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The red pizza that saves dinner with friends: how to prepare it – Italian Cuisine

The simple things are often the best: a few ingredients you have at home and a lot of taste for this pizza that satisfies everyone

Typical of some regions of the center of Italy, it is often found in bakery and is bought for a mid-morning snack from school children or for a break from those who can not give up salt: it is the red pizza! Suitable for parties, buffets and dinners of the last moment, it is easily prepared and also solves a dinner with friends friends.

How to prepare red pizza

You do not need many ingredients, so it is likely that you will already have everything in your home and you can therefore prepare it without too much effort. Only precaution? There leavened, which needs time, to choose the mother yeast or the normal one. Ready to discover the recipe?

How to make the pizza rise better

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500 g of flour
350 ml of water
12 g of extra-virgin olive oil
10 g of normal yeast or 80 g of mother yeast
7 g of salt
250 g of tomato sauce


Put the flour in a kneader (if you prefer kneading, use the pastry board), add the yeast and then, slowly, the water. When the ingredients are mixed and the dough will become more compact, add salt and continue to knead for 5 minutes. The last ingredient to be added is extra-virgin olive oil. Once you get a ball, put the dough in a bowl covered with a cloth and put it in the cold for about 12 hours (if you use the brewer's yeast may be enough for 4 hours or at least doubling the dough).

Then divide the dough, forming two balls and let them rest for an hour before spreading them in a pan greased with oil, always using your hands.

Turn on the oven at 220 ° C. Separately prepare the tomato puree seasoned with salt and extra virgin olive oil (and if you like with dried oregano). Pour the mixture over the dough and bake the red pizza for 15 minutes in an oven already hot. Check the cooking from the edges, so that the pizza is crunchy but not too dry and remove it from the oven. If you like, add some fresh basil leaves.

The extra touch

Complete the red pizza with a flower of salt on its surface, it will give crunchiness and salty taste that is hard to resist! If you want to create alternatives, just before you take it out, add olives or anchovies or try this original recipe with raspberries and mixed fruit.

Prepare the grated parmesan waffles – Italian Cuisine

Easy to prepare, they are perfect to serve as an appetizer in a refined dinner

The grated parmesan waffles they are a very versatile preparation because they can be used as starters, garnished with vegetables or meat, and they give a delicious menu to your menu.

grated pods

Use them to make grated grains of the highest quality (Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano): grated mixtures also contain more fatty cheeses that compromise the result, preventing the creation of perfectly crispy wafers.

To prepare the grated parmesan waffles, mix the parmesan with the corn flour, in a proportion of 80 and 20%: do not exceed the 20% percentage of flour, otherwise the cialdina will not stay together, tending to crumble. For a result of effect, you can aromatize the waffle mixing various seeds, such as poppy, sesame, chopped aromatic herbs, herbs and spices to taste.

For a perfect result follow our tips in the tutorial.

Brexit, the British prepare with the food emergency kit – Italian Cuisine

It's called Brexit Box and contains 60 freeze-dried meals expiring in 25 years, a water filter and a device to light the fire. The exit panic without agreement from the EU is unleashed in Britain

A maxi kit with the necessary for survival: 60 freeze-dried meals, 48 ​​servings of meat, a water filter and a device to turn on the fire. And the Brexit Box, and many Britons have bought it in these days, in a hurry, with the fear of not being able to have the basic necessities.

Panic among the British

Last night the agreement on Brexit, which regulates the exit procedures, a result of two and a half years of negotiations between the Theresa May government and the European Union, was rejected with 432 votes against (and 202 in favor). A new draft is expected for next Monday. But the British know that as long as Parliament does not approve the agreement on Brexit, Britain will run the risk of leaving the European Union without guarantees. And the no deal it could have repercussions on the British economy. It is a hypothesis that terrorizes citizens: convinced that such an eventuality could be translated into lack of food and medicine, have unleashed one procurement race.

To buy one Brexit Box, launched in December by Emergency Food Storage, you spend the equivalent of 330 euros (but there is also the deluxe version of about 700). "Brexit could potentially be an emergency," CNN James Blake, co-owner of the company, told CNN. "We are in an unprecedented situation. The Brexit Box gives people the idea of ​​being able to control something when they can not control what is happening around them. "

Meanwhile, Dave Lewis, head of the supermarket chain Tesco, announced last week that he was working with suppliers to store canned food and non-perishable goods if they left the European Union without an agreement. On social platforms, such as Twitter and Reddit, or on Mumsnet parents' forum, users are sharing lists of products to stock up on.

How things really are

But they are unfounded fears: the "Financial Times" reported that according to the Government provisions are not necessary and, indeed, could to trigger panic. So much so that the London Metropolitan Police told CNN that concerns about the shortage of goods could lead to "a significant increase in customers" in supermarkets and suggested that stores should try to organize a security plan to "minimize requests for intervention by law enforcement agencies due to crowds or queues in shops ".

Meanwhile, Blake said that to buy the Brexit Box are people of all social classes, from the employee to the CEO: every day, on average, 25 are sold. "What we wanted to do is create a kit with everything". Among the products, which have one shelf life of 25 years, there are cans of macaroni with cheese, "bolognese" pasta and chicken tikka. Blake says he lived for a week eating only the Brexit Box foods, adding that "they are also pretty good".