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Massimo Bottura and Vania Ghedini win GOLD in Venice – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Trio of golds in Venice: under the creative direction of Massimo Bottura, it is Vania Ghedini the new Head Chef of GOLDthe starred restaurant ofHotel Cipriani, A Belmond Hotel.

After the last experience with chef Riccardo Canella completed last October, he moves on to chef Vania Ghedini the mission to relaunch ORO, proposing new menus that enhance the typical products of the lagoon and beyond. An important challenge for the gourmet restaurant, which earned its first Michelin star with the executive chef Davide Bisetto in 2015, following the opening in April 2014 after a careful renovation by architect Adam Tihany. ORO is part of the iconic Hotel Cipriani, A Belmond Hotelon the island of Giudecca in Venice, opened in 1958 by the founder of the legendary Harry’s BarGiuseppe Cipriani, and still today a dream destination for the international jet set (ed: George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin chose to get married here in 2014).

«My cuisine will be in continuity with the culinary practices of the great masters who transmitted to me the value of this art and the importance of culture and knowledge. We will start from these foundations, from the places where I have lived in recent years, from Venice and the heritage of its lagoon, and we will create authentic and distinctive dishes. These are the values ​​on which we will build the precious ORO experience… now! – chef Vania Ghedini

For the mission of value, chef returns to Italy Vania Ghediniborn in 1987 and originally from Ferrara, grew up professionally for several years in the kitchens of Alajmo brothers – since 2016 first at Le Calandre and Il Calandrino, then at the Gran Caffè Quadri in Piazza San Marco and as executive chef of AMO at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi near the Rialto Bridge in Venice, finally for more than 5 years at the restaurant Sesame of Marrakesh, bringing him to eighth place for the 50 Top Italy in the World 2023.

We are betting a lot on this original collaboration with chef Ghedini at ORO under the creative direction of an explosive character like the great Massimo Bottura. In fact, the management of the food & beverage sector of the structure is in the hands of the visionary three-starred and multi-award winning chef, also known throughout the world for his parallel charitable activities such as Food for Soul and Il Tortellante, early supporter of the candidacy project of Italian cuisine as a UNESCO heritage site.

Rana family and chef Sodano, beyond the restaurant – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Put together the Rana family, a food giant, which has promoted fresh pasta made in Italy around the world, and an enlightened chef, not only from the Michelin star, Francesco Sodano. The result is the construction of an entrepreneurial vision beyond the boundaries of creativity. A liaison that speaks of dedication, foresight and planning combined with avant-garde, innovation and research (passion is the common thread, but without this there is little to build). Let’s tell you about the new Family Rana Gourmet Experiencesthe restaurant – just renovated – born from the vision of Gian Luca Rana, managing director of the Rana Group, and that of Francesco Sodano who, after Faro di Capo d’Orso*, in Maiori, on the Amalfi Coast, accepted the challenge, not certainly easy, to represent through his dishes a long family tradition, a territory to which he belongs, but also a vision of experimental cuisine, at the same time sincere, rich in flavors, travels and experiences. From this meeting of personalities begins Rana’s new gastronomic narrative, which starts from the dish and the territory, which crosses countries and cultures, to then return home again, to the virtuous farm of the Rana family, immersed in the Feniletto Valley, a few kilometers from Verona.

Art, collectibles and lots of taste: the new restaurant Family Rana Gourmet Experiences

Beatrice Pilotto

The restyling of the former rice and tobacco warehouse

The raw-design style venue, renovated just over a month ago, was created from the walls of what was once a building dedicated to the storage of tobacco and rice. Every detail, from the colors of the walls to the handmade plates and glasses – with many references to the earth – but also contemporary works of art, many natural materials – such as the Milanese clay vases Nina Salsotto – and goodies from the Rana family home, such as cookbooks wrapped in neutral white paper. Among the unique pieces, also the large installation suspended from the ceiling made of roots, herbs, flowers and plants from the Feniletto Valley, collected by the local floral artist Octavia Bosco. The menus, the work of, have also been researched THEN, which stands for “Then I do it”, a Turin-based graphics studio. Last but not least, the collaboration with the stylist Antonio Marrasa friend of the Rana family, who designed in his classic patchwork style, the aprons intended for the restaurant’s dining and kitchen teams, and the dining jackets that follow the colors of the seasons.

