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Ten winter soups – Italian Cuisine

With cereals, with tubers, with vegetables: every ingredient is perfect for creating the ideal soup. Just do not be in a hurry and enjoy every moment.

Finding yourself around a table with a steaming pot of soup is one of those moments that puts you at peace with the world. And we all know how much we need it! The scent that spreads in every room, that sense of warmth that envelops you, the rich flavor of vegetables and cereals ..

Preparing them is like giving birth to a ritual: the gestures, the choice of ingredients, the combination of flavors, all combine to create an intimate and intimate atmosphere, to celebrate the pleasure of meeting together.

Vegetable soup

Soup with celeriac

Prepare a sauté with shallots and leeks, add the celeriac, cut into small pieces and drizzled with hot broth. Cook for 30 minutes and when everything is soft, remove a spoonful of soup and blend the rest. Separately fry a clove of garlic, add the champignon mushrooms, a glass of wine and let it evaporate. When the mushrooms are ready, add them to the celeriac soup, add also the spoon that you had removed previously and garnish with sage leaves passed in hot oil. Complete with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and serve.

Soup with herbs

This recipe is easy and quick to prepare. First fry the garlic, the chilli pepper and the herbs in a pot with a little oil. When they are soft, transfer them to a pan where you will alternate with sheets of carasau bread. Sprinkle with grated pecorino and sprinkle with hot vegetable stock. Switch everything to the grill to brown and serve.

Onion soup

A dish borrowed from the French tradition that always surprises: to prepare it you have to slice as many onions as the guests, boil them in a pot with salt and a clove. Meanwhile, cut the Emmental cheese into strips, cut into wholemeal bread and alternate the bread previously roasted in the oven, the cheese and the onion broth in each bowl. Finite with Fontina slices, add ten minutes of gratin and serve hot.

Soup with lentils

To prepare this soup get yourself a crock pot, the taste will be completely different. Soak the lentils for 12 hours, then drain and add them to a mixture of onion, garlic, celery and carrot. After a few minutes, add a few tablespoons of tomato sauce, stock and cook for about an hour. When the lentils are soft and the broth has shrunk, turn off, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkling of black pepper, a grated ginger and serve.

Black cabbage soup

This dish is a must of Tuscan cuisine and there are as many versions as there are chefs who prepare it. There is the driest version, the one with the most stock, the one with the borlotti beans or the cannellini beans. Of course it is that it is a poor dish, which is cooked with black cabbage until this plant does not bloom, because then it is said that it is no longer good. To prepare it, let the cannellini soak for one night and then fry with the shallots, the garlic and add the beans. Add to these the broth and cook until they are tender. Blend them in their water with the immersion blender. In another saucepan, sauté the garlic, add the tomato sauce, the cream of beans and the leaves of black cabbage deprived of the central part. Let it cook until the cabbage is soft, add stale bread and leave it on the stove until the bread has softened. Turn off, let rest and serve with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of black pepper.

Pumpkin soup and mushrooms

For this dish I recommend using the Mantuan pumpkin, it is more tasty than the Neapolitan one and makes it better in cooking. Decorticatela, cut into small pieces and fry in a pot with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and a few rosemary needles. Add some broth and cook until the pumpkin is soft. At this point remove the garlic, blend the pumpkin and add the mushrooms cut into strips (the porcini give more flavor, if you do not find them you can use pioppini) and cook for 15 minutes. Sprinkle with black pepper and serve.

Valdostana soup

A very tasty recipe, ideal to enjoy after a day spent in the snow. Boil the cabbage in salted water. Meanwhile, butter a pan and place slices of black bread on the bottom. When the cabbage will be cooked, brown it in a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil with a few cubes of sweet bacon. Roll over the black bread, cover with vegetable stock, add slices of fontina and place under the grill for about ten minutes, until the cheese is melted. Serve the steaming soup.

Pappa al pomodoro

This soup is part of the Tuscan tradition, and, as with any regional dish, there are several versions. Ours is that the tomato is cooked together with the stale Tuscan bread. But first you have to prepare a sauté of celery, carrot, onion and garlic. Add at this point the tomatoes cut into small pieces (if you prefer you can use peeled tomatoes), flavor and then cover with vegetable stock. Cook for ten minutes and then add the bread into small pieces. When it has softened well and the soup has reached the right consistency, turn off, add salt, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, some basil leaves, a sprinkling of black pepper and a tablespoon of buffalo stracciatella. Everyone will like it.

Millet and radicchio soup

Millet is a very ancient cereal from Asia that is only used after being dehulled. It is rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus and silicon and does not contain gluten, so it is suitable for coeliacs. To prepare this soup, sauté celery, garlic, shallot and leek. Add the sliced ​​radicchio, the vegetable stock and cook for ten minutes. When the radicchio is ready, shake it. Add the mile and continue cooking for 15 minutes. When it is cooked, turn off, add salt and pepper and serve.

