Ideas for a vegetarian dinner: 20 courses to try – Italian Cuisine

Ideas for a vegetarian dinner: 20 courses to try

Recipes for appetizers, first courses, main courses and side dishes based on fruit and vegetables and tips for the success of a vegetarian dinner

How about making one vegetarian dinner this evening? No meat, no fish, but "only" fruit, vegetables, legumes, eggs, cheeses, mushrooms. In the'International year of fruit and vegetables it is an idea to take up the invitation to consume more plant foods, as well as a way to experiment with new recipes to bring them to the table. And if this motivation isn't enough to get you in the kitchen, here are five more.

5 reasons to have a vegetarian dinner even if we are not vegetarians

1. Why do we have vegetarian guests;

2. Why a themed dinner is fun;

3. Why fruits and vegetables are healthy;

4. Because we want to be more sustainable at the table;

5. To discover that vegetarian and tasty are characteristics that are not mutually exclusive.

5 ways to make a vegetarian dinner tasty

1. Cooking with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

2. Get more textures such as soft-crunchy in a dish;

3. Use spices and herbs;

4. Serve meat dishes that are not actually meat dishes: burgers, meatballs, stews can also be made vegetarians;

5. Play with the many colors of fruit and vegetables in the composition of the dishes.

Our recipes for a vegetarian dinner

Here are ours recipes to start preparing your vegetarian dinner right away. There are appetizers, first courses, second courses, side dishes, but you can also serve one course for another, as you wish!

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