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Carbonara Day, let's celebrate it with the recipe that unites – Italian Cuisine

Carbonara Day, let's celebrate it with the recipe that unites

The 4th edition of the Carbonara Day, a real party conceived by the pasta makers of AIDEPI and IPO and dedicated to the pasta that has conquered the whole world from Lazio. What better occasion to cook it together? Just today, in fact, La Cucina Italiana invites its readers to participate in one challenge that will invade all Italian kitchens for 5 weeks through 5 recipes that cross our country from north to south and that will make us feel closer sharing them.

Our challenge #LaRicettaCheUnisce, start today and invite everyone to cook a delicious carbonara! You have until Sunday for post the photo in social media where you (alone or with the people and animals who are at home with you) sit at the table in front of a nice plate of carbonara. Remember to share it with us with the hashtag #LaRicettaCheUnisce and invite to also participate your distant friends and family. We will seem to find ourselves in a large kitchen full of boiling pots, ready to sit at the largest table ever. And if you don't have all the ingredients at home, it doesn't matter! Carbonara is also fantasy. Use vegetables, bacon, ham, raw speck, crunchy artichokes …

The challenge will keep us company week by week, inviting us to prepare pizza, mozzarella in a carriage, tiramisu and eggplant parmigiana. Don't you think it's a very good program? But let's go back to #CarbonaraDay! This is the first edition of the carbonara day which will be celebrated behind closed doors. Due to the extraordinary situation in which we find ourselves, it will not be possible to move between events and restaurants ready to serve us their carbonara, but nothing is lost. In this period we have learned to live little big emotions in our homes, to face the world from our balcony and find a new way to feel at the center of things. #CarbonaraDay, to embody the spirit of the moment, launches the initiative #CarbonaraHomeMade: from 10 onwards, a great social debate will open launched by WeLovePasta on Instagram and Twitter. You can participate by sharing your ideas on carbonara, your traditional or revisited recipes, photos and memories. But not only.

To keep us company in this #CarbonaraDay at home, a real one gastronomic marathon organized by Barilla, ready to entertain us, have fun and let us travel with our thoughts. From 10 onwards, in fact, on the Instagram account @Barilla, the carbonara lovers of the world will be able to gather virtually through a series of unmissable events: starting from Singapore, where starting from 10 in the morning – Italian time – lo chef Andrea Tranchero will prepare the vegetarian Carbonara. at 12:30, in Vicenza, it will be the turn of the starred chef Lorenzo Cogo that will give his touch to the traditional recipe of the dish e tolle 19, this time live from the @Barillaitalia channel, Will propose an alternative interpretation to the classic recipe. In Chicagoinstead at 18:30 Italians chef Lorenzo Boni will prepare its Carbonara for the American public!

#LaRicettaCheUnisce live Instagram all day – Italian Cuisine

#LaRicettaCheUnisce live Instagram all day

Every day we keep you company live on Instagram with many guests, but for the Carbonara Day very special appointments await you

You all are invited to our large table, close even if far away, to share a traditional Italian dish every week. From Monday 6 April La Cucina Italiana launches the challenge #LaRicettaCheUnisce: just cook bacon and egg, Pizza, tiramisu, Mozzarella cheese in a carriage or Parmigiana, photographing oneself at the table with the dish, or sharing the screenshot of a live link with loved ones, using a gif dedicated to the initiative and the hashtag #laricettacheunisce.

Let's start with Carbonara! April 6 is also the Carbonara Day, the day dedicated to one of the most loved Italian recipes in the world. To keep you company and give you many tips to participate in the challenge with an exquisite carbonara, we are waiting for you in live Instagram all day together with many guests. In Italy, but also in America.

Live Instagram on @lacucinaitaliana

The daily appointment of 11:00 am with Sabina Montevergine, web editor of gordon-ramsay-recipe.com, will be really special: the guest of #LezioniDiSpesa Sara Davide Negri, chef and teacher at the courses of La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana, which will prepare the carbonara live, revealing its tricks and rules step by step.

at 12:00 pm Maddalena Fossati, director of La Cucina Italiana, will be live together with the starred chef Anthony Genovese. With the sometimes extravagant cuisine of his restaurant Il Pagliaccio, between traditional flavors and Asian influences, he could only be the king of Roman cuisine, to tell the secrets of original carbonara.

At 16:30 Maddalena Fossati will be live with the chef Pietro Leemann, ready to fascinate us with its natural haute cuisine. His Joia was the first vegetarian restaurant to obtain a Michelin star: together with Leemann we will therefore discover how to prepare an innovative and unforgettable vegetarian carbonara.

At 17:30 the usual appointment with Maddalena Fossati for #Dinner time: today a special chat awaits you with the Roman businessman and restaurateur who conquered New York, bringing the Italian tradition to the United States. We are talking about Francesco Panella, the Brooklyn Man of Little Big Italy.

