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Talento, Stefano Bollani and Food For Soul: great Berlucchi party – Italian Cuisine

Talento, Stefano Bollani and Food For Soul: great Berlucchi party

Friday 22 October is a great day for the newly awarded winery Cantina dell’Anno 2022: here's how to participate

Friday 22 October is another important date to mark on the calendar for the Guido Berlucchi, a recently proclaimed pioneer company of Franciacorta Gambero Rosso winery of the year 2022. A day of celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the birth of the first bottle of Franciacorta, wanted and created by Franco Ziliani in 1961, founding father of an entire wine area, with ben two extraordinary events. The first of a visionary cultural nature: in the historic headquarters of Palazzo Lana in Borgonato (BS), the 3rd Edition of Academia Berlucchi 2021 with the theme "Talent, nourishment for the Future". The second, an extraordinary one benefit concert by Stefano Bollani at the Teatro Grande in Brescia open to the public, which will contribute to the support of the ONLUS "Food for Soul”By Lara Gilmore and Massimo Bottura. Congratulations!

Academia Berlucchi 2021

The 3rd edition of Academia Berlucchi on October 22 will have as its theme the "Talent, nourishment for the future"Which will participate – in an open reflection on the Future, New Generations and Sustainable Development – leading names including the architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri, the botanist, essayist and popularizer Prof. Stefano Mancuso, the theologian and philosopher Prof. Vito Mancuso, Irina Mella Burlacu, founder and owner of Vita International, Lara Gilmore, founder, together with her husband Massimo Bottura, of the ONLUS Food for Soul e Barbara Nappini, new president of Slow Food Italy. To lead the guests into dialogue with each other will be John Antwerp, Deputy Director and author of RAI 1, always sensitive to socio-environmental issues e Caroline Corbetta, curator of contemporary art and founder of @ilcrepaccio, collective of art and founding members of the Board of Academia Berlucchi.

Stefano Bollani in concert

To underline Guido Berlucchi's indissoluble relationship with his territory, the day of 22 October will close with an extraordinary benefit concert by the multifaceted artist Sefano Bollani at the Teatro Grande in Brescia – open to public. The evening will contribute to the support of the ONLUS Food for Soul, a cultural project created to give light and voice to the unexpressed potential of people, places and food. The most talented and eclectic Italian composer will entertain the audience with his cultured improvisations and his acrobatic monologues in music. As stated in the official presentation, Plan only is "a tribute to the art of improvisation. When Stefano Bollani takes the stage for his one man show, anything can happen. There is no lineup, no room program to cling to to follow the succession of songs. The viewer is drawn into a different adventure every evening, a breathtaking journey through musical horizons that are only apparently distant. One can thus pass from his compositions to Carosone, from jazz to Brazilian rhythms, with sudden forays into pop or the Italian repertoire of the 1940s. In this real flow of musical consciousness, laughter and emotion mix ".

Tickets for the concert on 22 October (with admission from 8.00 pm, for the necessary health checks) can be purchased on the www.vivaticket.com platform and at the Teatro Grande Box Office (tel. 030 2979333; ticket office@teatrogrande.it. Hours: Tue-Fri 13.30-19.00, Sat 15.30-19.00).


– PLATEA and STAGES I-II-III order € 55.00

– THE GALLERY and IV-tier STAGES € 30.00

– II GALLERY € 20.00

World Food Day 2021 – Sale & Pepe – Italian Cuisine


Here are some initiatives on the occasion of World Food Day 2021


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Today, as every October 16th, the World Food Day and do you know why? The anniversary was announced in 1979, during the 20th General Conference of the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) precisely to commemorate the day it was founded, October 16, 1945. The goal of World Food Day? It's not just one, there are several. The first is that of raise awareness, inform and find solutions to problems related to malnutrition, hunger, poverty, food security; the second is precisely to push people to find solutions, to Act for the sake of common health.
Each year the issues that are addressed mainly revolve around the theme of agriculture in fact, not surprisingly, this year too the focus will be precisely this: transform agri-food systems to improve production, the environment and the quality of life.

Initiatives for World Food Day 2021
There are many initiatives and activities related to World Food Day 2021, today we will tell you about two in particular.

Action Against Hunger
"Never go hungry again"Is the manifesto drawn up by Action Against Hunger together with great artists and celebrities such as Tiziano Ferro, Federica Pellegrini, Dario Vergassola, Marco Cappato, Chiara Maci and many others for raise awareness as many people as possible to make ethical and socially responsible choices. "With a planet that is, in fact, capable of producing enough food for all, long-available, effective and low-cost cures against child malnutrition, cooperation projects capable of realizing the self-sufficiency of vulnerable communities, we are the first generation in history that can eliminate hunger – he has declared Simone Garroni, general manager of Action Against Hunger -. Yet, in the last five years, hunger has returned to grow, affirming itself, in Italy and in the world, as a contemporary plague: 811 million people suffer from hunger and over 2 million children die every year due to malnutrition. It is unacceptable! Hunger is man-made and our leaders must have more courage and demonstrate the political will to fight its underlying reasons: conflicts, inequalities and climate change". The manifesto also wants to be a starting point and food for thought for all national and international leaders to carry out concrete actions and interventions in compliance with global needs.