Jerusalem artichoke soup and potatoes

Jerusalem artichoke, also called Jerusalem artichoke, has a very particular and delicate taste. In this soup the sweet taste of the potato and the Jerusalem artichoke combine with the strongest taste of a pesto made with Parmesan and Pecorino. First sauté the shallot, add the potato and the Jerusalem artichoke cut into small pieces. Add the vegetable stock and cook until the consistency is homogeneous. Blend everything, season with salt and serve the soup with a tablespoon of pesto, prepared by blending basil, pine nuts, oil, Parmesan and pecorino.

10 soups with potatoes – Italian Cuisine

Potatoes: recipes, ideas and everything you need to make soups, velvety and delicious creams, perfect for late autumn evenings

What it takes to warm up a bit 'in what will be the coldest days of the year is a beautiful one soup.
How about doing it with the potatoes?
We offer you some recipes and more than 10 variations.
But let's not talk about soup or minestrine, let's be clear.
Those we want to offer you are original dishes, rich, tasty and also a bit 'unusual that we are sure will win you over.

potato soup

What are the potatoes to put in soup?

The best potatoes for soups are those a yellow pasta because they soften in the right way.
For gourmet dishes you can also opt for purple potatoes, but let them feel and do not shake them.
American sweet potatoes and new potatoes but no: they are better to bake.

Velvety and creams

To soften a cream made with any kind of vegetable or vegetable we suggest you to always add one boiled potato and un little milk instead of the classic cream.
In addition to achieving the same result, you will enjoy a light and delicate dish, perfect also for children.
Obviously, make sure that the potato is well cooked with the rest and once the soup is ready, blend it with an immersion blender to incorporate the air needed to obtain a perfect velvety.
In velvety you can add up to three vegetableswhile the cream it is done with a single ingredient.
In both cases we suggest you to accompany the dish with something crunchy as croutons or with something that has a different consistency, such as sautéed vegetables or sautéed mushrooms.

Soups with vegetables, legumes and more

Potatoes are that ingredient it's really good with everything, especially in soups.
You can add them in the classic mixed vegetable soup, but also in many soups based on legumes or cereals and will make everything more comfortable.
They are also fine with the fish and meat soups, Typical recipes of Eastern Europe and Asia, often spicy and very tasty.
Always add a few pieces of potato when you want to give creaminess to a recipe that has a very liquid part because starch is a thickener, certainly better than the classic flour.

How to serve potato soup

Potato soups seem very simple dishes, but in reality, if enriched and presented in the right way, they can become masterpieces.
Here are two proposals to bring them to the table and leave everyone speechless.

In the bread
How beautiful is the soup served inside a loaf and how fun it is to eat!
Once finished the creamy part, in fact, you can move to the container that in the meantime will have absorbed all the flavors.
The only precaution is not to empty it too much inside and do not fill it with a too hot soup.
Better pass it a little in the oven to make it crispy before serving it.

In the pumpkin
If used among the ingredients the pumpkin you can dig it to remove the pulp and then fill it with the soup.
If you choose not too large pumpkins you can also make single portions.
It is a super scenic idea perfect for a party dinner.

Three basic recipes

The recipe of potato velvety
It is a quick and easy recipe to prepare.
Just cook the potatoes cut into chunks with a sauté of leek or onion.
Then slowly add vegetable broth and whole milk and let the potatoes absorb the liquid part well.
If you want you can replace the milk with fresh cream.
Finally, whisk everything and serve with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and croutons.
You can also add other ingredients to this cream, pumpkin and onions for example.

The recipe for potato soup
A little 'different from the previous recipe because in this case the potatoes remain in pieces and are not blended.
Once cooked in the broth, perhaps with the addition of cereals, they serve a bit 'brodose seasoned with oil and Parmesan.
A perfect cuddle for dinner after a particularly tiring day.

The recipe of potato cream
The cream of potatoes is prepared like a cream, but without the cream or milk.
It is very light and you can make it tasty by softening the parmesan rind in the cooking broth.
It is a perfect dish even for very young children.

If you want to enrich your potato-based soups, here are 10 suggestions. Scroll through the gallery's proposals and choose the perfect match for you!

The best 10 winter soups with cereals – Italian Cuisine


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A soup it is an ideal dish for a cold winter evening dinner. After a long day, there's nothing better than one hot dish, nutritious and not excessively caloric to recover and relax. If it then contains cereals and vitamins it really becomes the perfect meal for this season. Have you ever tried to prepare soups with cereals? Rice, wheat, corn, mile, oats, barley is spelled these are just some of the ingredients that are part of this category and which are very important for our diet.

How can you cook them? In combination, for example, with vegetables and legumes, in past if you prefer more creamy consistencies, or in soups. Do not forget to choose the ingredients of the period like pumpkin, chestnuts, spinach, but also legumes like beans, chickpeas, lentils. You need ideas? Typically winter is the minestrone of barley with chestnuts and chickpeas. For a more elaborate dish you can choose the ueca soup, a very rich and tasty Valdostan soup, almost … invigorating!