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#CucinaLa Cover: we challenge you at the Milan Food Week stoves – Italian Cuisine

You are ready to become protagonists in the kitchen with the recipes of La Cucina Italiana? We are waiting for you at Milan Food Week from 2 to 8 May with two unmissable events!

Some lucky ones among you readers will be selected for cook the recipes of our covers: the strawberry tart from our new May issue and, surprisingly, other cover recipes published in the last ten years.

Where is it? On two exceptional stages of Milan Food Week: the first appointment will be held at the Stage Kitchen in Piazza Duomo, the 4 May from 11.30 to 13; the second will be held instead in the Lifestyle Kitchen at CityLife Shopping District, in Piazza Tre Torri, the8 May from 7.30pm to 9pm.

To participate, write an email to, indicating the date on which you wish to participate. If you are drawn, we will contact you with a confirmation email.

To start getting into the mood, La Cucina Italiana is also waiting for you from April 29th to May 5th, with a Photo exhibition which will celebrate both the evolution of Italian taste, with a series of images of the magazine of the last ten years, and the evolution of the city of Milan through the photographs of Luca Binetti.

Don't forget to practice and post your strawberry tart on social media, using the hashtag #cucinalacopertina!

STARS AND FOOD – TORO – WEEK FROM 22 TO 28 APRIL – Italian Cuisine


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lucky from the 21 April to 20 May

Vegetable Porta Fortuna: Asparagus and cherry tomatoes

The chef recommends: The mouth is associated with the sign of Taurus and therefore the natives love good food, good food, and above all starchy foods. Spring of great opportunities and change, starting from the table with some classic dishes but done with creativity and innovation! Have a good time!

Fruit magicor: Strawberry smoothie and if you follow this link you will discover the proportions taking inspiration from another magical smoothie!
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The wine of the week: Fòrra Manzoni Bianco 2017 Alois Lageder – Italian Cuisine

From the most famous biodynamic winery in South Tyrol, new wines are born, which represent a challenge to climate change

Although South Tyrol is a fortunate region from the climatic point of view, thanks to the joint influence of the alpine climate and of that Mediterranean, the problems related to global warming are being felt here too.

For this reason, the Alois Lageder winery, now in the sixth generation of winemakers and always at the forefront of wine production (the 50 hectares of property are all run with biodynamic agriculture), has been experimenting for years with solutions that allow us to continue making pleasant, fresh and balanced wines.

Among the solutions adopted so far, the planting of vineyards at higher altitudes, the harvesting of grapes in different harvest periods and the introduction of grapes more suitable to withstand the new climate. Among these, the results obtained with the are very interesting White Manzoni, a grape variety developed in the 1930s by Professor Luigi Manzoni, then director of the Experimental Center of Conegliano, who obtained it by crossing Riesling with Pinot Bianco. Its most interesting features are those of sparse berries, that is, well spaced, the thick skin, a high acidity and a low sugar content, which allow it to give excellent results even in warm years.

To give more character to the wine, the Lageder vinify the white Manzoni with one maceration on the skins about ten days, followed by aging in wood on the lees for about 9 months. The result is a very fragrant white, dry and juicy, with aromas ranging from pear to plum, to quince and a savory sip, well balanced between body and acidity; the finish is fresh, slightly spicy and with graphite notes. In addition, the Fòrra has only one 12.5% ​​alcohol, which makes it the perfect kitchen companion for the warmer months.

Why now: it is a very suitable white to accompany spring and summer recipes.
As did: the grapes are born on sandy soils of dolomitic limestone at 350-450 meters of altitude, from biodynamic agriculture; fermentation and maceration take place in wood for about ten days; the wine refines, then, on its own lees, in wood, for about 9 months. It is Demeter certified.
To combine with: fish, molluscs, crustaceans and white meats.
Serve it at: 10 ° C.
Price: 19 euros

Our recipes in combination: