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How to hydrate yourself with food without drinking – Italian Cuisine


With the arrival of the hot season, drinking plenty of water is essential. For this reason, the strategies to stay well hydrated and provide our bodies with the right amount of fluids can be differentiated, also by trying to fill up with hydration.

The importance of water

174817With the food, every day, we can enter our body 20 percent of liquids necessary for living (and the human body is formed for 70-80% of water): choosing well then which foods to eat and cook, this percentage may rise again. THE benefits of a properly hydrated body, they are visible externally: the skin is more relaxed, we have more energy physical and mental lucidity, less water retention and also internally, because the water fights the sluggish metabolism, but also hypertension, helps to eliminate toxins correctly, in addition to regulating the correct intestinal functions. What then are the foods that help us, more than others, to enter more liquids into the body?

Cucumbers: they win the record

The winning ingredient is the palm with the highest percentage of water (97%): to be eaten raw in pinzimonio, or to be mixed in all kinds of recipes, such as the famous Greek tzatziki.

Radishes: hydrate and help the metabolism

A fresh and tasty vegetable, to be combined with tasty salads or to be crunched as if it were starving. Radishes contain 95% of water inside them. Their slightly spicy flavor also helps the metabolism and is an excellent ally to combat excessive appetite.

Tomatoes: fresh and suitable for all types of recipes

Although they are not a typical summer fruit, they are now 12 months a year. They have 94.5% of water inside them. From sandwiches to salads and as a base for every type of recipe, fresh tomatoes help to hydrate the body.

Peppers: the greens are the best

Even the peppers are excellent allies for their water supply: the yellow and the red ones contain 92% of liquids, while the most moisturizing are the green ones, in which the percentage rises to 94%.

Watermelon: rich in mineral salts and vitamins

Among the fruit, watermelon is one of the best sources of water.
It also contains vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and potassium which regulate pressure and help counteract water retention.

Eva Perasso
10 November 2015

updated by Elisa Nata
June 2019


Shopping: better frozen or canned food? – Italian Cuisine


Let's start from the assumption that fresh (and in season) is better, but when you can't find the product on the market every day and we want a varied and balanced diet, frozen foods and canned foods often come to our aid, helping us also to limit waste at the table and therefore, they do not always represent absolute evil. With the necessary precautions and always keeping an eye on the label, you can buy products in total safety.

Let's start with frozen foods
176146Italians love them very much, buy them and often consume them, especially appreciating the quality and practicality of use, according to the latest "Annual Report on Consumption of Frozen Products in Italy", of theItalian Frozen Food Institute (IIAS), the frozen food market in 2018 tends to remain stable compared to the previous year and to drive sales are "out of home" consumption, while the data for the first four months of 2019 bode well, showing signs of positive development. "Frozen food – he claims Vittorio Gagliardi, President of IIAS – confirmed that they are an integral part of the daily eating habits of Italians, not only at home but also outside the home, confirming that sub-zero products are increasingly becoming an essential element even in the kitchens of our restaurants. In fact – continues Gagliardi – the main prerogatives of the frozen product (that is, the high quality and naturalness of the raw materials, the availability in every period of the year, the high nutritional content, the absolute hygiene and food safety) have now also conquered the chefs and restaurateurs from all over Italy, holding an important place in high quality cuisine ". The product offered by frozen food companies is healthy, safe and traceable and allows chefs to have every type of ingredient available, even out of season.

176152Among the most popular merchandise segments, the photograph taken by the IIAS reveals, the vegetables are confirmed, followed by fish products, while the consumption of frozen potatoes continues to grow and the pizzas are confirmed as a product very appreciated by the consumer, thanks to innovation continues and the constant expansion of the offer. By now the myth that frozen products lose their nutritional properties has been dispelled, thanks to greater information from the consumer who knows that vegetables are frozen a few hours after harvesting, maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the fresh or that the fish caught is frozen directly on the boat or kept at a temperature such as to allow processing immediately after disembarking. The only preservative is cold. Food safety standards exist, verified by checks and analyzes on the supply chain and carried out according to the law.

Some rules to follow
Of course, it is good to follow some important rules during product selection, transport and storage, such as putting it in the shopping cart at the end of the shopping and buying it in highly frequented sales points, guaranteeing a good product rotation, avoiding choosing broken, wet or frosted packages.

Use thermal bags during transport and once at home, if some food is partially defrosted, place it in the fridge and consume it within a day. Important rule: never refreeze a product that has already been thawed.

As for the conservation, our freezer comes to the aid with the stars that indicate the maximum storage times of the different foods. It is always the rule of not opening the freezer (and the fridge) in case of black out.

In addition to being safe, frozen foods also represent accomplices in the fight against food waste. The reasons are many, but among the main reminds us of the IIAS, there is the long duration of storage and optimization of household waste, because basically what you buy frozen is eaten 100%, just because we tend to use only the portion that is needed at the moment.

And the canned foods?
176149Even for canned foods, the tendency is to consider them not genuine, a stock to keep in the pantry for emergencies. They often contain salt, sugar, flavorings and preservatives, so reading the label well is one of the main precautions to follow before purchasing and prefer those "natural" and without salt. Also in this case it will be good to pay attention to the choice of the package, which must not have bulges, dents or breakages. Check the boxing date, which is not too far in time, even if the deadlines are long.

As for the legumes, for example, it is suggested to eliminate the preserving liquids that usually contain salt and rinse the product before using it for cooking preparations.

