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Meatballs, sausages and chestnuts – Italian Cuisine

»Meatballs, sausages and chestnuts

Clean the chestnuts with a cloth, cut a cross on the rounded part, boil them for about 40 minutes, then peel, peel and chop them.

Add the minced meat, the crumbled sausage, the lightly squeezed bread, the egg, the Parmesan and a pinch of salt, and mix.

With slightly moistened hands, take a little mixture at a time, flatten it in your hands, put a small piece of cheese in the center and close to form a meatball.
Continue like this with all the other meatballs, then pass them in the breadcrumbs, making it adhere evenly.

Peel the onions and cut them into thin slices, then sauté them in a pan with salt and oil and finally stew them with hot broth, adding aromatic herbs to taste (I sage and marjoram).

Meanwhile, brown your meatballs in another non-stick pan with a little oil, turning them to brown them evenly, then quickly pass them back into the pan with the onions, blending with a little broth, just long enough to flavor.

The sausage and chestnut meatballs are ready, serve them immediately.

Puff pastry rolls with pears and chocolate – Italian Cuisine

»Puff pastry rolls with pears and chocolate

Peel the pear, remove the central core, cut it into cubes and mix it with the brown sugar.

Divide the puff pastry into 9 equal parts, then stuff them with a piece of chocolate and a little pear, leaving the edges free.

Close the bundles bringing all the corners towards the center and joining them together, then transfer them to the baking tray lined with parchment paper, brush them with a little milk and, if desired, add a little brown sugar.

Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden brown at 180 ° C, in a preheated convection oven.

The puff pastry bundles with pears and chocolate are ready: let them cool a little, decorate with icing sugar and serve.

Onion and potato soup – Italian Cuisine

»Onion and potato soup

Peel the potatoes and onions and cut the first into cubes and the second into slices.

Put the butter and onions in a saucepan and let them soften, then add the potatoes, cover with the broth and cook for at least 30 minutes with the lid on.

Remove the lid, season with salt and pepper, add the sifted flour and continue cooking until you get a thick and creamy soup, with well cooked potatoes.

The onion and potato soup is ready, serve it immediately with the croutons.

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