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How to prepare risotto with zucchini and stracchino – Italian Cuisine

A simple and perfect first course for every occasion, from dinner a week to an important evening

A zucchini risotto It is a simple dish to prepare that appeals to the whole family, especially to children.
If you want to make it tastier and even richer, try adding a special ingredient: lo soft cheese.

Any advice for a good risotto

To prepare risotto with zucchini, first choose a good rice: Carnaroli or Arborio.
Being a very simple recipe it is really important to use top quality raw materials so you could buy the rice from a small local producer rather than a commercial product to get a better result.
Same thing for the zucchini and cheese. You can enrich the risotto with both flowers and tender leaves of the entire plant that you may not know, but they are edible and delicious and are cooked like any leaf vegetable. In general, with young leaves you will also find the small and not yet ripe fruits that are cooked are delicious.

Stracchino or crescenza?

You can whisk your risotto with stracchino or crescenza which are two soft and creamy cheeses that make the dish tastier and with an enveloping consistency.
We suggest the stracchino which has a more delicate taste, while if you prefer something stronger use crescenza.
There difference between the two cheeses there is even if perhaps not everyone knows it: stracchino is a cheese seasoned only for a few days and produced by “overcooked” cows, that is, tired when they come back from the pastures. The growth is instead a seasoned for 20 days.

risotto-soft cheese-and-zucchini

The risotto recipe with zucchini and stracchino

To make risotto with zucchini and stracchino, start with the classic risotto base and then let the chopped onion caramelize with a knob of butter in a pan with fairly high edges.
Then add the courgettes cut into thin slices and let them brown a little.
Then the rice is toasted (consider about two pugnettos per person for a perfect amount).
Blend it with the white wine and then continue cooking with some hot vegetable broth for about 12 minutes, until the rice becomes creamy. A pinch of salt and pepper and at this point add a tablespoon of stracchino and a fire off stir.
You can also not add the cheese in the risotto, but soften it and then use it to decorate the dish giving it the shape of a quenelle.

Even creamier

If you want to taste the taste of zucchini in risotto, but don't like the crunchy texture of vegetables, add them grated only during the cooking of the rice, in this way they will blend perfectly with the rest.

Fragrant herbs

This risotto has a delicate taste and therefore you can play a little with the herbs to make it more fragrant.
You can use the classic parsley that marries perfectly with the zucchini or even mint and basil to be added chopped during cooking.
Sage and thyme are also indicated, but be careful not to add too much.

How to serve it?

As we have already said. the dish is nicer if decorated with one quenelle of cream cheese and from some aromatic leaves.
You can serve it inside a parmesan basket or simply accompanied by a crunchy parmesan cheese pastry.

how to prepare a perfect soufflé – Italian Cuisine

how to prepare a perfect soufflé

Open the oven door and, with trepidation, you wonder: will it deflate? The soufflé has always been the most feared preparation, which can give great satisfaction and as many failures. In order to keep it well "swollen" the secret lies in the preparation of the mold and in the cooking, sweet and controlled

Cross and delight of cooks of all times, it has always been a test bench for even the most expert.
At first it was just an omelette: omelettes. Then an unknown gastronomic genius had the inspiration to inflate it: omelette soufflée (from the French souffler, to blow). In short, the new preparation was simply called soufflé. The story of the adjective that becomes a name speaks volumes about the charm of this dish, which enchants not so much for its substance as for its shape.

The origins

Around the middle of the seventeenth century, as Le Cuisinier françois of La Varenne attests, the effect of heat on whipped egg whites was already known, but we must wait for Le Cuisinier moderne by La Chapelle (1742) to find the first soufflé omelette, a base of veal kidney, whipped cream, egg yolks and egg whites. At the end of the century the soufflé was already widespread in France and in the rest of Europe in sweet and savory variants, while notoriety and prestige continued to grow throughout the nineteenth century.

An unstoppable rise

The fragility of the soufflé itself decreed its success and made it the object of intrepid culinary experimentation. It reached the peak of popularity with the famous chef Antonin Carême (1784- 1833), who codified the types and presented it in individual portions, able to guarantee an excellent success. In Italy it became blown or soufflet, as Artusi called it, who proposed six versions, five sweet and one salty. Alletta, but does not feed: it is perhaps for this reason that it is not found in Italian regional cookbooks, except in only two appearances, in Trentino and in Tuscany. At the center of attention of the great cooks of the Belle Époque, it has reached the present day, renewing its amazement every time.

For 10 results and praise

Salty or sweet, at the base that you want to "blow" you add the béchamel, egg yolks and finally whipped egg whites. The air particles contained in them, in contact with the heat of the oven, expand, doubling the starting volume.
Follow our advice and all the preparation steps.

Soft donut: let's learn how to prepare it – Italian Cuisine

It is one of the classic pies for morning's inception, but stuffed it becomes a sophisticated dessert, perfect for a fine meal

The soft donut it is one of the easiest and quickest cakes to prepare, perfect to taste like this, with only a sprinkling of icing sugar, or stuffed with jams, berries, creams or, again, covered with icings, for a more delicious result. scenic. Served smooth, it is the classic dessert suitable all'inzuppo, for morning breakfast or snack. Stuffed or garnished with creams or fruits, it can become a more intriguing proposal for the end of a meal.

A recipe, a thousand variations

The ciambellone is actually the classic cake that can be prepared in many ways, each time obtaining a completely different dessert, both in texture and in fillings. With the same softness, though. You can use refined flours or a mixture enriched with whole grain products; you can add a small amount of cocoa and get a colored dough; or mix cereals like oats or dried fruit to have a crunchy effect. Let yourself be guided by your intuition, but remember to keep the proportions among the ingredients, to not lose the typical softness of this cake.

soft donut

A lactose free version

For who is it lactose intolerant, there is a lactose free version of soft donut, which is prepared using lactose-free milk or water, in the same quantities, and sunflower oil instead of butter. In this case, based on the recipe given here, you will have to enter 128 g.

The classic recipe of soft donut


300 g flour – 150 g sugar – 1 sachet of yeast – 3 eggs – 160 g butter – 120 ml milk – 1 vanilla pod – the rind of an untreated lemon.


First put the butter (which you have kept at room temperature) in a bowl and start working with the whisk until it becomes frothy. Add the eggs, one after the other, continuing to mix with a wooden spoon, until they are all perfectly incorporated. At this point add the vanilla pods and the rind of a lemon and then the flour previously sifted with baking powder. Pour the milk at this point, continuing to stir, to prevent lumps from forming. Once the mixture is homogeneous, pour it into a buttered donut and sprinkled with flour. With a spatula, level the mixture and then bake at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Before removing the cake, try the toothpick: insert it into the dough and it will come out dry, meaning that the cake is cooked to the right point.

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