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a sweet masterpiece for every occasion – Italian Cuisine

a sweet masterpiece for every occasion

There strawberry and white chocolate cake it represents an excellent culinary option for those who want to delight the palate with a refined combination of flavours. This delicious dessert, characterized by the sweetness of fresh fruit and the creaminess of the white dessert, stands out for its simplicity in preparation, offering a delicious and satisfying result. There quick and easy recipe makes its preparation accessible even to those who are not experts in the kitchen. The choice of fresh and quality ingredients, however, is essential to guarantee an optimal result. The procedure involves the preparation of a soft and slightly buttery base, enriched by the presence of strawberries cut into pieces, which release their aroma during cooking. The white chocolate melts into the mixture, giving the dessert a creamy consistency and an enveloping aroma.

The choice to combine these ingredients intends to create a balanced contrast between different flavours, which find their maximum exaltation especially during spring and summer, when the strawberries reach their maximum ripeness. The origins of the dessert are not tied to a specific region, but rather represent a marriage of global gastronomic influences. If you want to surprise your guests, follow our recipe and bring a strawberry and white chocolate cake to the table, which will conquer everyone.

the perfect sweet snack for every season – Italian Cuisine

the perfect sweet snack for every season

Sweet and with a winter flavour, the almond brittle it’s a snack that smells of parties and a lit fireplace.

In the same way as Nougatof the logpanettone or pandoro, crunchy is part of the family of sweets Christmasa gentle cuddle that accompanies all the holidays from mid-November to late January.

Although there are many types on the market, almond brittle (like cashew brittle) is very easy to prepare at home: all you need is a small saucepan, a handful of brown sugar, the juice of half a lemon and, of course, dried fruit. . A few minutes on medium heat and then off to the fridge to firm up before becoming small squares to give as gifts or to enjoy at any time of the day.

For the crunchy to solidify properly it is advisable to spread the mixture on a sheet of baking paper and flatten it with the help of a spoon. If you have a blast chiller, a few minutes inside is enough for the crunchy to reach the right consistency.

We put the brown sugar in a saucepan together with the juice of half a lemon and put it on the heat to melt the sugar and turn it into caramel. Move the saucepan with rotating movements so that it melts evenly. When the caramel has formed, add the almonds and mix. Transfer the mixture onto a sheet of baking paper and flatten with the back of a spoon. Let it cool and cut into squares.

Eating in via Veneto, waiting for the rebirth of the sweet life – Italian Cuisine

Eating in via Veneto, waiting for the rebirth of the sweet life

Eating in via Veneto in Rome, the most famous street in the capital, was not easy. But something is changing. Because via Veneto is being reborn after years of oblivion and it is doing so starting from the kitchen. Roman and Italian-American.

The first scandalous striptease

It all began, officially, on 5 November 1958, with the party for the twenty-fourth birthday of Countess Olghina di Robilant at the Rugantino in Trastevere: here the Turkish-Armenian dancer Aïché Nana performed the famous striptease, ending up half naked in all the newspapers of the time. Rome had become the international capital of entertainment and social life, and its epicenter was Via Veneto. Due to the presence of the most luxurious hotels and clubs open until dawn, Via Veneto has been the meeting point for VIPs, actors, night owls and paparazzi for twenty years. Here they stayed and spent their evenings, among the bars, lobbies and hotel rooms that made the history of the street. AtHarry’s Bar Frank Sinatra played the piano and even today in the evening we dine with the background of the piano bar. Since 1962 he has animated Rome by Night and hosted Hollywood actors visiting the capital, but it has nothing to do with Venice, so there’s no point in looking for a plate of carpaccio.

The great beauty: a construction site

In 2013 it was the set of The great beauty by Paolo Sorrentino, a film that photographed the upper class of Roman salons, good and even decadent. «The great beauty It is to The sweet life like the Via Veneto of today is the Via Veneto of 1959. Now it is just a street of luxury hotels where it is in vain to seek the nocturnal atmosphere of the past” wrote Alessandra Levantesi Kezich, film critic for “La Stampa”, on the occasion of the his exit. Well yes, because it really is it is useless to come to via Veneto in search of cafés crowded with artists, intellectuals, stars and photographers. Over the years, other neighborhoods have made their way into the preferences of Romans and tourists and Via Veneto has remained comfortable on its laurels. Today Via Veneto is a construction site.

Between public and private, there is the project (already started) of redevelop the urban planning aspect and to relaunch the historic premises to bring back Via Veneto great again. Many prestigious hotels are currently closed or under renovation: the first hotel on via Veneto, the Hotel Majestic, inaugurated in 1889 and designed by the architect Gaetano Koch, author among others of the nearby American embassy building and the Bank of Italy building (Palazzo Koch), has closed its doors and has been acquired by Boscalt Hospitality (Rothschild) and will be renovated. The Westin Excelsior Rome, designed by architect Otto Mariani in the early twentieth century in neo-baroque style, has been bought and will close shortly for renovations. The Grand Hotel Via Veneto will be transformed into a Nobu Hotel and Restaurant, although it is not yet known when. Not far away, in via Boncompagni, work has begun on the new Mandarin Oriental. The only discordant note, for the Cafè de Paris, however, after the seizure and ten years of closure, the shutter still remains lowered and everything is silent. The street is still divided in two, to the south apart Signorvino it’s still all a construction site or bars serving American Breakfast for a few euros, whereas towards the north the rebirth has already begun.

Make Dolce Vita Great Again

First to lead the rebirth consortium, the InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace, named in honor of the nearby American embassy. Built as the ambassador’s residence, then transformed into a library, it is the first five-star hotel to inaugurate the new course of the most famous street in the capital. One hundred and sixty rooms with a pure leisure vocation, a design that takes inspiration from the Roman style, a rooftop with a view and a restaurant NYC shoe which attracts an audience of American and local tourists; which in via Veneto still means Americans. Scarpetta NYC is a short circuit: a restaurant serving Italian-American cuisinewanted by a New Yorker, inspired by the concept of The sweet life, hence the name of the LDV Hospitality group. A foreign format that embodies Italianness abroad, and not an attempt to bastardize Italian cuisine to meet the tastes of others. Homemade pasta and bread, spaghetti with tomato sauce (and butter, very creamy) and steak house menus, just like in the United States. Much loved by expats, diplomats, American citizens of Rome and even traveling tourists who thus rediscover the flavors of home and a place where they feel transported to New York. Via Veneto is in fact an American outpost in Italy, it is no coincidence that the first Italian Hard Rock Cafe opened here, way back in 1998, and one of the most famous nightclubs in the capital (opened in 1972) is right in the area and is called Jackie O’ , named after the iconic Jacqueline Kennedy, JFK’s widow, who became Mrs. Onassis in 1968.

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