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Halloween: 10 best recipes | Salt and pepper – Italian Cuisine

Halloween: 10 best recipes | Salt and pepper

sfizioso, original and … scary: the Halloween menu it must be designed and cooked to delight and amaze its guests. Which occasion is indeed better than theAll Saints Celtic, October 31, to test yourself in the kitchen? Discover the 10 best Halloween recipes of Salt and pepper and prepare with us many delicious dishes to look at but above all easy to decorate.

Try our pumpkin starters, first and second courses, pizzas and desserts with spiders, cobwebs is ghosts, the blood red drinks or a horror theme. There pumpkin in particular ad Halloween can not miss, the very symbol of the festival, in countries of Anglo-Saxon tradition is called Jack-o'-lantern and recalls the legend of the Irishman Jack and his encounter with the devil.

At the table you can serve it as the star of many sweet and savory dishes.

As in the case of fake pumpkin and scampi lantern: may seem a preparation more playful than consistent and instead it is a second dish of fish really delicious, with a presentation that will do of certain blow. A pumpkin is filled with shrimp sauce, pumpkin pulp, coconut milk and tomato puree: original and worth trying!

The fried pumpkin molds they are perfect for a Halloween party. Tasty and easy to prepare, ready in just half an hour, you can serve them as an appetizer, a second course or an appetizer. The same applies to the yellow pumpkin tartlets with onions, tasty and fragrant and excellent for the party.

The autumnal classic, the pumpkin risotto, in our recipe is embellished by gorgonzola sauce sweet: first course with a delicate flavor, it is also perfect for special evenings.

And then off to witty sweets always meant to "scare". THE muffin with chocolate spider web they have a heart of soft pumpkin and a delicious glaze of sugar: then with the chocolate in a bain-marie, put in a pastry bag, draw the spider webs on the icing.

If you are looking for something equally "terrifying", cook them almond bones, or playful almond biscuits with a white chocolate coating: they have the shape of real bones!

For a delicious and amusing snack, here are the fear milkshake: fanciful shakes in the shape of likeable spectators.

Have fun trying all the recipes!

Recipe Spaghetti and green pepper omelette – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Spaghetti and green pepper omelette

  • 400 g clean green peppers
  • 280 g noodles
  • 100 g milk
  • 6 eggs
  • grated Parmesan
  • laurel
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt

Bring a pot of water with 2 bay leaves to a boil and add salt. Cut the peppers into thin strips. Pour the noodles and peppers in the water and boil them together for 4 ′. Drain, remove the bay leaf and season with 2 tablespoons of oil. Beat the eggs with 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese, milk, a pinch of salt and mix with the spaghetti and peppers. Grease a non-stick pan (diameter 24 cm) and pour in the spaghetti. Bake at 200 ° C for 10 ', covering the omelette with a disk of baking paper so as not to darken it and dry it too much. Discard the paper and cook in another 15 ′.

Pikkanapa: in Jesi, the hottest hot pepper festival cannot be held – Italian Cuisine


From August 30th to September 1st the sixth edition of the Pepper and Hemp Festival, a weekend not to be missed for all lovers of spicy.


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Lovers of strong and spicy tastes are you ready for an unmissable weekend? From the 30 August to 1 September awaits you in Jesi (AN) Pikkanapa, the festival of chili pepper and of hemp, now in its sixth year. A three-day event that takes place right at the end of the collection period in which the numerous varieties of chilli and hemp will be the protagonists of tastings, conferences and market exhibitions.

The numbers of this edition of Pikkanapa already announce a particularly interesting event: 80 exhibitors from all over Italy, beyond 200 varieties of peppers to taste, many hemp-based food preparations to try, the historical squares of the Marche city animated by the events.

There will be plenty of opportunities to taste delicacies with fiery flavors taste laboratories that will take place in the squares or in the many restaurants of Jesi that during Pikkanapa will offer all customers special menus in which chilli and hemp will be protagonists.

Pikkanapa will also be an opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and for a shared reflection on the opportunities of these agricultural chains. In fact, exhibitors and visitors will be able to meet in the moments of deepening on the cultivation of chili peppers and hemp and the latter, in particular, will analyze the business possibilities. Among the scheduled appointments not to be missed seed exchanges, the courses of taste and the "Fire Eaters" race with Jack Pepper, Italian champion of chilli eaters.

All the details of Pikkanapa's three spicy days on the festival page.

Claudia Minnella
August 2019



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