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Around Paris to discover sweet and savory healthy food – Italian Cuisine

Walking around Paris to discover healthy but sophisticated culinary offerings. Among gourmet and French or foreign dishes, but also homemade sandwiches, soups and gluten-free treats

Strolling through the streets of Paris exploring bistros, restaurants and pastry shops is the dream of many cooking enthusiasts, but how to do it if you follow one healthy, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diet? Fortunately, in recent years, catering in the French capital is increasingly embracing the international trend of healthy eating, including increasingly fresh, seasonal, natural, plant-based, low environmental impact and biological ingredients. Let's go then to discover an ideal itinerary in search of sweet and savory healthy food, between street food, gourmet dishes, healthy, colorful and original French or international cuisine.

Breakfast and snacks to start the day with a smile (and health)

As the first stop on our ideal Parisian itinerary dedicated to gastronomy and wellbeing, we recommend theHelmut Newcake (28 rue Vignon, 75009, Paris), a bakery-pastry with an excellent selection of bread and baguettes, pancakes, cakes and homemade cakes, with many vegan and vegetarian options and above all a renowned wide assortment for celiacs. For those looking for a hearty breakfast or a quick and light lunch, the right address could be Cafe Mimosa (11 rue Buffault, 75009, Paris). In this place the food is simple but refined, and between a soup and an omelette there is no lack of delicate floral decorations and great attention to detail. It should also be noted that the portions are plentiful, the seasonal recipes and the menu full of vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Healthy Parisian restaurants for all tastes and diets

Finding gourmet and fancy sandwiches that are vegetable, light and full of flavor is not always an easy task. The perfect place, in this sense, is the Beaufou Perugia (5 rue violet 75015, Paris), a rustic but cozy restaurant, in which everything is fresh and homemade, from bread to sauces, to fries and even the "vegetarian steaks". From the American style kitchen, let's move on to that Japanese of the Nanashi (57 rue Charlot, 75003, Paris), a well-known name in the French capital among lovers of Asian restaurants. The elegance of the dishes, presented in white porcelain bento, is combined with the taste and freshness of the organic ingredients used, including the raw salmon that is the protagonist of one of the house specialties, the cirashi. For those who are looking for Mediterranean flavors worth a visit vegetarian IMA Cantine (39 quai de Valmy, Paris), where you are enveloped by the warm color of the walls, the scent of spices and the southern flavors of pita, taboulé, figs, hummus and oriental salads, and the Soya (20 rue de la Pierre Levee, 75011, Paris), considered the best vegan restaurant in the city. The latter, always open and 100% biological, is characterized by a very wide menu that includes really special cruelty free delicacies, including vegan buffalo mozzarella, vegetable seaweed tartare and a gluten free lasagna with seasonal vegetables, bechamel and vegetable cheese, a tomato and leek sauce and smoked tempeh.
To conclude our journey in beauty (and goodness), the last recommendable stop could only be one typical French restaurant: Le Brun (95 rue Saint Honore, 7500, Paris). Wrapped in a magical Parisian atmosphere you can taste sophisticated classic or revisited versions of traditional dishes, including homemade foie gras, confit de canard (a preparation of duck meat) and delicious crème brûlée.

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Sweet with oil, 3 tips to follow to replace it with butter – Italian Cuisine

The oil becomes a precious ally also in the preparation of your desserts, thanks to the suggestions of the School Chefs

Did you know that all desserts which you usually prepare with butter can give equally tasty and satisfying results even with theoil? Just know how, since they change technical processing, as well as balancing some ingredients in the recipes. Here are three little ones advice of our chefs at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana to replace butter with oil in desserts.

The weight of the oil

First of all it is important to remember not to replace the weight of the butter with the weight of the oil, since they have two consistencies completely different. Therefore, adjust each time differently according to recipes and personal tastes, but never take into consideration the weight indicated for the butter. The ideal proportion between butter is oil is of 80%: 100 grams of butter they can therefore be replaced with 80 grams of oil.

The oil temperature

When oil is added to sweets, it is always better to incorporate it cold in order to create aemulsion more important. In some cases it is instead advisable to emulsify the oil directly with another liquid, usually water, using a food processor. Add the obtained emulsion to the dry mixture only at the end.

The type of oil

You can use any type of oil to your liking, remembering that as far as theextra virgin olive is the absolute best, it often tends not to be as neutral as that of seeds. For this reason we suggest you try other types, such as those derived from dried fruit: even if it is a bit expensive, among the best ever is the oil of almond.

In any case, the oil will give your recipes softness and softness different from butter, but equally pleasant, you'll see!

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Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

The sweet Rome of Andrea Antonini, chef of the Imàgo restaurant – Italian Cuisine

Andrea Antonini is the new chef at the Imàgo restaurant in Rome, on the top floor of the historic hotel that is the Hassler. On the summit of Trinità dei Monti

The first to trust him behind the stove was Andrea Fusco who, with his restaurant Giuda dancer! (from the favorite curse of Dylan Dog) he established himself as a forerunner of creative Roman cuisine. Today Andrea Antonini, born in 1991, grew up in Spinaceto, Roma Sud area, agrarian studies made unwillingly, dishwasher at the Corte dei Conti canteen is the new chef of the Imàgo restaurant on the top floor of the historic hotel that is the Hassler. On the summit of Trinità dei Monti.

At the interview, Antonini presents himself with a white chocolate with yuzu, the "divo" of citrus fruits, just to make it clear that for him, desserts are a serious matter. "The menu is in fieri, but I'm sure I'll put in a soufflé and the petit four cart. A cart of desires , he anticipates.
A decision surely inspired by the professional experiences in the land of Spain. «I worked for over a year with Quique Dacosta (3 Michelin stars from Denia, Costa Blanca, ed ) and Juanfra Valiente, the most creative mind I have ever known. I even cooked jellyfish with them, but I didn't have the courage to eat them, "he recalls amused.

Then it was the turn of another temple of world cuisine, El Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin stars of Girona, ed) where the sweets of Jordi, master pastry chef, are a joy for the eyes and the palate. "It is there, in a brigade of 30 people, that I learned how to organize a kitchen. A 140-seat car per day. Infallible". And it is precisely there that Andrea wins the prize for creativity announced by Joan Roca. Recipe? Romanissima: red mullet, panzanella and lemon. Italianness is almost a mantra for the young cook (he hates the word chef) who took the baton of Francesco Apreda, a Neapolitan with a touch of the Orient on the palate, to Imàgo. "Of his menu, certainly without the use of spices. But in our kitchen (there are 8 of us and works closely with Matteo Taccini, his contemporary, already at work at the Enigma restaurant in Barcelona, ed) the extra virgin olive oil, the vegetables of the Roman agro, the water will reign supreme. We have decided to eliminate the vacuum and satisfy the seasonality of the raw materials. I would also like to include the butter and oil service. Certainly, the best butter is the French one with which all the great cooks roast the meat , he fends off. Also good for making desserts.