The restaurant where couples share … the bill – Italian Cuisine

The restaurant where couples share ... the bill

It is located in Edinburgh: when you book a table, just ask for the separate accounts to be delivered at the end of the dinner. But Della Casa would not approve

They call THE'to21st century agreement: Holders of the Blackwood’s Bar and Grill restaurant in Edinburgh, which is part of the Nira Caledonia hotel, have introduced a new policy, to help couples on the first date avoid the inconvenience of having to deal with the account issue. When you book a table, on the phone or online, it is sufficient to ask that, at the end of lunch or dinner, the two guests are handed the separate accounts. The waiter will take them directly to the table, to dissolve any kind of embarrassment.

Garry Harding, director of Blackwood's restaurant, explains: "The time to pay the bill can trigger an unpleasant conversation between two people who have just started dating: we have made sure to help them get rid of this annoyance. Of course, even if the initiative is designed for newly formed couples, nothing prevents you from even using the already engaged couple. "We like to do things in an original way, and there is no other restaurant in town that offers something like this."

What about the etiquette?

The bon ton, however, provides that, at the end of a romantic dinner, must be the man to ask (and then, then, to pay) the bill. Indeed, he should do so by avoiding handling money at the table: if he does not want to pay by debit or credit card, he can find an excuse to approach the cashier and settle the bill there. This is confirmed by Laura Pranzetti Lombardini, author with Michele D’Andrea di Man and gentiluomo. That is the practical manual of the perfect gentleman (Gribaudo): «At the first meeting it is always up to him. Even at the risk of appearing a bit vintage or not very respectful of female independence? "Modern males are somewhat annihilated by the contradictory expectations of their ladies, but sometimes they are crafty and build the alibi of confusion." A woman who wants to confirm her autonomy can always propose to pay the next appointment.

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