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The different idea to recycle the panettone: sweet and savory toast – Italian Cuisine

With the panettone you can prepare excellent ones sweet toast … and also savory. Did you know?
Let's find out some together recipe.

How to toast the panettone

There are various ways to toast the panettone.
The most classic is the oven. Cut the panettone into slices and place it inside a baking pan. Heat in grill mode for a few minutes to obtain a crunchy texture outside and soft in the heart.
The same can be done in one no stick pan with a knob of butter. You can also make the recipe more greedy by first wetting the slices in a mixture of beaten eggs and milk. In this way you will get the famous French Toast Serve hot with jam, fresh fruit, ice cream or cream.
Finally you can heat the slices of panettone on a plate or on a grill and if you want you can also stuff them in the middle just like you do with a toast.

Toast of sweet panettone

The sweet panettone toast is very easy to make because you can indulge yourself with all kinds of stuffing.
It's very good with the jam or with the cream of hazelnuts or pistachios.
Delicate with the vanilla cream and greedy with the chocolate cream.
For a more unusual and fruity taste you can try the accompaniment with the Lemon Curd or with the apple butter.
As already mentioned, you can bake it in the oven or on the plate and even wet it with eggs and milk and cook it with a knob of butter in the pan to make it richer and more flavorful like the classic French toast.

How to recycle the panettone: sweet and savory toast

Toast of salty panettone

Think about how sweet bread with raisins and walnuts get married well with them sliced, especially if very tasty. Imagine it with it speck, for example. Here, then why not try with panettone?
Cut the slices giving the square shape of the pancarré and then fill them with a sliced ​​and sliced ​​cheese that melts as fontina. Add the toast and heat it in the pan or on the grill.
You can also use a classic toaster, but be careful because the panettone is very delicate and being rich in butter it burns quickly.

Ideas to recycle the panettone

If bread is not thrown away, let alone panettone. Toasts are a great idea of recycling, but you can also cut the panettone into cubes to make croutons to dip in milk for breakfast or in a pumpkin soup for a super comfort dinner.
Or, when it is too dry, soften it with a little 'milk, squeeze it well and then prepare a pudding or a cake similar to the village cake by adding an egg, cocoa and some shortbread or chopped amaretto.

The pastry brioches are good both salty and sweet – Italian Cuisine

For a snack among children or for a super tasty finger food, the puff pastry brioches are a masterpiece of taste.

Fresh, crumbly, super delicious: le puff pastry brioches bring a touch of French atmosphere in our menu, are perfect to serve as a snack for children, filled with fruit jams or chocolate creams, or finger food if stuffed with meats, cheeses or savory pates. They are prepared in no time, you can do in many versions, always like everyone!

Puff pastry ready: you can!

If you are not a fan of "homemade" and, above all, if you do not have a lot of time available, get yourself guilt-free from the ready-made dough: on the market you will find several types, even gluten free for intolerant people. Better if rectangular, easier to cut and without waste! If instead you want to get your hands in the flour, try this version of puff pastry.


Let's get to work!

Take a rectangle of puff pastry, spread it well on the floured table and divide it in half lengthwise, using a sharp knife. Brush one with a little water, then overlap the two rectangles and divide them into many triangles with base of 8 cm. At this point you are ready for fill your puff pastry brioches, with both sweet and savory fillings. The important thing is not to overdo the filling, because otherwise it would escape. Then remember to arrange the ingredients at the base of the triangle. Once this operation is done, roll the dough to the tip of the triangle and place all the brioches on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Brush with a beaten egg yolk and cook at 180 degrees for 25 minutes, then let it cool a few minutes before serving.

Jams, chocolate, vegetables, meats and creams

To fill the brioches you can really go crazy. For the sweet version you can opt for jams of all tastes or for the classic custard, hazelnut or chocolate. In the case of jam, the filling can be done before cooking, for chocolate, hazelnut or custard creams it is better to stuff the croissants once cooked. If instead you prefer salty taste, the filling should be done after cooking. You can choose from Ham Mousse, of shrimp, of salmon, or cream of cream and champignon, but also avocado and shrimp. All the cold cuts, thinly sliced ​​and accompanied by sauces like mayonnaise, rose sauce or mustard. For those who love cheese, prepare robiola cream with chives or fennel, ricotta and turmeric, or mascarpone and ginger. Vegetables in oil or on the grill complete the chances.

In the tutorial some ideas for your brioches!

Restaurants against Hunger: when the potatoes are united in bitterness to become sweet and supportive – Italian Cuisine

We could not do that to close this our review of Restaurants Against the Hunger with a good dessert. And so be it! We offer you the Soft Patata Bologna PDO created by La Porta Restaurant. In Bologna, clear! Do not know yet what are the Restaurants against the Hunger ??? They are those who have joined the Action against Hunger campaign, which lasts until December 31: for each dish (or menu) supportive, 2 euros go to support of undernourished children.

The "Soft Bologna Potato PDO, Montenegro, chocolate and crunchy almonds and hazelnuts" It is included in the solidarity tasting menu "Sapori Ricercati e Ritrovati": local subjects, such as the Bologna PDO potato. But also the Montenegro: yes, just the bitter, which since 1885 is produced in the province of the Emilian capital. And then the onion of Medicina, the char of Corno alle Scale, the curly tomato from Parma and more. "Our guests choose the supportive menu because they can to reconcile an act of solidarity with a product of the sought territory"- explains Vincenzo Saladino, manager of the refined restaurant in Bologna (which also offers a Bistro next door and a large one cigar room).

"Considering the potato a prevailing element of the main courses salty and regional, we wanted to enhance its qualities in a dessert, marrying it with a local bitter "- he says the Chef, Lorenzo Venturelli. And here is the recipe.

The Soft Patata Bologna PDO, Montenegro, chocolate and crunchy almonds and hazelnuts

Potato pie:

Dark chocolate 150gr

Butter 80gr

Flour 00 20gr

Dry crushed potatoes 10gr

Medium eggs 2

Yolks 1

Powdered sugar 90gr

Vanilla pod 1

Cane sugar as needed

Assemble everything together in a planetary mixer and pour into buttered cups and sprinkled with cane sugar to cook in a ventilated oven at 170 ° C and 20% humidity for 10 minutes.


Boiled potatoes 100gr

Cream 10gr

Hot paraffin 15gr

Heat the cream and pour over the boiled potatoes with the proespuma; mix and siphon with 2 fillings of cream.


Milk chocolate 150gr

Butter 20gr

Dried fruit to taste 50gr

Bring in the tempera the milk chocolate at 45 ° c, cool to 27 ° c and heat again at 30 ° c. Add coarsely chopped butter and dried fruit.

Salsa Montenegro:

Montenegro 100gr

Agar agar 1gr

Sugar to taste

Heat Montenegro and add the agar agar mixed with a little sugar, bring to a boil and cool for a day. Later mix slightly.

Pearls Montenegro:

Montenegro 100gr

Agar agar 5gr

Sugar to taste

Cold seed oil for spherification as required.

Use the same procedure as the sauce except for cooling, which is obtained with the thermal shock of cold seed oil: with the help of a syringe without a needle, pour small drops into the oil in a high carafe. Wash the pearls.


Pour a little sauce as a base, put the hot cake and foam with pearls over it. Garnish with crisp.

When you go out to eat during these holidays, choose a supportive restaurant! You will do good to you and to a child who is hungry. Choose La Porta Restaurant or another of the Restaurants against the Hunger near your home.

Carra Traverso Saibante
December 2018