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A special grill with homemade sauces – Italian Cuisine

A special grill with homemade sauces

Summer, barbecue time: meat, fish, grilled vegetables become even tastier when accompanied with the right sauce. Here are some ideas for homemade preparations

Give us ours today barbeque daily. This could be the secular prayer of many Italians with the summer. In home garden, in the parks, even on the balcony, the desire to barbecue it is directly proportional to summer and finally the time has come to give free rein to the desire for meat, fish is vegetables to be roasted on the grill.

What, however, very often it makes a difference when preparing a barbecue, which can change the cards on the table making the diners fall head over heels in love sauce for seasoning the ingredients to be roasted on the barbecue.

From super classics mayonnaise, Ketchup is mustard, now omnipresent on our tables in full American style, the desire to accompany grilling with homemade sauces is becoming more widespread, for a touch of originality and taste that commercial products don't always satisfy.

Go grill and sauce (homemade)

One of the most famous sauces to accompany grilled dishes is the American BBQ sauce, a sauce made with tomato puree, vinegar, worcester sauce and mustard, ideal for seasoning meat roasted on the grill. Find here the recipe of our chefs.

For lovers of spicy, among the sauces for grilling at home there is also the spicy sauce, perfect with beef and pork and to be made at home with: 250 g of tomato sauce, 190 g of water, 150 g of sugar, tabasco, 5 g of dried and crumbled red pepper, pepper and lemon juice. To prepare it is enough heat all the ingredients in a saucepan for about 10 minutes and let it cool before bringing it to the table.

The avocado it is the exotic fruit par excellence of summer and is perfect for preparing one guacamole sauce Mexican with a fresh and decisive flavor.

To season both meat and fish you can think of trying one tartar sauce to do at home. What is needed? 2 boiled egg yolks, 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon of mustard, 2 gherkins and 2 spoons of pickled capers, chopped fresh parsley, vinegar and salt. Enough with a kitchen whisk amalgamate mustard, mayonnaise, salt and vinegar and add a drizzle of oil to obtain one thick and creamy sauce. Then add the crumbled egg yolks, capers, parsley and gherkins and the mixture must be mixed again with a mixer or a food processor.

For those looking for one sauce for the barbecue to do at home that has a very strong flavor you can try this one based on garlic and cherry tomatoes, fast and simple. In fact, a pack of canned cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley and fresh oregano, two cloves of fresh garlic, salt and oil are enough. They pass all the ingredients in a mixer and then it is seasoned with raw oil. The sauce should be left to rest for at least an hour before using it.

Those who love, however, i more delicate flavors can prepare a sauce with lemon and rosemary. They serve: 1 shallot, the juice of half a lemon, rosemary, oregano, salt and oil. Yes chop the shallot finely and add oregano and rosemary, lemon juice, salt and oil flush, whipping lightly with a fork or kitchen whisk.

Finally, for those who love them sauces for the yogurt-based grill we propose this with mint and cardamom. You will need: 1 jar of white yogurt, fresh garlic and mint, the juice of one lemon and its finely chopped zest and powdered cardamom. Preparing it is very simple: just wash the lemon, remove the rind and put them in the mixer. Add the clean garlic, mint, cardamom, yogurt and lemon juice and juice whisk all until you get one homogeneous sauce and dense.

Also discover in the tutorial other ideas and tips for sauces for grilling

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How to roast fish on the grill – Italian Cuisine

On the grill, queen of the summer, but also in the oven and in a pan, for less direct or faster cooking. Here's how to make delicate fish meat soft and succulent

Roasting is one of the most appetizing for the fish, particularly appreciated in the summer months. In direct contact with the heat source, between 140 and 180 ° C, a crunchy and very tasty crust is formed on the surface, due to the coagulation of sugary and protein elements; a complex reaction called "by Maillard", the French chemist who studied and described it at the beginning of the twentieth century.
When the fish are roasted in order to obtain a nice external gilding and a correct cooking inside it is important to evaluate the type, size, cut alut the type, size, cut of the fish and the tool to use to cook them.

What fish to roast?

All fish lend themselves to being roasted: fish with flat, round or oval section, mollusks with flat, round or oval section, cephalopod and crustacean molluscs. All must be cleaned efalopods and crustaceans. All must be cleaned from the entrails before cooking; to the entrails before cooking; the little ones cook whole; the larger ones are cut into slices or fillets. Those of medium size can be of medium size and can be cooked whole or filleted. It can be roasted with the skin or shell, but also without.

The tools for roasting fish

Besides good pans is good grids from other to good pans and good grills to be heated on the stove, excellent results are also obtained with gratings to be placed on the results, also with gratings to be placed on the embers. The best are the "book" onesi.e. equipped with a hinge that allows you to keep the fish inside and turn it on both sides without moving it, thus avoiding breaking it. For all cooking, then, especially for whole fish or in large slices, palettes are useful for turning the pieces during cooking and non-pointed tongs with which to grasp the fish without tearing the delicate meat.

Grilled fish

Mackerel, sea bream, portion sea bass and other similar fish are excellent on the grill: scaled and gutted, they rest directly on the very hot grill, with little oil, wanting to be filled with aromas in the belly. Molluscs and crustaceans are also suitable for grilling. For this cooking, it is not convenient to eliminate skin and carapace that protect the pulp.

