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How to organize meals for the whole week – Italian Cuisine

How to organize meals for the whole week

Let's find out how to organize seven-day lunches and dinners so that the daily menu is ready: the dream of many families – especially with children!

It is one of the questions more recurrent and complicated that are heard in the morning during the Breakfast: what do you want to eat today?
Receive answers – especially from those who have small children – it gets really complicated and finding one recipe that can be good for everyone, is balanced from the point of view nutritional and satisfying the palates is an arduous undertaking.

Organize i whole week meals it could be the right answer to the need not to arrive a few hours after lunch and dinner and not knowing what to put on the table, with the risk of resorting – for survival – to a ready meals and last-minute orders on the app e restaurants of the surroundings.

So how to organize everyone's meals during the week, especially for those with small children?
Let's try to give the most important rules from which to start!

Let's start with the most complicated part of the organization: the children's menu. For all families whose children go to kindergarten or to elementary and take advantage of the school canteen, a good starting point would be to check what they eat at lunch and offer them a balanced food alternative during dinner.

What to propose then? The panacea for all ills in this case has a name and surname and is called single dish: a practical and quick solution, to (hopefully) proof of whims is that shorten the times in which the child is "forced" to table after a day at school and doing homework. What to choose? Even one soup with cheese can go well, or a pasta with i legumes, meat or fish with a quick side dish and bread.
Knowing what they ate for lunch will help do not replicate the same ingredients.

What are the golden rules of nutrition to organize meals throughout the week in a correct way from a nutritional point of view?

Even if everyone (or almost everyone) would like to eat there Pizza for both lunch and dinner – smaller ones included of course – vary as much as possible the seven-day menu it is essential for a healthy and balanced diet.

The golden rules on the ingredients to choose at the table on a weekly basis are: 3 portions of fish per week and 3 or 4 of legumes. There meat two or three times every 7 days, only one or two cold cuts. Eggs and cheeses, they can be consumed twice each respectively, remembering however to do not overdo it with eggs: 2 already represent a complete portion.

Eat all the same things in different qualities

For organize meals for the whole week it is important to decide that all components of the family they should eat the same thing. Cooked different things it will, in fact, make it practically impossible compose a menu and it will complicate drastically the culinary organization of the week.

If the ingredients must (hopefully at least) be the same for everyone, not so portions. Adults and children must eat absolutely different qualities of nutrients. It is good to remember that, in particular, the little ones need less protein than the older ones.

Very important for organize meals for the whole week it is also respecting the needs of all members of the family. The menu, in fact, must take into account tastes of all, one day it will satisfy someone more, another day someone else, including children.

Who wants to follow a quasi-scientific method to organize meals for the whole week, dividing the ingredients e preparing lunches and dinners in advance can try with the meal prep: perfect for a balanced diet and quick to cook.
With the meal prep you just need to get busy at the weekend and then have 5 lunches and dinners available for the days to come, for the whole family!

For other original and easy-to-prepare ideas, browse our gallery.

Milan Wine Week 2021: guide to events – Italian Cuisine

Milan Wine Week 2021: guide to events

The event dedicated to the world of wine is back in Milan from 2 to 10 October 2021: tastings, masterclasses, conferences and obviously many toasts!

There Milan Wine Week it will begin on the evening of 2 October with the traditional toast with Trentodoc, Trentino's mountain bubbles. At 7 pm there will be a toast, as well as in the historic headquarters of Palazzo Bovara, also in three of the most evocative rooftop in Milan: VIU Rooftop of Hotel VIU Milan, from A ’Riccione Terrazza 12 by Brian & Berry and at Terrazza Duomo 21.
The inauguration will be free with an offer in favor of the Humanitas Research Foundation, upon registration.

To access almost any appointment you need register on the Milan Wine Week website.
Access to the events will be allowed only with the exhibition of the Green Pass.

To stay up to date on the program and book the experience is also recommended download the W.

Here are all the events open to the public:

THE Wine talks with industry professionals, coordinated by the wine educator Cristina Mercuri which will take place on 5, 6 and 8 October at Palazzo Castiglioni in Corso Venezia 47, while the Shaping Wine Forum will be held on 7 October at the Ferrero Auditorium in Bocconi SDA, in via Roberto Sarfatti 25.

It will be possible, always by reservation, to participate in exclusive Wine tour outside Milan.

