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Risotto with nettles – Recipe Risotto with nettles of – Italian Cuisine

First of all clean the nettles: wear gloves, rinse the nettles well, remove the stems and wash them again.

Sauté in a pan with salt and oil, then drain from the excess water, keeping it aside.

Then whisk them with a mixer or a blender and set them aside.

Finely chop the onion and sauté in a pan with a little oil.
Add the rice and toast it: when it starts to become transparent, add the wine.

When the wine has evaporated, start adding the hot stock, 1-2 ladles at a time, adding more as it is absorbed.
After the first 5 minutes of cooking, add the nettle cream and continue cooking.
Once the rico is ready (it will take about 15 minutes in total, but it depends on the rice you used), stir in butter and parmesan.

Serve your risotto with nettles and serve with another little parmesan.

Risotto with asparagus and saffron – Italian Cuisine

The asparagus and saffron risotto it is a risotto based on spring vegetables such as peas, asparagus and spring onion; it is excellent if prepared with fresh ingredients and a very light vegetable broth that does not cover its delicate taste. It's a vegetarian first course rich, with a rustic but at the same time refined look, perfect for an important family meal or a convivial dinner with friends

There Salt & Pepper recipe it is simple, it involves two phases: cooking vegetables in a pan, seasoning with cream and saffron and risotto. Only from the wise union of these two preparations is born the asparagus and saffron salt from Salt & Pepper: a vegetarian risotto, very delicate and tasty

If anyone thinks that the asparagus and saffron salt from Salt & Pepper don't be creamy, you are wrong! This is precisely the characteristic that holds the ingredients together and characterizes this risotto with a fresh and springy taste

Preparation of risotto

with asparagus and saffron

1) Clean the asparagus and deprive them of the final part of the stem, wash them and cut them into small pieces; cut into slices 2 spring onions (if they are very soft you can also use the white part). Melt 20 g of butter in a non-stick pan, add the vegetables you've prepared and let them season for a few moments. If they dry too wet with the hot broth, salt, pepper and cuocile again for 6-7 minutes; then join the peas shelled and continues cooking For others 10 minutes.

2) Put the cream in a bowl, combine the stigmas of saffron, shredding them with your hands, mixes them well. When all the vegetables are well cooked, add the cream to the saffron, mix gently and cook over high heat for a few seconds, then turn off the heat and set aside, preferably at room temperature.

3) Prepare the risotto, by frying the chopped onion with 30 g of butter in a large saucepan; add the rice, toast it for a few moments, then sprinkle it with a generous sprinkle of White wine. Allow to evaporate over high heat stirring constantly, then add a couple of ladles of broth hot. Bring to a boil, lower the heat and finish cooking by adding plenty of hot broth every time the rice tends to dry (keep in mind that it should be very creamy).

4) Finish cooking, add the remaining butter and the Parmesan, mix carefully and leave to rest with the lid for a few moments. Distribute the risotto in the dishes and add, on each portion, a few tablespoons of hot vegetables. Serve immediately risotto with asparagus and saffron and, if you like, sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.

Risotto with rennet apples, crispy pancetta and rosemary – Italian Cuisine

The usual risotto? No thanks! With a bit of imagination we can find new and tasty combinations. Like the apple and the pancetta, an unusual and very tasty couple.

The broth slowly simmering, the grains of rice sizzling in the pot. Of course, for the risotto it takes patience, it is a dish that you start to enjoy just listening to the sounds of cooking and the scents that slowly spread in the kitchen.

And the beauty is that every seasoning is the right one, from vegetables to cheese, from meat to fruit! Passwords: fantasy and experimentation. And here is the perfect pair of apples and bacon in risotto. She, the rennet apple Melinda, is the sweet and soft part, with that consistency that blends perfectly with the soft waves of risotto. And with that bit of acidity that takes pancetta, crunchy and very tasty, by the hand.

Not forgetting that the Melinda rennet apple is a real superfood: rich in polyphenols, while we taste it in risotto, in a salad or in a cake, it helps us fight against cell aging.

How to prepare risotto with rennet apples, crispy pancetta and rosemary

risotto with rennet apple ingredients


300 g of carnaroli rice

2 small Melinda apples or 1 large Melinda apple

100 g of sweet pancetta

half a glass of white wine

a shallot

40 g of butter

some rosemary needle

vegetable broth q.b.

Salt and Pepper To Taste.


Put half of the butter in a risotto dish, let it melt gently and sauté the finely chopped shallot.

Wash a rennet apple Melinda, peel it, deprive it of the core and cut it into cubes.

Once the shallot is wilted, pour the diced apple together with half of the diced bacon and a few needles of rosemary in the risotto dish: let it flavor until the pancetta becomes crispy.

Put half of the cooked apples and pancetta aside and pour the rice into the risotto dish: let it cook for a few minutes and add the white wine.

Let it evaporate and start adding the vegetable stock.

Continue cooking, stirring and gradually adding the broth.

Meanwhile cook the remaining bacon in the microwave to make it crunchy for a couple of minutes, turning it every 30 seconds (alternatively, cook it in a non-stick pan with no added fat).

Cut the second Melinda rennet apple into slices after washing it thoroughly and removing the core.

Cook the slices in the pan with the remaining butter, a few needles of rosemary, salt and pepper for a couple of minutes per side.

Once the rice is cooked, add the apples and pancetta, kept aside at the beginning of cooking, and serve with the apple slices alternating with the crispy bacon.

Perfume with fresh ground pepper and serve immediately.