"We're talking about explains Dr. Annalisa Russo, nutritionist biologist – of foods that retain their organoleptic characteristics, as the treatments suffered to allow their conservation are not particularly aggressive and in the case of vegetables the original taste is not excessively altered. As far as the nutritional aspect is concerned, it should be specified that the food does not maintain the characteristics it has at its origin, especially as regards vitamins and mineral salts". The passage of time and the heat treatment that foods undergo for canning are aspects that contribute to the reduction of vitamins, a process that starts from the moment the product is collected. Even steel packaging is environmentally friendly, cans, large barrels, boxes and closures can be recycled many times, maintaining their characteristics intact.

Keeping the theme, the star chef Moreno Cedroni, during the last edition of Terra Madre at the Salone del Gusto in Turin, he made gourmet creations starting from two products, tomato and anchovy, preserved in steel containers. The chef, fascinated by this preservation process, began to study it to understand how to keep canned perfumes and flavors, starting from his "starred" recipes and relying on research and his creativity.

Mariacristina Coppeto
June 2019


How to avoid junk food, which kills more than smoke and alcohol – Italian Cuisine


The junk food – which damages not only us, but also the environment – kills more than alcohol and cigarettes: a journalistic investigation by the British The Guardian demonstrates this. But how to avoid eating unhealthy foods in today's world?

There is clearly "junk" food – the one for which there is no excuse for "Ah, but I didn't know it hurt" – and then increasingly misleading food – appears healthy, indeed, perhaps even pointing to its own presumed genuineness – but in reality it is not at all (see here a list of 7 common "fake" healthy foods). The consumer must be wary. And it's a matter of life or death.

In 2015 only in the United Kingdom cigarettes have killed 7 million people. Alcohol has killed 2.75 million. And the wrong diet? Food has killed 12 million people. we don't think the problem is just across the Channel. The Bel Paese, with its very strong resources and culinary traditions, eats worse and worse. And it shows with his children: at least one fifth of Italian children are overweight. And those who feed badly are more feeble, from all points of view.

What does it mean to eat badly? Unfortunately the junk food is no longer just chips & burgers of fast-food, but many of the food bases of our industrial society. The common flour white wheat is a junk food, almost completely lacking in nutrients and loaded with calories and gluten. Sugar White. Even the fruit, by dint of selections and cultivations that aim at other factors and not quality, is on average sweeter, less nutritious.

Here are some tips. The premise is that the important thing is the quality of the ingredients: choose products on less refined and industrially preserved possible. And the least poisoned as possible: organic is a step forward but it must be taken with caution, because there is biological and biological … Better if ever biodynamic. Better also eating a little simpler, but genuine.

176266 Let's start with breakfast. Are you used to brioche and don't want to give up the sweetness to start the day? Do as Pinocchio: bread, butter and sugar. It is of a touching gluttony and, if the ingredients are good, it is much healthier and no more caloric than any croissant. Choose well the flours with which the bread is made and possibly opt for the one prepared with sourdough yeast. A good organic butter and many recommendations on sugar: choose a good sugar, which nourishes as well as sweetening and is not harmful to health. Alternatively, of course, there is the honey with a thousand wonders, but also the fructose that does not alter the taste, only if it is of value. You want instead cookies? Make them at home, especially if you have children: they are very fast and at that point you are guaranteed quality! Yogurt: the Greek one (or poured) is much healthier – industrial yoghurts, full of sugars & c, are not so much at all, often … And then: it is really time to start making breakfasts a little more substantial, maybe even savory: the eggs they do very well, they can be spread on bread a ripe avocado (with a pinch of salt, or even sugar) or opt – especially in summer – for a nice one Catalan breakfast, ie bread with a good extra virgin olive oil and the tomato rubbed on top.

176278Pizza and beer? Sure. The pizza, returning to our good bread, we can do in super-simple and mouth-watering version by putting in the oven some nice slices of bread or good pan bread with tomato sauce, oil, cheese and oregano. Prohibited slices, which unfortunately are referred to as 'cheese': get a good pecorino dolce or a provola verace made from thinly sliced ​​from the counter of the cured meat. Or make us one Cheese Italian Pizza Bread fast and delicious with soaked carasau bread, stracchino, oil and salt. The beer we choose our local e crafts. Of the piadina there is something good that does not have yeast, and it can also be the basis of many delicious recipes and fillings: choose it spelled and with olive oil.

176269 Hamburger: waiting for what it comes from a plant and bleeds like an animal, there are so many thousand vegetarian burger recipes (for example this one). But it is certainly not the same thing. For the meat, however, attention of the consumer must be at the highest level: honor yourself and the animal that offers itself in food by carefully choosing quality. Did you know that the organic one contains twice the Omega 3? Did you know that today at the supermarket there are more and more meats, cold cuts and eggs labeled "without antibiotics"? And about French fries, you can replace them with crunchy vegetable chips do-it-yourself. They are delicious like those in a bag, inside which, instead, what glitters is not gold …

176272And the snacks? Instead of candy, ginger or other candied fruit – or even better dehydrated. And then the good fruit !!! We must get used to his taste and the satisfaction he brings; more: makes you lose weight, word of Harvard! Never forget the value of dried fruit, rather covered in chocolate, as long as it is well melted. And in this regard: instead of the snack, the dear, old Bread & Chocolate (also spent a moment in the oven, crunchy one, melted and melting the other!). A good chocolate, a good bread and the circle closes!

Carola Traverso Saibante
June 2019


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