Pinot Nero Giorgio Odero 2015 Frecciarossa

Best wishes to Frecciarossa, who turns one hundred years old and is in splendid shape. Like his great Pinot Noir, one of the reds symbol of the Oltrepo

There are goats that keep the forest clean and cows that provide manure to fertilize the vines. And, then, a crowd of dogs, beehives with bees, orchard, vegetable garden, cured meats hung to age in the cellar, along with cups and pancetta. Frecciarossa is a historic company of the Oltrepo – this year turns 100 years old– but here you can't breathe that ancient and somewhat snobbish air that is found in many noble wineries. The wines were among the first to be exported abroad: "We have the license number 19" tells me the owner Valeria Radici; He even knew them Alfred Hitchcock, who was crazy about our Sauvignon ”.

The company's history begins with the great-grandfather of Valeria; Mario Odero lived in Wales, where he worked in the coal branch; World War I forced him to return to his homeland, but he did not want to stay in his hometown of Genoa. After a trip to Oltrepo, he remains so impressed by the landscape that he decides to sell everything he has to buy the Frecciarossa estate. But it is his son Giorgio who gives great impetus to wine production, after a trip to France, a country from which he brings back ideas and techniques to make quality wines and the passion for Pinot Noir. His daughter Margherita, one of the first to continue women in Italy to deal with wine, until, after a life lived in Paris, Valeria also feels the call of this land. "As a child I spent summers here and it's the only place I've always felt like home."

Speaking of his wines, he told me that “Carillo is the most essential version of Pinot Noir, it is fresh and focused on the fruit, without superstructures; it is the wine in which I recognize myself more, together with the Anamari, the red with the native grapes of the Oltrepo, which we have resumed to produce ". But the wine that best represents the great history of the company is undoubtedly the Giorgio Odero Pinot Noir that among other things, and rarely happens in Italy, can be purchased in the company of well six different years. Produced on the first hills of Casteggio from a single vineyard, it is a wine that needs time to give the best of itself; this is shown by the 2015 vintage, the son of a hot vintage, which is already able to show off a great class and perfect territorial adherence. The aromas are those of small fruits, Rossana candy and red orange; to taste it is juicy, refreshed by balsamic notes. 2014 is more subtle, ready and "Nordic", the son of a cold year with an elegance that brings it closer to Burgundy.

Why now: it's always the right time for Pinot Noir.

As did: fermented with indigenous yeasts in steel tanks at a controlled temperature; maceration lasts about 15 days, followed by aging for 12 months in 25 hectolitre wooden barrels, then six months in steel and, finally, at least one year in the bottle.

To combine with: is very good with recipes based on birds, from pigeon to duck, flat pirmi with meat sauces, roasts and cut.

Serve it at: 16-18 ° C.

Price: 27 euros.


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STARS AND FOOD – WEEK FROM 19 TO 25 AUGUST – Italian Cuisine



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NFortunati from the 23 July to 23 August

Special ingredient: Buffalo mozzarella and dairy products
Vegetable Porta Fortuna: Tomatoes of all types and HERE some recipes for stimuli and ideas!
The chef recommends: Particularly inspired and loaded in total relaxation. The stars show a state of great operability and greater relaxation. Based on all this, the food also has unique conditions. Great freedom of ingredients enriches your diet with countless possibilities. Ingredient of the week are the fresh mozzarella to be associated with the dishes you want most. Particular note for the assimilation of seasonal fruit before or away from meals.
Dish of the week: Paccheri with blanched but peeled and raw tomatoes, with buffalo mozzarella or even inspired by this fantastic alternative RECIPE!
Magic fruit: Prickly pears and peaches with an in-depth look to follow and with IDEAS to transform them into exquisite beings!


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The wine of the week: Soave Classico Ca ’Visco 2018 Coffele – Italian Cuisine

The wine of the week: Soave Classico Ca ’Visco 2018 Coffele

A great white wine that comes from organic vineyards, in one of the most suited crus of the Soave appellation

As I walk along a path to reach the vineyards, I hear a cheerful piece of music that comes from a stable. "We always keep the radio on for the donkeys, so they do not suffer from loneliness ”, Chiara Coffele reveals to me, who, together with her brother Alberto, who is in charge of production, continues the winery founded by her parents Giuseppe and Giovanna in 1971.

Soon I will discover that they are not the only animals that meet during a visit to Coffele. There are the big ones horses of the Norica breed, which are used for work in the vineyard, and the goats that graze the grass, keeping the rows in order. An idea, the latter not only winning from an ecological point of view (all Coffele wines are organic certificates), but also interesting for its social implications. "We joined the project Cascina AlbaTerra that, through cultivation that respects the environment and breeding animals, promotes the reception and integration of people in difficulty ”, Chiara tells me.

We are in the classic area of ​​Soave and the vineyards are in the cru Castelcerino, one of the most suited in the area; but the company also has a very nice sales point, in a XVII century building, inside the medieval city walls that gives its name to the name.

With grapes garganega the Coffelas produce three whites, a Classic Method Millesimato Brut, a sweet Spumante method Charmat and a passito, bearing witness to the great versatility of the vine.

From the last tastings, the wine that convinced me the most was without a doubt the Soave Classico Ca ’Visco, good in youth, but irresistible after a few years of aging in bottle. His name is a tribute to the family of the mothers of Chiara and Alberto, those Visco who produced the Bianco Soave with the grapes of Castelcerino already in the mid-nineteenth century. In this case, a 25% trebbiano di Soave was added to the garganega and the wine matures only in steel. It opens with intense aromas of tropical and peach fruit, with notes of citrus and elderflower; when tasted, it is initially soft, then stretches towards more savory and mineral scents, becoming a great ambassador of the territory.

Why now: it is a very versatile wine on the table, which goes well with fish dishes and lighter meats.

As did: the Trebbiano di Soave is harvested in September, the garganega in October; vinification and aging take place in steel at a controlled temperature. After the assemblage of trebbiano and garganega, the wine rests in the bottle for at least a month.

To combine with: raw fish, seafood, baked fish, white meats.

Serve it at: 9-10 ° C

Price: 14 euros.


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