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Recipe bread to make it at home – Italian Cuisine

Recipe bread to make it at home

Soft, soft, tasty: the crusty bread it is a pleasant alternative to the most common bread, it is easily prepared and can be kept for several days if stored in a vacuum environment. Extremely versatile, it can be combined with sweet preparations, but it is also perfect with cold cuts, sauces and fish, as a base for tempting and tasty canapés. Made of healthy and natural ingredients, it can be an excellent proposal as a snack for children.

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Preparing it at home is easy but takes some time and patience. In the following steps all the processing steps are explained: impossible to make a mistake. Get flour, sugar, oil, milk and yeast. We give you the instructions. Good job.

How to make fresh cheese at home – Italian Cuisine

How to make fresh cheese at home

It's not such a crazy idea. Get yourself milk, yoghurt and rennet and test yourself!

You are also among those who would like to be able to prepare everything at home, from bread to pizza dough to fresh cheese? Yes, because even cheese can be made hand made, with a few tricks and very high quality ingredients, needless to say! And then we will reveal all the tricks for having a fresh cheese, with an intense taste and 100% artisanal!

Few ingredients, very high quality

All the preparations that require very few ingredients are based on the very high quality of each food and so it is also for the homemade cheese recipe. Get yourself then whole fresh milk, preferably from a mountain plant, and whole yogurt, with no added sugar. Choose one with a more compact consistency, with more concentrated lactic ferments. If you want to enrich your cheese with special aromas, even in this case you prefer selected ingredients, better if they come from organic farming.

The rennet

A fundamental element for the formation of cheese is the rennet, a product that derives from the maceration of a part of the stomach of veal, lamb or kid in a liquid. This element must be added to the milk because it coagulates, and must be inserted at a milk temperature between 36 ° and 39 °. There is also an alternative to animal rennet, for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

The breaking of the curd, a fundamental step

Once you have placed the rennet in the milk and let it rest, the milk and yogurt mixture will thicken, thanks to the coagulation processes triggered by the rennet itself. At this point it is fundamental "break" the curd, with your hands or helping yourself with a knife, to separate the serum, dividing the solid part from the liquid part.

The recipe for homemade cheese (for two punches)


4 l 1/2 of whole fresh milk, 3 g 1/2 of liquid rennet, 65 g of whole white yogurt, 70 g of salt


Put the milk in a saucepan and heat it until it reaches 42 ° (measured with a thermometer). Once you get to this temperature turn off and add the yogurt. Mix well, add the salt and let it cool down to 38 °. At this point put the rennet, stir, cover and let stand for 1 hour, without touching it anymore. After this time the cheese should have reached a certain compactness. With a long-bladed knife make horizontal and vertical cuts to form small squares. Let it rest for another 40 minutes and then, using your hands, transfer the cheese squares to the appropriate dies, pressing well to remove the serum. After about 15 minutes turn the cheese upside down in the palm of your hand and put it back in the dies. Repeat the operation after 15 minutes. At this point, place the punch in the fridge covered with a sheet of foil and let it rest for two hours. You can serve your fresh cheese with jams (also homemade!).

In the tutorial, some tips and more ideas for preparing cheese

How to make icing sugar at home – Italian Cuisine

Caster sugar and mixer: this is how to prepare and use icing sugar, but also how to flavor it or make it more resistant to moisture

"Finish off with a sprinkling of icing sugar." How many recipes end up like this? The icing sugar it is an ingredient to have always in the pantry to garnish the desserts but not only. Adds sweetness and embellishes preparations. Party protagonist (on Pandoro at Christmas or on the chatter at Carnival), delicate on biscuits, donuts, brioche, icing sugar is also useful, for example, for making meringues, cold cakes, to create the real ice or sugar paste.


Homemade icing sugar

Easy to find, icing sugar is just as easy to make at home. You only need one ingredient caster sugar, and a few minutes to chop it with a mixer until a powdery consistency is achieved. When you have chopped sugar, if you like, you can add vanilla or dried peel of orange peel or lemon to taste.romatizzarlo.
Once ready, use it immediately or, if you have done it in abundance, keep it in a glass container closed in a dry place.

Icing sugar with starch

If you need to use icing sugar to garnish it is better to add corn starch so that it becomes more resistant to moisture (otherwise you will see it "disappear" as soon as it is dusted: the quantities are 3 g per 100 g of sugar. Add l starch even if you have to use icing sugar to make the sugar paste.

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