Live Instagram on @lacucinaitalianausa

Our carbonara also lands in America: at 18:30 Italian – 12.30pm in New York – Maddalena Fossati will have a chat with the chef Rocco DiSpirito, known for its Italian-American and fusion cuisine, but also for its books on the "comfort food" diet: its mission is in fact to change people's perception of healthy food, making delicious easily accessible low-fat dishes .

How to shop to participate in our challenge – Italian Cuisine

How to shop to participate in our challenge

The shopping list for making carbonara, tiramisu, pizza, mozzarella in a carriage and parmesan and alternatives and tips for easy shopping

5 weeks, 5 recipes and a great desire to share our favorite moments at the table. But how to shop? The password for this quarantine is organization. But also flexibility! Our challenge #LaRicettaCheUnisce invites our readers to share with us, friends, close, distant people and family, a home and personal version of our most famous recipes. Of the most loved, classic and traditional. We start today with carbonara and then it will be the turn of tiramisu, pizza, mozzarella in a carriage and parmesan.

cook them following our recipe, proposing yours or venturing imaginative and clever variations. Photograph yourself at the table in front of the plate alone or with the people and animals you love and share the photo on social networks using the hashtag #LaRicettaCheUnisce. The best shots will be rewarded and it will be a new and fun way to sit at the table virtually all together. In front of a dish that we like, it makes us happy and that tells something about us.

Shopping list

To facilitate participation in our challenge, we have prepared a shopping list for each recipe, to take with you to the supermarket to better organize your purchases! Here are the right ingredients, recipe by recipe with some clever variations.

The carbonara ingredients

350 g spaghetti (but also bucatini, rigatoni, penne, fusilli, mezzemaniche …)
120 g pillow (but also smoked bacon, sweet bacon, speck, sausage! For a vegetarian variant we recommend artichokes, courgettes, pumpkin, apples. To prepare a sea carbonara, mussels and clams will be perfect, but also prawns and bottarga.)
30 g grated pecorino (alternatively, grate your favorite savory cheese)
20 g Grated Parmesan or Parmesan (if you only have this at home, put 50 g to cover the dose of pecorino cheese)
2 yolks (if you have few eggs, use only a whole one, beating it well. In this way yolk and egg white will be uniform)
extra virgin olive oil

The ingredients of tiramisu

500 g mascarpone (if you don't find it, you can try using a low-fat fresh cheese, chantilly cream, pastry or chocolate)
300 g ladyfinger biscuits (if you don't have them, use dry biscuits, leftovers from brioche or sponge cake)
150 g sugar
6 egg yolks (you will need these for mascarpone cream, but if you don't have them, you can also simply work mascarpone and sugar)
4 spoons of Marsala (Marsala is used to give an aromatic touch to the cream. If you can't find it, look for inspiration among the liqueurs you have at home!)
4 cups of coffee (barley is also fine! Alternatively, you can prepare a very simple syrup with water and sugar or use milk with bitter cocoa powder dissolved inside)
Unsweetened cocoa powder

The ingredients of the pizza

For the dough:
500 g flour (we used the type 1, but the manitoba, the 0 … are fine too)
4 g of yeast of fresh beer (if you don't find it, use the dry one, buy a flour that already contains it or rely on the leavening power of the baking soda. If you want to try making sourdough, here we explain how to proceed!)
10 g of salt

To stuff:

(this is the recipe of our margherita with buffalo mozzarella. But it will also be delicious with tomato sauce, garlic and oregano, anchovies, capers and olives, tomato and fiordilatte mozzarella, white with mozzarella and vegetables …)
400 g of peeled tomatoes
2 buffalo mozzarella
extra virgin olive oil

The ingredients of the mozzarella in a carriage

4 slices of sandwich bread (if you don't find it, a loaf of bread is also fine, to make toast or sandwiches)
2 mozzarella (if you don't have mozzarella, you can fry other stringy cheeses such as provola, caciotta …)
2 eggs
bread crumbs (if you don't have it, you can also bread it with the semolina used to prepare the polenta)
peanut oil

We served it with a fresh salad. You can imitate our idea with seasonal vegetables or serve it with a sauce, a vegetable or cheese cream, other pancakes or alone. Yes, it is also very good on its own!

The ingredients of the eggplant parmesan

800 g fresh tomato sauce (you can also use peeled or ready-made pulp. If you don't like them, dare a blank version!)
500 g mozzarella (if you don't have mozzarella, replace it with other stringy cheeses)
4 long eggplants (Parmesan can also be prepared with zucchini, potatoes …)
an onion (if you have not prepared a simple sauce with a clove of garlic, but also without sauté)
basil (if you don't have it, use the fragrant herbs you have in the kitchen)
flour and peanut oil for frying the aubergines (if you don't have these ingredients, you can bake the aubergines)
extra virgin olive oil

In the gallery above, our alternative recipes to find the right inspiration!

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