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Ireland Week and A Taste of Ireland: we celebrate (also) by eating – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Irish ingredients and Italian cuisine: this will also be theIreland Week, an entire week of celebrations and festivities dedicated to the Emerald Isle from 10 to 17 March, St. Patrick’s Day, its patron saint. Meetings, screenings, music, cultural walks, which will pleasantly invade all of Milan (the complete program is on www.ireland.com), but also excellent food, and not just in the Lombard capital.

A Taste of Ireland 2024

Because, in addition to being an island full of greenery and uncontaminated landscapes, Ireland is also famous for its excellent products, the result of a pioneering land for sustainability: among the many beef and lamb that grow free to graze feeding only on grass, but also organic salmon, and oysters with great flavour. The Irish government body promotes them Bord Bia, which in collaboration with Irish Tourism and JRE-Italy, Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, is promoting an event within an event from 10 to 17 March: TO Taste of Ireland.


In its second edition, A Taste of Ireland will be an opportunity to taste Irish gastronomic excellence in dishes prepared ad hoc by the chefs of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe throughout Italy and beyond. The chefs of the restaurant will also participate Chefs’ Irish Beef Club (CIBC), the initiative founded in 2004 and managed by Bord Bia which includes prestigious international chefs who promote and enhance Irish beef and, among many, Roberto Valbuzzi, chef patron of the Crotto Valtellina restaurant, as well as Ambassador for Irish meat. A collective initiative that will allow you to taste the products of the Green Island in gourmet restaurants, but also pubs and family restaurants.

Ireland Week and Irish flavors with an Italian touch

«We are happy to propose ‘A Taste of Ireland’ again this year, a hymn to the flavors and quality of Irish raw materials and part of a celebration entirely dedicated to the excellence of the Emerald Isle. For seven days, throughout Italy, you will be able to taste some of Ireland’s premium products – including beef, lamb, scampi, salmon and oysters – raised and fished according to traditional but also sustainable practices and with certified quality”, he explains Francesca Perfetto, Market Specialist at Bord Bito. «We are enthusiastic about the partnership with Bord Bia on the occasion of the third Ireland Week, which allows us to expand the reach of the “A Taste of Ireland” Food Festival at a national level, with the participation of restaurants in many Italian cities. Food is one of Ireland’s surprises,” he adds Marcella Ercolini, Director of Irish Tourism in Italy. All the details of the restaurants participating in the initiative are available at the link Irelandweek.it/atasteofireland.

Which restaurants are participating in A Taste of Ireland

Irish Beef Ambassador
Crotto Valtellina, Chef Roberto Valbuzzi (Malnate, VA)

Followed by the Milanese realities of:
– Arcane
– Beef Club Milan
– Crazy Patrick’s
– Football Pub
– Out of stock
– Hard Rock
– La Belle Alliance
– Pellegrini butcher’s shop (Porta Venezia)
– Pellegrini butcher’s shop (Lambrate)
– Miro
– Mulligan’s Pub
– Old Fox Pub
– PitBeef
– Pogue Mahone’s restaurant
– Identità Golose Restaurant
– Spirit of Milan

The JRE-Italia restaurants

– Innocenti Evasioni, Chef Tommaso Arrigoni (Milan)
– Due Spade, Chef Lorenzo Di Bari (Milan)
– Antica Osteria Magenes, Chef Dario Guidi (Gaggiano Milan)
– Colonne Restaurant, Chef Silvio Battistoni (Varese)
– Lanterna Verde Restaurant, Chef Roberto Tonola (Villa di Chiavenna, SO)

– Atelier Restaurant, Chef Giorgio Bartolucci (Domodossola, NO)

Hotel restaurant Unterwirt, Chef Alex Haselwanter (Gudon, BZ)

– La Favellina Restaurant, Chef Federico Pettenuzzo (Malo, VI)
– La Locanda Di Piero, Chef Renato Rizzardi (Vicenza)
– Trequarti, Chef Alberto Basso (Vicenza)

– Il Giardino del Gusto, Chef Emanuele Donalisio (Ventimiglia, IM)

– L’Erba del Re Restaurant, Chef Luca Marchini (Modena)
– San Domenico Restaurant, Chef Massimiliano Mascia (Imola, BO)

– La Perla del Mare Restaurant, Chef Deborah Corsi (San Vincenzo, LI)
– La Leggenda dei Frati Restaurant, Chef Filippo Saporito (Florence)

– Lo Scudiero Restaurant, Chef Daniele Patti (Pesaro)

– Trippini Restaurant, Chef Paolo Trippini (Civitella del Lago, PG)

– Il Capriccio Restaurant, Chef Leonardo Vescera (Vieste, FG)
– Quintessere Restaurant, Chef Stefano Di Gennaro (Trani, BT)

The list of members concludes with the restaurants of the Chefs’ Irish Beef Club (CIBC):
– Mulino Landi Restaurant of Hotel Certaldo, Chef Sara Conforti (Certaldo, FI)
– Nido del Picchio, Chef Daniele Repetti (Carpaneto Piacentino, PC)
– Bocon Divino, Chef Alberto Canton (Camposampiero, PD)
– Rome Luxus Bistrot, Chef Andrea Fusco (Rome)

Milan Fashion Week: 5 (+1) “fashionable” addresses to know – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Milan Fashion Week: 5 (+1) “fashionable” addresses to know

During the Milan Fashion Week the city is filled with fashion enthusiasts ready to invade the best venues in the centre. Because during fashion week Milan recovers its own atmosphere: that of a large metropolis that claims its identity as the capital of Italian and increasingly international fashion. A city open to the world, even when it comes to food. It is no coincidence that in recent years, starting fromExpo 2015 (“Feeding the planet, energy for life”), the city has seen almost spasmodic openings of restaurants, street food bars, almost all of medium-high level, with 18 starred restaurants, 13 with 1 star, 4 with 2 stars and 1 3 star restaurant.

