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Fennel in ten courses – Italian Cuisine

Fennel in ten courses

Raw or cooked, fennel is a vegetable with a thousand properties, as well as being perfect for those who must lose weight: it contains only 9 calories per kilo.

Did you know that the fennel Is it indicated to purify and lose weight? Thanks to its digestive properties it helps to deflate the belly and eliminate waste and toxins. Furthermore, being a low-calorie vegetable, it immediately gives a sense of satiety and helps maintain a low-calorie diet. But if you don't have any weight problems, cook it following our advice: you will bring rich dishes to the table.

In sfoglia with gorgonzola and hazelnuts

A small and very tasty finger food: cut with a pastry ring circles of ready-made puff pastry, cook them in the oven at 180 ° for a few minutes and garnish with a cream that you have obtained by blending the boiled fennel with a spoonful of whipped cream. Season with salt, mix the finger foods with the fennel cream, a teaspoon of sweet and soft gorgonzola, and finish with a chopped hazelnuts.

Fennel and raw food

For this appetizer, get yourself a ring and a mold of a few centimeters smaller. Place the baking paper on a baking sheet, place the mold on it, cover with slices of bacon or bacon, as you prefer, which you will make overflow. Place the smaller mold over the bacon slices and cook at 200 ° for a few minutes, until it becomes crispy. Remove your basket from the oven, garnish with finely sliced ​​raw fennel and celery, some small leaves of fresh spinach and grapes. Season with an emulsion of oil, balsamic vinegar, a pinch of mustard and salt and serve immediately.

Salty cake

Prepare the cake with 200 g of flour, 100 g of milk, 3 eggs, a teaspoon of yeast and a tablespoon of olive oil. Knead, let the mixture rest for 30 minutes in the fridge and then roll it out on a buttered baking sheet. Stuffed with slices of Brie cheese and with boiled fennel. Cover with a beaten egg and 200 g of fresh cream and sprinkle with a generous handful of Parmesan cheese. Bake and cook for 25 minutes at 180 °. Serve the sliced ​​cake on a bed of fresh salad.

Spaghetti alla chitarra with fennel and anchovies

This first very tasty is prepared in a few minutes. You have to sauté the fennels cut into wedges in a little oil and a breast of garlic. When they are cooked but still crunchy remove them from the heat. In the same pan, toast some breadcrumbs with a little oil, add anchovies and pine nuts. Sauté everything for a few minutes, add the fennel and stir to mix the ingredients well. Cook the spaghetti on the guitar and season with the fennel sauce. If you like, you can add a sprinkling of tuna bottarga.

Fennel cream with cauliflower and clams

For a refined dinner. Prepare the cream by boiling the fennel in salted water for ten minutes. Then drain and sauté in a pan with a little oil and a clove of garlic. Let them flavor for a few minutes and when they are well cooked, blend them. Add a tablespoon of fresh cream and keep warm. Separately reduce the cauliflowers in small florets and boil them for ten minutes. Heat the clams in a pan with a little oil and when they are open, filter the cooking liquid. Put the shelled clams, their filtered liquid, a tablespoon of oil, the boiled cauliflower and a handful of chopped parsley in a pan. Season and serve with fennel cream with clams, cauliflower and freshly ground pepper.

Fennel pie with sausage and Camembert

This is a first course that can also become a main course in an informal lunch. First boil the fennels for 8 minutes, they must be cooked but still crunchy. When they are ready, place them in a previously buttered pan, add the browned sausage cut into small pieces and finish with slices of Camembert. Add a sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano and bake at 180 degrees for ten minutes, the time the cheese melts. Serve hot.

Fennel and sea bream millefeuille

For this appetizer or second course, as you prefer, you can also organize the day before. In fact, you can prepare confit tomatoes in advance. Slice the tomatoes, arrange them on a baking tray and season with a pinch of salt and sugar. Add a little oil and bake at 100 ° for about two hours. When they are ready, remove them from the oven, being careful to recover their cooking water as well. At this point boil the fennel for eight minutes and cut it into small pieces. Sauté the sea bream fillets in a pan with a little oil and a pinch of salt. Then chop and arrange them on the bottom of a small bowl. Add the cut fennel, the tomatoes confit with their water and the crumbled taralli and brown them in a pan with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Here is the puff pastry ready.

Caramelized fennel

An outline of sure effect. Cut the fennel into wedges, place them in a saucepan with a little oil and half a glass of water and let them simmer. When they are soft, remove the excess water, add two tablespoons of brown sugar and half a glass of orange juice. Make caramelize by turning the fennel and serve with a sprinkling of grated orange peel.

