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Valentine's Day cakes to share

Arriva Influency, the app that gives discounts to those who share the pictures of the dishes – Italian Cuisine

The affiliated premises will offer a discount or a free product in exchange for a post or story on Instagram, with tags, hashtags and geolocation. The first city is Bologna

In the end, to photograph the dishes before consuming them, and then post the image on social media, is a ritual that many of us already can not give up. But, if you do it through Influency, special discounts can be obtained in the agreed rooms. This is an app launched by the students of the University of Bologna Federico Papale and Giovanni Conti, in the fourth and fifth years of Law, and the graduate in Building Engineering – Architecture Emiliano Vannucci.

How Influency works

It works like this: the affiliated premises offer a discount or a free product in exchange for a post or story on Instagram (with tags, hashtags and geolocation) published by customers, who will receive a QrCode to take advantage of the price reduction. With Influency, each of us becomes a kind of influencer. "The discount will be parameterized on the number of followers, but almost everyone can participate, even profiles with a hundred followers will be able to play their part on Influency".

The three boys participated in a contest of business creativity organized by the Camplus residences circuit in Bologna and, after winning it, have obtained the support of a group of entrepreneurs in the area. And now they are ready to launch their app in the stores, to ensure, to the locals who will appreciate their initiative, the most current and most effective advertising: that of word of mouth via social.

«In the era of influencers, sharing a photo of a plate on social media, that curiosity is transmitted that pushes people to want to taste it, "explain the creators of the app. «We asked ourselves: why not take advantage of this precious advertising that we make to a brand with our social content? And why not push even more brands to be advertised at very low costs? ".

The city of Bologna, for the three creators of Influency, wants to be just the starting point: their next goal is to spread the app all over Italy. "We are working to ensure that our idea can revolutionize the way we understand advertising in the social world and impose itself on the national scene".

In the opening gallery some tips to make "acchiappa like" food shots

Tabbouleh Sogomonian

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