ABC of mixology: how to prepare Spritz (video) – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Welcome to our special ABC of mixology.
If you are passionate about aperitifs and cocktails, as well as good food, this is the right place for you. In addition to recommending fantastic recipes, The Italian kitchen shares with its readers the basics ofABC of mixology. As already happens monthly in the magazine, here on our website you will find history, ingredients, photos and videos to make the great classics of world mixing even at home. Parties on the occasion of World Cocktail Day with theAmericanthis article will be updated periodically with new amazing drinks suggested by the best Italian (and non-Italian) bartenders. The advice is to save this link in your favorites to always have the right information at hand and amaze your guests. Cheers!

ABC of mixology

Let’s get started, guided by Edris Al Malatbar manager of the pizzeria/cocktail bar Dry Milano, fromAmerican.
It is one of the traditional Italian cocktails, best known and appreciated in the world. Although the name may suggest a foreign origin, the main ingredients of this drink leave no room for doubt: vermouth (or vermouth) and bitters. Its history, as with almost all the first cocktails, is nebulous and there are many versions that tell it.

It is said that it is called that because it is dedicated to Primo Carnerathe great Italian boxer, very famous in the United States, after his victory in the World Heavyweight Championship in 1933.

Or is it theevolution of Milan-Turin (or Turin-Milan depending on where you drink…) “Americanized” by adding a good dose of soda and ice to the Turin vermouth and the Milanese bitter.

What certainly interests us, however, is learning how to prepare it. Here you are the official IBA recipe (International Bartenders Association).

The American


How to prepare Americano at home

Ingredients for 1 drink

This recipe has already been read 45 times!

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