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Frico, a delicious mix of potatoes, cheese and onions – Italian Cuisine

Frico, a delicious mix of potatoes, cheese and onions

A typical preparation of Carnia where in the past it was a substantial meal for lumberjacks and shepherds

The frico it is a dish of the Friulian country tradition, made of potatoes, onions and a lot of cheese. It originates from Carnia, a region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where cows are raised to produce the cheese that is used for this preparation, the Montasio, and which binds together all the ingredients of this sort of well-roasted pie.

The crust: the essential x factor

One of the characteristics of the frico is his crispy crust, which contains the soft soul of the cheese. Getting it is simple: once all the ingredients are cooked in a pan, pour a spoonful of oil and then the mixture into a non-stick pan. Let it cook for a few minutes over high heat and on the surface the golden crust will form which will give the final touch to your frico.

The secret to a compact frico

Frico can be served as a single dish or become the basis of a finger food. In this case it is good that its texture is as homogeneous and compact as possible. To achieve this, it is essential chop all the ingredients, so that they mix well and have a regular shape. Then pass both the potatoes and the cheese in the big hole grater. This is possible if you use a well-aged cheese. Otherwise you will have to cut it with a knife and cut it into small pieces.

The recipe for frico


500 g potatoes

500 g Montasio cheese

2 red or golden onions


extra virgin olive oil

parsley or basil for garnish


First peel and peel the onions. Then cut them into thin slices. Also peel the potatoes and remove the cheese crust. Grate the potatoes one by one in the large hole grater and then do the same with the cheese. Pour two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into a pan and sauté the onions for a few minutes. When they are golden brown, add the potatoes, the cheese, season with salt and mix well. Cook for 15 minutes and then turn off. Put a spoonful of oil in a non-stick pan, pour the potato and cheese mixture into it, level with a spatula and then cook over high heat for a few minutes on both sides, so that the crust forms. Serve your hot frico, decorated with a few leaves of basil or parsley, according to your tastes.

In the tutorial some tips for a perfect frico!

Recipe Baked chicken with potatoes and artichokes – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Baked chicken with potatoes and artichokes

Prepare it with the cooking that gives it the most, choosing the best techniques for each piece and if the chicken is whole we do it in the oven

  • 1 kg 1 clean and gutted chicken
  • 1 kg potatoes
  • 3 artichokes
  • 3 small leeks
  • rosemary
  • garlic
  • lemon
  • vinegar
  • sage
  • salt
  • pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil

Peel potatoes, cut into pieces and blanch them for 2 minutes in slightly salted boiling water and acidulated with 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Drain them with a perforated ladle, keeping the water, and distribute them in a baking tray.
Peel the artichokes, deprive them of the internal beard and cut them into quarters. Also dip them in the same water as the potatoes, and drain them after 2 minutes. Add them to the potatoes in the plate and season everything with a drizzle of oil.
Pass the chicken on the flame to burn any remaining feathers, rinse it and pat it with kitchen paper.
Add salt and pepper the chicken inside, also insert in the cavity 1 sprig of rosemary and 1 sprig of sage, 1 clove of garlic with the peel and 1 clove of lemon, well washed.
Tie the chicken so that the wings and thighs are well adherent to the body. Place it on the wire rack and bake it at 220 ° C, placing a plate with a finger of water on the lowest shelf, in which the fat will run and avoid burning on the bottom of the oven.
Leave degrease for 8-10 minutes, then lower the oven to 160 ° C, remove the pan with the poured fat and place the plate with the potatoes and artichokes in its place.
Add after 10 minutes the leeks cut into rings and cook again for about 1 hour. Serve the chicken with the potatoes, artichokes and leeks.

Recipe Egg barzotto, escarole cream and sweet potatoes – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Egg barzotto, escarole cream and sweet potatoes

  • 250 g sweet potato
  • 100 g prickly peeled already
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 slices of wholemeal bread
  • soy sauce
  • pumpkin seeds
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil

Slice subtly the sweet potato using the mandolin or the slicer; blanch the slices in salted water for no more than 1 minute.
drain, dry them with kitchen paper and spread them in a plate greased with oil. Grease the slices lightly with oil and let them dry in the oven at 150 ° C for about 30 minutes.
Boil the escarole in 100 g of salted water for 5 minutes, then blend everything with a drizzle of oil. Season with salt if needed.
Bring to boil a casserole of water and dip the eggs with the shell. Drain them after 5 minutes, cool them immediately and shell them with the utmost delicacy.
toast 2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds in a saucepan with oil and 1 tablespoon of soy sauce. Transfer the pumpkin seeds to a plate and toast the slices of bread in the same pan.
distributed the escarole cream on the plates, add the slices of sweet potato, the wholemeal bread and sit on the egg. Complete with pumpkin seeds.

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