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the last minute gift for greedy friends – Italian Cuisine

the last minute gift for greedy friends

We present the stars and stripes version of the nougat: if you have never tried rocky road this is the right time to prepare them and … give them away

We cannot define the rocky road simply Chocolates because they are much more.
These chocolate cubes they are rich, colorful, greedy and can be done in many different ways.
You can use dark, white or milk chocolate, maybe even all three together in layers, and you can add nuts, raisins, and other dried and dried fruit.
In the variant most loved by children, you can also play with Marshmallow, white or colored and possibly mini, to add a touch of softness.
Someone defines them "American nougat" due to the presence of chocolate and dried fruit, but in this case the slightly chewy consistency of the classic nougat as we know it is missing.

The basic recipe of rocky road

Melt in a water bath 200 g of dark chocolate is 100 g of milk chocolate with 30 g of butter.
Mix everything with 30 g of puffed rice, a handful of almonds and pistachios is 100 g of mini marshmallows colored.
Pour the mixture into a mold lined with cling film. It must have a thickness of about 2 cm.
Let everything cool down in the refrigerator for two hours and then cut into cubes.

White chocolate variant

Melt in a double boiler only White chocolate and a walnut of butter and then mix it all up with something colorful like Goji berries or raspberries e cranberries dried.
Top with a handful of pistachios because green goes very well with white and red and is a perfect match for Christmas. Also in this case you can add marshmallows always in chromatic contrast.

Rocky road with cookies

You can also add some to the chocolate cookies: in this period we suggest those spiced with ginger and cinnamon.
You don't have to chop them, but simply break them coarsely because they must show up in the cut of the cubes and they must feel bite after bite as a crunchy part.
If you don't like spiced cookies, use any type of Biscuits of your choice.

Greedy and creative recycling

Rocky roads are the ideal recipe for recycle chocolate, biscuits and nuts, especially after the holidays.
If you have different types of chocolate you can melt them separately, mix them with the other ingredients and then arrange them in layers inside the mold. In this way you will get very colorful and super greedy rocky roads.

Gift idea

Rocky roads are nice homemade Christmas gift that everyone will appreciate.
They are easy to prepare, as you have seen, and also very beautiful to pack in transparent bags.
They keep for a long time … if they don't disappear instantly!

Valentine's Day, Last Minute. The dinner menu which is prepared in 30 minutes – Italian Cuisine

Valentine's Day, Last Minute. The dinner menu which is prepared in 30 minutes

The menu dedicated to latecomers who will argue with the clock even on the most romantic evening of the year. Here's how to fix your Valentine's dinner in half an hour!

According to the survey conducted on Instagram by Al.ta Cucina, this year 69% of Italians will celebrate Valentine's Day within the home by cooking Italian recipes (95%). Chocolates are confirmed as the perfect gift with 52% of preferences. But in this 69% of lovers ready to cook something unrepeatable for their partner, 4 out of 5 people don't know what to cook. And if they don't resolve the situation in the next few days, don't panic. Al.Ta cucina and Lagostina dedicated an aphrodisiac and intriguing menu to Valentine's Day, but above all very easy to make in just 30 minutes. The first course proposed is a saffron risotto with the addition of grated ginger to increase its aphrodisiac charge, the second onesquid salad and olives with yogurt sauce and mixed salad. Finally, a heat dark chocolate.

First: Saffron risotto


140 g Carnaroli rice, a sachet of saffron, ½ glass of white wine, 15 g butter, 40 g grated Parmesan cheese, 1/2 onion, 0.750 l of hot vegetable broth, extra virgin olive oil, salt to taste

Pepper to taste, Ginger to taste


Put a drizzle of oil and add the finely chopped onion, brown gently. Add the rice, saffron, pour 750 ml of broth into the pot and close the lid, put the pot at maximum power and from the beginning of the hiss, reduce the heat source and cook for 10 minutes. After the cooking minutes, gradually vent the steam by lifting the valve to open the pan safely. Stir in the butter and Parmesan cheese, rest for a few minutes and serve with the grated ginger.

