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Almonds, savory recipes for first and second courses – Italian Cuisine

Almonds, savory recipes for first and second courses

The protagonists of Trapanese pesto are also perfect with meat or fish to prepare excellent Italian and international dishes. Not forgetting the savory pies

Almonds, how not to love them in the kitchen: they are tasty and energetic, they are versatile and perfect in making desserts but also in first and second courses. After all, properly salted, almonds in a bowl can be the perfect aperitif to deceive the wait. Fundamental in making innumerable dishes perfect, choosing some is just a matter of taste and gastronomic balance. We, among the savory recipes, we cannot but start from the pesto alla Trapani.

Almonds and pesto alla Trapani

The pesto sauce in the Trapani's style, which has ancient origins, is a reworking of the most famous Ligurian seasoning with the products that Sicily provides in abundance as the tomato and, precisely, the almonds. This is a sauce made with the addition of garlic, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese, basil and black pepper. Peeled and raw almonds are the masters once they have been finely chopped or pounded in a mortar and then mixed together with the rest of the ingredients which in turn have been crushed with the pestle. Everything is mixed together with tomatoes (without peel and seeds). For the choice of pasta it is better to rely on tradition: in Trapani i busiati (a twisted macaroni-shaped fresh pasta) or i gnoccoli (a long fresh pasta), but many reach for the most famous bucatini or linguine.
A tasty variant is represented by rocket and almond pesto which provides the basis for perfect dressing of both pasta and rice, but also the right accompaniment to bruschetta and appetizers.

Almonds in meat from China to the Middle East

The gastronomic journey into the world of almonds does not stop with a first, though very famous and tasty. Because tradition has found a thousand uses for this seed that is rooted not only in Italian cuisine. One of the most famous dishes from China in the world is in fact the almond chicken where the morsels of meat cooked together with the onion and soy sauce are sautéed together with the toasted almonds. Without forgetting that it comes from the Middle East lamb with prunes and almonds, another absolutely delicious dish accompanied by couscous.

Almonds from fish to savory pies

For fish lovers, almonds adequately shelled and cut into thin strips become adequate coverage for salmon fillet generally cooked in the oven in a marinade of citrus fruits and ginger but also more simply just with a little oil. One cannot forget the fantastic contribution of almonds to savory pies. Typical is the almond cake, gorgonzola and vegetables where all its surface precisely covered wisely with this seed properly cut into strips. In short, the almonds that are harvested between August and September then become the pivot for an infinite quantity of savory dishes, and their only limit is the imagination of the cook.

10 fish first courses that will make you dream of the sea even in the city – Italian Cuisine

10 fish first courses that will make you dream of the sea even in the city

Ten first courses based on fish to keep away the nostalgia for the sea and savor the atmosphere of a dinner on the beach

Have you already returned from vacation and you don't know how to find your good mood again despite the work rhythms are still languid? Waiting for the weekend to escape from the city may not be enough so why not indulge in the kitchen by preparing fish first courses, rich and full of taste, to be accompanied with a glass of white wine, savory and fragrant, to rediscover the joy and atmosphere of dinners by the sea? We have some ideas, take a cue!

Fresh or dry pasta?

A fish-based sauce is better suited to fresh pasta than the dry one. The fresh pasta is in fact more porous and better collects the sauce which, usually, is more liquid than a meat sauce or a vegetable-based dressing. Choose quality, which keeps cooking well and which, once it is ready to drain, leaves the water clear and not turbid, otherwise an important release of starch.

Long or short?

Another age-old question is the pasta format. In general, if you decide for a shellfish-based sauce, the longest ones are spaghetti and linguine, while if you prefer the short format, then opt for paccheri, penne, fusilli and tortiglioni, to be served with squid ragout , a sauce of gurnard or shellfish and vegetables.

Not just pasta!

Not just pasta for a first course of fish: also the rice it goes perfectly with shellfish, crustaceans and fillets such as gurnard, sea bream or redfish. If you choose the latter, more delicate, insert them when the rice is almost cooked, to prevent them from flaking off completely. And don't forget the aromatic herbs, which add a touch of freshness and perfume to your preparation.

And now 10 recipes of fish first courses that will make you still dream of the sea

Summer recipes for vegetarian second courses – Italian Cuisine

Summer recipes for vegetarian second courses

From the spaghetti omelette to the zucchini cutlet, through the chickpea burger and the white parmigiana: here are some tasty ideas without meat

For vegetarians, in summer, salads and Capri are the most popular. But why not surprise and amaze your guests even with others unusual meat-free dishes, easy to prepare and good even when eaten cold? Here are five vegetarian seconds to give your holiday a new taste.

Vegetarian zucchini cutlet

Easy and fast, the zucchini cutlet will make your light lunch or your picnic or sandwich on the beach unique. To prepare it just grate the courgettes and the scamorza (or another cheese with a similar consistency, such as provola) and join breadcrumbs, Parmesan, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Give the mixture thus created the shape of a cutlet, bread it by dipping it first in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs and finally pass it in the pan until a crispy crust has formed on the surface.

Spaghetti Frittata

Did you not manage to finish all the spaghetti prepared the day before for your spaghetti with relatives and friends? Not bad, they immediately become the main ingredient for lunch or dinner the next day. To the spaghetti already seasoned just add a few eggs, salt, pepper and then put everything in a pan with chopped onion and oil. If, on the other hand, the spaghetti are still plain you can enrich them with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella before adding the eggs and frying in a pan.

Chickpea vegetarian burger

This is only one of the versions of vegetarian burgers. Instead of chickpeas, in fact, you can use any type of vegetable, from carrots, aubergines, to courgettes. First of all blend the chickpeas to create a sort of cream. Then add the chopped onion, salt, pepper and two egg whites to the mixture to mix everything (if you also want the paprika if you like it). Now just add a little flour and if you want a tasty cheese of your choice and the game is almost finished. All that remains is to give the shape of the burger to your mixture and cook in the pan for a few minutes.

The white parmigiana

The white parmigiana is nothing but the tomato-free version of the classic parmigiana with sauce. Layers of fried aubergines alternate with layers of smoked provola (for a stronger flavor) or mozzarella (for a more delicate taste). Finally a nice sprinkling of Parmesan and go into the oven. It is a good dish also eaten cold and the aubergines can also be preliminarily grilled or replaced with zucchini.

Fennel pie

Flans or savory pies are perfect for the summer period because they are prepared quickly when you have some time available and are consumed later when you have an appetite. A nice second course to find ready when you need it, in short. An easy and tasty pie is fennel and potato. It is prepared by placing in an ovenproof dish alternate layers of boiled and cut into slices and fennel sautéed in a pan with a knob of butter. Each layer must be separated with bechamel sauce. In the end, just cover everything with the remaining béchamel and Parmesan or pecorino before baking in the oven.

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