FICO Eataly Bologna
World Food Day also takes on one sustainable look, indeed FIG Eataly Bologna, the food theme park, will host from 14 October to 17 October events and show cooking focused on the "recovery kitchen". The chefs of FICO restaurants will teach you how to reduce food waste in the kitchen of your own home with a view to reuse, zero waste and sustainability. The three days is aimed at raise awareness visitors on the amount of food that is discarded every day in the kitchen, do you think that almost8% of the food you buy is thrown away (Adoc data). Impressive, isn't it? And what is even more shocking is that in the more affluent countries there is a tendency to discard the amount of food necessary to feed almost a billion people.

Some FAO figures
The latest FAO report on food safety (SOFI 2021) draws us a shocking scenario: in the last year the number of people suffering from hunger has increased considerably, currently there are some 161 million worldwide. The causes? They are many. Wars, climate change, social and gender inequalities,… For example, the Global report on Food Crisis 2021 explains that 6 out of 10 people (among those who suffer from hunger) live in war zones.

What can we do to reduce waste?
191901 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2021/10/scaricare-app-@salepepe.jpg "width =" 210 "style =" float: left;In our own small way, we can help reduce waste and prevent bakeries, bars and restaurants from throwing away leftover food. Like? Of course with technology! There are several smartphone apps that you can download as To Good To Go which, with more than 80,000 affiliated stores around the world, gives merchants the opportunity to sell their unsold goods of the day at a reduced price. Last minute under the house, instead, it is an application that allows merchants to report foods with a short expiry date, those foods that could not be sold in the store but still too good to be discarded, the app works in the same way myFOODY. Or, Bring The Food, another very useful app that boasts collaboration with the Banco Alimentare Foundation which is committed to recovering all the surplus food from large-scale distribution, canteens and restaurants to provide it to the most needy through non-profit organizations.

October 2021

Giulia Ferrari

Posted on 10/16/2021


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World Food Day: Bottura, Ambassador against food waste – Italian Cuisine

Grundig together with the United Nations against food waste. Massimo Bottura is the exceptional Ambassador of the awareness campaign that started on 29 September, which culminates today for World Food Day

Today is the World Food Day. Grundig, joined the United Nations to combat food waste, throwing a communication and awareness campaign aimed at promoting better awareness on this global issue. The awareness campaign revolved around two days of globally recognized celebrations established by FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations): the International Day of Awareness Raising on Food Losses and Waste, which was celebrated on 29 September and World Food Day, which takes place today. This day is aimed at raising public awareness on the issues of poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

Campaign objectives

The aim is therefore to create a common conscience to highlight food waste as a theme closely linked to the emission of greenhouse gases and, consequently, to climate change. According to official data on the issue of food waste released by the UN in its "The Food Waste Index Report 2021", 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with uneaten food: food waste is, therefore, everyone's problem and starts from the home environment.

Illustrations by Gianluca Biscalchin

How to act, then?

With a strong Call to Action, Grundig invites everyone to join the campaign "THE MORE WE ARE, THE MORE WE HALVE" or "THE MORE WE ARE, THE MORE WE HALVE". As the United Nations reports, we are all responsible for our planet: only by going together in the direction of responsibility can global change be brought about. The campaign aims to inspire, educate, raise awareness and engage people, encouraging them to take action. It is a call to action that wants to encourage everyone to join the cause, taking small responsible actions on a daily basis, starting from your home environment.

Illustrations by Gianluca Biscalchin

An exceptional Brand Ambassador

AND Massimo Bottura is the Brand Ambassador of this campaign. The Chef patron of the Osteria Francescana, social activist, is the most representative spokesperson for the appeal: Bottura was in fact recently appointed UNEP Goodwill Ambassador (Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Program) with the aim of stepping up the fight against food waste and loss around the world.


How the campaign develops

The Awareness Campaign developed on digital and social channels of the HQ and the countries where the brand operates on September 29, where the Video Announcement by Massimo Bottura with 7 video animations containing some reflections on food waste and simple but fundamental suggestions on how it is possible to fight it starting from your child. Each pill Video highlighted a different facet of domestic food waste: or the problem of food waste and leftovers, the huge amount of food that is thrown away because it is aesthetically unattractive or because it is too close to the expiration date. In these contents, the consumer becomes aware of the urgency of the problem, through official data released by the UN: we thus discover that by reducing food waste, we could eliminate more than 8% of global gas emissions, which every person wastes 121 kg of food per year, that 17% of food destined for consumption is wasted and other disconcerting data. The idea is also that to suggest solutions inspiring people to make small conscious gestures.

Grundig's commitment

The company engaged in the consumer electronics sector, which since 1945 develops products with a distinctive design and cutting-edge technology, aims to support the 12th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, aimed at halving food waste by 2030. Grundig is a company historically committed to respecting and protecting environmental resources. The company can in fact boast a concrete commitment and the implementation of many projects on the topic of food waste: first of all "Respect Food" the cultural movement created to raise awareness and educate on the global problem of food waste, with which the company is an official partner, since its origins in 2016 of Food for Soul, the non-profit organization created by Massimo Bottura, which promotes social inclusion and food sustainability through the opening of refectories around the world.


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