Aperitif at home: 50 recipes to make it delicious and cool – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

L’aperitif at home with friends it’s always a great idea, for all seasons. Because sometimes you don’t feel like going out and you prefer a more intimate situation but also because preparing an aperitif, for those who love cooking, is always quite fun. There are many preparations to try your hand at but also a lot of satisfaction in seeing a rich and colorful table set, with many cocktails to complete it all.

How to make an aperitif at home

First of all we prepare plenty ice in freezer. That must never be missing. We can freeze simple natural water or enrich it with small leaves of mint, rosemary or sage depending on the cocktail we want to prepare. For fruity recipes, we can prepare cubes with strawberries cut into cubes, Kiwi or small grapes of grape. To obtain a more refreshing effect, let’s also chill the glasses in which we will serve our aperitif and the teaspoons we will use for stirring. And while the ice forms and we choose the recipes that inspire us the most, Let’s start putting on some good music. It will be the right inspiration to cook something really fun and will help us feel relaxed and stimulated.

We then set the table with napkins, saucers, forks and toothpicks: diners will appreciate all the perfect tools for moving from one tasting to another. And to ensure that when going from one whim to another you don’t feel dry, we also prepare some dip perhaps accompanied by a bowl of hummus and a fresh mixed salad with seasonal vegetables and fruit.

Cocktails and delicious recipes: Our 50 recipes

Chips, popcorn, bruschettine are always tempting, for goodness sake, but they are things seen and reviewed. Do you want to really amaze and organize a memorable aperitif? Browse the gallery.

aperitif at home

Aperitif at home, 50 ideas to share with friends

One last idea for a quick aperitif

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