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How to cook raspberries – Italian Cuisine

How to cook raspberries

Who of you did not come across a raspberry plant during a walk in the mountains? From August to the end of September, in fact, they grow spontaneously in the forests of Piedmont and Trentino Alto Adige. However, collecting them is not easy, it is better to wear gloves and long sleeves: the brambles are full of thorns! Once taken, however, what satisfaction!

THE raspberries they are very delicate fruits with a sweet-sour taste that ripen at the end of summer and early autumn and it is a pleasure to use in the September kitchen in many recipes and preparations. They are rich in vitamin A and C, citric acid and fructose. Their leaves, in the form of decoctions, help in the treatment of water retention due to their diuretic properties and are considered excellent natural anti-inflammatories.

The fruits, from the bright red ones, should be collected in the morning and should not be washed, to avoid damaging them. Well preserved can also be frozen and used out of season. They are among the most appreciated berries in food preparation.
Here are some of our suggestions for enjoying them to the fullest.

A cocktail to start

It is a not too sweet liqueur, which can be served alone or with iced sparkling water. On these evenings in late summer it can be paired with a glass of Champagne as an aperitif.

Blend the raspberries until you get a smooth cream. Grind 200 g of sugar in a mortar with some bay leaves and 3 cloves. Add the raspberry puree to the sugar and pour the mixture into a container that can be hermetically sealed.
Combine 1 liter of gin with raspberry cream, seal tightly and leave to rest for about a month. After this time, strain the liquid with a sieve and then pour it into a sterilized bottle. Let it rest for a few months in a cool, dark place. Then you can enjoy it alone or with a good glass of Champagne.

Finger food

Here's a quick and easy recipe: cream a few tablespoons of Greek yogurt to which you will add a drop of Maraschino liqueur. Collect the yoghurt cream in small ceramic bowls, blend two or three fresh raspberries for each bowl and pour the cream over the yogurt. Complete with wild strawberries and fresh tarragon leaves.

Swordfish with raspberry sauce

Easy but impressive preparation: blend a handful of raspberries with a teaspoon of sugar and one of water. To eliminate sieved seeds. Pour the sauce into a saucepan and simmer for 2 minutes, stirring constantly.
Turn off and stir in half a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and let it cool. In a serving dish, place the salad dressed with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, on which you will place the slices of smoked swordfish seasoned with a little oil and pink pepper grains. Serve with a separate raspberry sauce.

Raspberries, goose breast and bitter herbs

It is a particular dish, suitable for those who love strong flavors. Take thinly sliced ​​goose breast, 500 g of bitter herbs like chicory or catalogna, 100 g of raspberries, a sheet of fresh egg pasta. Wash and boil the herbs in salted water: when they are ready, to keep their bright green color, drain them and let them cool in a bowl with ice water.

Cook the goose breast fillets in a non-stick pan, a few minutes on each side. In the fat that will have been left in the pan, fry the sheet of egg pasta cut into small lozenges. Place the meat in aluminum foil and let it rest for a few minutes, so that the juices concentrate very well.

Place it then, seasoned with flakes of salt and a pinch of pepper, on a nest of herbs flavored with extra virgin olive oil. Complete the recipe with fresh blended raspberries and a wafer of egg pasta.

Tiramisu with raspberries and pistachios

A sweet among the most classic, revisited for those who can't drink coffee. Or for the little ones.
Lightly crush 150 g of raspberries (even frozen ones are fine) in a bowl with 30 g of sugar, preferably cane.

If you want to present this cake in small cocotte, break up 20 ladyfingers and place a portion on the bottom of each container. If you want, you can add a few drops of Amaretto: forbidden if the dessert is prepared for children.
Press well with your fingers on the bottom of the bowl and add a layer of crushed raspberries. Put everything in the fridge for 10 minutes.

In the meantime prepare the mascarpone cream in this way: separate the egg yolks and the egg whites of 3 eggs in two separate containers. Beat the egg yolks with a little sugar, and then add the mascarpone, being careful not to create lumps.

Beat the egg whites until stiff, add a teaspoon of sugar and beat again to make them firm. Stir in the mixture of mascarpone and egg yolks.

Now the presentation: pour the cream in the bowls, on the biscuits and on the raspberries. Let it rest in the fridge for at least two hours. Before serving, chop 4 chocolate sablè biscuits with some pistachios, sprinkle the cream with this mixture and add some raspberry to garnish.

