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Pasta with potatoes and tuna – Italian Cuisine

»Pasta with potatoes and tuna

Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes.

Brown the clove of garlic with a little oil and chopped anchovies.
Add the potatoes, let them cook quickly, then cover with the broth and cook for 20 minutes.

Drop the pasta into the same pan and cook, stirring occasionally and adding more water only if necessary (consider that it will not be drained at the end, so the pasta will have to absorb all the water, like a risotto).
When cooked, add the tuna and chopped parsley, then add salt.

Tuna and potato pasta is ready, all you have to do is serve and serve!

Pasta all'arrabbiata, recipe – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Pasta all'arrabbiata, recipe - Italian Cuisine

Simple things are often the best. Like the recipe of pasta all'arrabbiata, which requires few ingredients and an easy and quick preparation. The result? A strong taste, a burst of energy

"Spaghetti or penne?" Asks Pozzetto. "Pens! They are called penne all'arrabbiata! , Replies Verdone. In the movie Seven pounds in seven days, a classic of national-popular filmography, the two actors are struggling with the preparation of one of the typical dishes of the city of Rome. But just that smell of garlic emanating from the pan attracts the patients of the clinic, kept fasting with the promise of losing weight in a short time. In short, a scene that we have all seen on TV at least once in a lifetime

The notoriety of the pasta all'arrabbiatahowever, it is not limited to this film. This recipe also appears in The big binge by Marco Ferreri and in Rome by Federico Fellini. His fame, in fact, is closely linked to tradition which represents.

Equally curious is theorigin of his name, which is due to one of the ingredients, the chili pepper (which Pozzetto, in the film, forgets to add, with Verdone's great disdain), which gives a red color to the face, similar to when one gets angry.

Angry pasta: ingredients and preparation

Dish of the poor italian cuisine, the pasta a'arrabbiata has a really small ingredient list: in addition to pasta (traditionally smooth or lined penne), garlic, chilli, peeled and finally parsley and pecorino romano. Yet, united as tradition requires, these delights of Italian cuisine give a result with an unmistakable and decisive taste, like one energy boost.
The ease of its preparation has contributed to the spread of this dish, appreciated not only in Rome, but throughout the world.

To serve on the table a plate of penne alla angry, just cook the pasta, fry the garlic clove in the pan, add the Red pepper and the peeled tomatoes cut into pieces. So amalgamated, the sauce is ready. To complete the preparation, simply stir-fry the pasta and finally add fresh chopped parsley and a sprinkling of pecorino romano. The amount of chili can vary according to taste, but one thing is certain: this ingredient cannot be missing. The Red of the tomato is dominated, so much so that to look angry is the pasta itself, more than the effect that causes its taste.

Changes permitted?

Precisely because of its simplicity, and for a certain taste of experimentation in vogue especially in recent years, the recipe of pasta all'arrabbiata is often considered one basis from which to start adding different ingredients, with the obvious result of obtaining a flavor far from tradition.

The chefs and the various cookbooks suggest different solutions

One of the most widespread is that which involves the addition of bacon and mushrooms to the sauce: an undoubtedly tasty whole, but as far from the traditional angry woman. Other more 'harmless' variants, but equally capable of altering the authentic taste, are those that suggest adding the onion to the sauté and those that turn a blind eye to the use of different cheeses from pecorino romano (parmesan, for example), or, finally, those that indicate that the cheese is creamed rather than dusted at the end of the preparation.

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