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Real Italians. "Those who work so that the new generations feel accepted at home, at school, among the desks, in the courtyards, in the streets", with the words of Ghali, protagonist of the cover, opens the new issue of Vanity Fair dedicated to the "second generation ”, that of Italians and Italians children of immigrant parents, a humanity that is making our country better and more inclusive. They make music, are engaged on social media, get into politics, write books and look at diversity as a human and cultural wealth.

The issue of Vanity Fair on newsstands tomorrow closes the trilogy dedicated to the values ​​that influence contemporary fashion. On the cover Ghali Amdouni, for all Ghali, the Milanese singer symbol of a generation that is making multiculturalism a wealth on which to build the future.

In a touching dialogue with the writer of Sinhalese origins Nadeesha Uyangoda, the singer – born in Milan to Tunisian parents – talks about the childhood made up of moving from one apartment to another until arriving in the Baggio neighborhood, the difficulty of forming a group and the search for a different path, to open up to new possibilities: «Yes, I grew up in the suburbs, but it is also true that Baggio raised me. But, in the end, I never wanted to stay there – on the road, I mean – no, I always dreamed of escaping from that. Also for this reason, in my songs, I always talk about it in a certain way – because I want to say that being there, on the street, is not a solution , says Ghali in this intense interview-dialogue.

He left the road to undertake an artistic path that gave him the opportunity to make his voice heard, a voice different from the stereotypes and clichés that populate a certain imagination, of those who, for example, think of immigrants like a person with a doomed fate. Imaginary that Ghali refuses: «Once I happened to be arrested. I ended up in Beccaria, the juvenile prison. Here, since I saw my mother, in that room, from behind, waiting to see me after four days, I decided that I didn't want to give her that feeling anymore. Above all, I can't afford it. Even if it were the last resort, the only chance I have left, I can't do certain things: I can't be another Tunisian who ends up on the news. I dreamed of ending up on the news for positive news, I dreamed of giving a new imagery of my people, "he says.

A dream that has come true, which is giving life to an inclusive imagination and to a generation that is teaching us the value of diversity, as the director Simone Marchetti explains in his editorial: "The goal is to try to change the point of view for look at Italy with their eyes, to listen to it with their words. Because, after all, there is a need: to change the perspective and put yourself in the shoes of those who live their diversity every day. Without prejudice and without fear .

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