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#LaCucinaItalianaGoesToUnesco: Davide Oldani signs the August issue – Italian Cuisine

#LaCucinaItalianaGoesToUnesco: Davide Oldani signs the August issue

#LaCucinaItalianaGoesToUnesco: Davide Oldani signs the new issue of La Cucina Italiana and becomes the second ambassador of the magazine to promote the candidacy of the Italian culinary tradition to UNESCO as a World Heritage Site

The direction of the new issue of La Cucina Italiana, on newsstands from August 5, is entrusted to Davide Oldani. It is to the Lombard chef that Massimo Bottura, director of the July issue, passes the baton of ambassador to promote the ambitious communication project aimed at supporting the universal value of the gastronomic culture of our country. A great choral initiative, launched by the magazine in July, to support the candidacy of our cuisine as a UNESCO intangible heritage of humanity.

Davide Oldani's story is the inspiration for a new large number, the second of this special collection. A recipe book created in the editorial kitchen with the home recipes created by the chef of the D'O restaurant, a journey through the flavors of Forte dei Marmi in the company of Davide's friends (including the French multi-starred Yannick Alléno), the artisans of the territory, from Lombardy to Tuscany to Sardinia, and then rice, the cornerstone ingredient of Oldani's cuisine, proposed with the pasta «together in the same dish according to the invention of Gualtiero Marchesi, master of the chef who entered his kitchen in via Bonvesin de la Riva as a boy. There Davide's mother she is the "grandmother" of this month with her summer soup, Lorenza Luti or Mrs. Kartell tells us how she receives in her home in Milan, while a service on sweets and savory from the beach crowns the section dedicated to foods under an umbrella. Pedal and taste, traveling on the lakes of Italy, from north to south, up to the painter's portfolio Luciano Ventrone and wines loved by Fabio Volo is Cristiana Capotondi. A special edition, with a cover signed by the Polaroid artist Maurizio Galimberti, to mark the second episode of the project, which began in July and which will continue until December, to promote the candidacy of our culinary tradition as a World Heritage Site recognized by Unesco.

Each issue is a candidature dossier in which the great Italian chef who signs it talks about his food culture, his link with the territory and the supply chain, interacting with the columns and contents of the historic magazine. A lot of Italian excellence, recipes declined in a domestic version, stories of women and men who make Italy great and help make the dishes of the chefs more and more decisive in telling our identity, all animated by the desire to finally join forces to reach a great and important goal: the candidacy of Italian cuisine to UNESCO.

In June the website of the newspaper saw 3.76 MILL of unique users and social side La Cucina Italiana has reached a fan base of 1.8 MY + 16% YOY.

The smile of women: the new issue of Vanity Fair celebrates women – Italian Cuisine

The smile of women: the new issue of Vanity Fair celebrates women

"The smile of women": the new issue of Vanity Fair celebrates the irony of women through the voices of great Italian and international artists

Vanity Fair, on newsstands from July 29, dedicates the new issue to the irony of women through the voices of great Italian and international artists.

"In an Italy where out of 10 people who return to work after the lockdown, only 3 are women, there is nothing to laugh about," says the director Simone Marchetti. "But precisely for this reason we wanted an entire issue of Vanity Fair dedicated to female irony, an author's humor, or rather an author's humor, which was able to unhinge and sometimes even to bring down the male chauvinism that grips this country with strength of the most unexpected weapon: laughter .

"The smile of women" is the title chosen for this special issue that sees on the cover Monica Vitti, among the first to steal the stage from men and to use, as a weapon, self-irony, a ram's head to unhinge the true bulwark of male chauvinism, as he writes Michela Murgia.

