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Grill: 20 recipes from cheese to dessert – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Grill: 20 recipes from cheese to dessert

It’s officially the season for barbecues and outdoor dinners. But have you ever thought about how many things you can do grilled? The recipes are not just based on meat – delicious, of course, but there is more. You can grill vegetables, fruit, even shellfish and shells. Surprised? Here are 20 delicious recipes for a perfect barbecue for you.

What to do at a barbecue?

The answer is simple: everything! Practically each ingredient goes well with the grill, from cheese to meat and fish, finishing with fruit. By turning on the grill or barbecue you can prepare a wonderful meal from appetizer to dessert, without touching the stove! Wanting to prepare a vegetarian grill you can start with grilled apricot croutons and then continue with grilled peppers and stringy cheese with tomatoes. To finish on a sweet note, why not try the grilled peaches with almond crumble? Lovers of classic grills they can only prepare the marinated Chianina steak, the rump with herbs and the Abruzzo kebabs.

Marinade for a barbecue

When preparing for a barbecue it is essential to remember that many meats go first marinades, since they are rich in proteins but low in sugars, and a good marinade allows them to caramelize. Chicken is one of the meats that most enjoys a good marinade par excellence, its own soft meat absorbs all the flavors of spices and aromas that are added. Two recipes to try are chicken thighs with yogurt, lime and tarragon and chicken wings marinated in honey and ginger.

Fish can also benefit from a good marinade, which has the purpose of give it more flavor and to allow the meat to remain softer and hydrated. Where meat prefers a raw marinade, fish can be marinated either rawbefore being cooked, like mackerel fillets marinated in lemon or once cookedsuch as marinated mullet with wine, vinegar and shallots.

Let’s light the grill: 20 recipes to try

5 places to grill in Milan and surrounding areas: top equipped areas – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Parks, oases, farmhouses, green and sunny expanses: they are there 5 places to grill in Milan and surrounding areas where you can rent spaces equipped for barbecues together. The choice is varied: from just renting the pitches to the possibility of having all the equipment in use, up to the purchase of excellent meats. An outdoor barbecue is the perfect idea to face a weekend in the city, surrounded by greenery, like a small holiday!

Do you want some ideas for putting something original on the grills? There are not only sausages and salamis even if they are undoubtedly great classics that are difficult to give up. However, if you also want to try something different, read our article Grilling not just meat: fish, vegetables and fruit in 50 ideas.

5 places to grill in Milan and surrounding areas

The Agrigriglia with shop in Cascina Reina

Photo: Cascina Reina website.

In the province of Bergamo, but ¾ of an hour from Milan, Cascina Reina offers its customers real gazebos equipped for organizing great barbecues. In addition to the names of the seven dwarfs (for the few who can remember them all!) the gazebos bear names that recall the fairy tale of Snow White and have a cost that varies from €8 to €12 per person.

A free tasting is always available where you can taste cured meats, sip good wine and drink a coffee.

The price also includes the rental (with deposit) of some tools such as tongs, baking tray, meat box and unlimited wood. The use of the gazebos is subject to the purchase of meat on site; Cascina Reina is in fact an agricultural shop selling white meat, pork, beef and cheese.

A special grill with homemade sauces – Italian Cuisine

A special grill with homemade sauces

Summer, barbecue time: meat, fish, grilled vegetables become even tastier when accompanied with the right sauce. Here are some ideas for homemade preparations

Give us ours today barbeque daily. This could be the secular prayer of many Italians with the summer. In home garden, in the parks, even on the balcony, the desire to barbecue it is directly proportional to summer and finally the time has come to give free rein to the desire for meat, fish is vegetables to be roasted on the grill.

What, however, very often it makes a difference when preparing a barbecue, which can change the cards on the table making the diners fall head over heels in love sauce for seasoning the ingredients to be roasted on the barbecue.

From super classics mayonnaise, Ketchup is mustard, now omnipresent on our tables in full American style, the desire to accompany grilling with homemade sauces is becoming more widespread, for a touch of originality and taste that commercial products don't always satisfy.

Go grill and sauce (homemade)

One of the most famous sauces to accompany grilled dishes is the American BBQ sauce, a sauce made with tomato puree, vinegar, worcester sauce and mustard, ideal for seasoning meat roasted on the grill. Find here the recipe of our chefs.

For lovers of spicy, among the sauces for grilling at home there is also the spicy sauce, perfect with beef and pork and to be made at home with: 250 g of tomato sauce, 190 g of water, 150 g of sugar, tabasco, 5 g of dried and crumbled red pepper, pepper and lemon juice. To prepare it is enough heat all the ingredients in a saucepan for about 10 minutes and let it cool before bringing it to the table.

The avocado it is the exotic fruit par excellence of summer and is perfect for preparing one guacamole sauce Mexican with a fresh and decisive flavor.

To season both meat and fish you can think of trying one tartar sauce to do at home. What is needed? 2 boiled egg yolks, 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon of mustard, 2 gherkins and 2 spoons of pickled capers, chopped fresh parsley, vinegar and salt. Enough with a kitchen whisk amalgamate mustard, mayonnaise, salt and vinegar and add a drizzle of oil to obtain one thick and creamy sauce. Then add the crumbled egg yolks, capers, parsley and gherkins and the mixture must be mixed again with a mixer or a food processor.

For those looking for one sauce for the barbecue to do at home that has a very strong flavor you can try this one based on garlic and cherry tomatoes, fast and simple. In fact, a pack of canned cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley and fresh oregano, two cloves of fresh garlic, salt and oil are enough. They pass all the ingredients in a mixer and then it is seasoned with raw oil. The sauce should be left to rest for at least an hour before using it.

Those who love, however, i more delicate flavors can prepare a sauce with lemon and rosemary. They serve: 1 shallot, the juice of half a lemon, rosemary, oregano, salt and oil. Yes chop the shallot finely and add oregano and rosemary, lemon juice, salt and oil flush, whipping lightly with a fork or kitchen whisk.

Finally, for those who love them sauces for the yogurt-based grill we propose this with mint and cardamom. You will need: 1 jar of white yogurt, fresh garlic and mint, the juice of one lemon and its finely chopped zest and powdered cardamom. Preparing it is very simple: just wash the lemon, remove the rind and put them in the mixer. Add the clean garlic, mint, cardamom, yogurt and lemon juice and juice whisk all until you get one homogeneous sauce and dense.

Also discover in the tutorial other ideas and tips for sauces for grilling

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