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Summer recipes for vegetarian second courses – Italian Cuisine

Summer recipes for vegetarian second courses

From the spaghetti omelette to the zucchini cutlet, through the chickpea burger and the white parmigiana: here are some tasty ideas without meat

For vegetarians, in summer, salads and Capri are the most popular. But why not surprise and amaze your guests even with others unusual meat-free dishes, easy to prepare and good even when eaten cold? Here are five vegetarian seconds to give your holiday a new taste.

Vegetarian zucchini cutlet

Easy and fast, the zucchini cutlet will make your light lunch or your picnic or sandwich on the beach unique. To prepare it just grate the courgettes and the scamorza (or another cheese with a similar consistency, such as provola) and join breadcrumbs, Parmesan, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Give the mixture thus created the shape of a cutlet, bread it by dipping it first in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs and finally pass it in the pan until a crispy crust has formed on the surface.

Spaghetti Frittata

Did you not manage to finish all the spaghetti prepared the day before for your spaghetti with relatives and friends? Not bad, they immediately become the main ingredient for lunch or dinner the next day. To the spaghetti already seasoned just add a few eggs, salt, pepper and then put everything in a pan with chopped onion and oil. If, on the other hand, the spaghetti are still plain you can enrich them with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella before adding the eggs and frying in a pan.

Chickpea vegetarian burger

This is only one of the versions of vegetarian burgers. Instead of chickpeas, in fact, you can use any type of vegetable, from carrots, aubergines, to courgettes. First of all blend the chickpeas to create a sort of cream. Then add the chopped onion, salt, pepper and two egg whites to the mixture to mix everything (if you also want the paprika if you like it). Now just add a little flour and if you want a tasty cheese of your choice and the game is almost finished. All that remains is to give the shape of the burger to your mixture and cook in the pan for a few minutes.

The white parmigiana

The white parmigiana is nothing but the tomato-free version of the classic parmigiana with sauce. Layers of fried aubergines alternate with layers of smoked provola (for a stronger flavor) or mozzarella (for a more delicate taste). Finally a nice sprinkling of Parmesan and go into the oven. It is a good dish also eaten cold and the aubergines can also be preliminarily grilled or replaced with zucchini.

Fennel pie

Flans or savory pies are perfect for the summer period because they are prepared quickly when you have some time available and are consumed later when you have an appetite. A nice second course to find ready when you need it, in short. An easy and tasty pie is fennel and potato. It is prepared by placing in an ovenproof dish alternate layers of boiled and cut into slices and fennel sautéed in a pan with a knob of butter. Each layer must be separated with bechamel sauce. In the end, just cover everything with the remaining béchamel and Parmesan or pecorino before baking in the oven.

Quick first courses: 10 best recipes – Italian Cuisine

Quick first courses: 10 best recipes

If in the kitchen you are in a hurry and you don't know what to prepare for your family or for your unexpected friends, a quick first course and tasty is always a welcome choice for everyone!

There are endless recipes to be inspired by, if i first dishes of pasta, of rice you hate cereals represent the essence of Italian cuisine, the added value that made it famous in the world, the soups hot or cold are for other countries

To you, who are always looking for catchy and tasty dishes to prepare in a flash, it will be useful for you to know them quick and easy recipes of Italian tradition, pasta-based first courses, which are rooted in regional peasant traditions but capable today of combining the demands of modern life. I'm quick first courses made with few ingredients but rich in taste: thetomato and bacon, alla puttanesca, there bacon and egg, the Grice, the cheese and pepper or the thousand variations of the spaghetti with garlic, oil and hot peppers but also pasta al Ligurian pesto or al Trapani pesto. Pasta, with its countless variations of variety and recipes, really lends itself to infinities quick menus. Fresh or dry, with egg or wholegrain, pasta dishes satisfy everyone, adults, children and all guests. Furthermore, a pasta dish with vegetables and proteins also becomes a single dish healthy and nutritious for a quick lunch or dinner

To vary the classic pasta dish, you can choose as a condiment a quick sauce made by you with fresh ingredients depending on what you have available in the fridge or on the sideboard. In winter vegetable creams and cream soups they are among the fastest dishes to prepare and in the summer one cold vegetable soup lets you get your fill of energy! Always to bring variety to your diet and to your table, choose also the use of cereals different from the usual, not only rice but also cous cous, spelled, millet, barley or quinoa. For a quick first course and rich to be offered as a single dish if enough to combine cereals with vegetables and legumes or fresh cheeses, seasoned or made with soy, or add eggs: in the end to be successful in the kitchen just a bit of originality and desire to experiment is enough!

Looking for a lightning recipe to make in minutes? You're on the right link! Below, a collection of Salt & Pepper recipes for quick first courses that satisfy everyone's tastes thanks to the combination of all types of ingredients: from first courses with meat to those from fish, to those with cereals and vegetables. Find out immediately quick first courses of this top ten of Sale & Pepe! We advise you to note the link somewhere, because we are certain that these Salt & Pepper recipes you will be so pleased that you will be forced to repeat them!

Summer cookery courses – The School of Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

While you wait to go in holiday, jump in The School of Italian Cuisine to Milan. June and July are full of events and courses that will make you enjoy the best of summer, even if you are not on holiday yet.

First of all, if you want a little taste of our school, we are waiting for you lunch break "Midday Kitchen", available on selected dates. Click here to read the menus and book.
If instead you want to get into the heart of it, here are the four summer courses + one themed dinner that you absolutely can't miss. After all, summer is also in the scents and flavors of the kitchen!

Semifreddi & Parfait

A course to learn how to prepare fresh desserts perfect for the summer, using preparation techniques that can be replicated at home and using irresistible ingredients: mango and vanilla semifreddo; pistachio parfait with chocolate sauce and crunchy; coffee parfait; Strawberry Meringue. Book by clicking here.

Soups and creams: summer

Who said that soups are eaten only in winter? Discover here our proposals for fresh, light and tasty soups and creams.

Hamburger & CO

One of the most popular courses to learn how to prepare comes back for some special dates meat and fish burgers. It starts with homemade bread, to then find out which are the most winning combinations. Check out the dates by clicking here.

Regional cuisine: Sardinia

Sardinian cuisine arrives in Milan with some of its best traditional recipes. culurgiones, rut, seadas: impossible to resist! Book by clicking here.

Theme dinner: Sicily on the table

Not a cooking class, but a real one dinner prepared by our chefs, to say goodbye before the summer holidays with the flavors of Sicilian cuisine.
The menu is still secret: keep an eye on this page to find out as soon as it is revealed!

If these summer course proposals are not enough for you, we remind you of some dedicated to fish that will make you breathe sea air immediately: Fish menu, Fish appetizers, First courses of fish, Main courses of Fish and Sushi and Sashimi.
The best techniques to enhance fish according to the Italian tradition, but also to prepare raw fish according to the Japanese one.

You can find them all in the complete calendar, to consult here.

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