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Pasta with pistachio pesto and clams – Italian Cuisine

First let the clams soak for 1 hour in salted water.

Then prepare the pistachio pesto.
Blanch the pistachios briefly and chop them, then add parmesan, basil, salt, pepper and oil and blend until creamy.

In a pan, brown the garlic with a little oil, then add the clams after having drained them well, cover with a lid and cook until they are all open: about 5 minutes will suffice.

Drain the clams keeping aside the sauce and shell 2/3 of the clams.

Cook the pasta and drain it well al dente, add it to the pan where you have removed the garlic and put the shelled clams and the sauce back aside.
Add the pistachio pesto and stir, then add salt and pepper if necessary.

Finally, serve, garnish with the clams in their shells that you kept and serve your pasta with pistachio and clam pesto.

the recipes from pasta to fish passing through the salad – Italian Cuisine

The broad beans are typical of the summer season. Raw or cooked, here are some fanciful ideas to propose them at the table, with unusual and tasty combinations

Desire of spring, even on the table! And what's more spring-like than Fava beans? Real first-season food, they are one of the oldest legumes in history, already on the table of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

excellent fresh – you will find them in large quantities on fruit and vegetable stands in this season – they can also be consumed shallows: in this case, if they have the skin, they should be soaked for about 18 hours before cooking, otherwise for 8 hours.

Little known or used on the tables of Northern Italy, they are instead one of the main ingredients in the recipes of the southern cuisine. Rich in fiber, they are a natural source of vitamin C and folic acid, a precious element to be taken especially during pregnancy.

In the kitchen, they are a truly versatile food, good both cooked and raw: here are some easy matches that you can experiment to offer tasty and unusual dishes.

How to cook beans

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Broad beans in the dough

To honor the Apulian cuisine, why not propose them fresh orecchiette, but with a bean puree? Puree 100 grams of fresh broad beans with almonds, ricotta and pepper: season the pasta with this cream and add the remaining whole beans. A simple dish, but with a genuine taste. You are lovers of spaghetti? Choose them with brown rice, boil them, and then add them to the previously cooked salmon, chopped walnuts and broad beans. Low-calorie, but rich in taste.

Broad beans and fish

The delicate flavor of the beans is perfectly combined with the strong flavor of the fish. For example, with the pulp of fisherwoman, cut into small pieces and then blended, you can make quenelles, to put on a broad bean cream, flavored with garlic and bay leaves. A truly spectacular dish, but simple to cook. For a quick and delicious second course, get some fillets from mullet: after having browned them in a pan with onions, add the beans. They will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Broad beans in salad

The beans are very good also from raw, for example in salad, the light and fast dish par excellence, perfect during picnics, but also during lunch breaks in the office. For a greedy green salad, get fresh broad beans, asparagus and peas. Steam these last two, but leave the beans raw, to give the dish that crunchy touch. Do you want to give an extra touch of taste? In a salad of misticanza, add raw broad beans, radishes and crispy pancetta: mouth-watering.

Broad bean pesto

In addition to the classic Genoese pesto, you can also cook pesto of beans, to season pasta or bruschetta. A fancy idea for an aperitif on the fly with friends? Blend fresh broad beans, along with mint and feta. After obtaining a cream, spread it over the toasted bread: you will conquer everyone on the first taste.

Pasta for Mother's Day – Italian Cuisine

More ideas for a menu in pink

May 12th is Mother's Day: what better time to have lunch together? However, compared to other Sundays, the revolution could start from the kitchen, which for the first time will not see it in the kitchen, but sitting among the guests in the dining room. We'll do the cooking, provided we can indulge ourselves. With something simple, but very different from the usual pasta dish. That in any case, when eating with mum, it must never fail!

Why make pasta

Mother's Day is the day when you feel close, enjoy time with simplicity and joy. And have some fun. And what's more fun than a plate of spaghetti? To eat accompanied by a good glass of wine, to make an exception to the rule and cuddle a little. Given the special occasion and delicate ingredients, we can even dare to sparkle. Cheers!

… but not just any

As we said today is a special day, which requires a special pasta. In the recipe we have chosen, the spaghetti is colored red thanks to the beetroot and is seasoned with a delicate white burrata cream. In short, everything the opposite of what we are used to: the classic spaghetti seasoned with a red tomato sauce. A funny surprise that your mother will love so much to take her to ask you for the recipe … finally!

Shopping list

450 g of burrata, 350 g of spaghetti, 230 g of late radicchio, 140 g of prawn tails, 30 g of rice vinegar, a fresh beetroot, extra virgin olive oil salt, pepper

How to prepare spaghetti with radicchio, prawns and burrata

Peel the beetroot, shake it and sift the pulp, so as to obtain 4 tablespoons of juice. Blend the burrata with a blender, heat it for 2 minutes, switching off well before you stir (at 70 ° C) and season with oil, salt and pepper. Blanch the prawn tails with a little oil and salt for 30 seconds, then cut them into bobbins. Clean and divide the radicchio into four wedges. Cook in a covered casserole over a low heat for 30 minutes with rice vinegar, a pinch of salt and beetroot juice. Cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water; drain them, add them to the radicchio and mix well. Spread a few tablespoons of burrata in the dishes, place the spaghetti on top, complete with the prawn tails, garnish as you like with flowers and edible leaves and serve.

The dishes that could complete the menu:


Mozzarella slices with potatoes and olives


Salad with marinated and crunchy anchovies

If you enjoyed our shrimp pasta, look at the gallery above: you will find many more!

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