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How to make fresh cheese at home – Italian Cuisine

How to make fresh cheese at home

It's not such a crazy idea. Get yourself milk, yoghurt and rennet and test yourself!

You are also among those who would like to be able to prepare everything at home, from bread to pizza dough to fresh cheese? Yes, because even cheese can be made hand made, with a few tricks and very high quality ingredients, needless to say! And then we will reveal all the tricks for having a fresh cheese, with an intense taste and 100% artisanal!

Few ingredients, very high quality

All the preparations that require very few ingredients are based on the very high quality of each food and so it is also for the homemade cheese recipe. Get yourself then whole fresh milk, preferably from a mountain plant, and whole yogurt, with no added sugar. Choose one with a more compact consistency, with more concentrated lactic ferments. If you want to enrich your cheese with special aromas, even in this case you prefer selected ingredients, better if they come from organic farming.

The rennet

A fundamental element for the formation of cheese is the rennet, a product that derives from the maceration of a part of the stomach of veal, lamb or kid in a liquid. This element must be added to the milk because it coagulates, and must be inserted at a milk temperature between 36 ° and 39 °. There is also an alternative to animal rennet, for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

The breaking of the curd, a fundamental step

Once you have placed the rennet in the milk and let it rest, the milk and yogurt mixture will thicken, thanks to the coagulation processes triggered by the rennet itself. At this point it is fundamental "break" the curd, with your hands or helping yourself with a knife, to separate the serum, dividing the solid part from the liquid part.

The recipe for homemade cheese (for two punches)


4 l 1/2 of whole fresh milk, 3 g 1/2 of liquid rennet, 65 g of whole white yogurt, 70 g of salt


Put the milk in a saucepan and heat it until it reaches 42 ° (measured with a thermometer). Once you get to this temperature turn off and add the yogurt. Mix well, add the salt and let it cool down to 38 °. At this point put the rennet, stir, cover and let stand for 1 hour, without touching it anymore. After this time the cheese should have reached a certain compactness. With a long-bladed knife make horizontal and vertical cuts to form small squares. Let it rest for another 40 minutes and then, using your hands, transfer the cheese squares to the appropriate dies, pressing well to remove the serum. After about 15 minutes turn the cheese upside down in the palm of your hand and put it back in the dies. Repeat the operation after 15 minutes. At this point, place the punch in the fridge covered with a sheet of foil and let it rest for two hours. You can serve your fresh cheese with jams (also homemade!).

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Christmas wreaths to eat – Italian Cuisine

Christmas wreaths to eat

Because the party table must always be decorated. And if then the decorations can be tasted it is even more beautiful! Here's how to make garlands of cold cuts, cheeses, but also of bread and biscuits.

The wreaths can not miss at home a Christmas, nor hung on the door and fireplaces, nor in the center of the table.
Let's make them beautiful, but also good!

The legend of the Christmas wreath

Perhaps not everyone knows this story because it is not part of our tradition, but it is one German legend that tells the origin of this symbol of Christmas.
It is said that a woman busy cleaning the house during the holidays frightened a family of spiders who lived in his attic: during the night the little insects came out of their hiding place and climbed for fun on the fir tree that stood in the center of the living room covering it with white and gray threads. But at the stroke of midnight he arrived Santa Claus that noticing all these threads that covered the tree, he decided to turn them into one colored garland and left it on the fireplace.

Garlands to eat

The Christmas wreath is made with branches, pine cones, berries and dried leaves, but we like to think of it greedy and to eat: that's why we propose you some ideas to make centerpiece or placeholder wreaths, beautiful to look at, but above all good to eat as an appetizer or dessert.

Bread garland

You can make a wreath centerpiece all to eat done with bread or with a leavened dough similar to that of the Sandwiches Milk.
Just work the mass and then let it rise. Knead it a second time and then make a kind of donut. You can wrap it around a cup to have a perfect hole, or cook it inside a special mold.
Alternatively you can make a wreath with many small round buns always arranged in a circle with the hole in the center.
The bread garland can be presented as it is, very simple perhaps wrapped in a red decorative ribbon, or it can be stuffed with vegetables, meats and cheeses and served as an aperitif.

Italian wreath

We call it that because this idea is a Italian appetizer revisited.
Instead of the usual chopping board with cold cuts, cheeses, pickled vegetables and olives, here we find everything arranged to form a garland.
The skill lies in arranging the ingredients in an elegant and colorful way, adding here and there something green, white and red, such as cherry tomatoes, small mozzarella and rosemary.
You can put in the center a small bowl with oil and salt for the pinzimonio if you only used vegetables for garland or sauces like Hummus or mayonnaise if there are croutons and chips.

Sweet garland

Then there is the sweet garland that is prepared with cookies and that can also be hung at home. Be careful because it is very delicate and therefore it is easy to break.
To prepare it you have to cut out the shortcrust pastry with molds in the shape of stars, snowflakes and saplings and then compose a garland on a sheet of parchment paper, overlapping the biscuits a bit to make them stick together.
You can make a wonderful garland even with popcorn or cornflakes using del caramel (maybe even colored) to keep them together.

Place card garlands

Your guests will be delighted to find in their place a tasty and even personalized gift.
You can prepare some small garlands with shortcrust pastry or puff pastry simply by cutting discs and then piercing them in the center with smaller circles and then decorated as you prefer, with cheese mousse with spreadable sweet creams.

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Prepared for gingerbread men – Italian Cuisine

»Prepared for gingerbread men

Take the well sterilized jar and put in layers: flour, sugar, flavorings, salt and yeast.

The preparation for gingerbread men is ready: close the jar tightly, attach a pretty label with name and instructions and give the jar to those you care about!

Instructions for preparing gingerbread men:
Add 1 egg, 70 g of honey and 125 g of butter. Knead until you have a soft dough, then let it rest in the fridge for 1 hour. Roll out the dough in a not too thin sheet, then cut out the biscuits with the mold. Cook for 8-10 minutes or until browned in a convection oven preheated to 180 ° C.

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