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lucky from 23 November to 21 December

Special ingredient: nutmeg

Vegetable Porta Fortuna: Pumpkin, aubergines and excellent mushrooms together in a terrific ratatouille!

The chef recommends: Everything proceeds with a lot of positive emphasis, you are at the center of many graces and you have a super power that would also envy spider man! Whatever you do is strong to hit the target, you certainly risk getting into selfish dynamics but it's worth it anyway. Your diet wants you to be able to eat anything, euphoria is your appetizer that sets hunger and thirst for everything. Don't say no when you are faced with the possibility of discovering new things and don't lock yourself inside the walls of the things you know. I forgot, your super power is the ability to fly and the food that most represents it is the explosion imprisoned in natural simplicity. Don't miss potatoes and pumpkin on the table this week!

Dish of the week: Seared pumpkin in extra virgin olive oil with laurel and potato puree with nutmeg and if you look at the details below you will find many ideas beyond this !.

Magic fruit: Citrus fruits and cashews.


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Chocolate Pine Cones – Chocolate Pinecone Recipe – Italian Cuisine

»Chocolate Pine Cones - Misya Chocolate Pinecone Recipe

Put the biscuits (I used the chocolate ones for an even more intense taste, but you can use biscuits of your choice) in the mixer and chopped.
Melt the butter.

Combine biscuits, cocoa, butter and milk in a bowl and knead until the mixture is smooth, soft but compact.

With your hands just damp, divide the dough into 6 parts and shape each piece to form the base of your pine cone, a sort of cone.
Finally, starting from the base of the cone, start adding the cereals to simulate the flakes of your pine cones.
Let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

The chocolate pinecones are ready: decorated to taste with icing sugar and served.

A heart of chocolate to help research on rare diseases – Italian Cuisine

A heart of chocolate to help research on rare diseases

It will be distributed in more than 3,000 Italian squares on Sunday 15th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd (but can also be purchased online). A gift box with nine hearts is also available

The time has come to contribute to supporting scientific research on rare genetic diseases: tomorrow (Saturday 14 December) the thirtieth edition of the Rai networks marathon for the «Present campaign of the Telethon Foundation, which inaugurates the great celebration of 30 years of charity, as well as a week dedicated to solidarity. In the early evening, on Rai 1, Antonella Clerici will conduct "Christmas Party", an evening entirely dedicated to the Telethon Foundation. From Sunday, the marathon will continue on the three Rai networks until Saturday 21 December. Last year 31 million and 455,757 euros were collected.

But one can contribute to scientific research on rare genetic diseases also by purchasing the Chocolate heart of the Telethon Foundation: it will be distributed in more than 3 thousand squares Italian Sunday 15, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22. It is available in three versions: dark, milk and milk with biscuit grain. Created by Caffarel – a company with a centuries-old history, which produces excellent chocolate with great attention to the quality of ingredients and the selection of raw materials – exclusively for Telethon, it is the Foundation's thanks for those who want to leave a minimum donation of 12 EUR.

This year you can also request also the gift box of nine hearts of dark chocolate, distributed in the squares with a donation of 5 euros: a beautiful and good idea to put under the Christmas tree. In each package there is a postcard in which we thank "with all our heart" and remember the 30 years of activity of the Telethon Foundation. There is also an invitation to fill out the form on the website of the charity to receive a free exclusive planner to customize for your important moments.

On the Telethon website there is a list of collection points where you can find the Chocolate Hearts. But who fails to go to the streets can request them directly online, on the Foundation's website, in the shop.telethon.it section.

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