This is why going out during the Milan Fashion Week it’s also an opportunity to try some of them, perhaps sitting next to the table of fashion super stars. Between one show and another, or at the end of the evening, Milan in its guise food city is ready to welcome buyers, models, but also fashion stylists and sector operators, offering classic or revisited menus, a more authentic expression of Italian cuisine, or more à la page as current trends require. For mere mortals, going out these days is perhaps not the best thing, but for some time now new places have opened in the city, each one different from the other, precisely to satisfy customer demand. Here are five, all new, those that the fashion world has already elected or will elect as the place to eat & drink.

5 (+ 1) addresses to try during Milan Fashion Week

Green Food Week: pink risotto (also) arrives in Milan – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Eating healthy starts from a very young age: it also starts from here Green Food Weekthe week dedicated to sustainability in the kitchen created by the association Foodinsider and dedicated to school, university and company meals. Having just begun, and always eagerly awaited, it is an opportunity to reflect on the impact of the food we eat, to which the Municipality of Milan and Milan Catering they participate punctually with great enthusiasm. This year – within the framework of the project Horizon 2020 School Food 4 Change – they (also) thought of a particularly inviting way to involve the very little ones on February 8th.

Green Food Week in Milan schools

February 8 will in fact be the day dedicated to Green Food Week schools, with new menus in primary schools in all the cities that have joined. The symbolic dish created by the Municipality of Milan and Milano Ristorazione is abarbarisotto”. A fun and intriguing name for beetroot risotto: a healthy and low impact dish made with local and seasonal ingredients to show the little ones how much it can be tasty and fun to eat foods that are good for us and the environmentand also how important it is to know what you eat.

In fact, the initiative will not be limited to lunch: educators and teachers, with many useful ideas provided by Foodinsider, the Municipality and Milano Ristorazione, will show the students how food is born, where it comes from, why it is important to choose ingredients that come from places as close as possible and that they are as vegetal as possible. The rice used for risotto, for example, is grown in the Cascina Battivaccoin the Barona district, a stone’s throw from the city center, while the yogurt comes from Cascina Campazzo, in the Ticinello park. Children will be able to bring all this back home and relive the experience with their parents also thanks to other useful and practical advice made available for adults on foodpolicymilano.org. There are also recipes, very easy. To try, at the bottom of this article, you will find the recipe for barbarisotto.

The commitment of the Municipality of Milan to sustainable nutrition

«This year too we are joining the Green Food Week with special attention to describing the care for food and the environment that characterizes the choices in our canteens: we do it in a healthy and fun way, coloring the greenest menu of the year pink” he explains Anna Scavuzzo, deputy mayor with responsibility for Food Policy and Education of the Municipality of Milan. «Each of the dishes offered he continues, «tells the commitment to plan, cook, distribute, administer and evaluate meals for girls and boys in the city. Starting from the choice of raw materials that are attentive to the environment and health: organic, short supply chain and km0 products are now a permanent presence on the menu and this has made it possible to reduce CO emissions2and by over 34% in a few years, between 2015 and 2022. All these actions can become even more effective if they become common heritage, starting from those who experience schools every day”.

The menu for February 8th, for Green Food Week

The menu for February 8 is exemplary: the children will eat organic apples for the mid-morning snackfor lunch – after the beetroot risotto – meatballs with organic soy and organic carrots as a side dish, other fresh fruit and 0 km bread with organic flour. Finally, for a snack, natural yoghurt with short supply chain and Km 0 in paper jar. A good, healthy, environmentally friendly menu: the overall impact of the school menu on Green Food Week is 140 TonCO2and against an average of 222 TonCO2and the ordinary menu.

It is worth underlining a trend: Milano Ristorazione has developed a change in the purchasing of raw materials which has led, in the period 2015 – 2022, to a decrease in 34% of CO emissions2 equivalent. A theme on which the Municipality of Milan has been working for some time: it joins the initiative Cool Food Pledge, promoted by the international research center World Resources Institute, which involves the public and private sector in monitoring the environmental impact of collective catering menus. For this reason, together with other cities such as Copenhagen, New York and Toronto, the Municipality evaluates the results of the gradual changes made to the menus from 2015 to today, in particular regarding the promotion of proteins of plant origin, through the introduction of more vegetables and legumes.

The recipe for “barbarisotto”

Ingredients for 4 people


  1. Rinse the rice in a bowl of fresh water, drain and leave to rest.
  2. Wash the fresh celery, peel the carrots and onions for the preparation of the broth, add the vegetable stock cube.
  3. Cut the beets into pieces, blend them, adding the liquid if present and a part of the broth.
  4. Prepare the sauté with the quarter of chopped onion and add the rice, toast it and then add the broth, adding it when necessary during cooking.
  5. Halfway through cooking, add the beetroot smoothie and continue to cook, stirring occasionally.
  6. Leave the rice al dente and stir in Parmigiano Reggiano.

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