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How to cook turnips in 10 good and economical recipes – Italian Cuisine

La Cucina Italiana

How to cook turnips it’s the secret to a varied, tasty and… economical table!
With the turnips the recipes there are so many that can be invented. And all tasty. For centuries they have been protagonists of peasant nutrition. As time went by, however, we mistreated them more and more, first replacing them with potatoes, then sacrificing them to the more trendy daikon. Yet the roots of the Brassica rapa plant, with a generally round shape – a little squat – and a white color which can also have shades from pink to purple depending on the variety, are a very precious ingredient in the kitchen. L’fall it is the best time to rediscover them and bring them to the table in many ways because the first cold ones make the turnips sweeter.

Turnips: properties and how to cook them

Turnip is very rich in water, contains sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus and is a good source of C vitamin. It is low in calories and has diuretic and antioxidant properties. But how to cook turnip? To prepare it, you need to remove the ends, the base and the part that attaches to the leaves, then it must be peeled. At this point it can be consumed raw in salad or it can be cooked, simply by boiling it in water. Turnip can also be baked in the oven, for example au gratin or stuffed, and can become the protagonist of soups and risottos. A typical dish with turnips? There brovada Friulian, a traditional recipe that has been protected by the PDO brand for some years in which the turnips are macerated in the pomace and then cooked. Turnips can also be used to prepare gardener.

Caprauna turnip

The turnip grown in CapraunaAlta Val Tanaro, between Liguria and Piedmont, is one of Slow Food presidia: they are large turnips with a particularly sweet flavour, especially the yellow-fleshed ones. A typical pairing is with the sausage and with a special type of fresh pasta, the let’s go, the seasoning also includes walnuts, mushrooms and potatoes.


Here’s a curiosity about Halloween and turnips. Just like they do in the United States with pumpkin, in Scotland it was an ancient tradition carving turnips to transform them into lanterns with the function of warding off evil spirits.

How to cook turnips: 10 tasty and economical recipes

If you prefer eating turnips rather than carving them, here are 10 ideas for cooking them.

all the ways to cook them at home – Italian Cuisine

all the ways to cook them at home

Loved by adults and children, the chestnuts I’m typical autumn fruit to cook at home too, in many different ways. Some prefer them read, some baked. Some cook them in a pan, some in the microwave and some on the barbecue.

Warm cuddle autumnal to be enjoyed in front of the fireplace during the cold evenings typical of this time of year, roasted chestnuts are full of beneficial properties, they contain mineral salts and fiber to the point of being considered a highly energetic food.

Depending on the method with which they are cooked, the result can be a soft bite, almost creamy on the palate, as well as more floury but never intrusive. What makes the difference, however, is not only the cooking method, but also the container and the amount of heat in contact with the chestnuts.

The smokier flavour it will be given by cooking on the grill or on the fireplace, with the classic chestnut cooking pan; the sweetest one from boiling in hot water.

Warm and enveloping, roasted chestnuts can be prepared in many different ways.
Here are the most common and fast that you can also replicate at home.


Cut the chestnuts by cutting only the peel, transfer to a perforated pan and leave to cook on a low heat, stirring frequently for 10-15 minutes. Then wrap them in a cloth for 5 minutes, this way they will have the right humidity and they will peel in an instant.


Rinse the chestnuts, boil for 35-40 minutes, then dry and eat by cutting them in half.


Blanch for 5 minutes (or leave to soak for 15 minutes), cut the peel from one end to the other without touching the fruit and leave to cook in the air fryer for 15 minutes at 200°C. When you open the basket they will have already opened.


Leave to soak for 30 minutes. Cut the peel without touching the fruit and bake in the microwave for 5 minutes. at 800w

How to cook pearled and hulled spelled: all the tips – Italian Cuisine

Spelled is an excellent substitute for rice and is a very nutritious cereal, easy to cook and to use in a thousand recipes

The Emmer it's a cereal increasingly used in the kitchen, even instead of rice. Easy to prepare, it is very nutritious, but above all it is versatile: it can be made in soups, but also toasted like moles risotto or how side.
Curious to know the techniques to cook it? Below we provide you with a practical overview, while in our gallery you will find many recipes in which to use it.

cooking spelled

How to cook pearl spelled

What is the difference between pearled and hulled spelled?
The pearly one is deprived of the outer skin. For this, before boiling it, just rinse it under running water and then cook it in a little water, so that it can be absorbed by the beans. About half an hour will be enough, first with a lid and then the last few minutes without.

How to cook hulled spelled

The hulled spelled, on the other hand, has an outer skin. For this reason, it may take about an hour to cook it in a normal pot, and before you have to let it soak for at least an hour. If you use the pressure cooker, you can cut cooking times in half.

How to cook steamed farro

Both types of spelled can be steamed using a steamer. Bring the water to a boil, then place the steamer, pour in the spelled and cook for about half an hour.

How to cook spelled in soup

Spelled soup is a winter must, to warm the stomach and palate. To prepare it, just boil the spelled separately and then add it to the vegetables you have chosen for your preparation: potatoes, beans, courgettes, carrots… whatever you want.

How to cook toasted spelled

Spelled can be an excellent substitute for rice in risottos, for example. If you use raw spelled, you will need to soak it before using it in the recipe. Prepare the sautéed risotto and then pour the spelled into it. Toast it for 5/6 minutes, without letting it burn. After toasting it, add the broth little by little, always stirring to prevent it from sticking to the pan.

Browse the gallery to discover other recipes with spelled

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