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Chocolate Tiramisu Recipe – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

  • 350 g mascarpone
  • 300 g fresh cream
  • 290 g pastry cream
  • 150 g dark chocolate 60%
  • dry or soft ladyfingers
  • espresso
  • bitter cocoa
  • alimentary gelatin in sheets

For the chocolate tiramisu recipe, soak 2 g of gelatin in cold water; dissolve it in 140 g of hot pastry cream. Whip up 100 g of cream with 250 g of mascarpone and gently add to the cream. Chop the chocolate and mix it with 150 g of hot pastry cream, stirring until it has melted, then blend with an immersion mixer. Whip 200 g of cream with 100 g of mascarpone and add to the chocolate cream. Spread a layer of chocolate cream in the cups, place the ladyfingers soaked in the coffee over them and cover them generously with more chocolate cream. Create a new layer of soaked biscuits and complete with the mascarpone cream. Seal the cups with a plastic film and place them in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Serve with cocoa.

The May food events not to be missed in Milan – Italian Cuisine

From pizza to ice cream, through street food and gourmet dinners. Here is everything there is to taste in Milan in May

In May, food is increasingly the protagonist a Milan, between free or exclusive events, fairs and festivals. Here are some unmissable initiatives that will take place in the city a May 2019.

Milan Food Week: 2-8 May

Food will accompany us from the city center to the suburbs, through all forms of language, such as cinema, music, photography, fashion, design and technology. This is the tenth edition of Milano Food Week, to discover how Milan has changed in the last decade: read here the most unmissable events.

Moard (Motorcycle Art & Design): 3-5 May

The first salon in the world dedicated to design motorcycling, to the Ice Palace, will also host a path of taste (open to all from 20 to 23) which will see the participation of some of the new talents of the Roman cuisine: Gabriele Ciocca of Lanificio Cucina, Daniele Pecci of Peppa & Nando, Matteo Carosi of Vittorio Spezie and Cucina and Roberto Marziali of Graf Banco e Cucina. Together with them the sweet creations of Matteo Cabassi, owner of the Degus brand, and the cocktails signed by Jerry Thomas, the famous speakeasy of the Capital.

Milan International Pizza Festival: 3-5 May

Neapolitan pizzas in Piazza Duca D'Aosta, for the Milanese stop of the International Pizza Festival. Twenty ovens and sixty pizza makers who will churn out pizzas from noon to evening. Among the most important, Vincenzo Fotia, Salvatore Lioniello and Vincenzo Capuano. Free entry.

Streeat – Food Truck Festival: 3-5 May

The best food trucks in Italy stop in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci for a whole weekend, with their best specialty culinary, music is homemade beers. Access to the event is free.

Gelato Festival: 4th and 5th May

16 artisan gelato makers from all over Italy will compete in Piazza Cannone, between show cooking, presentations and ice cream tastings. The entrance ticket (€ 10) entitles you to taste all the ice creams in the race.

All food: 6-9 May

At the Milan fair di Rho, come back Tuttofood, the food and wine event dedicated to professionals in the sector.

Pizza On Tour: 7 May

The prestigious Savini truffle meets the gourmet pizza of Giorgio Caruso, the Master pizzaiolo of lightness (via Varese 4). A new way of understanding pizza, respecting the Neapolitan tradition, but interpreting it in a contemporary way. Costo of the tasting menu € 35. For info and reservations: 02.49677175

Care’s Chef Under 30: from 10 to 24 May

The restaurant Tower of the Fondazione Prada hosts from March to November five "Under 30" chefs with a four-course menu, inspired by the gastronomic identity of the country of origin. The new guest chef will be Killian Crowley of the Aniar of Galway, in Ireland.

Viva Spring: May 14th

Ingredients and recipes to make the flower bloom spring in the kitchen. On May 14th the themed dinners to The School of Italian Cuisine, with a special evening that celebrates the beautiful season. Book your place here.

Cover photo of STREEAT® – Food Truck Festival

when the frankfurters meet the curry – Italian Cuisine

The currywurst is a dish based on würstel, or better than bratwurst as the Germans call it, seasoned with a spicy sauce prepared with curry and tomato puree.
If you have never tried this recipe, as famous in Germany as street food especially in the city of Berlin where it originated and where it is sold in many baracchini, you absolutely have to make up for it because it is really a mouth-watering thing, one of those delicious snacks that put you back in peace with the world when you feel like dropping off to pamper yourself a little.
The ideal match is with a generous portion of fries to be dipped strictly in the sauce.
What to say, invite your friends immediately, uncork some beer and enjoy the evening.

A currywurst museum

The currywurst, or rather the sauce Chullup made with curry and tomato, it was invented in the 40s by Herta Heuwer who prepared it in his small kiosk in Berlin, then transformed over the years into a very famous venue on the Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse.
The currywurst recipe is so beloved in Germany that an inauguration was held in the German capital museum dedicated this specialty, the Deutschland Currywurst Museum.

The currywurst recipe

First prepare curry sauce.
Start by slowly frying in extra virgin olive oil chopped white onion and also add a pinch of sweet paprika.
Once softened add the onion 250 grams of tomato sauce and 250 grams of ketchup.
Finally add a pinch of cumin, a little salt and 4 teaspoons of curry.
Cook slowly pouring too two ladles of hot water until the sauce has taken the right consistency and then moved on to frankfurter cooking.
You can choose the sausages you prefer, but the classic recipe includes those of calf.
Boil them in hot water for 5-6 minutes with a spoon of curry and then drain and cook them on the plate.
Cut them into rounds and serve covered with sauce with fries as an accompaniment.
In Germany, currywurst is sold in shacks in disposable bowls to be eaten hot in the street.