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Shrimp: 30 delicious recipes – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Sweet, tasty, delicious and beautiful. Here's how to insert shrimp into an extraordinary menu: from appetizers to second courses

Easy to clean, easy to find and cheaper than other crustaceans: shrimps.
From the classics in cocktail sauce, to the more exotic to accompany with coconut dressing, not to forget bold recipes that want them very spicy, lend themselves to endless preparations. But before thinking about how to cook them, some simple rules for choose them at the fish counter. First, sniff them: they must not give off unpleasant odors. The shrimp fresh to the touch then, turn out rather firm and consistent so it is better not to buy them if they are soggy. Finally it is better be wary of those with too dark a head which could reveal a massive dose of sulfites (in the link all the information).

Once you have selected the product, the time has come to go wild with the recipes! For the menu you can think of proposing it as a rich appetizer, as the heart of a precious first or to characterize a second refined.

You just have to choose between: sformatini of marinated sole and prawns, ravioli with beet emulsion, cannelloni with oranges, salmon pâté and prawns, saute, sformatini with Chinese cabbage, vegetables and prawns, with curry mayonnaise mousse fried double with Jerusalem artichoke chips, pumpkin and prawns in tempura, crispy toast with shrimp and lard, risotto with tarragon with artichokes, roast salmon and cod stuffed with red prawns, pumpkin chips with almonds, swordfish rolls with vegetables, shrimp to the armorican, cannelloni with prawns and lentils, mantis shrimp and "triple" porcino, fregula with prawn broth, stuffed potatoes in shellfish broth, conchiglioni with salmon, zucchini and sauce, cshrimp harlotte, black beans and shrimp tails, gcreamy amberoni of cannellini, tortelli with fish and tofu in stock, mini cotolette, swirls of soles and shrimp, velvety cannellini and pasta, Russian-style Russian salad, risotto, vegetables and seafood e stew with rice Venus and onion.

Sauteed shrimp, endives and orange
Sauteed shrimp, endives and orange.

Our 30 recipes with prawns

Paris: the night of The World Restaurant Awards – Italian Cuisine

Here's what happened at the first edition of "The World Restaurant Awards" in Paris, at the Palazzo Brongniart. Awards and winners

It was fun to participate in this first edition of "The World Restaurant Awards"Last night in Paris, in that Brongniart Palace that was once the stock exchange. The prize created by the English journalist Joe Warwick among the founders of "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" and ours Andrea Petrini, influencers and talent scouts of gastronomy, together with the event agency IMG, covered the most disparate and creative categories.

Joe Warwick and Andrea Petrini (GettyImage).
Joe Warwick and Andrea Petrini (GettyImage).

With music, including Pink Floyd, and with the television presenter Antoine de Caunes, explosive and funny as always, who spoke a perfect English-speaking guy making the audience laugh (of the series you have to speak French to understand his English), they are nominated shows and winners of 18 categories.
The most surreal were the "Tattoo free chef of the year" award Alain Ducasse, which was rewarded for the skin completely diaphanous and free of tattoos with an equally white plate symbol of the event. Monsieur commented that he does not even think about getting a tattoo in this life (too busy with his Ducasse sur Seine, the Bateux Mouches gourmet that has just inaugurated) but that, if it were, you would tattoo a little square of chocolate.
Strange also the prize assigned to Alain Passard for the best Instagram profile: the three-star Michelin chef of L'Arpège in Paris, famous for his vegetables, won the award with great confidence: «I do not do anything special, every day is like the first, I love my work".
Among the presenters there were also mega musicians like Laurent Garnier, hero of French techno who awarded the prize for the best atmosphere at Jordan Kahn Vespertine, the Los Angeles restaurant with a unique concept where dishes are a magical game, sometimes even empty … "I called architects, noses, musicians to invent my concept," he says.
Bravo too Riccardo Camanini Lido 84 in Gardone Riviera, which won the "House special" award with its cheese and pepper cooked in the pig's bladder; and good too Lara Gilmore that with Refettorio and its "Food for Soul" initiative (the non-profit association created to fight social inclusion waste), it received the "Ethical Thinking" award.
The restaurant of the year is Wolfgat in Paternoster, South Africa, above Cape Town. Kobus van der Merwe, the chef, every morning he goes to the beach in front of the restaurant to look for the raw material. I think it's worth the trip.

Muffin with pistachios and mortadella – Italian Cuisine

Cook the pistachios for 5 minutes in boiling water. Drain, dry them and remove the skin.
Finely chop them in a mixer, then add salt, oil and parmesan and finally the water, blending until well blended.

Cut scamorza and mortadella into squares.

Mix flour, baking powder, parmesan, salt and scamorza in a bowl.
Add milk, eggs, pesto and mix.
Finally the mortadella is also incorporated.

Pour the mixture into the cups, filling up to three quarters, and cook for about 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ° C.

Muffins with pistachios and mortadella are ready: you can serve them hot, lukewarm or even freeddi.