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100 cheap food shopping tips

Food. We all need it but does it have to be so expensive? Food shopping is one of the biggest expenses we pay out each week and with rising food prices it’s hard to feed the whole family on a budget.

At goodtoknow, we’d like to help. Not only can we provide you lots of cheap, quick and easy recipes so you can make sure the kids are eating healthily, we can also help you save money.

Food shopping is such a vital part of our weekly routine, we can often get into bad habits that mean we spend more money then we really need to. The key is learning how to make the most of what you have. This can be done by a few simple tricks and tips.

We know time is a luxury most mums don’t have, that’s why we’ve found some really speedy ways to ensure that not only your food shop the cheapest it can be but that also you make the most of the food you do buy.

Click through our gallery of 100 ways to make more of your food shop and if you’ve got any top tips, please share below

5 rules to save money in the kitchen, from shopping to the table – Italian Cuisine

5 rules to save money in the kitchen, from shopping to the table

Saving does not necessarily mean sacrificing. Here are some smart and fun ways to do it!

In January, with the beginning of the new year, the list of good intentions is drawn up and in the first places there is almost always the saving. For this we want to give you some suggestions for spend the right in the kitchen and to bring healthy and tasty dishes to the table every day. Just organize yourself a little! Such as? Started by these 5 simple rules!

Plan meals

It seems a very sad thing because it does not leave too much room for creativity, but once you have taken your hand you will find that it is a very smart method for save, eat in a balanced way and always change meals.
So we suggest you take an agenda or a calendar or download one of the many pdfs you find online (search for "meal prep ") for write down day by day what you will eat during the week.
So every Saturday or Sunday, think about what the next week's menu will be like based on what you do the shopping.
Prepare even in advance what can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer and so it will be easier and hasty to put everything at the table.
Of course, keep in mind that within a week you will have to change a lot protein ingredients and then consider the meat three times, the fish twice, the eggs and the cheeses one day a week. abound with vegetables and legumes and never forget a portion of Whole grains per day.
In yours weekly shopping so they should not miss: legumes also precooked and preserved in glass, barley, spelled, wholemeal pasta, rice, vegetables to be cooked and vegetables to be eaten fresh, milk, yogurt, eggs, fresh cheeses, white meat and fish.
Then always keep in the pantry a stock of different flour and dried yeast to prepare bread and focaccia, aromatic herbs and spices to flavor your dishes and pulses to prepare excellent soups.

Buy seasonal ingredients

Seasonal spending It is good for our pockets and also for the planet.
A sustainable and zero-km expenditure costs less, does not pollute and is healthier.
What you have to do is a nice stock once a week of fruit and vegetables at the market or on the farm and portion it as needed.
You can slice the vegetables and cook them steamed or baked and then keep them in the fridge for the week and you can freeze fruit to make some smoothies to drink as snacks during the afternoon.
The vegetables to be eaten raw instead prepare them at the moment, do not cut and wash them first because if they take too much water then they will ruin.
Respect the seasonality of the products and you will gain in taste and health.

Freeze and recycle

As we have already said, it is very useful to prepare something that could be stored in the freezer.
A minestrone for example. Buy zucchini, potatoes, onions and carrots and then add seasonal vegetables like cauliflower in winter and green beans in summer. Wash everything well, dry and cut into pieces and then keep everything divided into potions in freezer bags.
Same goes for meat and fish. Once cooked, you can store them for the next day or place them in airtight containers for the freezer, but you can freeze them also from raw.
Also to recycle It is very important to save money in the kitchen. And so if you are using cheese, use it to make a baked pasta or vegetable pie. If the bread is fried, fry it in small cubes and serve with the soup, if it is already cooked and seasoned, make an omelette and if the fruit is going badly, make a shake or a cake.
In short, the important thing is to get a little done. It's also very easy and fun!

