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our fresh, tasty and light ideas – Italian Cuisine

our fresh, tasty and light ideas

When it is very hot you have to start the day with a load of energy. Always have breakfast!

We always say, the Breakfast it is the most important meal of the day! But it is also the most neglected meal, especially in the summer … because if in the winter we occasionally indulge ourselves with alternatives between biscuits, rusks and homemade cakes, in summer find ideas for breakfast that are fresher, lighter but still satisfying not it's easy.

Summer breakfasts: not just coffee!

If you are among those who only drink one in the morning coffee before leaving home know that you are doing everything wrong.
Breakfast is not an optional meal, but it is one of the five meals that must necessarily be respected during the day: in the morning it is important to reactivate the metabolism, rehydrate the body and take in all the energy necessary to face the day.
The ideal would be to have breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up and staying at the table for at least 10 minutes.
Breakfast at the bar may not be the rule, but only an exception.
Furthermore, especially in summer, it is important to fill up on healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals to cope with high temperatures with more energy.

Point the alarm a little earlier

Does it seem impossible to wake up 10 minutes earlier to have breakfast calmly? It is just a matter of habit and then you will understand when it is important to dedicate that extra time to your well-being every day.
If you feel like doing some physical activity, this is the right time to train at home or to go out for a run, but in this case you have to have the courage to aim the alarm earlier.
It's worth it, we assure you!

Sweet or salty?

The ideal breakfast is one that makes you feel good and that you like best, but always in the context of a healthy and balanced choice. You can vary every day alternating between sweet and savory to give you something different every morning. And if you wake up one morning with a craving for toast, heat some rye bread and accompany it with a slice of smoked salmon for a North European breakfast. If you are more for dessert, pour fruit yogurt in a bowl and decorate with granola, seeds and fresh fruit. And then still smoothies, centrifuges or smoothies, not only of fruit but also of vegetables.

Fresh and light desserts for the summer – Italian Cuisine

Do not give up taste without losing sight of the calories you can, with light desserts made of fruit, to satisfy the sweet tooth, without guilt

Do you always have to give up something sweet? Especially in the summer, with the costume test on the doorstep? In fact, this season could give us the opportunity to cheat more lightly, given the already more dietary meals we consume because of the heat and heat. There are so many proposals from light and fresh desserts able to satisfy the desire and at the same time of keep your weight under control. Ice creams and sorbets, mousses and jellies, all made with lots of fruit and low in calories, to regenerate the spirit, without guilt.

Light ice creams

The ice cream it is undoubtedly one of the most loved sweets by all, large and small. Very often you give up thinking about how many calories they hide behind a scoop of cream, but a little cunning is enough to be able to enjoy an ice cream cup without having to come up with exhausting gym sessions immediately afterwards. The secret is replace the fat part with something lighter: the yogurt with cream, for example. And, given that the yogurt is not mounted, to have volume, mount two egg whites. And then choose fruit flavors instead of creams. And take the fruit well ripe, so as to decrease the quantities of sugar needed.


Fruit mousse

Little time to prepare them, no baking, and an amazing result: they are fruit mousses, a sweet spoon which is always welcome, which is prepared by mixing pureed fruit, a syrup of water and sugar and gelatin. Also good without cream, for a delicate and low-calorie fine meal.

Greedy sorbets

The sorbets they are fresh and light desserts, which should normally be served between courses but are often offered as a meal. They are prepared with lots of fresh fruit (or aromatic herbs, such as mint) and a sugar syrup. They are passed in the ice cream maker, or, if you don't have it, in a bowl that you will keep in the freezer, remembering to break the compound with the prongs of a fork until you get the right consistency of your sorbet.

And now, in the tutorial, some ideas for a light dessert but full of taste

July centrifuge: fresh, sweet and refreshing! – Italian Cuisine

July centrifuge: fresh, sweet and refreshing!

In the month of July we propose a fresh, sweet and refreshing drink perfect for the sultry summer days

For the July centrifuged we thought of your tan. Our ingredients? Peaches and apricots!

Why eat peaches

Peaches are sweet and juicy and rich in properties. Suffice it to say that in China they are considered the symbol of immortality. There are many varieties of peaches and they are all sources of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins.
Peaches have antioxidant properties thanks to the presence of lutein, chlorogenic acid, beta-carotene and vitamin E and C.
They are very thirst quenching and therefore in summer they help to combat high temperatures while keeping the body hydrated. They are easily digestible fruits and stimulate intestinal transit, counteracting constipation. Be careful, though, because they can cause allergies, especially in children.
It is advisable to always eat them away from meals to benefit from all their properties.

Why eat apricots

Everyone loves soft and sweet apricots, but do you know that apricots should be eaten when they are still firm and slightly sour?
That is the perfect moment of maturation in which they are still full of all their properties. In particular, apricots are rich in beta-carotene and lycopene, substances that are allied to the heart and hinder the action of bad cholesterol. They are also rich in fiber and have a strong antioxidant power thanks to the presence of vitamin A that fights free radicals.
Even the apricot pits are used, especially in cosmetics to produce prized oils for skin and hair.

Peaches and apricots: the beauty of summer

These two fruits, as we have said, are an elixir of health and beauty and therefore it is a good rule to consume them this season when they are maximizing their powers.
And then, remember that they are good for the skin and stimulate melatonin, so they are precious allies of sunbathing. They are also moisturizing and draining and they free the body from toxins, preventing annoying swellings and stimulating blood circulation.
You can eat natural peaches and apricots, simply well washed and cut into pieces, or you can prepare a centrifuged thirst quencher. Here is the recipe.

Recipe of peach and apricot centrifuged

First wash the fruit thoroughly and peanut it.
It is not necessary to remove the peel.
Then cut it into pieces and place it in the centrifuge together with a small piece of ginger fresh and with the juice of half a lemon. Run the machine and enjoy it immediately.
If you want, add a few leaves of mint is citronella.

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