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The lights that light up the Christmas table – Italian Cuisine

Our tips to light the house with lights, reflections and decorations and the new Edison tools that will allow us not to lose control over the consumption of light and gas

Less than two weeks at Christmas and it is time to organize it in every detail. To make it even hotter, cozy and bright last year. To make sure that, tight around the table, all our guests feel at home and pervaded with desire to party. Let the Christmas table be lit up a clear light, capable of announcing a sparkling future and without shadows. To help us realize this dream, led, warm lights and flames to be distributed among the places with skill and a pinch of cunning.

Hot or cold?

When one thinks of electric light, this dilemma appears. The good news is that at Christmas we do not have to choose. Although the lights traditional warmers are closer to the atmosphere of Christmas, dare with rows of lights cold it could be the winning move to get graphic effects and give a twist different than usual to our table. And to create an even more rounded effect, one can even think of a mix. The yellow lights could slide between the table seats while the white could be given the role of characterizing the center table with stars and other decorations. The addition of natural lights such as candles, perhaps mounted on a beautiful candlestick, will complete the set giving a round light to the Christmas table.

The tricks to amplify the light …

One of the most interesting aspects of light is its ability to spread, expand and multiply. When we use it to decorate then, we must imagine drawing a scene with a ductile, liquid object, which we will be able to spread in space at will. One of the most used tricks to offer a wider surface is that of wrap it in paper shapes or thin fabrics that will turn into luminous objects, like magic. Equally effective, it will insert the lights in transparent glass vases that we will have filled with objects with a reflective surface such as golden or silver Christmas tree balls. To make our Christmas table even brighter, we can also ask for help mirrors. Arrange small mirrors at the lights on the table or create unusual underplates with reflective surfaces, duplicate the light and give us the feeling of a table flooded with light and reflections.

… and to consume less

The lighted tree, the lighted table of light, the oven lit to prepare the traditional dishes that warm our tables at this time of year. The risk of consuming more than normal is there, but it is not a good reason to give up the magic of Christmas. Indeed, it is a good opportunity to change habits and find new solutions. Such as Edison Energy Control, the new service dedicated to all Edison customers that allows check consumption in real time and compare them with those of family units similar to ours.

Designed to allow us to set up daily, weekly or monthly goals (in Kwh and in euros) will notify us via sms or email every time we exceed the thresholds. Once the savings target has been achieved, thanks also to the advice provided to improve energy behavior, we can decide whether to keep for ourselves what we have saved or to donate it to one of the associations proposed by Edison.
As for the consumption of gas, which is particularly important during the winter, we have an intelligent thermostat. Edison Netatmo allows you to adjust the temperature and optimize the consumption of gas (up to 40% less) remotely through the smartphone. Thanks to this system it is possible to turn on, switch off and manage the heating remotely by accessing all the commands via the dedicated app.

So we can choose to start heating before returning home, setting up time slots of operation, but also turn it on only when it is really necessary. Different preset modes, a self-adaptation function, the monitoring of consumption and temperatures in real time and the warning in case of system malfunction are important tools to reduce consumption, but also to know remotely what happens in our homes.
A monthly energy report will provide us with the essential information to improve our energy behaviors and save up to 40% also thanks to an analysis of the trends of our consumption and the possible reasons for these.

the perfect cocktail for Christmas – Italian Cuisine

White, red and green: a cocktail (nice to see and sweet to taste) that could not be more in theme with your Christmas evenings!

We have revisited the Margarita and the punch mixing them to give life to an amazing cocktail, very good and super spectacular.
It is sweet and thick. IS White as the coconut milk, the basic ingredient, and is decorated with fresh currant or cranberries that give that color note bright red that at Christmas should not be missing.
You can easily prepare it at home and serve it like appetizer or for after dinner. You'll fall in love with it!

Cocktails: 25 simple recipes to make at home

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A bit 'punch a little' margarita

What does this cocktail have about the one and the other?
Of the punch he has a base of sugar syrup prepared by dissolving a part of sugar and one of water in equal measure. Of the margarita has the tequila.
The particularities of this cocktail, however, are the white color and the exotic taste of the coconut which is very present, both in the form of milk and cream, and also in the rum.

The recipe for the Christmas margarita punch

To prepare the Christmas margarita punch you simply have to mix all the ingredients together e shake.

Here are the ingredients:
280 g of Tequila
230 g of Grand Marnier
230 g of succo of lime
230 g of coconut water
230 g of thick coconut milk (in can)
170 g of liquid coconut milk
170 g of coconut rum
170 g of sugar syrup
1 tablespoon of coconut extract

Do not forget the ice and the final decoration with rosemary and currants.

Browse now the gallery to find out more tips on preparing the Christmas margarita punch!

Christmas appetizers: 30 Christmas canapés – Italian Cuisine

Caviale Tradition by Calvisius Caviar
Mujjol shikran, substitute obtained from herring and mullet roe
Beluga Imperial Kaviari
Salmon caviar Alaska
Sevruga Ars Italica
Kalix Swedish caviar from Bjork
Caviar Aqua Adamas
Calvisius Caviar Ingot

Are you thinking about the menu for December 25 and do not know where to start? We advise you to take a look at these sandwiches. One of the most classic Christmas appetizers perfect for create the right atmosphere and entertain the guests between a taste and the other.
Convivial, mignon and tasty: the canapes are also ideal for approach the table waiting to serve the appetizer. One snack brings the other, perhaps accompanying the first glass of wine and … party be!

But because these little samples are fun, carefree and delicious, you do not have to forget some details that will transform them from small pieces of bread garnished in real small bursts of taste.

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The variety

Let's start from the idea that we are not preparing a basic dish, one of those without frills, but with a lot of substance. Here they are welcome very small portions, decorations, colors and taste mixes. To make special the moment of the canapés is that festive atmosphere that envelops the guests who will find out a small different recipe for every taste. So you will not have to miss basic ingredients that are very different from each other meats, smoked fish, cheeses and sauces; but also vegetables is different types of bread. We can in fact play with the classic white bread combined with rye, black bread, cereal-based and so on.

Precious details

To make Christmas appetizers special is not only the number of tastings proposed, but also the quality of the ingredients. Traditionally, in fact, some fine foods are reserved for special occasions and announce the importance of the shared meal. To pamper us a little then we decorate some salmon-based tart or eggs with a pinch of caviar of sturgeon, let us concede small samples of Foie gras or tartine with tartare e truffle flakes.
Just choose one of these fine ingredients to mix with the most ordinary to amaze the whole table.

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Attention to proportions

One of the most common mistakes made by making canapes among Christmas starters is to forget that the bread base must never prevail on the rest. The more subtle it will be in proportion to the ingredients used for decoration, the greater the taste of the little taste will be. The presence of soft cheeses and sauces it is also very precious to avoid that the canapes are dry and not very inviting. When you prepare them, take care of taste the first one in order to better dose the ingredients and monitor the result.

Our 30 recipes

And now that we have reviewed the basic rules of the canapes for Christmas, you just have to choose the ones you like most from our collection in the gallery.