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Ideas for the Christmas cocktail – Italian Cuisine

Ideas for the Christmas cocktail

During the holidays, the best way to welcome guests is to offer a good cocktail: colorful, aromatic and also quick to prepare, here are three suggestions to make a good impression

Appetizer, first course, second course and dessert. At the appeal of the dinner or the lunch of the parties sometimes we forget about the Christmas cocktail. A small pleasure that should not be underestimated nor snubbed because can make the difference. Alcoholic, colorful, eccentric, refined, sparkling, fruity, of any kind, in addition to creating the right scenography, there in his jug, once poured into the glass, he warms the atmosphere and opens the dances on the table with a simple cheer. .

Christmas cocktail: Poinsetta

There is no more appropriate Christmas cocktail than this one. The name refers to Christmas Star, the red flower that is used to decorate homes in this period. There simplicity it is the very essence of his goodness. In a flute pour 3/4 of cranberry juice and 1/4 of couintreau. Fill the rest of the glass with Champagne and mix. To make it a little stronger you can also add a teaspoon of vodka you hate gin.

Christmas Star

Also in this dominate the bubbles. The drink is prepared by mixing in a 3/10 glass of vermouth White, 2/10 of lemon liqueur and 5/10 of brut sparkling wine. Pour the first two ingredients into a flute and just before serving to the guests, add the sparkling wine. This guarantees the maximum frizzantezza. To decorate, a curled lemon peel and a parsley leaf.

Pomegranate sprtiz

The spritzer is now synonymous with aperitif and party. To turn it into a Christmas cocktail and do not miss it at the reunion with relatives, here is the fruit version with the pomegranate. The result, symbol of rebirth and fertility, it is said to be aphrodisiac and to bring good luck. Outside the metaphors, the beans are delicious and rich in nutritional properties. One more reason to add them to the cocktail. The bases are the same as the traditional spritz, ie aperol or campari, prosecco is sparkling water, to which must be added the fresh pomegranate juice. A slice of orange as a garnish is a must.

Christmas popcorn – Italian Cuisine

»Christmas popcorn

First of all, melt the butter in a non-stick pan or thick bottom.
Also pour the corn from the popcorn into the pot, cover with a lid and cook over medium-low heat, shaking the pot from time to time without lifting the lid, until all the popcorn has burst (you will notice why the noise will end).

Meanwhile prepare the decorations to use.

At the end of cooking melt the chocolate, in the microwave or in a bain-marie.

Once the popcorn is ready, pour them into a bowl, add the chocolate and stir to distribute it evenly.
Then add the decorations and stir again.

Your Christmas popcorn is ready, all you have to do is choose a nice Christmas dish to serve them.

Ideas and recipes for Christmas sweets – Italian Cuisine

Not just pandoro and panettone: discover our recipes to prepare traditional and not Christmas sweets. To please those who prefer fresh or spoon desserts

After i rich Feast meals not everyone wants panettone and pandoro, but would prefer a fresh and creamy sweet, maybe spooned and chocolatey. Panic? No fear: we have collected recipes from Christmas sweets from the fridge (but not only) that will please everyone, even those who do not renounce traditions.

Traditional Christmas sweets from the fridge

There is no need to move away from the classics if you don't want to turn on the oven. The Mont Blanc, a riot of browns and cream, is often associated with the Festivals, given its richness. But there is also the blancmange – a pudding based on almond milk widespread in Sicily, Sardinia and Valle d'Aosta – which, perhaps, could be enrich with pistachios and chopped dark chocolate on the surface so as not to disfigure on the Christmas table.
The tiramisu, which is not exactly Christmas, usually satisfies everyone anyway and to give it a Christmas touch you could prepare it in single-portion cups with slices of pandoro or panettone instead of ladyfingers. And how not to mention, among the Christmas sweets from the fridge, the Bonet, a Piedmontese pudding made with cocoa and macaroons, and it eggnog?

No fridge or oven

In addition to Christmas sweets from the fridge, there are a number of delicacies that do not include the use of the oven, but neither of the fridge: le Apulian carteddate he Neapolitan struffoli they are fried sweetness. And then there is the whole vast world of gods nougats and gods crunchy – almond or sesame – le candied orange peel, dates and dried figs stuffed with walnuts and mascarpone.

Cold sweets for Christmas

Christmas sweets from the fridge to amaze

If your purpose is, instead of surprising the diners, with a Christmas menu but different from the usual why not bring to the table Orange baskets with sorbet for dessert: add a pinch of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves to give a Christmas scent. Also an semifreddo – maybe with chestnuts with whiskey sauce – it will delight the palate of your guests, not making them feel the lack of panettone & co. For last-minute guests prepare one mousse in single-portion glasses that will cool while you dine: do the custard with your recipe of the heart, that of the grandmother who never fails and cook it until it is very thick. Add us chopped nougat finely with a mixer and a goccino of the liqueur you have at home. Fill the glasses with this rich cream, perhaps helping yourself with a pastry bag for a cleaner result and refrigerate. At the time of serving, garnish with melted dark chocolate, chopped nougat and maybe some toasted panettone or crumbled Christmas biscuit.
And who does not renounce chocolate? The chocolate salami is always good, even in the veg version to be suitable for everyone and made with Christmas cookies instead of the classic dry biscuits. Now all that remains is to choose which Christmas sweets for the fridge to prepare.

Christmas sweets

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