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Bring your personal chef home – Italian Cuisine

Bring your personal chef home

There gourmet cuisine it's not just about tasting fine dishes, but taking a qualitative leap in nutrition.

Bring a "luxury" menu it needs time, care and a pinch of skill: it starts with the raw materials, which must be fresh and genuine, then proceeds with the preparation, taking care in detail of the types and cooking times, fundamental for the success of a dish.
At this point you will think that going to the restaurant is the easiest solution. Yet a homemade gourmand menu gives great satisfaction and certainty about the authenticity of the ingredients, the safety and hygiene of the preparation.
To get all this you need a starred chef, or Moulinex Companion XL. Prepare, knead, cook: the latest generation technology to prepare all recipes from the simplest to the most creative.
In this special you will find an appetizing menu and many curiosities about this extraordinary intelligent robot.

Octopus burger: the recipe that brings the sea into the home – Italian Cuisine

Octopus burger: the recipe that brings the sea into the home

A lighter and (summer) variant of the meat burger. Here's how to prepare it and how to taste it

The octopus burger it's one of those recipes with a sea taste that immediately make us think of summer, of meals eaten fleetingly but with taste, good and light dishes which can be eaten even in hot weather.

A first step towards the summer season that is about to begin – with all the questions related toCoronavirus emergency – it could be try do it at home, just to be ready when it's time to replicate the burger recipe octopus in a table of friends overlooking the sea. You can eat alone dish, or inside a sandwich, just like theclassic meat burger.

Octopus burger, the recipe for summer

In fact, the octopus is the perfect ingredient to prepare a dish that is good but that is also light: it has in fact very few fats and it is rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. The recipe for making octopus burger at home is simple and fast, let's find out together.


To prepare the octopus burger you will need: 500 g of octopus, 1 egg, grated Parmesan, breadcrumbs, parsley, salt, extra virgin olive oil.


The first thing to do is clean and wash the octopus and then put it to cook in water, with the lid and over medium heat for about 40 minutes. The octopus must cook, as the famous saying goes, in its water then don't take too long in the pot but check from time to time that it has not dried too much. After the cooking time, drain it and put it in a kitchen mixer together with the egg, parmesan, breadcrumbs and parsley, add a pinch of salt and chop everything for about 30 seconds.

With the dough prepare the Hamburger giving it the classic disc shape and cook them in a non-stick pan on both sides for about 5 minutes. Season them with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

You can, as mentioned, eat them on the plate with a side dish fresh, or use them for stuff a gourmet sandwich with, for example, burrata and Cherry Tomato Confit or simple rocket seasoned with balsamic vinegar.

Browse the tutorial to find out more tips for preparing and tasting the octopus burger

Adopt a pomegranate and the fruits arrive home – Italian Cuisine

Adopt a pomegranate and the fruits arrive home

Giuseppe Savino from Foggia launched the initiative: with a video call you choose the tree and in November the pomegranates will be sent all over Italy

The new frontier of long distance adoptions passes from the earth. And from the web. Because if there weren't any farmers 2.0 like Giuseppe Savino from Foggia none of this would be possible. Giuseppe is someone who uses the internet to "trace a furrow", as is done in the fields. The last of these furrows was traced in full lockdown, with the launch of the project Adopt a pomegranate.

He told us a moment after finishing the wheat harvest, after a few missed phone appointments because, as he says, "there is a precise moment when the bean is ready, but it cannot be foreseen when it is". And in the same field where the ears of corn were, right next to the rows of pomegranates, there will be pumpkins, so everything will be ready in November for a big party (pandemics permitting).

Who is Giuseppe Savino

But let's go in order. Giuseppe Savino is a farmer's son, as he likes to remember. The father is the classic man whose experience is all in the field, in the true sense of the word. As his son says of him: "He can tell you what problem the plant has by looking at it at two meters, while my brother who is an agronomist must study it under a microscope". Experience teaches, but Giuseppe's youth and being smart have integrated his father's millenary wisdom, bringing it to the virtual square of social networks, working on relations between farmers and on the Vazapp platform from which it started with a great project of agro-integration and sharing of ideas, also passed by the Contadinner (dinners between farmers to make them known). To this were added many other initiatives and that of the adoption of pomegranates shows that with a small gesture you can weave life stories.

Birth and realization of an idea

«We were in full lockdown and I realized that people had become used to video calls. I had long had in mind the plan to adopt trees, but a theft a few years ago had stopped it in the bud. Now the time is ripe to promote this idea, but I didn't want it to be just a pre-purchase, I wanted it to be an experience for those who decide to adopt a pomegranate ". An even therapeutic experience that has virtually brought people to the countryside at a time of closure.

The experience begins first by filling out a form, then there is the first video call, in which Giuseppe with his smartphone brings those who have joined the initiative to the field: the plant is chosen together, the plate with the name chosen for the tree by the holder is affixed, then when the call ends, Giuseppe sends the geolocation of the tree on whatsapp. In the middle there is a chat, which often ends up being touching: «I left to have trees adopted, but it is I who am adopting people's stories. I was impressed by the story of a professor who said he wanted to support this initiative, because it was made by young boys like his nephew who unfortunately is gone. There are those who called the Hope tree, hope, those who chose the name Futuro and it was a grandfather who gave the pomegranate to his grandson who is fighting an illness and for whom he dreams of a fruitful and painless future .

Also through social media, whatsapp and video calls, Giuseppe keeps up to date all those who have adopted trees on how it is going, waiting for the harvest to take place in October-November. What better time than the feast of the dead, which is very much felt in the Foggia area? We eat the grain of the dead, which is a sweet that promises fruitfulness and contains precisely cooked wheat, pomegranate seeds, walnuts, held together by the vincotto. In a village in the Dauno Sub-Apennine, in Orsara, every year on November 1st the involving manifestation of Fucacoste takes place, the bonfire of the heads of Purgatory, which is thought to be at the origin of Halloween.

"I undertake to send a box of pomegranates throughout Italy to all those who have adopted, making them watch the harvest from their tree, which will be at least in video call, but it would be nice if they could come in person to gather them with me, to live the feast of the dead here in Foggia and to eat together the wheat of the dead among the adopted trees and the field of pumpkins that I am about to plant .

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