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Rigopiano, auctioned off the fine wines recovered from the rubble of the hotel – Italian Cuisine

Rigopiano, auctioned off the fine wines recovered from the rubble of the hotel

Champagne, bottles of wine and beer: the base price was 700 euros, but the raises reached 1800. The relatives of the 29 victims were shocked

Four bottles of Dom Perignon, two of champagne Crystal. Two bottles of Barolo, two of Brunello di Montalcino. It's still, dozens of wines of various types and sparkling wines of different brands, cartons of beer, liters of extra virgin olive oil and a pack of balsamic vinegar.

From tragedy to auction

The bottles recovered in the Farindola area, in the province of Pescara, were auctioned Rigopiano hotel cellar, which in the late afternoon of 18 January 2017 had been hit by a disastrous avalanche that had broken off from a ridge and killed 29 people, including mainly tourists. At the auction, in Via Alfonso di Vestea, in Pescara, there are also furnishings, ceramics, plates, paintings, frames, sculptures, mirrors and, again, armchairs, tables, desks, bookcases: all the furnishing accessories that are not they were destroyed by the terrible avalanche and recovered from the rubble. Only one of the 15 lots was awarded, that of bottles containing fine wines, champagne and beers, kept in the resort's cellar. The base price was 700 euros, but the raises have reached 1800.

The reaction of the victims' relatives

Relatives of the victims, when they discovered it, explained that they were incredulous and upset. Romolo Reboa, the lawyer who, together with the association Giustitalia, assists the families of the victims, informs that "what has upset the family is that there has been a gruesome auction that has seen more people compete to secure the bottles of the cellar of death .

The president of the victims' committee, Gianluca Tanda, brother of Marco, one of the victims, explains to "Cronache Maceratesi": "Next Sunday we will meet to understand how to proceed. Maybe the furnishings that remained could be purchased by an institution to make us a museum of memory and remind everyone that such tragedies should no longer happen: only this can be a noble purpose, all the others are speculative: take home a heirloom Rigopiano, steal a memory ". Those bottles finished at auction, «although of fine wine, they no longer have labels: without any certification of their goodness, ruined by the infiltration of water and by the way in which they have been preserved they cannot be worth 700 euros as they cost then. And they even reach 1800 euros. A mess. The memory cannot be of anyone, boast of having a bottle coming from that place at home it is like a disfigurement towards the 29 victims.

"A further bitter and sad page," adds the committee Rigopiano, waiting for the flower, "That we continue to write from that damn day where many families have stopped toasting forever".


The most chic picnic: on the lawn at the Bvlgari Hotel – Italian Cuisine

Bucolic, lush and tasty: here is the new picnic signed by chef Niko Romito, in collaboration with Dom Pérignon

Get ready to lie barefoot on the grass in one of Milan's most fashionable neighborhoods. In the exclusive garden of the Bvlgari Hotel, a stone's throw from the shopping streets of Montenapoleone, it will be possible to organize throughout the summer picnic from two to six people, both for lunch that for dinner, with a menu created by the chef Niko Romito.

A moment of relaxation in a context elegant is refined, to live however with spirit informal: lying on the lawn in the shade of the trees, lit by lanterns and candles in the evening. Do not miss the entertainment right next to the garden. The gazebo of the hotel hosts the game room, where you can have fun with slightly retro games: table football, backgammon and French cards.

What is in the picnic basket?

The menu could only be served in the classic wicker basket, in which you will find more proposals. It starts from the fresh ones and summer, with the lobster and avocado sandwich, the macaroni omelette and the crispy prawn. For lovers of tradition, there will also be an arancino in the Milanese version and the cutlet cube, while those who prefer more recipes sought you will be able to enjoy dishes such as the sea bream, caviar and sour cream tart.

You cannot miss the famous one Bomb by Niko Romito, in a special version with endive, raisins, pine nuts and anchovies. Finally, the dessert: apple and cinnamon cake, accompanied by a fresh spinach of carrot and ginger.

What do you sip during a chic picnic? Champagne, obviously! In the trash there is also P2, the Deuxième Plénitude of Dom Perignon, result of 16 years of elaboration and characterized by nuances of licorice and toasted malt.

To book, call 02 805 805 230 or write an email to milano@bulgarihotels.com

Cocktail bars and hotel restaurants in Rome: the revenge of luxury hotels – Italian Cuisine

Cocktail bars and hotel restaurants in Rome: the revenge of luxury hotels

There is great excitement in Rome in the small and large luxury hotels in the center: between restyling and new openings, places grow where you can enjoy a good drink in a breathtaking location

Who said that to set foot in five-star hotels you must have booked a room? Almost always there are bars (and restaurants) within the hotels that are worth a visit. A way to catch two birds with one stone: find something good to drink and at the same time enjoy a breathtaking location, between terraces overlooking the rooftops of the historic center of Rome and luxuriously furnished rooms. And never as in this period there is a great excitement precisely in this sector, with large investments that have focused on four and five-star counters, thanks also to the breath of fresh air given by the numerous new openings of luxury boutique hotels that are real jewels, but also the restyling of old glories of the city.

Lumen – Hotel St. Regis

When the cocktail bar becomes the true protagonist of the hotel. This is the case of the Lumen Bar at the St. Regis, one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, usually chosen by supervip as Madonna, which recently underwent an important restyling. Presented with a mega-party on Valentine's Day, Lumen has the distinction of occupying a central space in the hotel lobby space. The name, Lumen, is dedicated to the imposing chandeliers that overlook the immense hall, the drink list sees the names of the most exotic and suggestive butterflies in the world, from Hercules to the Red Admiral (or Vanessa Atalanta). This last drink is perhaps the real symbol of this bar, since it is the reworking of the Bloody Mary, a veritable institution of the hotel chain, in turn the son of the Red Snapper, served for the first time just at the St. Regis from New York. A drink here is a real experience, which also passes through the service, entrusted to the elegant design elements of partners such as Le Dictateur who created an exclusive line of glasses for St. Regis.