You can go to the Lugana area, starting comfortably with the shuttle service organized from Milan, arriving at the Cà Maiol winery of Desenzano sul Garda, owned by the Santa Margherita Wine Group.
During the tour we will visit the vineyards, the new cellar, a small food experience dedicated to guests, and then conclude with a tasting. It is possible to participate in the tour by booking, with a cost of 60 euros, with departures from Palazzo Bovara on 2, 3 and 10 October.

Another destination for wine tours will be the fascinating underground cellars of Guido Berlucchi in Borgonato di Corte Franca (BS) where the company is based, which this year celebrates 60 years of history.

Another original experience to live in Milan is that of Wine Boat, the electric and sustainable boat on the canal, on which it will be possible to book, at a cost of 35 euros, a tasting of 4 Chianti wines.

In all info point, that is, the gazebo positions outside the venues that adhere to the Milan Wine Week, every afternoon from 2.30pm to 6.30pm, will be possible for the public to approach the wine free of charge.
What does it mean? That you can taste a wine, with a short tasting led by an oenologist.
The wine foreseen for the tasting will always relate to the territory that represents the district.

here are the 10 wine district in Milan for the Wine Week:

Franciacorta in the Brera / Garibaldi / Solferino area
Consortium of Asti and Moscato d'Asti DOCG in Simplon / Arco della Pace
Consortium for the Protection of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG at Porta Nuova / Gae Aulenti
Lugana DOC Protection Consortium at Porta Romana
Consortium for the Protection of Oltrepò Pavese Wines in the Eustachi / Plinio area
Brunello in the Gallery – Brunello di Montalcino in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
Consortium for the Protection of Valpolicella Wines in Marghera / Sanzio
Chianti Wine Consortium to the Navigli
Consortium for the Protection of Abruzzo Wines at Porta Venezia
In Liguria in the Isola area

In the various districts they have been planned dinners with producers in the restaurants participating in the initiative. To find out about all the themed evenings, visit the dedicated page on the Milan Wine Week website.

Among the various events open to the public without reservation we point out:

Easter Vineyards and Cellars will open the Milanese wine week with a gigantic immersive work that celebrates creativity, talent and Italian wine. With the creative direction of the artistic collective NONE and created in collaboration with BASE Milano, the work entitled "Falling Dreams" will offer an experience suspended between dream and reality. The exhibition will be open to the public free of charge from 6 to 9 October, from 18.00 to 22.00.

Berlucchi, instead, among the wineries that symbolize the excellence of Franciacorta in the world, it will celebrate its 60th anniversary by retracing the history of the company through an exhibition that will animate the very central Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Another unique experience is the tasting in the dark at the Institute for the Blind of Milan, organized by the women of wine of Lombardy and whose proceeds will go to the Institute. A “special and different” tasting, with eyes closed, exceptionally led by Luca Boccoli, Professional Master Sommelier.

And now … all that remains is to toast!

The ice cream inspired by Giorgio Armani for Milan Fashion Week #DaAssaggia – Italian Cuisine

It is called Stecco Greige and was created by Gusto17 to celebrate the first 40 years of Emporio Armani: here is the #DaAssaggio gelato exclusively during Milan Fashion Week 2021

From 21 to 27 September in Milan you can also eat fashion: Gusto17, the Milanese artisan ice cream parlor included by Forbes among the 100 Italian excellences 2021, launches a limited edition ice cream stick to celebrate Giorgio Armani and the 40 years of Emporio.

The shades between gray and beige meet in the iconic color that has always distinguished the Armani style. Greige is created in a completely natural way with ingredients that represent Italian excellence: the filling is a Sicilian salted Pistachio ice cream, while the topping is of fine white chocolate processed with vegetable carbon powder derived from coconut.

The bi-color stick, available in three different combinations of greige nuances, joins the Pantone-inspired Design Sticks. These will be enriched over time with new products to form a Special Edition of Stecchi Gelato, all made in line with the philosophy of Gusto 17, i.e. only natural and seasonal ingredients, no artificial dyes, preservatives or thickeners.

You can taste Greige at Milan, for the entire duration of the Fashion Week (21-27 September 2021), in the stores in Milan of Gusto 17 in via Savona 17 (Tortona District), in via Cagnola 10 (Arco della Pace), in the Rinascente Duomo in the Food at the 7th piano, from VOCE Aimo and Nadia in p.za della Scala, but also throughout Italy ordering it on e-commerce.

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