Sauce for meats

With fennel, you can also prepare an excellent sauce that will serve to accompany the meat. Just boil them in salted water flavored with a slice of lemon. When they are ready, blend them with a tablespoon of oil, chopped chives, salt, pepper, a tablespoon of mustard and two tablespoons of water. Mix well and serve with grilled meat.

Fennel and tuna skewers

A quick and easy recipe to prepare, which is suitable for lunches with friends or informal dinners. Get long toothpicks or skewers. Sauté the fennel in a little oil with the sliced ​​shallots, salt and pepper. Separately scalded in a pan with a little oil, for a few minutes, a slice of tuna previously passed in a pistachio grit. Cut it into small pieces and make the skewers alternating fennel and tuna pieces. You can accompany your skewers with a saffron-flavored mayonnaise.

Baked Christmas first courses – Italian Cuisine



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At Christmas we know that lasagna is the cannelloni are without doubt the first favorite dishes to bring to the table. To these are added other delicious and refined first courses. There are those who focus on meat or fish ravioli, there are those who prefer to bet on first courses based exclusively on fish and those who do not renounce in any way the first Christmas to be baked. This is how in this special selection of baked pasta dishes to bring to the table Christmas they cannot in any way miss the first made with lasagna and those based on cannelloni with the difference that, given the large amount of opportunities, there is actually the embarrassment of the choice and you can choose to bet on anything.

The yellow lasagne with creamed cod they are a tasty surprise: the discs that make up the layers are of polenta, stuffed with a mixture of cod and milk, served on a veil of tomato sauce.

The salmon lasagna in puff pastry crust they are an unusual, delicious, original, scenographic and elegant baked pasta with a saffron scent: a first course of fish with a rich and delicate flavor at the same time, ideal under the Christmas holidays as an alternative to the traditional lasagna with meat sauce .

Or here are the lasagna with radicchio, parmesan cheese and Arnad lard, one of the finest lards. Vegetable garden and sea get married together in lasagne with prawns and artichokes, first course of fish and vegetables suitable for special occasions: it will conquer everyone at the first taste. The composition of the is really particular paccheri with chicken cream: the paccheri are stuffed with a mixture of chicken and ham, then arranged in layers in a buttered casserole, covered with ragù, cream and grated emmentaler.

There are plenty of proposals for vegetarians. Try the recipe of the cannelloni stuffed with taleggio cheese and leeks, cannelloni with herbs or that of pumpkin cannelloni and goat cheese, suitable for the most demanding palates, always looking for pairings and tantalizing flavors.

10 first courses with gorgonzola – Italian Cuisine

10 first courses with gorgonzola

Tasty first courses based on gorgonzola. Here are our recipes and our tips

The gorgonzola is one of those ingredients that does not really agree with everyone. Either you love it or you hate it. It has that strong and blue taste and that unmistakable and very intense smell that many do not appreciate. But if instead you are among those who cannot do without it, then the first that we present, creamy and tasty, will be for you. These are classic and easy to make recipes to bring to the table whenever you feel like pampering yourself a little.

Sweet or spicy?

The choice of the type of gorgonzola depends more than anything else on your palate and also on the result you want to obtain. Sweet gorgonzola agrees with everybody, and children like it too, especially when it comes to pasta dishes if you want a wrapping dressing. Spicy, on the other hand, is tastier and is perhaps more suitable for an appetizer or cold dishes such as rich salads.

Creamy or compact?

Also in this case, choose the consistency of gorgonzola based on the recipe and the result you want to obtain. For a wrapping and creamy dressing, we suggest you use the softer variant, perhaps even with the addition of a little mascarpone or fresh cream. To stuff a stuffed pasta, instead, or to enrich a polenta, you can also use the more compact gorgonzola that with the heat will melt anyway, but not entirely and will keep its consistency, which in this kind of preparations makes the difference.

No more creamy!

If you use gorgonzola to season a simple pasta dish (long or short) remember to add some cooking water to melt the cheese well and tie the sauce to the rest. This rule applies especially if you choose gnocchi. To prevent it from sticking too much, prepare a cream of gorgonzola and cooking water and season the gnocchi a few minutes before serving.

Top pairings

What to combine with gorgonzola? Everything that is cold seasons like autumn and winter. So go ahead for squash, walnuts and bacon: the most classic drownings; but also with sweet fruits like figs and pears because the contrast enhances the flavors. Instead, among leaf vegetables we recommend spinach, radicchio, rocket and chard.

Here are some recipes

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