A journey between technique, head and soul

Francesco Sodano

Beatrice Pilotto

But this is just the content of a place that offers experiences that pamper and rekindle all the senses. Three tasting menus are proposed, different but united between the professional and personal past of chef Sodano – born in 1988 of Campania origins -, the present of the place and the meeting with the Rana family. The gastronomic journey undertaken was that of the main menu, “Ricomincio da tre”, freely inspired by the film by Massimo Troisi. A journey that includes 12 courses divided into 6 acts of dishes signature of the chef, like the very delicate Leek between smoke and ashand the new creations inspired by local raw materials, such as Paddy rice with sturgeon stockfish. Among the most surprising is the Dirty cuttlefish with broccolia mouthful that inebriates with the delicacy of the sea and the strength of the earth and vegetables.

Don’t call it bread and chocolate

While among the sweet proposals, what seduces without second thoughts is the Negative of Bread and Nutella, the famous snack that Sodano interprets by reversing the colors: chocolate bread and white hazelnut cream. On top of a quenelle of ice cream clarified with hazelnut, a pinch of salt and a shower of grated truffle.

Water and food combination: the best according to the hydrosommelier – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The combination of food with water starts from the choice of the fixed residue.

The water card in restaurants

And he explains to us that water makes a difference at any time of the day Andrea Battaini, assistant restaurant manager of Roteo, the fine dining restaurant inside the 5-star MUSA boutique hotel on Lake Como. «Before any menu, we usually share the water menu with our customers, the first to be served; many remain intrigued, perhaps even initially confused, but let’s try to explain, without boring, that the choice must be calibrated according to needs” says Battaini. Needs that range from food pairing, such as that proposed with the dishes on the fixed menu Aqua, with dishes such as oyster pearl, ceviche water, green apple or risotto with hazelnut, bottarga. In these cases, when the menu is varied, customers start with one bottle and continue with another perhaps with a higher fixed residue. Then there are also those who need more mineralized waters after doing sports, and so the suggestion is more easily oriented towards waters with a higher fixed residue. Last but not least, the presence of Arab customers, for example, «who, not drinking alcohol, choose water as if it were a bottle of wine.

«Before any menu, we usually share the water menu with our customers Andrea Battaini, assistant restaurant manager of Roteo in Sala Comacina, on Lake Como.

In fact, by the summer, Roteo will also introduce some commonly unobtainable bottles into its water list, such as the Hildon, present on the Windsor table. «She was the favorite of Queen Elizabeth who chose her to accompany and lengthen her whiskey precisely because of the balance of her minerals. «With a neutral taste, it makes it perfect to accompany not only food, but also wines and spirits «so much so that since 1989 it has been the mineral water chosen by the sommeliers of the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine. As well as the Canadian Iceberg or the Finnish Vellamo. Prices? From 30 euros up, like a bottle of wine.

The Hildon was Queen Elizabeth’s favorite water bottle.

The importance of water also in mixology

«Water is not just a simple tasteless and odorless chemical element, but a food in all respects says Elena Scordamaglia BRITA hydrosommelier and B2B marketing manager BRITA Italia, a leading company in water filtration. And he adds: «Its ingredients are mineral salts which help to stay hydrated, but also harmful substances, such as nitrates or volatile organic compounds, and chlorine which is used to disinfect the aqueduct pipes and which, although not harmful, it alters the taste and smell of the water.” To create culture there are some courses to follow, those of Aquademy by BRITA: a multilevel program to become experts in water and its areas of application. Aimed at everyone, even professionals especially in the coffee, mixology and pastry sectors. An example? Mosaico Spirits is the company that has patented a machine for personalizing gin that can be replicated anywhere through software. The water used is Brita filtered, in fact. «Gin is a cooking recipe based on a mosaic of ingredients, of which three are essential: water, alcohol and botanicals; water is essential for the success of a balanced premium product” explains Marco Bertoncini, CEO of Mosaico Spirits.

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