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Chicken strips pizzaiola style – Italian Cuisine

Straccetti di pollo alla pizzaiola

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Thanksgiving in the Italian style with Benedetta Parodi and Alessandro Enriquez – Italian Cuisine

Special menu for Thanksgiving Day in a tricolor key for a convivial evening in the name of good taste – in every sense

Benedetta Parodi + Alessandro Enriquez + Aethos Kitchen = Italian Thanksgiving! As has become tradition, the imaginative designer has organized a special evening with an original menu to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. At the Milanese restaurant, American proposals revisited "Italian-style" were served, dishes chosen from the new book by Benedetta Parodi and recipes from Alessandro Enriquez's heart. In a journey of glamorous taste that starts from fashion and reaches the kitchen, even the mise en place is colored with stars and stripes between iconic Seletti objects and brocante elements knotted with tricolor ribbons and red carnations. At the exclusive dinner table, creative guests and celebrities, from Cristina and Roberto Parodi to Francesco Maccapani Missoni, from Candela Pelizza with his twin sister Vanessa to Barbara D’Urso, as far as Michela Proietti, Alessandra Grillo and Alessandra Airò, Andrea Caravita, Rosa Cracco, among many. To enliven the evening, the voices of Blind, Matilde Caressa, daughter of Benedetta, e Tommaso Partesana, successful busker. All the guests wore the colorful looks from Alessandro Enriquez's Fall Winter 22 collection.

To accompany the dishes, custom themed baked goods created by the Sicilian Tommaso Cannata: crispy breads with dried fruit, beetroot breadsticks and leavened doughs with vegetables. The iconic turkey, chosen by The Ancient Falorni Butcher, Tuscan excellence, prepared with a special recipe from Benedetta, which Alessandro customized with Sicilian almonds and pistachios.

To confirm the Italian touch, as dessert the panettone of the master pastry chef Nicola Olivieri of Olivieri 1882 accompanied by a mascarpone cream together with the typical American cheesecake and the tricolor tiramisu, now signature of the evening, to be enjoyed while toasting with a selection of Iron 13.

“The table unites! There is no better way to thank and thank each other than through love for one's neighbor, in an immense explosion of colors! " thus concludes Alessandro Enriquez. Well said!

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Stuffed veal cutlets in the Aosta Valley style – Italian Cuisine

Stuffed veal cutlets in the Aosta Valley style

Aosta Valley veal cutlets, preparation

1) Engrave the ribs horizontally, without detaching them from the bone, so as to form a pocket.

2) Cut the fontina into thin slices, stuff the ribs with cheese and ham and close the pocket with a toothpick.

3) Beat quickly the eggs with a little pepper. Flour the cutlets evenly, eliminate the excess, pass them in beaten eggs and then in breadcrumbs.

4) Fry them in plenty of very hot clarified butter, 6 minutes per side, dripping them on absorbent paper and salt.


Posted on 10/22/2021


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