Schiscetta in the office

If you have lunch outside, do not go to the bar, but bring with you what you have prepared the night before.
At dinner, always cook a little more as an abundant portion of meat or fish or an extra portion of cereals and in the morning fill a container from schiscetta or even a large glass jar with what you have and take to the office.
You can prepare salads of cereals and legumes with steamed vegetables, you can slice the grilled chicken and accompany whole wheat bread and vegetable dip, or you can simply heat the pasta the day before if you have a microwave available.
If you do not have the time to prepare a complete meal, once in a while you will also be fine sandwich, but always with what you have at home, a slice of meat with tomato and salad or a chickpea hummus for example.

Buy only what you need

This is the most difficult rule to put into practice because when you enter a supermarket you are always kidnapped by the charm of novelty.
But first let's focus on the goal, that is what you really need and then maybe we choose the product, one only a week, which intrigues us more. And then of course, when possible, we try to take advantage of the offers.
And how are the temptations managed? Snacks, biscuits, baked goods and packaged are the extra expense that is not required that week after week weigh on the bill. How to deal with the problem? Once in a while you can, but it must be the exception.
For the rest, we suggest you to make a nice weekly escort of dried fruit is dark chocolate. Treat yourself a little 'every day and always keep at home everything you need to prepare a dessert when you feel like it.

Browse now our gallery for some more savings tips

Recipe Rifle: a digital original

Last year, in secret, I spent an awfully long time trying to get someone to publish Recipe Rifle as a book, but in the end failed.

It was a perfectly ghastly experience, looking back. At the time it seemed sort of fun, a respite from the tedious task of administering to a small baby. But in actual fact it was just disappointment after disappointment, I existed in a horrid limbo. Hopes up, hopes dashed. Eventually, total disaster, angry words and a general collapse. I wasn’t really surprised: dancing in front of a weary, malfunctioning publishing industry, chronically unable to sell myself, I often said things in meetings like “You know, the way things are at the moment, I probably wouldn’t take this book on if I were you.”

And, worse, these publishing people would say to me: “Why would someone buy this book? I mean, why would they pick it up in Waterstones?” By the third time I heard this I would want, powerfully, to claw their eyes out, kick them in the stomach and scream “You tell me you fucking idiot! That’s your job not mine! Jesus fucking Christ, no wonder the whole damn thing is collapsing round your ears if you’re asking me why someone would buy a freaking book. I’m going home.

But I did not do that.

Instead I cut all ties to that miserable year, sulked in my tent for a while, then sought out instead The Friday Project, a publishing house that specialises in bringing blogs to a wider audience. And when I say that, I mean that they make it possible for otherwise unpublishable authors (that’s me) to sell their work, without it being considered “vanity” (i.e. “mad”) publishing.

The bloke who runs The Friday Project, Scott, is terrific. He doesn’t ask me who will buy my book. He doesn’t ask me, looking worried, how I think I am going to turn the blog into a “story”. He just said “Put together whatever you think is best and maybe some people will buy it if they like it.”

“Will you make it really cheap?” I asked, anxiously. “I mean, like, 50p so it’s crazy not to buy it, like a vest top from H&M??”

“Not that cheap,” he said. “But not expensive either.”

The catch is that you will only be able to buy it online and read it on your iPad or Kindle or other e-reader, (unless it becomes a freak hit and the cost of printing the book becomes negligable). A “digital original”, they call it, with graceful euphemism. and I don’t get an advance, I am only paid for what I sell. But frankly with my shitty attitude that’s a good thing. Give me money and I won’t do anything. Give me a deadline and the possibility of money and I will work. A bit.

SO – my readers, my lovely, lovely readers who have been with me through thick and thin, through marriage, births, ups and downs (no deaths – yet) do you have a favourite post that you think I ought to definitely include? One that you can recall made you laugh? Are there any that were really bad – have I had a dodgy patch? Am I boring when I bang on about a certain thing?

Tell me! Tell me, tell me. I have to file my first draft in October.


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