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The Calabrian hot pepper jam – Italian Cuisine

All about spicy red chilli jam, Calabrian gastronomic excellence famous throughout Italy

You can't speak of Calabrian regional cuisine without mentioning i spicy red chillies, present in most traditional local recipes in various forms, and the main ingredient of one of the most famous regional gastronomic excellences in Italy, namely chilli jam. This Calabrian delight is an indispensable product for those who love strong and decisive flavors and is known both for its intense and spicy taste and for its beneficial properties. Therefore, starting from the raw material used, let's discover its peculiarities, ingredients and uses in the kitchen.

The spicy peppers of Calabria, origins and history

The history of chillies has distant origins, just think that the first to cultivate them were the pre-Columbian civilizations and that it was the Spanish conquerors who then introduced them to Africa and Europe. In Italy, also due to the favorable climate, the cultivation of chillies took hold mainly in the South and in particular in Calabria, where initially it was mainly used for the food storage easily perishable such as meat or for flavor poor dishes. Currently the Calabrians are the main consumers of spicy chillies in Italy and this is demonstrated by the wide variety of traditional specialties based on this health food (there are about a hundred dishes!), from nduja to sardella right up to chili jam.

Spicy chilli jam: characteristics, recipe and pairings

This unique and tasty jam, often mistakenly called jam or jelly, was once cooked exclusively at home, while now there is a large variety on the market. In any case, the preparation takes place every year towards the end of the summer season, the period in which the chillies reach maturity, and can be made with a sieve, a vegetable mill or an immersion blender, depending on the density you want to obtain. The main ingredients of the jam are naturally i fresh spicy chillies, but also White wine vinegar is caster sugar to give a pleasant sweet and sour note. If you want to dilute the spiciness it is advisable to also use some Red peppers; to have a tastier result, deli is sometimes added Red wine, while to obtain a more fruity and sweet mixture there are those who resort to honey or apples. There recipe it is very simple, simply cut the chillies into small pieces (remembering to protect your hands with rubber gloves), cook them in a pot together with bee-cider and vinegar and red peppers and once cooked they must be blended and poured back into the pot with adding sugar, and finally cooked again until boiling; otherwise it is possible to cook all the ingredients together on a low heat, then blend the sauce and finish cooking.

The delicious jam obtained can be combined with both savory and sweet dishes. It is perfect, for example, spread on croutons or toasted rustic bread, as an accompaniment to mixed cheese platters, both hard and soft and both fresh and seasoned, or as a condiment for second courses based on meat or fish. This sauce can also be used to enrich pasta dishes, to add spiciness to a pizza or to fill desserts such as tarts or chocolate cakes.

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Tortelli del Mugello – Salt & Pepper – Italian Cuisine

Tortelli del Mugello - Salt & Pepper

1 Prepare the ragù.Clean and wash carrot, onion and celery, finely chop them and let them stew gently in a saucepan with 4 tablespoons of oil until softened. Add the meat, brown it over a moderate flame for 5 minutes, wet it with the red wine and let it evaporate. Add the boiling broth in which you will have diluted the tomato paste, the bay leaf and a pinch of salt and cook the ragù covered, on low heat, for 1 hour.

2 Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Wash the potatoes and boil them with the peel in boiling water for 40 minutes after boiling. Wash a handful of parsley leaves, peel the garlic and finely chop them. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan, add the mince and mix, then add the passata tomato and a pinch of salt and cook the sauce for 20 minutes. Drain the potatoes, peel them and puree them with a potato masher. shuffle with the parmesan, a pinch of salt, a pinch of nutmeg, a mince of pepper and the sauce tomato; season with salt if necessary.

3 Prepare the pasta. Knead flour with eggs and a pinch of salt until a smooth and homogeneous paste is obtained. Wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes. Roll it out with the appropriate machine in rather thin sheets and place them on a floured surface. Line up many nuts stuffing 1 cm from the edge some sheets, then fold over the pasta and press around the filling to let the air out and seal tortelli. Separate them with a notched wheel and cook them in salted water in a light boil. Strain and season them with the ragù.

Coronavirus: how to help in an emergency – Salt & Pepper – Italian Cuisine


There are many initiatives that follow one another in these days and in these hours to face theCoronavirus emergency. In all Italy and in Lombardy in particular.
Each is doing its part in the sector in which it specializes.
Salt and pepper here he tells what is happening he is moving in the world of food (and not only), telling who is working to raise funds to buy respirators and support machinery and then support doctors, nurses and health facilities, to better treat the sick and limit the chances of contagion.

Donations – Donations of a few euros can also be made

182048There Lombardy region first he made available an iban (Lombardy Region-Coronavirus Emergency Support – IBAN IT76P0306909790100000300089 – BIC BCITITMN) to support the extraordinary purchase of materials such as masks, protective suits, disinfectants and medical instruments (All donations will be reported and made public to the end of this emergency).

Here the direct link to the Lombardy Region website

Here instead we point out other fundraisers, so that everyone can choose to directly support the reality they deem most appropriate:
Veneto region
Piemonte region
Campania region
INMI Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Rome
Policlinico Gemelli in Rome
Polyclinic of Milan
San Raffaele of Milan
Pope John XXIII of Bergamo and also this Cesvi initiative for Bergamo.
Policlinico Sant'Orsola

Colleagues from the magazine At the table have launched a fundraiser to financially support the intensive care units of thePapa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo and ofSpallanzani Hospital in Rome, at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. Many starred chefs have already joined: Chicco Cerea with his brother Bobo (Bergamo), Enrico Bartolini (Milan), Mauro Uliassi (Ancona), Giovanni Santini (Mantua), Umberto Bombana (Hong Kong) and Sandro Serva (Rieti) and association presidents like Rocco Pozzulo from Fic and Enrico Derflingher from Euro-Toques and Enrico Crippa. Here the direct link for those who want to make a donation.

182045There are also more recreational aids such asSandwich Academy who has suspended his activities, but thought of sharing the recipes to be made at home, with what is in the fridge of all of us.

long S has defined an action plan to deal with the COVID-19 emergency, including a donation of 2.5 million euros to hospitals and institutions involved in the front line in patient care and scientific research. Who is the owner of the Fidaty card, until March 31st can donate your Fidaty points: every 500 points, Esselunga will donate 5 euros to support healthcare facilities.

182054Still on the subject of donations there is the initiative Milan Keeps On Cooking, or "Milan continues to cook": it is a group of chefs who closed the business even before the Government ordinance, in the next few days they will propose video recipes to cook together with the public and has put on sale the Milano Keeps On aprons Cooking to donate the proceeds to the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan (here the Instagram profile from which the initiative starts)

The Responsible Restaurateurs Committee is RistoratoreTop they give their contribution, especially by addressing professionals in the restaurant sector. In recent days, the Committee of Responsible Restaurateurs had launched a petition to propose the closure of all the premises (here) and, as does RestauratoreTop, now suggests resorting to delivery, i.e. the platforms to order dishes and menus online and receive them directly at home .

In addition, by direct contact with restaurateurs, they advise chefs and restaurants to entertain their customers by working on the company, publishing recipes or advice, but also to take advantage of this break to reorder menus, cookbooks and work organization in general. An invitation therefore to reflect, reorganize the work and rearrange the thoughts and then leave, when the time comes, stronger than ever.

by Barbara Roncarolo
March 12, 2020
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