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Christmas recipes: 20 main courses – Italian Cuisine

Christmas recipes: 20 main courses

Here is our collection of meat or fish based second courses, traditional or creative, for the holiday menu. So good to satisfy all palates

At the table they like them so much appetizers, then expects the first with appetite, to then get to the according to less hungry. This may happen on Sundays, but during the Christmas or Boxing Day lunch it's impossible! There are many, many tasty ideas which can be brought to the festive table when everything is allowed. You can amaze your guests even in lightness, fish could be the ideal choice. For those who prefer tradition, a good roast is the perfect option. Discover the seconds of Christmas that we have designed to make you look great with your loved ones and delight the palates of even the most demanding guests.

Fish-based main courses for Christmas

Make sure your guests appreciate fish as much as you do and get to work with our delicious and elegant dishes, with the finest meats such aslobster baked in foil to alternative ideas like it fish stew, L'sea ​​bream in clay crust, the cacciucco in the modern version, or a simple one sea ​​bass, mushrooms and chervil, the turbot on pumpkin cream and herbs, the crispy mullet and for connoisseurs theeel, cream of potatoes and red pesto.

Meat-based main courses for Christmas

If you have already cooked and eaten fish on Christmas Eve, focus on a tasty second course of meat that fits the whole family together, to choose from: gbeef cheek with hazelnut and potato mayonnaise, veal in crust, black truffle sauce, pork loin with onions, stuffed capon breast, toasted corn crusted fillet, old-fashioned roast but with dates, braised rabbit and salsify with white wine cream, stew with aromatic sandwich crust, shoulder of lamb with lemon and mint, braised in Barolo with mashed potatoes, roast veal with apricots and dried figs and to finish the guinea fowl with coconut.

Here are our tasty Christmas second courses:

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Ideas for a vegetarian dinner: 20 courses to try – Italian Cuisine

Ideas for a vegetarian dinner: 20 courses to try

Recipes for appetizers, first courses, main courses and side dishes based on fruit and vegetables and tips for the success of a vegetarian dinner

How about making one vegetarian dinner this evening? No meat, no fish, but "only" fruit, vegetables, legumes, eggs, cheeses, mushrooms. In the'International year of fruit and vegetables it is an idea to take up the invitation to consume more plant foods, as well as a way to experiment with new recipes to bring them to the table. And if this motivation isn't enough to get you in the kitchen, here are five more.

5 reasons to have a vegetarian dinner even if we are not vegetarians

1. Why do we have vegetarian guests;

2. Why a themed dinner is fun;

3. Why fruits and vegetables are healthy;

4. Because we want to be more sustainable at the table;

5. To discover that vegetarian and tasty are characteristics that are not mutually exclusive.

5 ways to make a vegetarian dinner tasty

1. Cooking with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

2. Get more textures such as soft-crunchy in a dish;

3. Use spices and herbs;

4. Serve meat dishes that are not actually meat dishes: burgers, meatballs, stews can also be made vegetarians;

5. Play with the many colors of fruit and vegetables in the composition of the dishes.

Our recipes for a vegetarian dinner

Here are ours recipes to start preparing your vegetarian dinner right away. There are appetizers, first courses, second courses, side dishes, but you can also serve one course for another, as you wish!

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