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Chickpea hummus recipe with sweet scones – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Chickpea hummus recipe with sweet scones

After soybeans and beans, they are the chickpeas the most cultivated legumes: Asia has the record, whileHummus it is one of the most typical preparations of the Mediterranean.

Fundamental and much loved on the tables of all time, one of the greatest families of ancient Rome, that of the famous orator Cicero, even took its name from chickpeas. And theItalydespite its production volumes not comparable to Asia, stands out for its variety of the offer.

In the regions most suited to climate and tradition, many types have become typical agri-food products (Pat) or Slow Food presidia: in Tuscany we find the small chickpea from Valdarno; in Campania the Ofanto chickpea and the black chickpea of the Fortore, with thick skin and intense flavor; in Basilicata the red chickpea from Latronico, base of a sweet cocoa cream to fill fried panzerotti; in Puglia the Nardò chickpea; in Sicily the red chickpea of ​​Cianciana, aromatic and rich in iron…

In the form of flour, chickpeas are the protagonists of many typical dishes, from farinata in Liguria to panelle in Sicily. Whole, they go into soups with other legumes and cereals such as mesciua from La Spezia or ciceri e tria, pasta and chickpeas from Salento.

And without chickpeas there would be no hummus, a sauce loved all over the world which we propose combined with in this recipe sweet scones.

Here is the recipe for the savory sweet potato and leek pie – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Here is the recipe for the savory sweet potato and leek pie

Spread the sweet potato and leek mixture on the basis of pasta. In a bowl, beat the eggs with the fresh cream, the grated cheese, the chopped aromatic herbs, the salt and the pepper. Pour the liquid mixture onto the surface of the cake. Put in preheated oven to 180°C and for 30-35 minutes.

Recipes with strawberries: our best sweet and savory ideas – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

When we buy a basket of ripe strawberries, we often find some bruised fruit. This happens because strawberries are very delicate and can suffer from heat, storage, but also waiting in the refrigerator. The first tip to avoid wasting them is to consume them as soon as they are purchased. In this way you can fully enjoy their sweetness while appreciating their natural, almost crunchy consistency. But if you happen to leave strawberries in the refrigerator for too long, here are some ideas for using bruised strawberries. Once washed and removed from any parts that are no longer edible, you can cut them roughly, blend them with the sugar and lemon juice, cook the mixture for a few minutes on a low heat and use this Strawberry sauce to make every meal even better ice-cream. If you are looking for something alternative instead, we invite you to prepare a very easy one spicy strawberry sauce. To prepare it, cut the strawberries into cubes and place on the heat in a pan in which you have melted some butter with a pinch of chilli pepper. Add a little sugar to caramelize, blend with apple cider vinegar and finish cooking when the desired consistency is reached. Once cooled, it is perfect to accompany cheeses!

Our sweet and savory recipes with strawberries

our best recipes with strawberries, all to try

50 recipes with strawberries (sweet and savory)

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