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20 dedicated recipes to prepare – Italian Cuisine

On October 1st we celebrate coffee and the many ways to prepare it, drink it and even "eat it" with these recipes from appetizer to dessert

The October 1st is celebrated the World coffee day to celebrate a drink loved all over the world. In Italy we have the coffee with mocha And espresso, there is Neapolitan coffee, the Calabrian coffee and the Aosta Valley coffee, but also many other countries have their own characteristic way of preparing it, since Viennese coffee to that Turkish, from Mexican coffee to the Arab one, up to the American one.

THE ways of drinking coffee they are truly infinite: hot, cold, with milk, mixed grappa, with spices, shaken, with drowned ice cream. Then you know the recipes of Borgia coffee he was born in Brulot coffee?

With coffee – in beans, powder, liquid – you can also prepare many dishes, from appetizers to main courses, up to desserts such as tiramisu, but not only.

Our recipes to celebrate World Coffee Day

Online cooking class to prepare the Valentine's Day menu – Italian Cuisine

Online cooking class to prepare the Valentine's Day menu

It will be a very special Valentine's Day with La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana: the new online cooking course dedicated to the menu for the feast of lovers arrives

On Valentine's Day we cook together: our chefs have created a menu to celebrate the feast of lovers, easy to replicate even in the home kitchen. As? Friday 12 February at 6.30 pm we are waiting for you at live streaming course dedicated to Valentine's Day menu, during which you can interact with us just like in a live course! It will be an opportunity to share a unique experience with the person you love, cooking together, or to surprise them with perfect dishes for a romantic evening.

The Valentine's menu

What does our Valentine's menu include? We start with a tasty appetizer, the burrata cream with roasted prawns, raspberries and pistachio. The main course is not to be missed: rags of beetroot pasta with cauliflower cream, mussels and chilli. Finally, the most awaited moment, that of dessert, one panna cotta with pink pepper with passion fruit and cocoa crumble.

The duration of the course is two hours, the cost is € 19.99. Sign up here.

How do our online cooking courses work?

Your interlocutors will be one chef, physically present in the kitchens of Milan, and a editor, who will moderate the lesson, answering questions and curiosities. A few days before the course you will receive the list of ingredients and the equipment needed to prepare the Valentine's Day menu, the digital pantry with all the recipes and the link to the page to connect to on the day of the course. Below is apreview of our courses in live streaming.

Christmas in Abruzzo: how to prepare pepatelli – Italian Cuisine

Christmas in Abruzzo: how to prepare pepatelli

These are pepper and honey biscuits, small and delicious, also perfect as a gift idea because they can be kept for a long time

Pepatelli are the typical biscuits of Christmas in Abruzzo and are generally served and given with other traditional sweets such as i Bocconotti and i soccer games. Among all the traditional recipes of these holidays, however, are certainly the desserts easier to prepare.

Pepper Christmas cookies

They are called pepatelli because they have among the ingredients black pepper.
The quantity goes a little to taste, so you decide whether to put more or less than a teaspoon, but know that the scent and taste of ground pepper must be felt a little.

The "tritella", a particular flour

Another feature of these biscuits is the flour that is used to prepare them.
Is called tritella, or tritello flour, and it is a not very refined flour.
The tritello is what remains after the last grind of the meal and is particularly rich in nutrients.
Since this ingredient is not easy to find at all, we offer you an alternative equally valid, that is the wholemeal flour.

How to make pepatelli: the recipe


The ingredients of the pepatelli are few and easy to remember because they are 500 g of almonds with skin, 500 g of wholemeal flour (or 400 g of wholemeal and 100 g of 00), 500 g of wildflower or acacia honey.
To this basic compound are then added the perfumes and then the pepper, one or two teaspoons, and the grated rind of two untreated oranges.


First, it is important to heat the honey with the pepper and then pour it still hot in the flour, or in the flour mix.
Then add the zest of the oranges and almonds and not toasted.
Form about 6 crushed loaves and bake at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes.
Once taken out of the oven and still hot, cut them into fairly thin slices.
Arrange them on the baking sheet and let them cook for another two minutes if you want them crunchy, or leave them to dry in the off oven for a while.

How they are preserved

Since these are biscuits without butter, oil and eggs, the shelf life is particularly long.
You can put them in one tin box coated with parchment paper and remain crunchy and tasty up to 20 days, therefore for all the Christmas holidays.

Browse the tutorial to find out more tips on preparing pepatelli

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