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Girella Day: all ready for the close encounters … of the greedy type! – Italian Cuisine

"The moral is always that, make a snack with swivel" read the famous spot of the 1980s, the very famous advertising of the Motta snack!
Do you remember it? They were short cartoons with the adventures of a happy tribe headed by stuffed Bull who defended his stocks of girelle from Golosastro, an inept criminal who aimed at the darling of the cunning redskins.
Born in 1973, Girella was one of the first truly delicious snacks in Italy: the spiral-shaped snack that won over many children turns thirty and today celebrates Girella Day with a communication campaign that involves the cities of Giaveno and Milan and influencers PanPers and Gordon.

The mysterious signs in the lawn at Giaveno

Whimsical video reports document mysterious signs in the meadows of Giaveno: the mayor was also involved, who proclaimed the snack as a passe-partout that makes anything possible in the village. And now, these paranormal phenomena seem to want to hit even the Lombard capital. The Milanese citizenship alert is issued for today, a day when a strange presence is materializing in the very central Piazza XXV Aprile. Watch out for greedy spirits!

Iginio Massari and Fedez anticipate the Tiramisù Day – Italian Cuisine

This year the Tiramisu Day arrived first: Fedez he came down from the stage to dress the kitchen apron and with the pastry chef Iginio Massari has made the most loved dessert by Italians. The surprise combination of music and cuisine is perfect to anticipate the day of March 21st, now not only dedicated to spring.

The "sweet" made

Rap tiramisu? Well yes. It all started last Sunday when the nearly eight million followers of the tattooed singer found themselves following his culinary adventures on Instagram. Returning from the concert in Turin for the tour of Paranoia Airlines, Fedez he did the shopping online and got everything he needed to prepare tiramisu in family. An ambitious project for the 29-year-old from Milan who decided to produce the dessert from scratch starting with the biscuits but forgetting to get the spout of the sac à poche to the correct extent. Following the video recipe of Iginio Massari, between small hitches and naivety, the rapper managed to get a seemingly very tasty tiramisu, appreciated by his influencer wife Chiara Ferragni. A company appreciated by the famous pastry chef he invited today Fedez for a private course in pâtisserie in the laboratory of his historian Pastry Veneto in Brescia.

The "sweet" numbers

The surprising choice of Fedez to try their hand at making the tiramisu it is perfectly in line with the research conducted by a well-known brand of dairy products, which confirms the dessert as the undisputed king of desserts. If you are curious, know that in second place there is the chocolate cake (42%) while in third position the apple pie (38%). It also turns out that men are home chefs who like to prepare tiramisu more than once a month. As for The Ferragnez, 64% of Italians prefer to do it and enjoy it at home, a percentage that reaches 70% in southern Italy. From the traditional recipe with sponge fingers, mascarpone and a touch of marsala, half of the respondents reveal that they have a secret ingredient such as cinnamon, amaretti or simple chocolate chips. A moment of sharing and leisure with loved ones for 47%, sweet memories for 42%, while for 28% brings to mind the reunions and convivial dinners spent with friends.

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How to cook baked aubergines: ideas and recipes – Italian Cuisine

Aubergines, however they are combined, become a delicious and intriguing dish, thanks to their versatility and unmistakable taste. Here are some ideas from ratatouille rolls

They have such a soft consistency and a taste so delicate that they eggplant they are one of the most pleasant vegetables to cook in this period. And how to do it if not baked, to avoid drenching them with seasonings and making them even more inviting? In fact, there are many recipes baked eggplant, served in a side dish, as an accompanying ingredient or as a main dish. To control weight without giving up a tasty meal!

How to prepare aubergines

Choose eggplant well shiny and firm, without dents on the skin. Cut off the stalk and the final part and slice or cut them into small pieces, according to the recipe you have decided to prepare. Put them in a colander with one handful of coarse salt because they lose water. Leave them like this for at least 30 minutes and then rinse them well. This operation is to remove the slightly bitter aftertaste. If there is too much pulp, take it away. Dry them with absorbent paper and prepare them for your recipe. For baking in the oven both long and round aubergines are recommended.

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Recommended pairings

Aromatic herbs, cheeses, tomatoes, rice, fish and carnand: baked aubergines can be paired with lots of foods, for an always tasty and appetizing result. You can cut them into wedges and season with a little oil and chopped basil and marjoram and serve as a finger food, or pass into one batter made of flour and eggs and serve very hot as an appetizer. Dug and stuffed with mozzarella and tomato become a single dish with Mediterranean flavors, as well as sliced ​​and filled with chopped capers, scamorza cheese and an anchovy fillet, become an irresistible roulade. Here from our archive, a few suggestions to bring them to the table!

Some recipes and above our ideas!