Cook the seafood – Italian Cuisine

Clams, mussels, cockles, scallops and razor clams: how to clean and cook the tastiest shells of the sea to prepare appetizers, sauces or main courses

Whether you are at the beach or in the city, there is nothing better than a good dish with seafood to enjoy your vacation or to get a taste of what awaits you. Cannolicchi in sauce for a pasta, sauté of clams and mussels or scallops au gratin, the taste of seafood is always very intense and appreciated. But how can these delicious ingredients be cleaned and prepared? Here are some tips.


It is also called Conchiglia di San Giacomo, is formed by a white body called walnut and a red part, called coral and has a whitish shell. It is usually sold already half open and partially cleaned from sand. If it is still closed, open it with the help of a small knife, remove all the fleshy parts and clean them from the darker filaments and sand. The scallop can be prepared raw, marinated in oil and lemon, fried or au gratin. It has soft flesh and a slightly sweet taste. It cooks in a short time because excessive heat makes it hard and stringy. The best time to consume it is from May to August but it is available throughout the year. You can prepare a filling with breadcrumbs, garlic, salt, oil and parsley, cover the scallop with this mixture and brown it for 10 minutes at 180 °.


They are also called mussels, they have an elongated triangular shell of a bluish-black color, while the fruit inside can be of a bright orange or whitish. They live attached to rocks and are among the most used shellfish in the kitchen. Cleaning them is easy, you need to remove the beards, the byssus and all the mud that often remains attached to the shell, to prevent it from melting during preparation. They can be opened with a small knife or in contact with heat in a saucepan. They always release their liquid which must be filtered and then used to give more flavor to the dishes. All those that do not open during cooking must be eliminated because they are damaged. They are used for sauces, soups, are made au gratin or stuffed.



There are two types: normal and true, larger and tastier. They are bivalve molluscs that live in the sandy bottoms and for this they must be cleaned with care. They should be left to drain in water and salt and then rinse before cooking. The shells are light gray, the fruit is well attached to the shells. They have a delicate and tasty taste at the same time. The most popular dish is spaghetti with clams but can be tasted in sauté or in fish soups. It is necessary to make them open in a pot without seasonings and then filter their very tasty cooking liquid. Before salting them taste them, they are often savory at the right point and do not need any more salt.


They have a shell in the form of an elongated tube, which can reach 15 cm. The razor clams live sunken in the sand and for this they must be cleaned very well. At one end they have a dark-colored bag that is often full of sand and must be removed. To check that they are alive, touch them and the shell should close immediately. In the kitchen they are eaten grilled, in soup, au gratin or in spaghetti sauce.


The fasolari have a smooth shell of dark color, brick red, even 10 cm wide. They must be bought alive like all shellfish and left to drain in water and salt. They are cooked like clams or in soup, with tomato and garlic. They can also be eaten raw, seasoned only with oil and lemon.

How to cook millet – Italian Cuisine

How to cook millet

Millet is a cereal that is still little used, despite the many beneficial properties it has and the fact that it does not contain gluten. It can be brought to the table cooking it as a risotto, a couscous, a soup, or as an ingredient in a salad

The mile it is an almost forgotten cereal, in favor of corn, wheat and rice: only in recent times is it returning to the tables, thanks also to the fact that it is gluten free and therefore suitable for coeliacs. In reality it is also a cereal rich in mineral salts and vitamins (B, E and K) and very versatile. The millet plant is from the Gramineae family and produces small round and yellow seeds, which ground give rise to flours and semolina, used for bread and bakery products.

The Pmillet roperty

In addition to having properties diuretic, millet is an alkaline cereal easy to digest and indicated, precisely because of this, in case of stomach acid. He is rich in insoluble fibers which help the intestinal transit of food and reduce the risk of gallstones.

Millet: how to cook

Millet can be cooked like a risotto, making it toast in a pan with a little oil and then adding some vegetable broth to finish cooking. In the same way it can be prepared a kind of couscous or again, you can add millet to broth and vegetables to make a tasty soup. Toasted and then cooked in water until it has completely absorbed it can be themain ingredient of a salad light and rich in vegetables.

Pan meino with millet, an ancient Lombard dessert

Millet was used until recently to make a bread that over time became a dessert because lightly sweetened. It was made with millet flour mixed with corn flour, on St. George's Day, April 23, at which time the elders flourished. It was customary to serve this bread sprinkled with elder flowers and the milkmen gave away cream to their customers to accompany this delicate dessert.

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