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How to prepare strudel dough – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare strudel dough

How to quickly prepare the pasta of this typical dessert of Trentino Alto Adige, but which has Turkish origins. The filling can be sweet, but also salty, the choice is yours

It is not about shortcrust pastry but not even puff pastry: the strudel dough it must be crunchy and very thin, and can be covered with powdered sugar.
Preparing it is easy: you need 200 g of flour, 1 egg, 20 g of peanut oil and about 70 g of water. Make the fountain with the flour, slightly salted; add the egg and the oil, finally the water. Knead the dough for a long time, to make it smooth and elastic.
Once spread it can be stuffed with a filling of apples, brown sugar, pine nuts, raisins, walnuts and cinnamon.
Pears can also be used and can also be stuffed with salty ingredients. The pasta is then rolled up and baked at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes.
If served as a dessert, it can be accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

We prepare the salmon carpaccio, a fresh and light dish – Italian Cuisine

Fresh and tasty, salmon carpaccio is a quick and very simple dish to prepare. With the most varied dressing it will acquire a different flavor every time

In these summer days, the high temperatures make you want fresh and light food, to be prepared in a short time, preferably without having to light the fires. Among the summer dishes full of taste there are undoubtedly the carpaccio, of meat or fish, to be seasoned in a few moves with genuine ingredients. Among them, the salmon carpaccio it is easy to prepare and with the right combinations it can become a quick appetizer or a second delicious.

Salmon carpaccio

Let's eat the fish safely

The fish, however to be eaten raw, must have been killed, to prevent it from developing bacteria and parasites (such asanisakis) capable of causing infections, sometimes very dangerous for health. To avoid these inconveniences, if it has not been killed by your fishmonger, leave it in the freezer for 96 hours, at -18 °: in this way you will be sure not to run into unpleasant surprises.

Different dressing, never the same taste

The nice thing about carpaccio is that it changes flavor depending on the dressing with which you will choose to bring it to the table. In the case of salmon, for example, in addition to an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, you can choose from the juice of different citrus fruits: orange (more delicate), lemon (more pungent), lime (more refined). Even grapefruit, with its particular taste, is suitable as a dressing for your carpaccio. And then pepper (of all colors and flavors), aromatic herbs (mint, chives, basil, marjoram, lemon thyme), vegetables (leeks, celery, peppers): you really have an infinite choice of ingredients to combine with your salmon to make it different every time.

The recipe for salmon carpaccio

Get a whole piece of salmon and with your fingers massage it for the entire length, to check for any thorns. Remove them with a special pliers, pulling in the direction of the plug itself. At this point with a long and smooth blade knife cut the slices of carpaccio that you will place on a serving plate. Prepare separately an emulsion with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. With this, season the carpaccio, cover it with a sheet of cling film and leave it to marinate for an hour in the fridge. First serve it, garnish with a few leaves of mixed salad, a few grains of pink pepper, a pinch of Maldon salt and, if you like a spicy tone, a grated ginger.

In the tutorial some more tips to prepare your salmon carpaccio

Cold rice cake: how to prepare it – Italian Cuisine

Cold rice cake: how to prepare it

For many the cold rice it's the summer dish. But in order not to always bring the same to the table rice salad, have you ever tried to put it in one die?

A cold rice cake

Imagine serving the rice salad not with a spoon, but cutting it into slices like a cake.
It is an original idea to bring a dish taken too much for granted to the table.
You can use the mold you prefer by choosing from a scenographic donut, a simple plum cake or a classic cake.
Here's how it's done.

Compact rice

We suggest you to use a particular rice for this cold rice cake, that is the sushi one because it remains more humid and compact.
The beans remain after cooking united and for this it is possible to use it both to make rolls as in the case of sushi, and a rice cake.
You can find this particular type of rice in all supermarkets and to cook it just follow the instructions on the packaging, but in general it must be cooked like the other types of rice, only that the water must be absorbed.
You can add or not therice vinegar which is foreseen in the preparation of sushi, it depends a little on the taste you want to obtain.
If you want to flavor and color the rice, you can add it to the saffron or of the turmeric and if you love them herbs you can make a sort of very light pesto and add them to the rice once it is cold.

The seasoning

In fact it would be better to speak of stuffed because this is a stuffed cake.
Between two layers of rice you can put whatever you prefer. For example a rice salad classic and therefore tuna, tomatoes and mayonnaise, but also one blue cheese cream with crunchy vegetable cubes if you want a vegetarian variant.
They are also very good slices of baked pepper with a cream of ricotta and basil, or the smoked salmon with guacamole.
The important thing is that it is something soft and creamy that binds the ingredients of the filling to obtain perfect slices.

How to compose the cold rice cake

Once the base is ready, that is the rice, spread part of it in a mold slightly greased with seed oil and then cover with a layer of filling which, as already mentioned, must be compact enough not to get lost in pieces once the slices have been cut.
Then cover with another layer of rice and complete everything with mixed seeds or chopped aromatic herbs. Let rest in the refrigerator for a few hours and then served in slices.
Better to use one hinge mold to obtain an aesthetically perfect cake.

Final decoration

You can leave your rice cake simple, with a white surface, but you can also have fun decorating it in many ways and with many ingredients.
We have already said some seeds. If you use them choose them in contrast, then the poppy seeds for example that are small and black and stand out on white rice. Or use some vegetables cut into confetti or cut out with cookie cutters: starlets of peppers, tomato fish, carrot flowers. If you have a certain manual skill, make some roses with vegetables.
To make the cake similar to a pastry cake, you can also decorate it with cake cheese creams spreading them with one spatula on a regular basis or by applying them to the cake with a sac à poche in a very elegant way.

Browse the tutorial to read more tips on preparing cold rice cake

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