Mackerel and similar fish

They are more suitable for cooking on the grill than in a pan, because they tend to dry out: the grill, which reaches higher temperatures, allows faster cooking, which avoids excessive loss of humidity. As in all fish, the fat is concentrated between the skin and the pulp: during cooking, this softens the pulp and allows you to cook almost without adding fat. Mackerels, however, are particularly rich in them: it is better to cut the skin to eliminate its excess. Fish have delicate skin, so it's best to turn them as little as possible. Grill the mackerel for 4 'on one side and for 2' on the other.

Prawns and prawns

They should be grilled with the carapace, which prevents the delicate pulp from sticking to the hob. For this reason, however, you will need a very high flame. Before cooking them, remove the gut, "pinching" it with a toothpick at the point where the head articulates to the carapace. If it breaks, the last ring of the shell can be eliminated to "intercept" with the toothpick the final part of the gut and eliminate it. Cook i shrimp for 2 'on one side and for 1' on the other

Mollusks and chopped fish

Cuttlefish and squid they can be cooked on the grill: skewer the bodies cut into strips on skewer sticks to turn them more easily. While cooking, brush with oil and herbs to perfume them. Cook for 1-2 'on one side and for 1' on the other. To cook well skewers with bites of larger fish (sword, tuna, salmon, monkfish …) you must first cut the fish into uniform cubes in size. Then grill at high temperature at the beginning, then lower the fire, otherwise they will burn outside remaining raw in the heart. Cook for 2 'on the first side, then for 1' on all the others.

Grilled squid with burnt aubergine cream.
Grilled squid with burnt aubergine cream.

In the gallery you will find many good ideas for preparing grilled fish

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But can you grill on the balcony? – Italian Cuisine

But can you grill on the balcony?

When you do not have a private garden, before starting to grill on the balcony it is better to inquire not to risk problems with the condominium: this is what the law says

With the arrival of summer, the desire to barbecue is getting bigger, but there is a question to ask yourself before organizing a domestic barbecue: when you don't have adequate outdoor spaces available, you can grill on the balcony? To understand if you can use the classic portable barbecue on your balcony without running into problems with neighbors, you need to take into consideration several aspects. Let's see them together.

Grilling on the balcony: what the law says

There is no real law regarding barbecues on the balcony or terrace. Let's start fromarticle 844 of the Civil Code.

«The owner of a fund cannot prevent the introduction of smoke or heat, the fumes, the noises, the shaking and similar propagations deriving from the neighbor's bottom, if they do not exceed the normal tolerability, also with regard to the condition of the places. In applying this rule, the judicial authority must balance the needs of production with the reasons for ownership. It can take into account the priority of a specific use ".

Furthermore, in the judgment of March 18, 1992, no. 3204 the Court of Cassation states that "with regard to the emission of gases, vapors, fumes capable of offending, harassing or smearing the neighbors, such releases can only be authorized within the limits of normal tolerability, and therefore subject to the adoption of the necessary measures to avoid the exceeding these limits or those imposed by specific regulations ".

We can conclude that you can grill on the balcony or on the terrace with a barbecue, as long as the smoke emissions do not exceed one normal tolerability and are limited by adequate measures or specified by other regulations (condominium or municipal, for example).

The problem is that the threshold of normal tolerability It can change from person to person, from their habits and the condition of the places. It's all about common sense.

In 1998, sentence no. 5215 states that "the aptitude of gas, vapor or smoke emissions to harass people does not necessarily have to be ascertained by expert opinion, on the contrary, the judge, according to general rules, can found his own conviction in this regard on different types of evidence such as, in particular, the testimonial statements of those who are able to report the characteristics and effects of the aforementioned noises and emissions, when these statements do not result in the expression of merely subjective assessments or judgments of a technical nature, but merely refer to what is objectively perceived by the registrants themselves ".

It is therefore possible sue a neighbor if smoking bothers up to the point of exceeding normal tolerability and, to prove it, a simple one would be necessary witness.

Grilling on the balcony: what about the condominium rules?

Having said that, there are additional factors to consider: for example, condominium rules.

"With regard to the condominium in buildings, private autonomy allows the parties to enter into agreements that limit the dominical right of all or some of the condominiums to the parts of their exclusive property, in the interest of the whole condominium or part of it, and which prohibit, in particular, all or some of the condominiums from giving the individual real estate units one or more possible destinations, or oblige them to preserve their original destinations for the general utility of the whole building, or part of it "( Cass. 19 October 1998 no. 10335).

The condominium rules they can clearly ban the barbecue on the balcony: at this point, the rule would prevail over those of the civil code. In addition, many common or regions they do not allow fires to be lit due to the smog: it is therefore necessary to also view the municipal and region's resolutions.

Grilling on the balcony: a solution

One solution to limit smoke releases is to use a electric barbecue. The Weber Pulse, for example, eliminates the limitations related to the use of a gas or charcoal barbecue. No fuel, just an electrical outlet, very little smoke, small size and fast cooking: for barbecue enthusiasts who live in the city, the electric barbecue is ideal.

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