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Hotella Nutella, opens the first hotel dedicated to Ferrero cream – Italian Cuisine

Hotella Nutella, opens the first hotel dedicated to Ferrero cream

It is a pop up hotel that will work for just one weekend, from 10 to 12 January. To stay there, you need to win a contest. Here is which one

Every detail, from the chandeliers to the wallpaper, from the cushions to the doors, from the carpets to the floors, is dedicated to Nutella: the prints of the jars decorate the walls, the black and red colors of the label characterize each piece of the furniture. From 10 to 12 January opens the Hotella Nutella, a pop-up hotel (the world's first Nutella-themed hotel) that will run for just one weekend in the Napa Valley, California county.

The American "nutellari"

He wanted it Ferrero Usa to give an unforgettable and delicious experience to Americans who have a real passion for spreadable hazelnut cream born in Alba. Yes, because to stay at the Hotella Nutella it is not necessary to book or even pay: you have to win a special contest (open only to US citizens: here is the complete regulation) which will decide the three lucky winners of a weekend for two.

The contest

To participate you need to realize a video that, in 60 seconds, you tell why the breakfast with Nutella is the best of all. The authors of the most entertaining and effective films will be able to stay two nights and three days in the hotel and will be able to participate in the initiatives planned with special guests selected by Ferrero: breakfast with Geoffrey Zakarian, celebrity chef of Food Network, brunch with Tanya Holland, restaurant chef Brown Sugar Kitchen, and a pancakes preparation workshop with the Dancakes group of artists. Thanks to them, Nutella will become the protagonist of many special dishes, which will be served in a cheerful theme room.

"Hotella Nutella is the joy of staying in a hotel with an exceptional breakfast and allows fans to enjoy the product in new ways," explains Todd Midura, vice president of marketing at Nutella North America. "We hope our guests learn to recreate the magic of the hotel at home by offering to friends and family a special breakfast. The competition, which started this month, will end at midnight on December 8th.

Rigopiano, auctioned off the fine wines recovered from the rubble of the hotel – Italian Cuisine

Rigopiano, auctioned off the fine wines recovered from the rubble of the hotel

Champagne, bottles of wine and beer: the base price was 700 euros, but the raises reached 1800. The relatives of the 29 victims were shocked

Four bottles of Dom Perignon, two of champagne Crystal. Two bottles of Barolo, two of Brunello di Montalcino. It's still, dozens of wines of various types and sparkling wines of different brands, cartons of beer, liters of extra virgin olive oil and a pack of balsamic vinegar.

From tragedy to auction

The bottles recovered in the Farindola area, in the province of Pescara, were auctioned Rigopiano hotel cellar, which in the late afternoon of 18 January 2017 had been hit by a disastrous avalanche that had broken off from a ridge and killed 29 people, including mainly tourists. At the auction, in Via Alfonso di Vestea, in Pescara, there are also furnishings, ceramics, plates, paintings, frames, sculptures, mirrors and, again, armchairs, tables, desks, bookcases: all the furnishing accessories that are not they were destroyed by the terrible avalanche and recovered from the rubble. Only one of the 15 lots was awarded, that of bottles containing fine wines, champagne and beers, kept in the resort's cellar. The base price was 700 euros, but the raises have reached 1800.

The reaction of the victims' relatives

Relatives of the victims, when they discovered it, explained that they were incredulous and upset. Romolo Reboa, the lawyer who, together with the association Giustitalia, assists the families of the victims, informs that "what has upset the family is that there has been a gruesome auction that has seen more people compete to secure the bottles of the cellar of death .

The president of the victims' committee, Gianluca Tanda, brother of Marco, one of the victims, explains to "Cronache Maceratesi": "Next Sunday we will meet to understand how to proceed. Maybe the furnishings that remained could be purchased by an institution to make us a museum of memory and remind everyone that such tragedies should no longer happen: only this can be a noble purpose, all the others are speculative: take home a heirloom Rigopiano, steal a memory ". Those bottles finished at auction, «although of fine wine, they no longer have labels: without any certification of their goodness, ruined by the infiltration of water and by the way in which they have been preserved they cannot be worth 700 euros as they cost then. And they even reach 1800 euros. A mess. The memory cannot be of anyone, boast of having a bottle coming from that place at home it is like a disfigurement towards the 29 victims.

"A further bitter and sad page," adds the committee Rigopiano, waiting for the flower, "That we continue to write from that damn day where many families have stopped toasting forever".


The most chic picnic: on the lawn at the Bvlgari Hotel – Italian Cuisine

Bucolic, lush and tasty: here is the new picnic signed by chef Niko Romito, in collaboration with Dom Pérignon

Get ready to lie barefoot on the grass in one of Milan's most fashionable neighborhoods. In the exclusive garden of the Bvlgari Hotel, a stone's throw from the shopping streets of Montenapoleone, it will be possible to organize throughout the summer picnic from two to six people, both for lunch that for dinner, with a menu created by the chef Niko Romito.

A moment of relaxation in a context elegant is refined, to live however with spirit informal: lying on the lawn in the shade of the trees, lit by lanterns and candles in the evening. Do not miss the entertainment right next to the garden. The gazebo of the hotel hosts the game room, where you can have fun with slightly retro games: table football, backgammon and French cards.

What is in the picnic basket?

The menu could only be served in the classic wicker basket, in which you will find more proposals. It starts from the fresh ones and summer, with the lobster and avocado sandwich, the macaroni omelette and the crispy prawn. For lovers of tradition, there will also be an arancino in the Milanese version and the cutlet cube, while those who prefer more recipes sought you will be able to enjoy dishes such as the sea bream, caviar and sour cream tart.

You cannot miss the famous one Bomb by Niko Romito, in a special version with endive, raisins, pine nuts and anchovies. Finally, the dessert: apple and cinnamon cake, accompanied by a fresh spinach of carrot and ginger.

What do you sip during a chic picnic? Champagne, obviously! In the trash there is also P2, the Deuxième Plénitude of Dom Perignon, result of 16 years of elaboration and characterized by nuances of licorice and toasted malt.

To book, call 02 805 805 230 or write an email to milano@bulgarihotels.com

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