Second: Salad of squid and olives with yogurt sauce and mixed salad


400g fresh squid; 30g mixed salad; 30g whole yogurt; 20g extra virgin olive oil; Salt and Pepper To Taste; 2 bay leaves; 40g celery30g white onion; 1 dl white wine; 8g lemon juice; 120g Taggiasca olives


Start by putting 1/2 liter of water in the pressure cooker, the wine, celery and onion cut into small pieces, bay leaf, cleaned and washed squid and a pinch of salt. Close and cook for 3 minutes from the start of the hiss. Open the pan and drain the squid. Pass them quickly in a hot non-stick pan, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and brown them slightly. At the end add the Taggiasca olives, the small and tasty ones. Season the yogurt with the salt, pepper and lemon juice. Arrange the dish with the squid and place the mixed salad on top. Season with the yogurt sauce and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. To taste flavored with a minced black pepper to the reel. It is a difficult dish to combine with a wine, but you can think of a soft and fragrant wine like a new wine.

Dessert: Dark chocolate


40 g of dark chocolate, 40 g of butter, 1 egg + 1 yolk, 2 x 20 g of sugar, 15 g of flour, 8 g of cornstarch ®


Remove 4 squares of chocolate and melt the rest with the butter in a water bath. Mix the yolks and 20 g of sugar well with a whisk for 5 minutes. When the mixture has become whiter, gently add the flour and Maïzena® by sieving them. Add the melted chocolate-butter mixture. Beat the egg whites until stiff and then add the remaining 20 g of sugar. Gently incorporate the egg whites into the mixture and divide into 4 molds (2/3). Insert a piece of chocolate in the center of the mixture. Place the bowls in the basket. Pour 75 cl of water on the bottom of the pressure cooker, arrange the tripod and the basket. To close. Leave to cook for 8 minutes, from when the pan comes under pressure. Remove the hot fondants from the oven.

How to organize a last minute birthday party – Italian Cuisine

How to organize a last minute birthday party

Easy, casual, fun, delicious: the next birthday party will be like this. Here are three tips for cooking quick and original recipes

Is your birthday approaching and you have absolutely no idea how to celebrate it? For this time going out to dinner is excluded: if you bet on saving, organizing a birthday party at home is the solution for you. But it is not the only reason. At home you can give us inside customizing the party with a theme, decorations and typical recipes.

If the fateful date is in the middle of the week and you haven't had enough time either to think or to cook, better to use some shortcuts. Get out of work at 6 pm and you only have a couple of hours to do everything: you have to play early or choose very easy recipes, but at the same time greedy and suitable for a party. Imperatives: make a quick shopping and make less pans as dirty as possible.

What to cook? Here are three ideas that everyone will like, for a mouth-watering birthday party at home.

1. Browse, take us to safety

The resolver # 1 of all our problems is the puff pastry ready, easy and quick to prepare. To not lose even a moment longer, fill it with ingredients that are cut quickly and that should not be cooked separately, such as cold cuts and cheeses. Here are some of our quick recipes.

Tired of the usual birthday cake? The pastry is also perfect as a dessert! Here are 10 ideas for one sweet puff pastry.

2. Let's soak!

drench nachos and chips in sauces is fun, but for such an important evening it's important to be original. The guacamole it is perfect: it is different from the usual and is prepared in just 15 minutes. Click here for the guacamole recipe.

Try this one too cheese sauce: Just mix a creamy cheese, like robiola, with sour cream. Season with a few drops of vinegar, salt, pepper and other spices or herbs to taste!

With the caprine or the ricotta cheese you can also prepare tasty mousse savory with tuna, ham, salmon or vegetables, to spread also on toasted bread. See all our tips here.

3. Clouds are raining

The classic of the classics, cannot absolutely miss. Don't be afraid, the sandwiches are not only suitable for children's parties. Just use amazing ingredients: for example, this tropical sandwich can be prepare in advance and it will surely amaze your guests!

What to drink?

We must all agree on drinks too. Can not miss the bubbles! Without being trivial, it is good to focus on something that is not too complex, fresh and suitable for an aperitif.

In gallery at the top, don't miss all the other tips to organize an unforgettable birthday at home

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