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5 breakfasts to prepare with children – Italian Cuisine

5 breakfasts to prepare with children

The little ones prepare breakfast and the day starts immediately on the right foot and with a smile! So many ideas from pancakes to mug cake

These quarantine days are a bit like a continuous Sunday, because many families are at home with children and can calmly enjoy the Breakfast.
Preparing it together is a lot of fun and is a nice way to give the right boost to the mornings that always start a little "thoughtful".
Remember that children are a continuous surprise, and are capable of tearing a smile in any circumstance, so we take advantage of their collaboration in the kitchen and enjoy a peaceful breakfast together in the family.

Little chefs

The recipes for breakfast that can be prepared in the company of children are easy, obviously tasty, but also fun, creative and beautiful to look at.
For example i Pancake that are done quickly and that can be enriched in many ways. Use some molds to turn them into funny characters.
Even a simple one toast with jam it can be a game if you allow the little ones to spread the jam with a knife without a blade and without going outside the edges, as if it were a coloring page!
Finally you can play with fruit, artistic can be prepared bowls of yogurt and cereals and they can break the eggs.
What's more exciting than a child if not breaking eggs to do omelettes, crêpes and omelettes?


Pancakes are children's favorite pancakes because they are sweet, soft and spongy.
One on top of the other they become small towers and can be flooded with maple syrup, honey, melted chocolate and jam.
In preparing this recipe, the child can: break the eggs and mix them with the sugar and milk; sift the flour with the baking powder; mix everything with a hand whisk and then stack the pancakes once cooked.
Only the grown-ups are in the kitchen.
If you want to know more read How pancakes are made.

Peanut butter and jam toast

Anglo-Saxon children really like this breakfast because the peanut butter, like Nutella for us, is the delight of the delights par excellence.
In preparing this recipe, the child can: put the bread in the toaster; spread the peanut butter on one slice and the jam on another; possibly add fruit to taste.
Virtually grown-ups don't have to do anything!
If you want more ideas, read on 5 snacks with peanut butter that are prepared super fast.

Porridge resting in the refrigerator

This porridge does not require cooking, but is prepared in the evening before going to bed.
It is also called overnight oatmeal precisely because it rests in the refrigerator overnight.
In preparing this recipe, the child can: mix oat flakes or oatmeal with milk; add other ingredients to taste such as honey, cinnamon, cocoa; decorate the porridge in the morning with fruit, hazelnut or peanut spread and grain.
Even in this case, adults can watch.
If you want to know more read Our tips for preparing an excellent oatmeal

Smoothies and centrifuges

A good dose of fruit and vitamins it is good in the early morning and so it is up to the little ones to choose the ingredients to blend.
To prepare this recipe, the child can: wash the fruit well and put it in the blender bowl; pour into glasses and decorate.
The grown-ups must obviously operate the electrical devices.
If you want to know more read Our tips for making a smoothie.

Mug cake

A super fun recipe to make with kids.
A cake that is prepared directly in the cup and that cooks in the microwave for two minutes.
In preparing this recipe, the child can: mix all the ingredients in the cup, weigh them and dose them as per the recipe; put the cup in the microwave and operate it; decorate the cake.
Adults simply have to supervise
If you want to know more read How to prepare a Mug cake.

Father's Day: a menu to prepare with the children – Italian Cuisine

Father's Day: a menu to prepare with the children

March 19th is Father's Day. Here's how to celebrate it in the kitchen with 6 dishes to cook with the help of the youngest members of the family

Moms and children this article is for you. We want to offer you some ideas for pamper all dad on their feast day, March 19th. Yes, you know, the gifts prepared by children are always the most welcome and what is more beautiful than spending an evening with the family, all together at the table to eat something delicious cooked with your children? So prepare a nice table, make fun and colorful centerpieces and bring delicious dishes to the table, because we all know, the popes are always very greedy.

Kitchen ideas for Father's Day

Discover in the gallery our proposals for a amazing menu for this special party.
It's about simple dishes and true classics of our cuisine, Which can also be prepared cwith the help of the little ones. A menu that will appeal to the whole family … especially dads.