Idylio and Divinity Lounge Bar – Iconic Pantheon

With the formalization of the arrival of chef Francesco Apreda, the Iconic Pantheon has discovered the cards: not only the intention of the Tridente Collection Group to give life to a special project of luxury hotels right in the historic center, precisely at the Pantheon, but also that of becoming a point of reference for all-round hospitality, including the food & beverage area. Apreda's choice has many meanings: on the one hand the obvious star ambitions (Apreda came from Imago to the Hassler where it had held the Michelin star for several years), but also the desire to be as cosmopolitan as the kitchen of the Neapolitan chef, who does not lack never to put his international experiences in his dishes. Oriental, Indian, but also Roman and Neapolitan elements, which are mixed in a melting pot of experiences to be discovered in the dishes, as well as in the signature drinks of the Divinity Lounge Bar, the terrace of the Iconic Pantheon overlooking the dome of the rotunda, so like that of Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza.

Adelaide and In Salotto – Hotel Vilòn

It could be called a speakeasy hotel, because whoever passes in this side street a few steps away from Via dei Condotti and doesn't even notice that he is in front of a small jewel. On the other hand, Vilòn is a Hebrew word that means veil, curtain, and gives the idea of ​​something hidden, to be discovered. Housed in a wing of Palazzo Borghese, with its 18 rooms it is part of the Small Luxury Hotel of the World affiliate chain. Atmosphere Decò and an eclectic collection of furniture and works of art, in the common areas hides an interesting cocktail bar called In Salotto, a delightful internal garden reminiscent of Moroccan atmospheres and an excellent restaurant named after Adelaide, the princess wife of Scipione Borghese who wanted that these spaces host the First School for Poor Maidens. In the lounge of the Vilòn is the class and experience of Magdalena Rodriguez, a young barlady from Costa Rica, who in her mixology style does not fail to introduce the tropical atmospheres in which she grew up. His excellent drinks are accompanied by the appetizers that come from the kitchen of the Adelaide restaurant, entrusted to the chef Gabriele Muro. For those who want to continue the evening, the advice is to indulge in dinner and complete the journey with the dishes that blend the traditions of the chef from Procida and the Roman echo of his training.

Valentyne Restaurant and Hi-Res – Hotel Valadier

Only one hotel, two restaurant bars to be discovered. On the one hand the atmosphere of the Thirties of Valentyne, whose entrance is next to that of the hotel, on the other the view of the roofs of the historic center from the terrace of the Hi-Res. Valentyne is the most glamorous face, with precious marbles, mirrors, brass, and velvets. The good bartenders captained by Alessio Bragalone engage themselves with international drinks, like the cuisine inspired by the great classics of the New York and French hotels. The executive chef Gabriele Cordaro, on the other hand, proposes a refined and sophisticated accompaniment with luxurious ingredients such as oysters and foie gras, but also more pop proposals like the fish burger. On the top floor of the Valadier hotel there is the Hi-Res terrace lounge which, thanks to a complex technical solution, manages to give the freshness of eating or enjoying a drink on the terrace in all seasons: outdoor in summer, enjoying the ponentino, covered by a heated tent in winter.

Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari – The First Luxury Hotel

View over the rooftops of Rome and starred liquid food: these are just two of the ingredients put in place by The First Luxury Hotel, a 5-star luxury hotel, which also boasts a Michelin star for the Acquolina restaurant. Leading the kitchen is Angelo Troiani, while on the terrace, for a promise made to the late Alessandro Narducci (the young chef who was driving the restaurant and who was unfortunately a victim of a car accident), there is the good Valeria Bassetti . The lounge bar is called Terrazza Molinari for a partnership with the company that produces the famous Sambuca and which is also a distributor of other spirits. It is with these bases that the signature cocktails designed by Bassetti in a card that evokes the sea are made. They accompany the food proposals created by Troiani, also very tied to the sea. With liquid food we mean instead the fun project of proposing hybrids between cocktails and food, in which the collaboration between bar and kitchen is total.

Senses Restaurant & Lounge Bar – Radisson Collection Palazzo Montemartini

Recently inaugurated, Palazzo Montemartini is an elegant hotel of the premium line of the Radisson chain. Eighty rooms in an exceptional location with a lot of Servian Walls that cross the Senses Restaurant & Lounge Bar. Two protagonists of this space: on one side the Sicilian chef Simone Strano, on the other the bar manager Riccardo Di Dio Masa, who takes care of the lounge area and the Champagne Bar, which offers a wide selection of the best labels to be enjoyed in a breathtaking setting, with splendid marble columns, a suggestive central fountain and a peaceful outdoor garden.

Restaurant Seven and Lounge Bar – Radisson Blu

Also from the Radisson chain and always from parts of the Termini station, is the Radisson Blu, an elegant modern structure designed by the King & Roselli architects' studio. We are a stone's throw from the Esquilino market, in the ethnic heart of the city, in via Turati and at the top of the hotel, the rooftop houses the Sette restaurant, home of chef Giuseppe Gaglione, interpreter of the kitchen line set together with the chain's F&B Director, Andrea Ribaldone, with great classics of hotel cuisine like the Rossini fillet, but also innovative dishes inspired by tradition. The atmosphere is that of the luxurious deck of a yacht, overlooking the city's rooftops. The atmosphere that in the summer gives poolside pools, including a drink and a dish of the chef from Campania, is particularly pleasant.

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