As in a stand-up comedy, the words of Italian artists, actresses, performers (plus an international star) fill the pages of the issue and in their profession and in their life they also use fun and lightness: Katia Follesa he recounts his references from the past, from Zucchero's "dududu women" to Anna Marchesini; La Pina reflects on the concept of emancipation; the involuntary humor of relationships is instead the theme explored by Daniela Collu; Virginia Raffaele he tells of when he realized he had a comic power "transforming"; for the first time the queen of Instagram, of Australian origin, Celeste Barber gives an interview to an Italian magazine: she who makes the verse to Hollywood stars, speaks of irony as a gift that saved her in moments of crisis and that undermines the myth of perfection; Luciana Littizzetto that comedy has no sex, but it is easier to make fun of boys; Serena Dandini, explains why female comedy is revolutionary; the writer Barbara Alberti gives a hilarious (familiar) story about envy; Carla Signoris stresses that women no longer want to be pigeonholed in anything, and she herself refuses the comic actress label; Michela Giraud she tells of the woman who is always the mother of her boyfriends too; Caterina Guzzanti he writes a letter to his daughter: "In life, one must never recite"; Drusilla Foer he talks about the precious rules of bon ton (and grandmother) about elegance; the millennial Pilar Fogliati reflects on diets, beauty routines and some vices; while Chiara Francini he wonders: "To be or not to be the first in the class? this is the dilemma … .

"One last note," adds Simone Marchetti. «On July 31st Franca Valeri turns 100. We would have liked it in this team of artists, but unfortunately it was not possible. This issue of Vanity Fair wants to be a birthday present to you, immense artist

The project "The smile of women" also arrives on the social profiles of Vanity Fair: the voices of the artists in the number are flanked by those of the young Tiktokers, protagonists of some live on the Instagram profile of Vanity Fair, who will tell the comedy under 30: Cecilia Cantarano, Martina Socrate, Maryna, Giorgia Malerba, Jessica Brugali and Jenny De Nucci.

In addition, Katia Follesa will be the protagonist of a Social Series dedicated to the smile of women. Five events that will be held on Vanity Fair's Instagram profile every day from 3 to 7 August at 18.

The Vanity Fair site in the first half of 2020 was visited on average by 11 million users every month, with a growth of 5% compared to the previous year. Social profiles count 3.1 MY fan followers total, marking a + 15% YOY.

The new issue of Vanity Fair is directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino – Italian Cuisine

The new issue of Vanity Fair is directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino

An innovative multimedia operation halfway between cinemas and publishing that launches a provocation: phase 4

The Oscar award Paolo Sorrentino is the artistic director in the new issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands from May 20. In the hands of the director, the newspaper becomes a screenplay, a film that writes a stellar cast of actors, artists and personalities as writers. The project is inspired by La Grande Bellezza, the director's masterpiece awarded by the Academy Award in 2014, and is developed following an innovative multimedia operation, halfway between cinema and publishing.

First of all the cover, a crowd of pink flamingos photographed at night on the Spanish Steps by Alex Majoli with Paolo Sorrentino: an iconic and surreal vision that announces the "Phase 4", dreamlike but programmatic moment to think about the future after the lockdown and the first attempts to restart. Everyone is called to imagine their own Phase 4. For Sorrentino, this phase coincides with the myth of the Great Italian Beauty, treasure and opportunity, an ocean of excellence to look at and from which to draw any hypothesis of rebirth. For readers who watch it, it is a call to commitment and imagination: everyone can send their vision of the future using the hashtag # phase4 and describing their dream for tomorrow with a photograph.

The contents of the issue will be enriched by some videos documenting the director's long work, all shot in the eternal city during the lockdown. For this special issue, the city of Rome has exclusively opened some of its major cultural institutions for reportage and artistic performances organized by Vanity Fair together with Paolo Sorrentino, documented in the issue and in the videos. Among these, the Borghese Gallery and the Opera House.

Great personalities of the international star system contributing to the number, who tell personal experiences, suggestions or memories related to Italian beauty: Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Willem Dafoe, Christoph Waltz, Jude Law, Wes Anderson, Jane Fonda, John Malkovich, Rachel Weisz is Woody Harrelson.

Italian fashion is also the protagonist: the designer Alessandro Michele participates in the operation by dialoguing with Achille Lauro on the role of beauty in today's culture.

For contemporary art, however, Marina Abramović he created an exclusive work by answering a question from the director.

Isabella RosselliniFinally, it adds to the stellar cast of the issue by telling the parable of one's beauty: from the memories of parents Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini to success as an icon in the world of beauty and cinema, up to the new commitment as an activist, popularizer and emblem of a new inclusive and feminist aesthetic.

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