How to prepare risotto: tips and recipes – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare risotto: tips and recipes

Roasting, cooking, creaming: these are the three stages of preparing a risotto. Here's how to make these steps to bring Milanese risotto, but also sausage or parmesan

Pasta and risotto they are the first two par excellence of Italian cuisine, both very versatile, to be prepared with many different ingredients, but with the difference that the second is a less popular dish, certainly more widespread in the culinary tradition of northern Italy and a little more difficult to cook, due to the various phases that require its preparation and for its long cooking. It is therefore worth seeing together what are the fundamental steps of the preparation of a risotto.

Risotto: which rice to choose

Let's start from choice of rice. There are many varieties and some are more suitable than others for preparing risotto. According to the shape of the bean and the cooking properties, the rice is divided into common, semi-fine, fine and superfine. The last two sets are characterized by larger and tapered grains and a better seal in cooking because they cook more slowly and remain more al dente, therefore they are ideal for cooking risotto. Arborio, the Carnaroli, considered one of the best rice, Vialone Nano, a good alternative to Carnaroli, Volano, Roma, Baldo, Sant’Andrea.

Risotto: how to toast rice

The first fundamental step in the preparation of a risotto is the roasting rice which is used to give compactness to the grain and prevent it from breaking during cooking. So bring one wide saucepan, heat it and pour all the rice over it. Keep the rice mixed with a wooden spoon and toast it for a few minutes. You will understand when it is ready by touching it with your fingers and sniffing it: the rice must be very hot and release the aroma of the cereal. Roasting can also be done by adding a fat, or with an onion sauce (or shallot) is butter (or oil), and blending the rice, once toasted, with a glass of wine.

Cooking risotto: cooking and creaming

At this point the rice must be entirely covered with del hot broth that can be vegetable or of meat based on the risotto you want to prepare. During cooking, keep a moderate flame. The rice must always be completely covered by the liquid to ensure uniform cooking, therefore the broth must be continuously added, little by little and as it will be absorbed by the rice.
Cooking times vary according to the type of rice, but generally they are not less than 15-18 minutes. Once ready, the rice goes removed from the heat and stirred with a knob of cold butter and Parmesan cheese.

Risotto: how to prepare it first

Generally it is not done, because the best risotto is the espresso one, but if you want to go ahead with the rice preparation, proceed as explained above but stopping cooking a few minutes earlier, when the grain is chewable but still crunchy in the center. Roll out the rice in an airtight container to cool it and place it in the covered fridge. When you need to serve the risotto, put it back in the pot, add the broth, light the heat over medium heat, add any seasonings and cook keeping stirred. It will take you a few minutes and the rice will be ready. Keep out of the heat and serve.

Saffron risotto

The risotto par excellence is the saffron risotto. To prepare it, finely chop the onion and let it dry in a saucepan over very gentle heat with some butter. At this stage you can add ox marrow if you like. Add the rice and toast it on high heat for a minute, stirring. Then wet it with the white wine that you will evaporate. Pour the hot broth a little at a time, stirring occasionally. Cook the rice for about 16-20 minutes, according to the chosen rice, adding, halfway through cooking, two sachets of saffron. Salt if necessary. Remove the pan from the heat, add cold butter and grated Parmesan cheese and stir, stirring until the risotto is soft and creamy. Leave to rest for a minute with a lid then serve.

Sausage risotto

One of the most delicious risotto is certainly the risotto with sausage. Prepare it like this: sauté with a knob of butter and chopped shallots, then add the sausage into pieces, without casing, and brown it, mixing everything with a wooden spoon. Add the rice, let it toast for a few minutes and add some red wine. Proceed to cook the rice by adding hot broth as it is absorbed. Once cooked, remove from the heat and stir in butter and parmesan.

Risotto alla monzese

The risotto alla monzese it is prepared like the sausage one, only in the recipe we will use the luganega, a typical sausage from Monza and Brianza, a fresh sausage that looks like a long and narrow roll. It is light in color and its taste is sweet: it is made with pork, grana padano, marsala, meat broth and aromas.

Parmesan risotto

Another very tasty risotto, but also simple and that everyone likes is the risotto alla parmigiana. To do this, prepare a sauté with a little oil and the chopped onion, add the rice, brown it on a high flame, then blend it with red wine and continue cooking, stirring often and adding, a little at a time, some hot broth; after about 12 minutes, when the risotto is still al dente, add the diced scamorza cheese, melt it, then turn off, salt and stir in a knob of butter, a minced pepper and plenty of grated Parmesan. Let the risotto rest for a couple of minutes, then serve.

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